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Microsoft Applications





Microsoft applications include a variety of software programs, including development and digital authoring programs (Expression and Media Center), educational programs, Internet software, including Essentials, Skype and the Live family, anti-virus, productivity applications and suites like Office, Excel, Word, Outlook, Access and PowerPoint, video games and server applications such as Exchange, SharePoint, IIS and Virtual Server.

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column D has phone numbers in the following format


I would like to have the phone numbers moved to column K with the following format

(123) 456-6789
Microsoft Certification Exam 74-409
Microsoft Certification Exam 74-409

Veeam® is happy to provide the Microsoft community with a study guide prepared by MVP and MCT, Orin Thomas. This guide will take you through each of the exam objectives, helping you to prepare for and pass the examination.

I have an excel spreadsheet that if something is selected in a dropdown in cell D10 then E11 will be disabled
Dear Respectable Experts,

i need help below code attached function Extract a number from a string value and returns numbers as string i need that it returns number as value or number please help me if it is possible.


Option Explicit

Public Function ExtractNumbers(AValue As Variant) As String
  Dim Character As String
  Dim Index As Long
  Dim Result As String
  Dim Value As String
  Value = CStr(AValue)
  For Index = 1 To Len(Value)
    Character = Mid(Value, Index, 1)
    If IsNumeric(Character) Then
      Result = Result & Character
    End If
  Next Index

  ExtractNumbers = Result
End Function

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I want to use VBA to populate the cells in a single column with the following formula.


where A2 is the starting location of the text that I am searching for "501020", and C2 is the starting location of the result (x or Y).  Each subsequent row would have different text in column A and the appropriate result in column C.  The number of rows in the worksheet will vary ranging up to 500 rows.

I want to duplicate the same results that I get if I copied the above formula in C2, and pasted it down to the last row containing data in column A.

I have a dashboard created but wish to link some of the information to the data behind it, for example, showing on the front sheet  I wish to look at points 6-11
1) Overdue tickets - done
2) Open Tickets - done
3) Problem tickets - done
4) Completed tickets - done
5) Unassigned tickets - done
6) The person who has been assigned the tasks most often - support on this
7) Which user has reported the most tickets - support on this
8) How to check your ticket (based on the data in the IT Action List) - is there an easy was of a user clicking on a button which then displays the tickets they have reported
9) Top 5 categories reported (number of instances) - chart
10) Top 5 subcategories (number of instances) - chart
11) Open tickets by category - pie chart

Kind regards, Stewart
Weird issue here.  Saving changes to a pptx file over a VPN are not working.  
The file is showing as being saved on screen, thereafter it creates a tmp file and then shows the original pptx file prior to saving the changes.
It seems to work fine locally on same LAN.
I had this question after viewing Extract Unique Values From Multiple Columns In Excel.

same spreadsheet, how can i get the number of unique count. somethign like   sum(1/countif  i could not get it work.
please see attached.
Hi, I have a couple of macros which needs to be run automatically every day. However after opening the sheet I need to move the tab and press CNTRL+D to download the file. HOw can do that automations. Please advise

I had this question after viewing Excel Formula Lookup every word in single cell and match it with another cell if found the return the next column..

 Ejgil and Neeraj helped me on the formula of lookup. but there is something which does not work now.

please see attached file. i would appreciate your help.

Survive A High-Traffic Event with Percona
Survive A High-Traffic Event with Percona

Your application or website rely on your database to deliver information about products and services to your customers. You can’t afford to have your database lose performance, lose availability or become unresponsive – even for just a few minutes.

Is it possible to insert image (location map ) in the sheet using VBA if I save all the respective images in a folder with Project code as name.

Say for example if I have DS101.jpg ,DS102.jpg (Project Code column in datasheet) saved in a folder. When I run the macro it fetches the respective image for each project and insert at a specified range (Location) in the template.

Please find the attached excel
I have a datasheet and a template. I need to create around 30 worksheets(in the same workbook) using the data . When I run the macro with 7 sets of data it is working fine (execution time: 3 minutes). But it is hanging if I enter more number of data.

Please find the code I am using:

Option Explicit

Sub PTOTemplateFill()

Dim LastRw As Long, Rw As Long, Cnt As Long
Dim dSht As Worksheet, tSht As Worksheet
Dim MakeBooks As Boolean, SavePath As String

Application.ScreenUpdating = False  'speed up macro execution
Application.DisplayAlerts = False   'no alerts, default answers used

Set dSht = Sheets("Datasheet")           'sheet with data on it starting in row2
Set tSht = Sheets("Project Page Template")       'sheet to copy and fill out

'Option to create separate workbooks
    MakeBooks = MsgBox("Create separate workbooks?" & vbLf & vbLf & _
        "YES = template will be copied to separate workbooks." & vbLf & _
        "NO = template will be copied to sheets within this same workbook", _
            vbYesNo + vbQuestion) = vbYes

If MakeBooks Then   'select a folder for the new workbooks
    MsgBox "Please select a destination for the new workbooks"
        With Application.FileDialog(msoFileDialogFolderPicker)
            .AllowMultiSelect = False
            If .SelectedItems.Count > 0 Then    'a folder was chosen
                SavePath = .SelectedItems(1) & "\"
                Exit Do
In the sample file attached on OCEAN tab there is raw data and on DATA tab formulas display values looking at the OCEAN tab and the other tabs on the file.  

I have been trying to copy the formula range B2:AG2 down according to the criteria in A2 cell.  If the value in the A column is 1 for the corresponding range Excel should copy the formula range down. When no value shows in A column it should stop copying down the formulas.  

