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Microsoft applications include a variety of software programs, including development and digital authoring programs (Expression and Media Center), educational programs, Internet software, including Essentials, Skype and the Live family, anti-virus, productivity applications and suites like Office, Excel, Word, Outlook, Access and PowerPoint, video games and server applications such as Exchange, SharePoint, IIS and Virtual Server.

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Over one month ago I setup a new Server 2012 / Exchange 2016 with the intention of migrating the existing Exchange 2010. No disruption of services was the highest priority so installation progressed at a glacier rate. We finally reached a point where both mail server were operational, the 2016 server could send out email, the 2010 server continued to run the show. Last weekend I changed firewall settings so that the new 2016 server handled both inbound and outbound email and proxied down to the 2010. Worked great for about 5 days; no one was even aware of the change. As of last night...

1) 213 outbound emails stuck in queue

2) OWA gets a "page not found error"

3) Exchange Admin Center shows the login screen but displays a blank page and hangs. Even more interesting is the ECP folder is empty.  There is only a config file.

Temporary fix - changed the firewall settings back to the old server. It would be nice to get the 2016 to deliver the emails stuck in the queue.

Short of completely reinstalling Exchange 2016, is there a way of fixing this? And more importantly, how did it happen?
Free Tool: Path Explorer
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Free Tool: Path Explorer

An intuitive utility to help find the CSS path to UI elements on a webpage. These paths are used frequently in a variety of front-end development and QA automation tasks.

One of a set of tools we're offering as a way of saying thank you for being a part of the community.

My Hotmail account is not a domain account and is controlled by someone else. I have given Microsoft all the documentation to prove this is my account. They have not done anything, Now I do not even have administrative
authority. I think I need my registry rebuild either from Microsoft updates and corrupt files. I was in the insiders program for a while and lost my computer for 6 weeks to Microsoft controlling my Hotmail account.
Is your service the answer
I have a table with birthdays in, the format is mm/dd/yyyy. I have a query that formats this date to mm/dd as a new field then i have a form with a command button that appends these fields, along with others into a new table.  After appending the records, I want a message box telling me if the count of mm/dd is greater than 6. Can someone give me some suggestions? I can't seem to get the DCount to count the mm/dd field.
I am struggling with what should be a very simple fix...or so I thought.

I have an On_Change worksheet event in which every once in a while, the Target Range contains multiple cells.

#1 - I have no idea why this is the case, maybe because the worksheet has a lot of merged cells?
#2 - In these instances, I want to change the range to be a single cell range, because I'm performing calculations on it. But I am struggling to figure out how to do this. I tried this
rng = target
   If rng.Columns.Count > 1 Then
    rng = Cells(rng.Row, rng.Columns(1).Column) ' this is the place where I am having an issue; I am not understanding why this is not resetting my rng object to a single cell
  End If

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My Main Code in the On_Change Worksheet Event:

If Not Intersect(Target, Range("AA26:AD41")) Is Nothing Then
 Application.enableevents = False
 Call FormatDefectClock(Target)
 Application.enableevents = True
 End If

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My FormatDefectClock Code:

Sub FormatDefectClock(rng As Range)
Dim textclock As String
On Error GoTo oops
  ActiveSheet.Unprotect "111" 
  If rng.Columns.Count > 1 Then
    rng = Cells(rng.Row, rng.Columns(1).Column) ' this is the place where I am having an issue
  End If
  If rng.Value2 = Empty Or rng.Value2 = 0 Then 'if data is cleared
    rng.offset(0, 60).Value2 = 0 ' reset the value
    Call ResetFormat(rng)
  End If
  If rng.NumberFormat = "h:mm;@" And rng.Value2 <> "" And rng.Value2 <> 0 Then ' new data has 

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I am trying to include some text blocks on a SharePoint 2013 Survey.  It would seem that there would be some functionality that allows for this, but there is not.  Is there a way around this?  I need to include some titles and directions at the beginning of the survey, and some informational text throughout the survey.
Hi Experts,

Speech  recognition in Power BI  is not working.  Can you please help me in setting up the Speech recognition  and walk  me through steps on how to  use  the Speech recognition and then translate that speech  in to text automatically  and then should show me the  data in  Visual Graph  or  TABLE  ( required KPI) on Power BI Server. All this should happen automatically without any manual interaction.  I mean recognize speech  then translate to text and then display the  data in visual graph (or) table.

Please let me know if I have to download any API's . Please help me with this . Will appreciate your  help in this regard.

Please Note : Q&A is working . But unable to use the Speech recognition(enabled from Control panel)  on Power Bi Server.

i need external code to run a query embedded in an MS Access application.  After the query runs then the application will no longer require human intervention and will run automatically which is the goal.  I would also like to have this code so that I can run it on a daily basis possibly using Scheduler.
Thank you, any help is greatly appreciated.
This is a PowerApps question.

