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Microsoft Development





Most development for the Microsoft platform is done utilizing the technologies supported by the.NET framework. Other development is done using Visual Basic for Applications (VBA) for programs like Access, Excel, Word and Outlook, with PowerShell for scripting, or with SQL for large databases.

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por favor, alguém pode me fornecer uma string de conexão com VISUAL BASIC 6.0 COM ACCESS  2016
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I am looking for how to properly move an ASP.NET website to a VS2013 website project or website application?

Hi Experts,

I have a gridview. one of its column has s plus sign. When I click the plus sign it makes the other gridview visible . When I click the minus sign it is invisible. Is there anyway I can save the data of the popup gridview in a dataset or a datatable when the minus sign is clicked. I have attached the screenshots.

Thanks in advance.

Code for + and -

 <script  type="text/javascript" src="Jqueries/jquery_nestedGrid.min.js"></script>
     <script type="text/javascript">
         $("[src*=plus]").live("click", function () {
             $(this).closest("tr").after("<tr><td></td><td colspan = '900'>" + $(this).next().html() + "</td></tr>")
             $(this).attr("src", "images/minus.png");
         $("[src*=minus]").live("click", function () {
             $(this).attr("src", "images/plus.png");

Gridview column
  <asp:TemplateField ItemStyle-Width="4%">
                        <asp:image alt = "" style="cursor: pointer;" src="images/plus.png" id="ImgPlusMinus" runat="server" />
                        <asp:Panel ID="pnlOrders" runat="server" Style="display: none">
                            <asp:GridView ID="gvVendors" runat="server" AutoGenerateColumns="false" CssClass = "ChildGrid SetLeftMarginChildGrid">
Just switched to a new computer and WebMatrix is not available any longer so I am playing around with this product.  How do I get my pages and changes to the server?

Thank you!
Since an application upgrade the CPU is spiking for my application. The behaviour is the application starts to consume CPU it grows to about 70 % then the system process kicks in and the app CPU reduces but between the system and app CPU its at 100%.

How can I see what is happing in the system process and why it is kicking in. Windows based system 2012R2
Hello, I am a daytrader in the futures market.  I have four strategies I had a developer create for me using the NinjaTrader version 7 platform.  I plan on marketing these as a bundle product.   I would like to know if any of your products can help me protect the further copying of the product once it is purchased.   The previous products I have purchased in the past from other day trading companies use the Machine ID validation.  Once the product is downloaded, before you can use it, you must have your Machine ID sent to them and it can only be used on that particular computer.   I am looking for that same effect.
It is VC++ MFC app in VS 2017 Community under Win 7 Pro SP1.

It is very simple to send and process WM_NOTIFY from a dialog's child MFC control to it parent (or to other window.) In control cpp you fill NMHDR structure for the control, get its parent, and send a WM_NOTIFY message like pParent->SendMessage (WM_NOTIFY,...).

In the parent you set the entry in the message map like ON_NOTIFY(Notification code, ControlID, Message Handler) and the handler is called.

But if yoy set the control ID to ID of the modeless dialog box like IDD_MYDLG and fill NMHDR with dialog's parameters, the handler in the parent is never called. Of course, there is a hack: you can use any of dialog's controls to send the WM_NOTIFY, and all will work.

My question is: Is there any way to send WM_NOTIFY from the modeless MFC CDialogEx using its own  ID?
I need to make sure that if a particular value is set in a dropdown that a textbox has some text explaining why the other value is set.  It almost works.  What I did is as follows:
On the data tab,  I selected Submit Options and said to allow Perform custom action using rules
At that point the Forms Submit button was enabled and I added a rule as follows
If SomeDropDown has "SomeValue" and "RelatedTextBox" is not blank allow the submit.

It works in the sense that it won't save the form without the related text if the dropdown has "SomeValue", but it doesn't stick on the page with a message to fix it and just closes as though it is saving the data.  When I do enter "SomeValue" the form saves as expected.

