Microsoft Dynamics

Microsoft Dynamics is a line of enterprise resource planning (ERP) and customer relationship management (CRM) software applications. Dynamics can be used with other Microsoft solutions, such as SharePoint, Yammer, Office 365, Azure and Outlook. Dynamics ERP comprises a group of enterprise-resource-planning products includes Dynamics AX (formerly Axapta), a multi-language, multi-currency enterprise software with business management features for financial, human resources, and operations management; Dynamics GP (formerly Great Plains Software); Dynamics NAV (formerly Navision) for financials, supply chain, and people; Dynamics SL (formerly Solomon IV)for project-driven organizations; Dynamics C5 (formerly Concorde C5) for manufacturing, supply chains, analytics and electronic commerce; and Dynamics CRM.

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Dynamics 365 Online, CRM 2013 on prem, SQL Azure

We are upgrading a CRM 2013 system to D365 Online.  The 2013 system has several SQL Procs that currently write information to the CRM 2013 system.  I stood up an Azure environment and imported one SQL proc (and associated database) into Azure.  

I can now query the database associated with the SQL proc, run the sp commands, query the database.  It now functions like the SQL Proc and database that writes to CRM 2013

I am now not sure how to use the SQL Proc/database on Azure with Dynamics 365 Online.  

How do I replicate the process where the SQL proc writes data to CRM 2013  and then use this in D365?

Is this a job for Scribe or KingswaySoft?

Please advise.
Introduction to R
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Introduction to R

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Dynamics 365 Online

We are creating mobile forms for our company.  We are using the App Designer and most forms/views appear as required.  

However, Activities is showing a number of Advanced Find Views as selections in the View drop-down (see below)

The views with FRM in the beginning should not appear on the mobile app.

We have tried deactivating under Advanced Find saved views but no luck.

Hello ,
Any suggestions on Microsoft Dynamics 365 Customer Engagement Certification?
I am .net developer and is interested in the above.
Any suggestions are appreciated.

Any suggestions on how to learn Microsoft Dynamics CRM  from scratch.
I have been tasked with a project where we have 4 identically constructed databases with different customer data in each running on premises using MSSQL and Microsoft Dynamics 2016.  I need to export specific customer data from each of the 4 databases and import that data into a MySQL database that is hosted off site with our web site. This data will then be periodically uploaded to the website database either with triggers or at a timed interval.

As I have very little experience with this type of database project, I am seeking information on how this can be done and what basic steps are needed in order for this to work.  Any additional details would be appreciated.
Thank you!
CRM 2013, Dynamics 365 online

I am looking for a method to test plugins converted for D365 from CRM 2013.  With a Dev environment, how can this be done using Visual Studio and the PRT?

Ideas are: on Dev, if we register the plug-in assembly, ,register a plug-in step for an event and test its execution by doing whatever is shown in the code.  For example, step through the code as a plugin and test that it performs the actions in the CRM 2013.

Questions: can Visual Studio be used in Debug mode to step through the code and provide an adequate test?  Can the PRT be used to view the registered plugin and verify that the plugin ran as expected?

Dynamics 2013, Dynamics 365

I am investigating plugins in a CRM 2013 and need to identify what needs to be changed so they can be migrated to Dynamics 365 Online.  

I am aware they need to run in the Sandbox and if there is any code that accesses the CRM database, it should be replaced to pull and push data using the SDK-provided OrganizationService.

I have written plugins but have not converted any to D365 online.  Where is the best place to start: open the plugin in Visual Studio; use the plugin registration tool?


Dynamics 365 CE,
Mobile applications

I am having a problem configuring Views just for mobile.  If I select the Custom Mobile App in Dynamics 365 (see below), deactivating a view affects all other areas in the sandbox.

Is there a way to change the view list just for mobile?

Dynamics 365

Having an issue with where AX on RDS servers hangs oris just just sluggish.

AX Setup
Dynamics AX 2009 with SP1 Rollup 8.
One SQL server and one AOS server. Both with ample resources.

RDS servers:
Physical servers and both with 64GB RAM, CPU 2 sockets 16 Core.
Standalone, no HA or failover.
Standard setup where users have to login to access applications.
AX and all other applications is installed correctly.
There are two different RDS setups, the 2008 R2 server has relaxed security and the 2012 R2 is clamped down. Users on both complain that AX is slow.

2/3 of the users is located in branch offices. All of them access AX from a RDS server. 2008R2 and 2012 R2, depending on which company they belong to.
Most of them complain that AX is sluggish, lags behind, hangs and is generally just slow.

1/3 of the users is on the same locations as our AX servers, and accesses AX from their own computer.
They experience very little lag and performance is fine.
However, if they work from RDS server when they are home or other places, they complain that it's slow and lags.

I'm really not sure where to start looking, other applications is working fine on the RDS servers.
Bandwidth, server resources, all that looks fine and the more I research the issue the RDS servers seems to be the cause.
Any ideas on what typically could be the culprit or if there is a way to optimize AX client on a RDS server ?

