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Microsoft applications include a variety of software programs, including development and digital authoring programs (Expression and Media Center), educational programs, Internet software, including Essentials, Skype and the Live family, anti-virus, productivity applications and suites like Office, Excel, Word, Outlook, Access and PowerPoint, video games and server applications such as Exchange, SharePoint, IIS and Virtual Server.

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We have a data which has expiry date which is in Month and Year format in say Column K.  so I want to validate the value in the column K with todays date ( i.e Month and Year format) and if it matches then I want to copy the whole active row data to other sheet.

if the value does not match, then I want to copy only the value of the Cell  G column Same row to other sheet to a specific column.

below is the code id have written But when i excecute the code i get Argument not optional Error

Sub Rentfree()

Dim Valid As Date 'Variable to Hold the Today date
Dim irow As Integer 'Variable to Hold the Row count or Cell number
Dim Val As Date 'Variable to hold the value data sheet active cell
Dim i As Integer ' Counter Variable
Dim lngLastRow As Long 'Variable to hold the Last row address

i = 2
Valid = Now(FormatDateTime(MonthName & Year))

Worksheets(1).Range("K & i").Activate

While ActiveCell.Value <> ""

Val = Worksheets(1).Range("K & i").Value

If Val = Valid Then
lngLastRow = Worksheets.Cells(Rows.Count, "A").End(xlUp).Row + 1
Worksheets(2).Range ("A & Lnglastrow")

Worksheets(1).Range("G & i").Activate.Select.Copy
lngLastRow = Worksheets.Cells(Rows.Count, "C").End(xlUp).Row + 1
Range("A & lnglastrow").Select
End If
End Sub
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Need help!! Can I get excel password recovery free tool?
Thank u...
I have an excel file that i would like to create a button on, that will copy a certain worksheet and then open a new excel file and do a paste special onto the new worksheet to only paste the values.  I would also like the existing worksheets column widths copied to the new sheet as well.
I want to be data analyst.
but i don't know, what should i learn first?

what are basic capabilities  should i have ?
Hi all,

I need to export 2500 contacts through Outlook Web Access on Exchange 2010.

I need to put them into a CSV/Excel

Please advise
I received one excel file, which was given to me.  When I click on the file, two files open up
File.xlsx and second file name: file.slsx2    Why is this happening and how do I stop it?

windows 10
office 365
So my computer crashed again & after loading Microsoft Money, I tried to restore all of my financial data.  Problem is, it's asking for a password to open the backup file, but I've never used passwords in Microsoft Money. EVER!

Computer is a Refurbished Dell 755 Desktop PC with Intel Core 2 Duo Processor, 4GB Memory, 1TB Hard Drive and Windows 10 Pro
In Excel 2013, I have an excel file with a macro that contains this code:

Function UserNameOffice() As String
    UserNameOffice = Application.UserName
End Function

And in cell A1 i have this code:

The first time I run the file, and receive the "SECURITY WARNING Macros have been disabled" prompt and click the "Enable content" button, the field updates properly and displays the correct name in Office. However, every time the file is opened after this the field will not update. I have to manually go into the cell's value, and hit enter on it to get it to update.

If I go into the Trust Center / Trusted Documents / checkbox Disable Trusted Documents - the code will update the field properly every time you click the "Enable Content".  Or if I Click the Clear button to remove all trusted documents, it will then work the first time opened only. So it seems like there is a bug within Trusted Documents causing this feature not to work.

Has anyone experienced this before or know a work around? This is not a problem in Excel 2016.
I will have 10 open conversation connections open in Lync

When I reboot I always need to manually reopen the connections.

Is there anyway to have the connections that were open before the reboot
persist after a reboot?

Hi Experts,

I would like to begin installation of TFS.  At this point I am only interested in the Shelving/Unshelving part of TFS.  I have seen this working in another company I was working for and would like to do the same...

Don't think it is installed...
AS one can see seems I don't have it installed.

I have SQL Server 2014 and Visual Studio 2012 currently installed.  And would require that TFS supports both when user goes through TFS.

This is not local and will be on the share...

So I would get this information from you and pass this to my share team to have it installed.  I am sure they already know how to install.  I just need from you a starting point.

What do I need to do first?

Please help and thanks...
Will your db performance match your db growth?
Will your db performance match your db growth?

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How can I merge multiple rows into one cell delimited by a semi-colon  - Thank you
I cannot open our main SharePoint site, getting the error above. Have restarted everything. We can get to main central administration, just not our site. This is a new SP install.  I think it is IIS but not sure where to start in there. Please help me in the right direction.
Countless times I have deleted junk and other unwanted or no-longer-wanted emails. I have then gone on to "purge" them under the "recover" option. All then appear to be purged, since the folder is reported as "empty".

However going back later and checking whether this has really been done, reveals that all - (including so-called previously deleted) emails have appeared again in the Deleted folder.

Any informed explanations for this anyone ?

Thanks, krakatoa.
Windows 7 IE11 opens and closes automatically.  I went to the Action Center Problem Details and saw this message from 7/7/17:  

The program IEXPLORE.EXE version 11.0.9600.18698 stopped interacting with Windows and was closed. To see if more information about the problem is available, check the problem history in the Action Center control panel.
 Process ID: 2670
 Start Time: 01d2f744967e20af
 Termination Time: 0
 Application Path: C:\Program Files (x86)\Internet Explorer\IEXPLORE.EXE
 Report Id:

Can anyone help on how to get IE working again?
Client uses Word 2016/Outlook 2016 has an Office 365 subscription. The spell checker keeps forgetting learned words.

File has been deleted and recreated. Rogue entries deleted from registry. Re-creation of RoamingCustom.dic has been invoked through software via Proofing Tools set up menu.