What am I missing and how do I get the "error" condition to appear?
Good day  forum

from https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/windows-hardware/drivers/network/using-bind-or-connect-redirection
"A WFP redirect record is a buffer of opaque data that WFP must set on an outbound proxy connection at
 the redirected connection and the original connection are logically related."
 Am working with  ClassifyFunctions_ProxyCallouts.cpp of WFP driver sample  (https://code.msdn.microsoft.com/windowshardware/Windows-Driver-Kit-WDK-81-cf35e953)
 What is confusing me is this, being that am working on the (FWPS_LAYER_ALE_CONNECT_REDIRECT_V4) and (FWPS_LAYER_ALE_CONNECT_REDIRECT_V6) (Kernel mode)
 How do i set up proxy connection  at this layer.
 thank you
I have an access 2010 application distributed via the packaging wizard. It works well except that shortcut menus are nos available in forms.
For example, there is no way to copy or paste with shortcut menus.
In the source file they are available.
What should I do to make them available in the distributed package?
Thanks in advance.
Veeam Disaster Recovery in Microsoft Azure
Veeam Disaster Recovery in Microsoft Azure

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Everything was going well... playing around with Visual Studio 2017 for the first time...

Had a weird problem (#1, but not really what the question is about where even though I set the Assembly Name and Root Namespace names, ApplicationName was still returning "WindowsApp1" when referenced... so I thought maybe it's building using that temp name when run from VS IDE.  So I compiled it into an app and deployed it.  Same result...

So I try re-opening the project - I can't open forms!  I can a new form, but when I try to open the main form, the only "main" reference I have is main.vb.  And when I open that, I don't have any code either!  I have one other form in the app and I can't open that either (but the code is visible).

I'd really like to continue this project but I need to see the forms!  HELP PLEASE!?!

(Classic Windows Forms app).
Hi There!

I have a customer who is a developer. They have 12 staff. 5 Developers 5 support people, 1 director and 1 sales/admin person.

They have an action pack, which covers up to 10 users of Exchange, Windows CALS etc, and that's fine.

What they are trying to do it make sure they are correctly licensed for dev machines, dev environments and testing labs.

It used to be that companies bought MSDN Subscriptions but I think those are now only for individuals and not for use in businesses at large? I had heard about MSDN Platforms but when I checked the pricing the customer just about died.

Anyone know of a more cost effective way for a company this size to correctly license their environment?
Hi , When i'm downloading the excel file,i'm getting following attached error.How avoid this error

XML file output

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8" standalone="true"?>

-<recoveryLog xmlns="http://schemas.openxmlformats.org/spreadsheetml/2006/main">


<summary>Errors were detected in file 'C:\Users\abc.com\AppData\Local\Microsoft\Windows\Temporary Internet Files\Content.IE5\PGARRIST\Report_Isys.xlsx'</summary>


<info>Excel completed file level validation and repair. Some parts of this workbook may have been repaired or discarded.</info>


-<removedParts summary="Following is a list of removed parts:">

<removedPart>Replaced Part: /xl/worksheets/sheet1.xml part with XML error. Illegal xml character. Line 1, column 267478.</removedPart>


I need to write bookmark with parameter in ssrs.
and I don't know the syntax.

Can anyone help me?
How to show columns?
Hi, new member here and first post. My goal is to create a basic tab control using the Win32 API that contains a canvas for rendering OpenGL. Please see attachment for my source code. I created a tab control with two tabs; the first tab contains a button and the second tab contains the rendering context. The first tab, when active, successfully displays a button. The second tab, when active, does not display the OpenGL canvas. The only way I can get the canvas to appear in the GUI is to exclude the tab control (comment out the CREATE_TAB_PANE macro in my example to do this). I am rendering the OpenGL context within a static control. Thanks in advance for your help.
language : c++
(tools : visual studio , acrobat reader)
thanks a lot
Hello There,

I am trying to create two column report for labeling purposes, I followed instructions on the following link : blogs.wrox.com/article/creating-mailing-labels-in-sql-server-reporting-services

but the data keeps appearing on one column and not on both columns, I changed all sizes and tried tables and lists same results, it just wont populate the second column : ( .

Any help is very much appreciated.

