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Microsoft Dynamics is a line of enterprise resource planning (ERP) and customer relationship management (CRM) software applications. Dynamics can be used with other Microsoft solutions, such as SharePoint, Yammer, Office 365, Azure and Outlook. Dynamics ERP comprises a group of enterprise-resource-planning products includes Dynamics AX (formerly Axapta), a multi-language, multi-currency enterprise software with business management features for financial, human resources, and operations management; Dynamics GP (formerly Great Plains Software); Dynamics NAV (formerly Navision) for financials, supply chain, and people; Dynamics SL (formerly Solomon IV)for project-driven organizations; Dynamics C5 (formerly Concorde C5) for manufacturing, supply chains, analytics and electronic commerce; and Dynamics CRM.

Hello Experts,

I'm being called to write a company policy...The policy concerning software licensing. We need a written policy that says.

IT or any other employee will not use any software on company servers or workstations that hasn't been paid for under any circumstances. If we install a Microsoft or Linux product on any device we will have a license purchased by our company and have proof of the license. It must be the type of license needed and the type of license actually used.

This policy will become part of our company policies. I need a template or something I can modify for our purpose.
Looking for a script that will accomplish the following task.

Copy email from a user’s mailbox that meets a specific date. The copy script should only execute based on the effective date plus 60 days. For example, if a daily script started running Oct 1st, no emails will be copied until Nov 30th. So on Nov 30th only emails from Oct 1st will be copied. On Dec 1st emails from Oct 2nd will be copied, so on an so forth.  No emails will be copied prior to the start date, so if the script starts running on Oct 1st, we can't copy any emails from Sept 30th.  

We would like to copy email from all mail folders except deleted items. We are currently running Exchange 2013.

Basically:  Copy email to "resource.pst" if Date = Current Date + 60 days

Is there are script or software that anyone can think of that can accomplish this task? Please let me know if there are any additional information that I need to provide or if I need to clarify anything.  Thank you.

We are currently using a mobile platform called Good for secure mail on personal devices.

We are also speaking to Microsoft about deploying a Skype mobile client on personal devices for collaboration purposes.

I'm wondering how the two can fit together. For example, I receive a mail from someone and have the ability to hit that Contact and launch a Skype conversation.

I assume there must be some degree of API integration, but any ideas how before I approach either of the two companies?

My organization has Skype for Business Online and is planning to roll it out to all staff. However, we are having an issue with multi-join meeting between 3 or more participant or a web meeting that is set up for multiple participants. The participant get disconnected everytime another participant join- prompting the disconnected user to rejoin.

Anyone is having this problem? Or have an idea how to fix this?

I did checked all the policies and none of the properties with their values that is set,at least  that I see is not causing this.
Can you do an in place upgrade from Windows 2012 to Windows 2012 R2 without a physical drive i.e. just using a virtual disk with the mounted ISO image for the DVD?

This is not a domain controller btw...
Hi All,

Can anyone please assist me to modify the below script to accommodate multiple input of servers for specific criteria of Event logged ?

Param (

If ($discoverDC.ToUpper() -eq "LOCALDOMAIN") {
    $listOfServers = ([system.directoryservices.activedirectory.Domain]::GetCurrentDomain()).DomainControllers | ?{$_.IPAddress –ne $null} | %{$_.Name}
If ($discoverDC.ToUpper() -eq "LOCALSITE") {
    $adSiteLocalComputer = [System.DirectoryServices.ActiveDirectory.ActiveDirectorySite]::GetComputerSite().Name    
    $listOfServers = ([system.directoryservices.activedirectory.Domain]::GetCurrentDomain()).DomainControllers | ?{$_.IPAddress –ne $null -And $_.SiteName -eq $adSiteLocalComputer} | %{$_.Name}

$relatedEvents = @()
$listOfServers | %{
    $relatedEventsOnServer = Get-WinEvent -ComputerName $($_) -LogName $eventLogName | ?{ $_.Message -match $stringToSearchFor}
    $relatedEvents += $relatedEventsOnServer

If ($table) {
    $relatedEvents | FT Id, MachineName, LogName, TimeCreated, Message -AutoSize
} Else {
    $relatedEvents | FL Id, MachineName, LogName, TimeCreated, Message

Open in new window

because when I saved the file from above code into:

Search-EventLog-For-String.ps1 -listOfServers (Get-AdDomain | Get-AdDomainController) -eventLogName Security -stringToSearchFor "DOMAIN\Administrator" -table $true

it is failed.

Thanks in advance.

We are a little bit confused after the last patch day. Now there is an A security-only quality update and A security monthly quality rollup.
As I can understand A security-only quality update includes only security updates from that month and the security monthly quality rollup will have security updates from previous months + non-security updates?

Now our questions:

1) If we approve A security-only quality update and A security monthly quality rollup will WSUS manage it by self?
2) We have customers that only need security updates from us, so we mustn’t approve them the A security monthly quality rollup?
3) We have customers they only need security updates and impotent updates. Which update do we have to approve here?