Visual Studio 2015, SSDT, Report Authoring, Windows 10

I am having a very difficult time getting my VS2015 installation to include SSDT and Reporting Authoring Extension (for Fetxchxml).  I have tried suggestions from the web, Stack Overflow and downloaded several versions of SSDT and Report Authoring Extensions.  I have uninstalled versions that didnt work, rebooted and tried again.

I am thinking that if I can get the versions from someone where all three components are working on Windows, I should be able to get this working.  I have had this working on other laptops, older versions of VS and other operating systems.

My environment is:
Dell Latitude i7 | 64-bit processor | x64 processor
Windows 10  | Version 1803  |Build 17134.167
Visual Studio Professional 2015  | Version 14.0.25431.01 Update 3

As for SSDT, not having a lot of problems installing this; it is where I try to install the Report Authoring Extensions that I encounter problems.  I am able to get the RAE wizard to run (to failure) using the advice from this link:

When the RAE install fails it tells me that SSDT is not installed; I have tried many versions of SSDT, SSDT-BI, BIDS and Report Authoring starting with the VS2015 versions (and earlier versions).

I am just spinning my wheels.

Thank you.
Exploring SharePoint 2016
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Exploring SharePoint 2016

Explore SharePoint 2016, the web-based, collaborative platform that integrates with Microsoft Office to provide intranets, secure document management, and collaboration so you can develop your online and offline capabilities.

Dear expert

We are having problem with list component of CRM dynamic 365. Its a old product with no longer has support of MS, its a ActiveX frame based program that you add into the CRM sites, now we having two diffirent problems.
1. Chrome is not working to start the list component (That is because Chrome is not supporting ActiveX without a plugin), IE shows a frame error with red cross, however this works after you checked view content in compatibility view.
2. System is slow, very slow, its a 8GB Ram and 2 cores cpu powered.
We dont know how to debug CRM and check every lines and process with that is it that is causing those problems.
Any idea?
We are in the process of migrating from Microsoft Dynamics Ax 2009 to Ax 2012. In our Ax 2009 environment we have 3 AOS's in a load balanced cluster.

AOS 2 & AOS3 are both configured in the server configuration utility to point to a share on AOS1 for application files. I believe this is to ensure that all AOS's use a common application to prevent issue due to version or synchronization.

I do not see this option in the Ax 2012 server config utility, or find details online. Is this no longer recommended/an option in 2012? Can anyone point to a reference detailing the change? Is the issue handed otherwise?

As I'm trying to build out the new environment I would appreciate your expert responses.
We use Dynamics 365 online and have one question.

Assume all of the users are insurance broker. and each insurance broker has mulitple states of license (from CA to NY).
Where should the list of license store? I do not want to create custom entity because the license cost will go up.
and I also do not want to hard code state name as field like LicenseCA, LicenseTX. It is going to very hard to manage.
It will be the best to use one of entities that have 1 to M relationship to USER entity. But I do not know which ones should be used.
Please helps.
We want to start working with econnect of dynamics gp wanted to know if any EE has any experience in this tool advice us how to start learning it.
When printing from Dynamics Great Plains 2018 end users experience an issue when printing to a SAVIN MP 5055 copier when posting to financial ledgers.
The jobs seem to get stuck in the print queue and throw an unspecified "Error Printing - Restarting" error.

Other print job in Dynamics GP print without an issue. And printing to a different printer does not have this issue

Have tried multiple PCL6 and PCL5 drivers and modified the spooling settings for the printer to no avail.

Any suggestions out there?
Dynamics 365 Online 9.0.2, .

Is it true that since the Activity forms are shared we cannot create additional forms, what is the option to extend activity forms?  

We would like to  clean up shared Appointment and Phone Call forms.

In Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Sales, can Contacts be added directly to Campaigns (not Quick Campaigns) without being added to Marketing Lists first?

From the Campaign screen, it seems I can only find Marketing Lists to be added.
I have Workstations here are Win 10 Pro and office 365 in which I use MS Sharepoint and MS Dynamics.

Often when using these I use google chrome as the browser and often I am asked to sign in with my office 365 account this may happen 5 times a day.  
One of the staff at site say if you want to open a word doc and don't want to get prompted by sign in just open a blank document before hand and it works.  
Is there a way to correct this.  I have tried to add an entry into the credential manager and turning off local firewall.  I do know it does work most of the time through MS Edge.
But most staff like chrome.

Cheers :)
I'm setting up a project on MS Dynamics CRM 9 online to make it easier than running and storing advanced searches and doing mail merges (then running a workflow).  

I need to periodically, automatically or triggered manually, run a bulk merge of letters that should be generated and attached to each entity record upon creation.  I'm stuck 1) creating letters and attaching them to the entity records 2) generating a bulk mail merge from those letters.  

I've got CRM templates ready to go so I believe I'm prepared to link everything together.