Word 2016 open, spell checker taught new word. RoamingCustom.dic file time stamp changes indicating file has been touched. Outlook 2016 also open, e-mail composed and newly added word is spelled correctly and not flagged as wrong.

Outlook 2016 e-mail composer using RoamingCustom.dic also taught new words. Time stamp of RoamingCustom.dic modified and Word 2016 also knows newly learned word.

Both apps, open at same time with AppData/....RoamingCustom.dic file being modified to prove both applications are teaching the new word to the shared dictionary file. So both applications are clearly touching the same file modifying it, updating it and using the shared file.

Works for a few days then stops working. What is causing the failure?

Many thanks.
If I have a spreadsheet of data whereby column A gives me the name of someone, and column E gives me the answer 'yes' to liking ice cream; can I populate a new worksheet with the name provided in column A, provided the condition is met that Column E is 'yes'?
Hi experts,
Pls check the attached sample excel sheet. would like to get ur help.

Sample sheet.
1. I have 3 rows of data in several columns
2. I also populated Column O "Expected Final Result" on how I would like to get the values aggregated
3. Basically scan each row by every column and summaries on the final "Expected Final Result" column
4. "Expected Final Result" column position might change, so better to have relative cell
5. Since trying to automate this. Is it possible via excel formula? or vba?

Thanks in advance

I have Excel VBA code that populates several page lengths of data on a single spreadsheet.
Is there a way to detect which lines page breaks are automatically inserted at?


I am facing issue bellow issue in different PCs. only one pc it is working and that is having Excel 2010

could not load object because it is not available on this machine in excel 2016&2013

Please find attached the images for reference.
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compare two numerical cells   a & b  if the value in a is less thank the value of cell b then change cell a to the same value as cell b
 ie  a= 4  b=10  change a to =b
for years i used

    Application.DisplayFullScreen = True

in order to get my display in full screen modus

Recently, something has changed, and now the top row of the menu mentionning the file-name and the formula bar is still visible.
How can I hide these two lines ?
I want to remove the #NUM! errors from my list, I've attempted to construct a IF(ISERROR) condition but have been unsuccessful. Any advice would be appreciated.


CLOCK NO      1      2      3      4      5      6      7
279639      B      B      #NUM!      A      A      A      A
416848      A      A      A      C      C      C      #NUM!
797413      A      A      #NUM!      C      C      C      C
Dear Experts,

I have a user which started to have an issue with opening ppt files this week over vpn.
The strange thing is it's only happening with ppt files, pptx are opening fine.
If I copy the ppt file from the Shared drive to the desktop it takes 3-4 Seconds to copy and around 10 seconds to open.
If I open the same ppt file directly from a network share it takes around 3-4 Minutes to open or Powerpoint is even crashing.
The same files are opening fast when on the Office network.
I'm running out of ideas what could be the issue.
I tried the following until now:

- repair office
- Adjust MTU of the Wifi adapter
- start Powerpoint in safe mode
- disable all Add-ins
- Add network share in the trust center to trusted locations (including subfolders)

It's still the same after all this.

the following is used:
- Windows 7 64 Bit
- Office 2013
- Cisco Anyconnect

Best Regards and many thanks in advance for any input,

When I run the follong code Application.ScreenUpdating s not working... Please do the needful asap.

Sub CallRecurseSearch2()
    Dim strDirectory As String
    strDirectory = InputBox("Enter Your Directory Path")
   Application.ScreenUpdating = False
    If Len(strDirectory) > 0 Then
        RecurseSearch2 strDirectory, "*.doc*"
    End If
     Application.ScreenUpdating = True
End Sub

Sub RecurseSearch2(strFolder As String, strFilePattern As String)
    Dim strFileName As String
    Dim strFolders() As String
    Dim iFolderCount As Integer
    Dim i As Integer
    Dim doc As Document
    'collect child folders
  Application.ScreenUpdating = False
    strFileName = Dir$(strFolder & "\", vbDirectory)

    Do Until strFileName = ""
        If (GetAttr(strFolder & "\" & strFileName) And vbDirectory) = vbDirectory Then
            If Left$(strFileName, 1) <> "." Then
                ReDim Preserve strFolders(iFolderCount)
                strFolders(iFolderCount) = strFolder & "\" & strFileName
                iFolderCount = iFolderCount + 1
            End If
        End If
        strFileName = Dir$()
    'process files in current folder
    strFileName = Dir$(strFolder & "\" & strFilePattern)
    Do Until strFileName = ""
        Set doc = Documents.Open(strFolder & "\" & strFileName)
        ProcessDoc2 doc
        doc.Close SaveChanges:=wdDoNotSaveChanges
        strFileName = Dir$()
    'look through child folders
    For i = 0 To 

Open in new window


We started to implementing Continuous Integration in our company and for one of our products, we implemented the gated check-in in the MAIN branch, this way it will only be committed to TFS if it'is successful. Whenever we got a build error we were used to connecting to the build server and try to build it manually for debugging process only.

In our last code change, we noted that the source that was copied into the build agent folder did not have our last changes in the src folder, even though the result in the bin folder was right.

One of our theories is that it will create a shelveset that contains a merge of latest TFS version and the latest checked in changes, and it will build in this context. It would explain the outdated src folder and the updated bin folder.

Is it the normal gated check-in behavior or is it a bug? How does it work in detail when interacting with the build agent?

Thanks in advance

Microsoft Applications





Microsoft applications include a variety of software programs, including development and digital authoring programs (Expression and Media Center), educational programs, Internet software, including Essentials, Skype and the Live family, anti-virus, productivity applications and suites like Office, Excel, Word, Outlook, Access and PowerPoint, video games and server applications such as Exchange, SharePoint, IIS and Virtual Server.