Please note our customers have only Windows 7 (Enterprise or Pro).

Many thanks in advance
I have a Win 7 64-bit OS computer that simply goes around and around saying that it is searching for Windows updates but then never displays a list of Windows updates and never starts installing Windows updates.

The account that I am logged in with has administrator rights.

I have logged onto the computer using other accounts with admin rights and the same thing happens.

This computer isn't infected with any malware or viruses.

I have also examined the event logs and don't see anything abnormal.

I have run the sfc /scannow command and the DISM.exe /Online /Cleanup-Image /Scanhealth command but the issue has not been resolved.

What can I do to fix this issue so we will be able to install Windows updates on this computer?
Hi Experts,

I have a problem to copy back some files to its original location.
In my previous version of a folder I wanted to copy back some folders and files.
But many files bring the error, they cannot be copied because of the long path .

Please can you help me to get rid of this limitation ?
A Windows 10 user running Adobe Acrobat DC (with all of the Windows 10 & Acrobat updates installed) has problems with Adobe Acrobat freezing while she converts Word 2013 & 2016 documents (saved on a network drive) to .PDF files.

She browses to where these Word documents are saved on the network drives using Windows Explorer and then right clicks on the document and chooses to convert the document to a PDF.

The progress bar then appears and towards the end of the conversion process will freeze (and won't progress any further) and the Word document won't convert to a .PDF file.

I have cleared the temporary and temporary internet files and have repaired Acrobat DC (and then rebooted) but we still continue to have this issue.

What else can be done to fix this issue so that Acrobat DC will stop hanging during the conversion process?
When a client is using Lync/Skype soft phones and Lync/Skype PBX for voice - what kind of QoS needs to be configured on the corporate network to assure prompt delivery of those real time packets? With Cisco phones the port can identify and classify the voice traffic straight away and it goes on a separate voice vlan. How do you approximate this when Lync is in play?
I'm trying to determine exactly what I need to keep a Silver Partner Certification with Microsoft or obtain a Gold.  I have the documents about the requirements, but this one requirement is vague;

  • Technology professional(s) must pass the technical exam assessment or both

What does this mean?  Do they need to be an MCSD or MCSE or do they just need to pass one of the many tests to get a simple MCP certification.  It says for Silver we need 1 MCP and Gold 2 MCP.  I'm just trying to determine if we need the MCSD or MCSE designations or just MCP.

We also need:
  • Business focused competancy assessments.

Again this is vague.  What test exams do we need exactly?
Dear All,

We are experiencing frequent account lock outs for a user and would appreciate some suggestions to find the root cause.

The user accessed the said account through VPN, where he was prompted for a Password change.
After this, the account has been continuously locked out, several times a day.

We tried using a tool called Netwrix, which spotted the account cache on the proxy to be the cause. But even after clearing the cache, the same result. Appreciate any inputs on this.

We checked, the user is not accessing his account from any mobile device
We also tried updating Microsoft updates

Hello EE, I am starting to work on my gold image for Windows 10 Enterprise x64 (VM) and was hoping to get some help on any tips or tricks you all may have run into?

I am starting with SW_DVD5_WIN_ENT_10_1511.1_64BIT_English_MLF_X20-93758.iso and going to kick it up in a VM using VMware Workstation.

I would like to remove as much of the apps as possible without breaking the Microsoft Store if it was ever needed down the line.

I see some PowerShell scripts out there which seem to accomplish this, any solid ones you know working well for you?

Does this need to be done in Audit Mode or sign on with a local admin account okay to build the custom profile?

All I really want to do is install Office 2016 and run Windows Updates on it, get a good base to work with.

WSUS environment, not sure is it is even pushing out Windows 10 Updates yet, so would it be bad idea to update it direct over internet before capture and then use it in WSUS environment?

Reading about some nasty with the Anniversary Update for Windows 10 and WSUS.

Plan is to capture and deploy via MDT 2013 (I have version 6.2.5019.0 is this updated enough)?

Just hoping to get some insider scoop on anything to look out for, appreciate any feedback or insight.

Thank you,
Hello Experts,

As far as I know SCOM (Microsoft - System Center Operations Manager) includes notification models for SMS, IM and EMAIL, plus other connectors that the application can use, such as the integration with OSM (Operations Management Suite), which integrates with smartphones.

Do you know if the popular WhatsApp application that allows people to exchange messages using their smartphones includes a service or something similar that could allow to configure that... notifications sent from SCOM are delivered to a WhatsApp user or Group?
Please provide me with the instructions on how I can add a network folder location that will appear within the Windows 7 Network Places

\Win 7 Network locations
In one vendor's visits, they asked the client yearly revenue.  Is that important in  an initial vendors visit in order to present a quote?  Whys is this question asked every time?
Every time that Windows 10 loads on a Dell laptop with a solid state drive a message always appears that says "To skip disk checking press any key within 8 seconds..."