The formula in column  A goes down to the row number 100,000. As an alternative I did this simply by using IF logic for each formula cell but this is not how I want to achieve this. I don't want to fill up the whole range all the way down to corresponding number of rows on the OCEAN tab.  I tried to come up with a VBA procedure to accomplish that but was not successful.  

I would appreciate if an expert can help me to do this by adding a VBA procedure.

Thank you
Trying to extract data from website into excel.
Site is https://www.btcmarkets.net

I am after the exchange markets data.

I have tried the DATA - from web approach by doesnt allow me to get table.

Can anyone help
After running the ipconfig/all command I discovered that one of the network adapters is the "Microsoft Wi-Fi Direct Virtual Adapter"?

What is the "Microsoft Wi-Fi Direct Virtual Adapter"?

Wi Fi virtual adapter

I have 9 columns, What I want to say is:

If column "H" is blank and column "G" is populated, make column "B" turn RED.  Is that possible?
Hello Experts,

I have 2 master tables:
1- (Student: Student ID, Student Name)
2- (Course: Course ID, Course Name)

And have a third table that combined the previous 2 tables called (Student Registration Table) and contains 4 dropdown lists: Student ID, Student Name, Course ID, Course Name.

I want to build up an excel sheet for this combined table (Student Registration Table) so when I add a new record and select both "Student Name" and "Course Name " 
the "Student ID" and "Course ID" dropdown lists will dynamically look up the corresponding ID's respectively.

Note: Student ID & Course ID dropdown list shouldn't be editable.

the Idea is explained below in the Image as well and sorry for my bad English.

Needed Tables

Thanks a lot in advance.
Well I need a similar Macro to make a Pivot as before but not as complex. I need a Pivot to give me YTD totals.

Report Filter = Task Type (which incident is selected)
Columns = Month
Row Labels = Assigned To
Values = numbers

Dear Experts:

The active worksheet has the following make-up

                                                                                                                                   Column B,C,D (hyperlinks)
Column A (network paths as strings)                                  Column B                               Column C                         Column D
C:\MyFiles\Products\94-307-22-10-Product1.pdf           94-307-22-10                                                                  96-774-23-22
C:\MyFiles\Products\96-774-23-22-Product3.pdf                                                            94-509-24-10

I wonder whether a macro could achieve the following:

The macro ...
- loops thru the network paths in Column A.
- grabs the product numbers from these network paths
- searches for the corresponding numbers in Column B, C, D
- if found, the network path is inserted into the hyperlink address of that hyperlink (ie. replacing the existing hyperlink addresses).

Would be great if this is feasible.

Help is much appreciated. Thank you very much in advance.

Regards, Andreas
Learn how to optimize MySQL for your business need
Learn how to optimize MySQL for your business need

With the increasing importance of apps & networks in both business & personal interconnections, perfor. has become one of the key metrics of successful communication. This ebook is a hands-on business-case-driven guide to understanding MySQL query parameter tuning & database perf

I cant find any information on whether its possible to design a VBA application to automatically resize depending on the users screen resolution? I've used Horizontal, Vertical and Grid layouts in Python. Does anyone know if something similar is available in VBA? or are peoples userforms always a fixed x pixel by x pixel in size?

Thanks for the help
I need a MACRO to create a pivot Table and export that to a PDF or show as image in another tab then export it.

Worksheet name = 8 Week INC Trend
Report Filter I need , "8 Week Trend", "Task Type"
Column Labels I need "Week Ending"
Row Labels I need "Assigned to"
Values I need "number"

NOTE I do have a name range for my data TAB called "RANGE"
I need a MACRO to export the active sheet to a PDF file.
At C35 I have this drop down with names and when selecting the name it will email out the form...that works great and what I wanted to do is duplicate that at B35 but I'm unable to do so.  The Code is there at module 2 for email so I need it to work for the "Email Supervisor" highlighted in yellow.

See attachment.

I have one spreadsheet called Q-Test.xlsx that contains information such as

serial no, product, ship date, colour, customer name, details

I also have several other spreadsheets all very similar but for each product. For example product AB12 that is contained in spreadsheet AB12.xlsx

This also has data such as serial no, product, ship date, colour, customer name, details etc etc.

What I want to do is enter a date into the ship date column on the Q-TEST.xlsx spreadsheet against for example serial no 12345, and this date is automatically populated on the AB12.xlsx spreadsheet against serial number 12345 if it exists.

I have looked at multiple forums and suggestions online regarding VLOOKUP but cannot for the life of me get a result other than #N/A which I'm lead to believe means the data can't be found.

If anyone out there can offer a solution I'd be very very happy to listen to it as the googling is getting me nowhere.

Many thanks in advance.

What I want is a when dropdown is selected it sums up those hours.  For example.

If ST is selected then it adds up all those hours from Saturday thru Friday and if OT is selected than those hours are summed up and DT in column C.

On the attachment in the cells that are yellow it adds up the hours for whatever is selected either being ST or OT or DT.  I wanted the hours in the yellow cells summed up based on what is selected.

Microsoft Applications





Microsoft applications include a variety of software programs, including development and digital authoring programs (Expression and Media Center), educational programs, Internet software, including Essentials, Skype and the Live family, anti-virus, productivity applications and suites like Office, Excel, Word, Outlook, Access and PowerPoint, video games and server applications such as Exchange, SharePoint, IIS and Virtual Server.