I'm a basic to moderate level user and I haven't done any development in CRM so I'm not sure where to go next.
Learn SQL Server Core 2016
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Learn SQL Server Core 2016

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I am trying to use the code below to change the AutoNumber value in Settings.

(this code was obtained from:

According to the post, because the number is greyed-out, it can't be changed through UI.
But we can write a small console application to update it using SDK.

In my case, I want to update the  CurrentCaseNumber, but I need help developing a console application to do that.

 {"organizationid", "name", "currentkbnumber"})


    EntityCollection orgs = service.RetrieveMultiple(qe);

    if (orgs != null && orgs.Entities.Count > 0)


        var org = orgs[0];

        var organizationId = (Guid)org["organizationid"];

        // Creating a new Object to update. Set the  CurrentCaseNumber to your desired number

        OrganizationorganizationToUpdate = new Organization {  CurrentCaseNumber = 100000, Id = organizationId};



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I am using Visual Studio 2013 and trying to connect to a CRM Online organization to develop a fetchxml report.  I have tried the unique organization URL ( from Settings / Developer Resources and also the URL that opens the organization online.  

Both URLs fail at the login form and cant connect.  I get the error below:

Unable to connect to data source 'DataSource1'.The connection to server " " could not be established. Make sure that the connection string and credentials are correct, and try again.

Please advise
We are migrating an Onpremise D365 installation to CRM Online.  There is a report written in SSRS that needs to be converted to Fetchxml.  

The code is below, can someone point me to a resource to convert SQL to Fetchxml?  I have written Fetchxml from scratch but need assistance with the conversion.

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?><Report xmlns="" xmlns:rd=""><Body><ReportItems><Rectangle Name="rectangle1"><ReportItems><Rectangle Name="rectangle4"><ReportItems><Textbox Name="txtFilterSummary"><CanGrow>true</CanGrow><KeepTogether>true</KeepTogether><Paragraphs><Paragraph><TextRuns><TextRun><Value>Filter Summary</Value><Style><FontFamily>tahoma</FontFamily><FontSize>12pt</FontSize><FontWeight>Bold</FontWeight><Color>#313336</Color></Style></TextRun></TextRuns><Style /></Paragraph></Paragraphs><Left>0.125in</Left><Height>0.25in</Height><Width>3.53125in</Width><Style><PaddingLeft>2pt</PaddingLeft><PaddingRight>2pt</PaddingRight><PaddingTop>2pt</PaddingTop><PaddingBottom>2pt</PaddingBottom></Style></Textbox><Textbox 

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CRM 2013
Windows 2012

We are upgrading to Dynamics 365 from CRM 2013.  I am trying to check the web resources using the CustomCodeValidationTool_For_CRM2015 tool.

The tool imports as a solution but does not open as expected when I click on the installed solution.

Any ideas why this is not working or if there are other tools to check CRM 2013 code?

I am having problems with Microsoft CRM crashing when my user does an activity. I am trying to capture her movements so that I can show Microsoft the issue. I found that inside the IE you can go into the F12 >> Network and track user movements. Would this work and would this be the most effective method?
In Dynamics CRM 365 On Premises, running on Server 2016 with an SQL 2016 backend.

We use Autotask for our primary client database, but I have a utility that exports all contacts for importing into CRM. These contacts will often be changing, updating, etc - sometimes improper information gets automatically attributed to a contact object due to our email-to-ticket system.

I would like to be able to import an updated contact set into CRM periodically, and have the information in the updated contact list update the existing contacts in CRM rather than the existing duplicate detection settings where it merely discards the new contact information when a duplicate is detected. I also don't want to disable duplicate detection and manually merge the contacts, we have thousands.

The end goal is to be able to bulk update any changes to our contacts but be able to keep any existing marketing metadata for that contact object. If I simply delete all my contacts and reimport, I lose all that metadata - including unsubscribe, etc. We are only using CRM for email marketing.

In other words, if $existingcontact.emailaddress = $newcontact.emailaddress, merge the contacts using the fields from $newcontact. If $newcontact.emailaddress does not exist, create a new contact object as normal.

Is there a built in mechanism that I am not seeing to accomplish this, or is there a third party tool that will help me accomplish this in some way?

Microsoft Dynamics

Microsoft Dynamics is a line of enterprise resource planning (ERP) and customer relationship management (CRM) software applications. Dynamics can be used with other Microsoft solutions, such as SharePoint, Yammer, Office 365, Azure and Outlook. Dynamics ERP comprises a group of enterprise-resource-planning products includes Dynamics AX (formerly Axapta), a multi-language, multi-currency enterprise software with business management features for financial, human resources, and operations management; Dynamics GP (formerly Great Plains Software); Dynamics NAV (formerly Navision) for financials, supply chain, and people; Dynamics SL (formerly Solomon IV)for project-driven organizations; Dynamics C5 (formerly Concorde C5) for manufacturing, supply chains, analytics and electronic commerce; and Dynamics CRM.

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