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Microsoft Dynamics is a line of enterprise resource planning (ERP) and customer relationship management (CRM) software applications. Dynamics can be used with other Microsoft solutions, such as SharePoint, Yammer, Office 365, Azure and Outlook. Dynamics ERP comprises a group of enterprise-resource-planning products includes Dynamics AX (formerly Axapta), a multi-language, multi-currency enterprise software with business management features for financial, human resources, and operations management; Dynamics GP (formerly Great Plains Software); Dynamics NAV (formerly Navision) for financials, supply chain, and people; Dynamics SL (formerly Solomon IV)for project-driven organizations; Dynamics C5 (formerly Concorde C5) for manufacturing, supply chains, analytics and electronic commerce; and Dynamics CRM.

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If this is not the proper feedback venue, then please point me to the correct one.

Below is a link to the area of Microsoft Docs that discusses Microsoft Dynamics GP Purchase Order Processing receipts.  Below this link is an italicized sentence directly copied from this discussion.

This statement should represent credible information, being that it was made either by or on behalf of Microsoft.  So, I relayed this statement to a client who had asked a question about changing account distributions in purchasing receipts.  After I sent that e-mail, a supervisor of mine told me that "my" statement was incorrect.

The fact that this area of Microsoft Docs was incorrect has now placed me into a position of embarrassment and low self-esteem.  I have to, now, walk back what I told the client.  This will damage my own credibility and could potentially endanger my career.

In addition, this has upset me so much that it has disrupted my home life.

To top it all off, this section of Microsoft Docs does not allow for the posting of feedback.  That's why I'm here.

Please help me get this feedback to the right person, so that this statement may be corrected for future research.

Thank you!

Software Engineer

Choose Distributions to open the Purchasing Distribution Entry window, where you can make changes to account distributions.

A Microsoft Dynamics GP 2018 end user says that the combined balances of the Consolidated A/R and A/P accounts in GP are not matching those of the Management Reporter (MR) Consolidated Trial Balance.  In fact, the discrepancy is about $377k.

Now, he did go back into previous periods for comparison upon discovering this.  Eventually, he discovered that his Consolidated Retained Earnings balance between GP and MR differs by $355k.  And, he says that, sometime in the past after closing 2018, they reopened it.  He thinks that this reopening and reclosing didn't "find its way into MR".  Is that possible?

Otherwise, I have reviewed all other avenues from KB articles when there is this discrepancy and can find no other explanation.  Any ideas?

Thank you!  Much appreciated!

Software Engineer

We were able to successfully configure Microsoft Dynamics GP to e-mail Check Remittances, based on an initial test for just one vendor.  

As you know the Remittances for e-mailing have to be Word-based templates and assigned to the vendors.

Anyway, the Check Remittance displays $0.00 for Amount Paid and displays nothing for Amount.

Why is this, and how can this be fixed to actually show dollar amounts?


Software Engineer
Hi, I wonder if anyone can help.

Dynamics 365 Business Central - Cloud Version

Is there a way to make the Type option in a purchase invoice to default to "G/L Account" (currently defaults to "Item") as 90% of the time the user will be posting directly to the GL.

Snip of Purchase Invoice
Thanks in advance for any assistance.

Regards... Joe

(ps:  I am very new to BC, so just learning the ropes)

In Microsoft Dynamics GP, upon clicking "Print", you have the option to choose a printer including Adobe PDF.  

As you read this, please keep in mind that the option "File...Print" when generating a PDF is not available.  So, please, no recommendation about unchecking that box that usually solves this problem.  

Anyway, no matter what Adobe PDF printer setting is changed, no matter whether Cute PDF Writer is tried, or this version, or that thing, or whatever.....nothing prevents the cut off of the bottom of each page of the printout.  I have gone to all of the web sites on this matter and no solution has worked.  It is beyond frustrating.

Ideas, please?

Thanks!  Much appreciated!

