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Microsoft applications include a variety of software programs, including development and digital authoring programs (Expression and Media Center), ...

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spreadsheet with rules

Creating a legend for conditional formatting in Excel 2016 and a hyperlink to that legend

This article addresses the need, sometimes extreme, for a legend that may not be easy to create, depending on the features of conditional formatting you have used. Almost all spreadsheets need some sort of legend.
Microsoft Office Picture Manager

How to Install Microsoft Office Picture Manager in Office 2019

Microsoft Office Picture Manager was included in Office 2003, 2007, and 2010, but not in 2013 or 2016. Now that Office 2019 is here, the bad news is that it is still missing, but the good news is that the same no-cost method that works to install it with Office 2013 and 2016 also works with 2019.

Is Google Getting Smarter Than You? How Machine Learning is Changing Our World

How Machine Learning Is Changing Our World
merge multiple pst files into one

Merge PST Files in Outlook 2016, 2013, 2010, 2007 - Smart Strategies

Learn how to merge PST files in Outlook 2016, 2013, 2010, 2007. The article explains the quick manual solution to merge Outlook PST files into a single file without losing any data. The post also suggested easy to use tool to merge PST files and remove duplicates
dtSearch home page and Search dialog

dtSearch - Powerful Search Tools for Windows

dtSearch Desktop with Spider is a powerful search tool for Windows. It includes indexing and searching — both are extremely robust and fast! It is available in other editions, including Desktop with Spider and Network with Spider. This article is about the version that I use — Desktop with Spider.

How to Identify Fonts on a website and download them.

Ever visit a website where you spotted a really cool looking Font, yet couldn't figure out which font family it belonged to, or how to get a copy of it for your own use? This article explains the process of doing exactly that, as well as showing how to install downloaded fonts.

MS Excel: Conditional Formatting and a COOL twist!

Microsoft's Excel has many features that most people will never need nor take advantage of. Conditional formatting is one feature that you may find a necessity once you start using it.

A Step by Step Guide to Avail Trial of Dynamics 365 for Project Service Automation and Field Service

Having trouble getting your hands on Dynamics 365 Field Service or Project Service trial? Worry No More!!!
Decision Making

How to calculate Duration from text and number cell value

When you see single cell contains number and text, and you have to get any date out of it seems like cracking our heads.

Excel - Did You Know !

Excel can be a tricky bit of software to get your head around. Whilst you’ll be able to eventually get to grips with the basic understanding of how to get by, there are a few Excel tips that not everybody will even know about let alone know how to do.
PowerPoint Still Works

PowerPoint Still Works for Businesses. Here’s Why.

Technology opened people to different means of presenting information, but PowerPoint remains to be above competition. Know why PPT still works today.

How to Install Microsoft Office Picture Manager in Office 2016/Office 365

Microsoft Office Picture Manager was included in Office 2003, 2007, and 2010, but not in Office 2013. Users had hopes that it would be in Office 2016/Office 365, but it is not. Fortunately, the same zero-cost technique that works to install it with Office 2013 also works with Office 2016/Office 365.

Deploy and update a Microsoft Access application in a Citrix environment

Deploying a Microsoft Access application in a Citrix environment is not difficult but takes a few steps. However, Citrix system people are often of little help, as they typically know next to nothing about Access. The script provided here will take you a long step deploying successfully.
Main Metering Runbook

Software Metering

Software Metering within our group of companies has always been an afterthought until auditing of software and licensing became a pain point. Orchestrator and SCCM metering gave us the answer and it was an exciting process.
Windows 10 is spying on you

Windows 10 Privacy and the DoNotSpy10 application

The new Microsoft OS looks great, is easier than ever to upgrade to, it is even free.  So what's the catch?  If you don't change the privacy settings, Microsoft will, in accordance with the (EULA) you clicked okay to without reading, collect all the information it can gather - without you knowing!
Delete Emails from Server

Removing email from an Exchange server

User Beware!  This is a rather permanent solution to removing your email from an exchange …

​What is System Center Operations Manager 2012 (SCOM) ?

The System Center Operations Manager 2012, known as SCOM, is a part of the Microsoft system center …

Making the Switch from Microsoft to Google Apps

Many companies are making the switch from Microsoft to Google Apps

Error: Cannot join Non-Federated User's meeting

Lync meeting or Lync conferencing is what many organizations would like to deploy to allow them save…

SCOM Agent Health -  Heartbeat Alert fun with Orchestrator

We were having a lot of "Heartbeat Alerts" in our SCOM environment, now "Heartbeat" in a SCOM …

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