Thank you in advance.
Guys, i have a question as specified above!

 '' Enable Double-Buffering for everything.
    Protected Overrides ReadOnly Property CreateParams() As CreateParams
            Dim cp As CreateParams = MyBase.CreateParams

            cp.ExStyle = cp.ExStyle Or &H2000000
            Return cp

        End Get
    End Property

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Hello all, I'm new in Exchange Server, and I'm installing at my office Exchange Server 2016, when I test it with the microsoft connectivity analyzer with the option "Exchange ActiveSync"  at  https://testconnectivity.microsoft.com I get the next tons of errors, and I dont know how to solve them :( , hope some one can help me, thanks in advance

Attempting to test potential Autodiscover URL https://mydomain.mx:443/Autodiscover/Autodiscover.xml
Testing of this potential Autodiscover URL failed.

Attempting to contact the Autodiscover service using the HTTP redirect method.
The attempt to contact Autodiscover using the HTTP Redirect method failed.

The Microsoft Connectivity Analyzer is checking the host autodiscover.mydomain.mx for an HTTP redirect to the Autodiscover service.
The Microsoft Connectivity Analyzer failed to get an HTTP redirect response for Autodiscover.
Additional Details
An HTTP 403 forbidden response was received. The response appears to have come from Unknown. Body of the response: HTTP Response Headers: X-FEServer: BLMEGNAHCXE Content-Length: 0 Date: Wed, 28 Jun 2017 01:53:57 GMT Server: Microsoft-IIS/10.0 X-Powered-By: ASP.NET
Elapsed Time: 178 ms.

Attempting to contact the Autodiscover service using the DNS SRV redirect method.
The Microsoft Connectivity Analyzer failed to contact the Autodiscover service using the DNS SRV redirect method.
Additional Details
Elapsed Time: 90 ms.
Test Steps
Attempting to locate SRV record …
Hello Experts,
In continuation to : https://www.experts-exchange.com/questions/29014655/Powershell-help-for-creating-accounts.html
I have a further enhancement request,
I have 2 Columns in SQL
ADGroup & O365Group

These columns contains values, which are separated by comma (,) these are existing groups in AD & O365
I want them to be integrated into the script so that when the new user is created he is added to the respective groups in both the places.

Thanks in advance.
I want to create a program or a service which keeps an eye on the usb ports, and sends an email when the usb keyboard would be removed or tampered with!

Can it be done in the task scheduler, so that an usb event kicks off the task of sending an email to a certain address, in an some email application ?

Or do You know off an utility which can do it?
Hello, I have Windows 10 and Windows 7 systems  in a SBS2011 domain environment and at least once a day the windows explorer freezes and I have to reboot. After selecting reboot it hangs at reboot mode. I have to force it to shutdown and and start it again for it to work.  Most of the time windows explorer does not work and also internet access goes away too. I even can not access the C-Drive and the Network Drives. Nothing at all.  I have Symantec Endpoint and Malware Byte endpoint protection installed on these systems. Please help.

Thank you
I have a build definition for the build of a web project. The Visual Studion Build argument is set as below:
/p:Configuration=Release /p:WDPMergeOption=CreateSeparateAssembly /p:DeployOnBuild=true  /p:WebPublishMethod=Package  /p:PackageAsSingleFile=true  /p:SkipInvalidConfigurations=true  /p:PackageLocation="$(build.artifactstagingdirectory)\\"

In my log it says that the build has succeeded but there are no resulting dlls in my bin folder for me to deploy to the remote server. Since I am looking for single assemblies, I am looking to see *.compiled, *.aspx.cdcab7d2.dll ect.

Where am I going wrong with this?This is what I want to see. I am not seeing any of these dlls
Guys I've tried everything that you guys said but none of that works I don't know if my computer have some other problems or something, does any of you guys know any method I could use??

Microsoft Development





Most development for the Microsoft platform is done utilizing the technologies supported by the.NET framework. Other development is done using Visual Basic for Applications (VBA) for programs like Access, Excel, Word and Outlook, with PowerShell for scripting, or with SQL for large databases.