Software Engineer

We are using Dynamics 365 Finance and Operations online SaaS application.

Currently, we have three instances / environments deployed - Production, UAT and Dev.

We have a development VM for D365 F&O DEV server deployed through LCS services which comes with Dynamics 365 subscription. When we open Microsoft Visual Studio Management in this DEV VM then it is asking us for VS license and states Trial license has expired. We created this machine in December 2019 and till yesterday it was working fine and this morning we receiving license message in visual studio.

Version: Microsoft Visual Studio Professional 2015

We want to know does the Microsoft Visual Studio license comes by default with our organisation licenses for D365 F&O and through deployments of environments or its a trail version we get when we create DEV VM for D365 F&O so that now do we need to buy licenses for Microsoft visual studio?

Thank you.
Hello All,

My company is looking into Migrating from Dynamics SL2015 to QuickBooks. I want to find a company, or individual that could help with the process. Hopefully someone that can remotely look at what we have to identify what needs to be migrated, as well as do the migration for us. Therefore, I am hoping someone can point me in the right direction, or could suggest someone that could help with this?

We are planning to migrate (not upgrade) the Account and Contact data from a CRM 4.0 version to D365 CE using a tool like Scribe Insight.  A new D365 environment will be established and a mapping template created to determine which CRM fields will be mapped to which D365 fields.  The jscript will be added after the data is migrated and then tested.

We are looking to avoid the stepped  upgrade process from CRM 4 to CRM 2011 to CRM 2013 to CRM 2015 to CRM 2016 to Dynamics 365 CE.  We are planning to use a simple 1 to 1 mapping. using the SQL connector for the CRM 4.0 source and the Scribe D365 CE Adapter for inserting (or upserting) records.

Please advise of anything we should be aware of and any possible problems that can occur.

Dear Experts,

I have few questions I hope I can get some guidance.

1. I have a customer that wants to run Dynamic NAV web service in a server in DMZ. Will that be safe thing to do?
2. What is the best way to transfer files from Dynamic NAV to outside server - lets say to another company.

Any input will be helpful
We are getting the error "The browser based authentication dialog failed to complete. Reason: WinInet cannot redirect. This error code might also be returned by a custom protocol handler", when trying to login to microsoft dynamics 365 account on windows server 2012

Seeking experts advice to solve it.
I am looking for some resources to understand the utilities and file specs to import into Dynamics our GL data from a 3rd party Payroll system and also hit the AP, AR and Bank Reconciliation.  Does anyone have any familiarity with this?
I have Microsoft Dynamics GP 2018 server GPServer1 and MS SQL Server SQLServer1. I have created a shared folder (GPSshare) on FileServer1 to share excel refresh-able reports and invoice templates, GP dictionary files and so on. I would like to avoid the file server dependency to reduce the financial system down time. Meaning, I don't want GP to be not accessible by 50 users because the Fileserver1 down. Do you think, its a good practice to create and share (GPShare)  folder either from GP server or from the SQL server. The GP server is a session host (terminal server - meaning 50 people access as desktop). I would like to know the best practice so that I can cut down the downtime considering the GP being the critical application for us.

Avoid dependency from a file server.
Avoid file sharing complication, if there is any from a session server.
Optimize the uptime by avoiding the dependencies.

I'm trying to install the on premises demo version of Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central, here on my laptop.  

The log file is not giving me any information, as to why this installation failed.  But, below is what it told me.  

Are there any ideas, on how to eliminate this error, so that I may install the app?  


Web Server Components
IIS prerequisites for Web Server Components
An error has occurred while trying to install required dependencies for Web Server components.
For more information about the error, see the %TMP%\Microsoft.Dynamics.Nav.WebClient.DependencyInstaller.log file.
For more information about how to install Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central Web client,
see the Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central Help.