I have a collection from a SharePoint list that is the source for a gallery.  Each item displayed also has an icon the gallery row which should change its status; that should update the record in the collection (which in turn will remove it from the gallery because of a Filter).  My problem is that ALL of the collection items are being updated, not just the single one from the gallery i want.

For OnSelect for the icon, I have

UpdateIf(collection, Title=galItems.Selected.lblItemName.Text

I am now believing that as UpdateIf processes all of the records in the colleciton, not just the single one.  I believe the above condition is TRUE as UpdateIf processes everything in the collection.  Tried all sorts of conditions but nothing changes.

How do I get a condition that specifies the one and only record in the collection?  Title would be unique in the collection and therefore in the gallery.
I can't seem to figure out how to format Excel times to not show "0:" when times are less than  23:59

Since the time are less than and more than an hour I'm using a format of h:mm:ss

The times I have show as:


I would like them to show as:


Steve in NH
I had this question after viewing Excel 2013 Macro to copy rows based on a criteria.

This question is in relation to my previous request -

Thanks Neeraj for helping me with my previous request.

The file pathways has now changed and the system failed. The details are as follows

The allocation sheet is saved in

"C:\Secured\Site Level\Site Level.xlsm"

Tasks are allocated from here.

The team level spreadsheets are now moved in to individual team folders

"C:\Secured\Team Level\Team 1\[Team 1.xlsm]
"C:\Secured\Team Level\Team 2\[Team 2.xlsm]
"C:\Secured\Team Level\Team 2\[Team 2.xlsm]

Now, when a team is selected from column M in the Site Level Allocation sheet, the macro should copy and cut the data from that row from Column C to Column I and paste it to the task allocation sheet in the individual ‘Team ’ workbook into column B to H. If there are more allocation to Team 1 from the Task allocation sheet, it would be copied to the next available row in the individual team sheet.

Some of the columns in the Team’s Allocation sheet, other than B to H, are protected, but columns B to H are not.

The selection of rows starts from row 6 only as row # 5 is the header

I made the following changes to the file pathway, but it is not working. Could anyone please help to fix the code

Thank you  Mali

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Free Tool: Site Down Detector
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Free Tool: Site Down Detector

Helpful to verify reports of your own downtime, or to double check a downed website you are trying to access.

One of a set of tools we are providing to everyone as a way of saying thank you for being a part of the community.

Hi - having an issue with going from Publisher 2007 to Publisher 2016. PC was old and we replaced it, and the user was used to the 2007 version. We needed to copy the "content library" for Publisher from the old computer to the new, and it looks completely different, there are no categories anymore, just the content. So, I decided to install Publisher 2007 onto the new computer just to make him happy, it installed just fine, but after copying the content library to the new location, he opens an existing publisher file, attempts to import a file from the content library, and it gives a message saying its corrupted, and asks if I want to delete them. I then copied them again from the old computer again and placed them into the appdata/roaming/microsoft/publisher building blocks folder, and I still get the same message, that they're corrupted. Has anyone ever seen this type of issue?
Currently we have TMG as web proxy and websense as web filtering
We are going to replace TMG with Bluecoat SG Appliance.

Hence I need to know which design is considered as best in terms of secure and efficiency.

We have 1500 users.

Any help would be appreciated.
I'm using MPXJ to read Microsoft Project files (.mpp), but the current version of MPXJ (7.2.1) seems to refuse to read Lookup fields when I change a field to have a different name.

For example, create a new project, show Text1, set it to Lookup, add 0 and 1 to the Lookup list, and rename Text1 to anything ('Test'). Now generate a task and set it's Text1 (Test) to 1.

Now you can't read the 1 in Text1 (task.getText(1) returns null).

We parse many files, some of them are quite large, so it's not possible for me to continually modify our customers' headers, read them in, and then change them back. Further, I don't see any way to modify them programatically.

Has anyone else found this issue? Does anyone know how to workaround/fix this behavior?
I have several excel workbooks with about 30-40 thousand rows of data each sorted by case number. What I need is a way to identify duplicates of the same case number and move them to new workbooks so that each workbook is its own case number. These case numbers have no set range as they are randomly generated if that even matters. I am sure this is possible but do not have the VBA skills nor time to accomplish.
Thank you all in advance.

We setup a Windows 2012 R2 server to use for published/remote app. It is running as a VM and seems to have enough hardware resources available.
I have been able to get everything up and running and get users connected.

The issue is that when they close the app the process for that app is still running on the server and the next time they go in, they get a error that the app is already running,

Specifically, this is happening with QuickBooks Pro 2017.

Any ideas? I'm not really sure where to start.

WEBDAV SSL issue with FileExplorer.

IE have the necessary trusted sites. This has also worked without issues before.

Doing some reflection I found the dates, from the "verify that you want to stay logged in(new box appeared 3 month ago)" till today, it is about 3 month (90 days)
Could this be a "grace period" for authentication ?

To me it is kinda clear this is a Authentication issue. Logging back into the site from IE, solves the fileshare "access denied". This works till computer is restarted.

Does anyone have an input/fix for this issue ?
"No matches" or "Address book synchronizing" is displayed when you search contacts in Lync 2013

please help me
We are moving from unc shares to Sharepoint.   The Sharepoint platform is managed by our corporate IT in India and I'm having trouble getting answers.   Isn't it true that the site we use should be created by the global administrator and not by a user?   How do i tell the difference between a user created site and a global admin created site.     This platform will be heavily used in a production financial services environment and I want to be sure we are starting off on the right process.    I would appreciate some help which has been difficult to get from our overseas coworkers.
hi EE,

I have thos columns in excel :

Style      Model Code      Description      Scale Description      Sizes      QTY
A123         1123                TEST A                  INCHES               44           7
A123         1123                TEST A                  INCHES               46           3
A123         1123                TEST A                  INCHES               50           1
A123         1123                TEST A                  INCHES               52           17

B777         3411                TEST B                  REG                     R32           2
B777         3411                TEST B                  REG                     R34           37

is there a way in excel to transpose this for the sizes to be across left to right instead of up to down ?  like this :

A123         1123                TEST A                  INCHES                           44              46              50                52
                                                                                                               7                3               1                  17

B777         3411                TEST B                  REG                                R32            R34
                                                                                                              2                 37

let me know.. .?
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We need a stable and reliable video conferencing solution to have a meeting between our US office and some customers in China.  Does anyone have any recent experience or knowledge about which video conferencing solution (e.g. GoToMeeting, Skype, etc.) works well for video conferences between China and the US?
Hello all, we are migrating from Lync 2010 on prem to Skype for Business in O365. Part of this move will be a transition to Webex for folks who have PTSN conference creation rights. Rather than move everyone to Webex with those rights, were looking to move only those that have created conferences within a defined time period.

Question is, how do i pull a report to show the number of PTSN conferences created per user, over a 12 month period?

thanks in advance.

I have a data in which row 6 consists of headings and filter is applied, i want to copy the cell in column B after the criteria is filtered and paste the formula to the visible cells that are in that particular column.

For ex:
row 6 consists of headings filtered for word that consists of "data" in column A and in column B i apply the formula =sum(A+B), now i want to copy this formula and paste to the visible cells that are filtered.

Please suggest.
  • Okay so I'm having to use Excel 2010 on Win 7 Ent 32-bit (Govt supplied ultraportable with only 2.73Gb usable RAM).
  • Developed a large workbook that has ballooned out to around 10mb.
  • Excel was taking 30-60 sec to make simple calculations on minor workbook edits.
Initial solution was to use a macro to split each sheet into a separate workbook, so as to not be loading the whole file.
Sub Splitbook()
Dim xPath As String
Dim Sourcewb As Workbook
Dim Destwb As Workbook
Dim xWs As Worksheet
xPath = Application.ActiveWorkbook.Path
Set Sourcewb = ActiveWorkbook
Application.ScreenUpdating = False
Application.DisplayAlerts = False
For Each xWs In ThisWorkbook.Sheets
    Application.ActiveWorkbook.SaveAs Filename:=xPath & "\" & xWs.Name & ".xlsx"
    Application.ActiveWorkbook.Close False
Application.DisplayAlerts = True
Application.ScreenUpdating = True
End Sub

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This macro while 'preserving links' does not preserve formula references between work books when the sheets are split up [NB: always ask the RIGHT question].

Q1. What's missing in this code to preserve the references within formulas?

NB: The main reference workbook is '2018 All GPs Feb 27'
Hi Experts

 Need some help on how to implement  Natural Language Processing with (Text + Voice) Analytics  feature  in Power BI  .

For example : If I have to get the top 5 sales by region , by typing plain english , it should generate the report in what ever the format I want .  It would be great if you could share me a sample blog where the  implementation  is explained  ?

I have a search issue on my SharePoint 2013 farm. I not able to delete or create any search service application. When I looked at the ULS it keeps on saying the "SSA Did not match <guid> - <guid>"
This is critical for the company. Can anybody share their expertise on this please? I am attaching the log file

Microsoft Applications





Microsoft applications include a variety of software programs, including development and digital authoring programs (Expression and Media Center), educational programs, Internet software, including Essentials, Skype and the Live family, anti-virus, productivity applications and suites like Office, Excel, Word, Outlook, Access and PowerPoint, video games and server applications such as Exchange, SharePoint, IIS and Virtual Server.