Feature name IIS-WindowsAuthentication is unknown.
A Windows feature name was not recognized.
Use the /Get-Features option to find the name of the feature in the image and try the command again.
No. of Users: 700+
Database Size: 680GB+

DB Server Specs
  • 32GB RAM (24GB Allocated to SQL)
  • 8 X Processors

When i check event log on server I see the following warnings.
CRM Application Server Event Viewer Screenshot
How do i reduce the size of the POA table in CRM DB? Currently we have over 28 million records in POA table.
Could use some help with a on-premise Dynamics 365 issue.  We have an old quick campaign which was accidentally triggered and is sending many emails and which we want to stop.  We have disabled the CRM email account temporarily so that the quick campaign cannot send out emails...however, we need to figure out how to disable, delete, or stop the quick campaign.  Thus far, trying to delete the campaign yields the following error: "Cannot Delete Because Record In use."  If it is not possible to disable, delete, or stop a quick campaign, what are the alternatives to prevent these emails from being sent?
this is the version we are running: Microsoft Dynamics 365, Version 1612 ( (DB on-premises

error screenshotErrorDetails-1.txt

I have reviewed all of the documentation and technical articles online, about this.  But, I thought that I would try here.

An end user on Microsoft Dynamics GP 2018 cannot e-mail documents such as sales invoices.  When he tries to e-mail, he keeps being prompted for this e-mail address and Active Directory password.

He is the only one having this issue.

His company is on Office 365.

Any ideas?


Great Plains Dynamics SQL Script generating nulls instead of the email addresses. This question is an offshoot on this which I had to customize for use in a shipping program. I get NULL in the email address fields running the script in SQL Query analyzer and in this program. Everything else in the script works and intended/wanted but just not the email address in inet.INET1 and inet.INET2

SELECT sh.SOPNUMBE AS [SH-SOPNUM], sh.ReqShipDate AS [SH-ShipDate], sh.CUSTNMBR AS [SH-CUSNMR], sh.CUSTNAME AS [SH-CUSNAM], sh.CNTCPRSN, sh.ShipToName AS [SH-ShipTo], sh.ADDRESS1 AS [SH-ADDR1], sh.ADDRESS2 AS [SH-ADDR2], sh.ADDRESS3 AS [SH-ADDR3], sh.CITY AS [SH-City], sh.STATE AS [SH-State], sh.ZIPCODE AS [SH-Zip], sh.PHNUMBR1 AS [SH-Phone], sh.SHIPMTHD AS [SH-ShipMTHD], sh.CSTPONBR, cad.SHIPMTHD, cad.ADDRESS1, cad.ADDRESS2, cad.ADDRESS3, cad.CITY, cad.STATE, cad.ZIP, cad.PHONE1, inet.INET1, inet.INET2
FROM SOP10100 sh
LEFT OUTER JOIN SY01200 inet ON inet.Master_Type = 'CUS' AND inet.Master_ID = sh.CUSTNMBR AND inet.ADRSCODE = sh.PRSTADCD 

Open in new window

In Microsoft Dynamics CRM 365  in Product Calalog we have to many Family categorizations: 3 level categorization.   i.e. Trademark -> Filling and Prosecution  (and more 4 of them in some cases we have 7 ) -> Official Fee or Attorney Fee or Bundle

Do we need to avoid this complexity and how? What is advantage of this 3 level family categorization and any suggestions about another approach?
In CRM 2016 we need to create product catalog and pricelists etc...
Client is Attorney Office, with all product with same system:

Name + Official Fee + Attorney Fee = Total Fee i.e.:

Request for the first ten-years validity period and publication of the registration                        210      350      560
Fourth and each further class       40      65      105
Preparing and filing EU TM application i one class      850      400      1250
Filing EU TM in second class      50      30      80
Filing EU TM in third class and each additional class      150      30      180

Please suggest me how to create product list:

a. Add additional attributes in pricing (Official and Attorney Fee)
b. Create Same product with categorization on Official Fee and another product Attorney Fee with same name. After that, cretae bundle for product with Total Fee/Price.

Thanks in advance

Microsoft Dynamic AX 2012 CU10
I have established a test environment in Azure, that mirrors our production environment.
RDS server - 4 CPU, 16GB memory, 50GB standard SSD drive
AOS server - 8 CPU, 32GB memory, 140GB standard SSD drive
DB server- 4 CPU, 112GB memory, 650GB standard SSD OS drive, 300GB Standard SSD DB drive, 100GB standard SSD TEMP DB drive.

AX performance is slow....
For example; clicking the Totals Button on the main call grid of a service call, ( should get you the parts, labor, and grand total of the whole call) can take up to 2 minutes for the total.
Shouldn't take more than 15 seconds.

For trouble shooting I increase the 'power' of all the servers.

RDS server - 8 CPU, 32GB memory, 50GB Premium SSD drive
AOS server - 16 CPU, 64GB memory, 140GB Premium SSD drive
DB server- 32 CPU, 256GB memory, 650GB Premium SSD OS drive, 300GB Premium SSD DB drive, 100GB Premium SSD TEMP DB drive.   (made the needed changes in SQL to recognize the extra memory.)

AX user speeds did not improve.

I have GP   2018 server  for production as I would like to refresh Another GP 2018  test server with the database from GP 2018 prod server with the same logins and database and config as clone .
How can I do that in details so that I will not face any errors as logins or company ids ??
what I need exactly to back and restore and what are excatly the procedures to follow???
I have crm 2011database from production environment on sql 2008 and  other  new server with  new installation as blank database crm 2015 for with sql server 2012  as I would like to import old database of crm 2011on sql 2008  into new server crm  2015 with sql server 2012 .
would you please to explain for me detailed step by step from your experience the exact steps??
We have a client that has migrated to Dynamics 365. We are having issues that sometimes users experience the system to be slow. How can I pull API reports for specific users? I see the general Common Data Service Analytics report and we only did 410 000 API calls and 61 011 Executions over the last 24 hours.  Any ideas on how I can troubleshoot this?
Hi there, im at a loss as well as my developers. We are having a new CRM created within Dynamics 365.
Without going into the whole CRM and what it does, we have an area under each client account where documents are uploaded.

The problem we have with the storage of the agreements and contracts. Dynamics storage is expensive, but the main problem we have been told about but the developers is the files will be secure to the to owner of the client account but other members who are invited as sub members will apprently not be able to view these files.

The original suggestion which does work is to use a Sharepoint site. This technically does work but it does open the risk to allow anyone who may stumble across the sharepoint site to access the storage and see the files.

I did come across an article that suggested Dynamics coulod be integrate with a solution like Azure Blob, but my devlopers are not aware of this solution and again im not sure how close to keeping the files secure from users who shouldn’t have access

This is the article i found

So my main questions is regarding finding a solution that will allow us to store these files for each account, atthe same time limiting access to these files to the account owner and the sub members.

Is there a way using APIs etc??

We got this error when creating a payment for import in our banking system.

We are running an ole Nav version 5.0 and got this error on a new installed client

Try to see the error in the embedded file, hope anyone can help :-)

Best regards


Microsoft Dynamics

Microsoft Dynamics is a line of enterprise resource planning (ERP) and customer relationship management (CRM) software applications. Dynamics can be used with other Microsoft solutions, such as SharePoint, Yammer, Office 365, Azure and Outlook. Dynamics ERP comprises a group of enterprise-resource-planning products includes Dynamics AX (formerly Axapta), a multi-language, multi-currency enterprise software with business management features for financial, human resources, and operations management; Dynamics GP (formerly Great Plains Software); Dynamics NAV (formerly Navision) for financials, supply chain, and people; Dynamics SL (formerly Solomon IV)for project-driven organizations; Dynamics C5 (formerly Concorde C5) for manufacturing, supply chains, analytics and electronic commerce; and Dynamics CRM.

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