We have already let disk check run several times and have even run chkdsk and then rebooted.

We would like to completely disable this message so that it will stop running disk check every time the Win 10 OS is loaded.

We have already followed the instructions found at this website https://www.maketecheasier.com/cancel-scheduled-chkdsk-operations-windows/ but Windows 10 continues to run a disk check every time the OS loads.

Please provide me with the instructions on what can be done to permanently disable disk check so that it will stop running.
Hello Experts,

I need some assistance here. I copied the new widowns 10 ADMX templates to the domain controller and now I want to change the default homepage for windows edge using the GPO.

Can you please provide some help.

Thank you.
Are there an differences within a Windows 10 OS between redirected files and offline files?

If so what are the differences?

We are running Exchange 2016 CU2 on a Windows 2012 R2 server.  We had migrated from Exchange 2010 about 3 weeks ago.

We have a single mailbox which is having trouble when we try to email to it.  It works fine when I email from OWA.  Based on some research, the issue could possibly be due to the Auto-Complete contents.  

The error messages whether I use the GAL/OAB by clicking and selecting an item from "To" is:

Delivery has failed to these recipients or groups:
 05 Madera Front Counter
 The email address you entered couldn't be found. Please check the recipient's email address and try to resend the message. If the problem continues, please contact your email admin.

Diagnostic information for administrators:
 Generating server: FOEX03.fresnooxygen.pri
 Remote Server returned '550 5.1.11 RESOLVER.ADR.ExRecipNotFound; Recipient not found by Exchange Legacy encapsulated email address lookup'
 Original message headers:
 Received: from FOEX03.frs.pri ( by
  FOEX03.frs.pri ( with Microsoft SMTP Server (TLS) id
  15.1.466.34; Thu, 25 Aug 2016 11:49:23 -0700
 Received: from FOEX03.frs.pri ([fe80::d7:2366:de42:d341]) by
  FOEX03.frs.pri ([fe80::d7:2366:de42:d341%12]) with mapi id
  15.01.0466.034; Thu, 25 Aug 2016 11:49:23 -0700
 Content-Type: application/ms-tnef; name="winmail.dat"
 Content-Transfer-Encoding: binary
 From: …
Dear Experts,

may I please have your opinion on this and help to resolve an issue I have.

is it compulsory to have MS failover cluster running with a specific service account?  If yes, could please explain why? OR why it is suggested to run with a created service account?
my current file cluster service on 2012 OS is running as local system.  I created my file server cluster with my admin account which is member of domain admins. As this is UAT platform I only noticed a warning message today.  ( my admin account is not service account for any service)

I checked the eventview and noticed below error


my error code 49 and solution in the article is as below:

Error code 49 (Invalid credentials)

This error code might indicate that the user's password expired while the user is still logged on the computer.

To correct invalid credentials:
1.Change the user's password.
2.Lock/unlock the workstation.
3.Check if there are any system services running as the user account.
4.Verify the password in service configuration is correct for the user account

my concern is with number "3"  ??

did I miss something with during cluster creation regards to service account?

Greeting Experts,

I've been prepping a wim/task sequence for a USMT migration from Windows 7 to Windows 10, then my main SCCM Architect left. I was just told I'm inheriting the entire SCCM environment. Its a small shop about 250 users. They have 1 primary and 1 secondary servers. The main site has 240 users and the offsite datacenter has maybe 10 users. I've been packaging and deploying apps and OS's once before, but now I'm asked to upgrade all the Win Servers OS's from 2012 R2 to CB,  in addition to upgrading the SCCM servers to CB 1607 before the migration starts. I read up that all the CM Servers that are running Windows Server 2012 R2 need to be upgraded and all problems fixed before the SCCM servers are upgraded to CB 1607.  

I looked in the All Devices collection and there are over 650 pc/laptops and 350 servers so the SCCM guy that just left was not cleaning up AD or SCCM and I have a ton of duplicates devices to clean up and we don't have anything like a Nagios server to scavenge pcs that haven't been logged into in over 90 days.

Could you please point me in the right direction on maybe a PS script to check and see if the pc's in SCCM and AD are valid, logged into in the pass 90 days, are in a proper Computer AD-OU and don't have the Machine Account disabled?

Also all the monthly OS/Office monthly updates groups for the past year have a 36% to 54% success compliance rate. What else should I check on a daily bases?

I'm trying to configure an Azure Site to Site VPN with redundancy over multiple WAN uplinks.

However, according to this:


This is not possible.

I've created a Route-Based VPN in Azure to a Cisco 2911 successfully. I am able to pass traffic, and I can add another S2S VPN to the same Virtual Gateway in Azure, but I cannot reference the same on-premise subnet. According to this azure document its just not possible still:


Is there any way to make this work?

If not will AWS be able to do it? My goal is to provide redundant VPN links to cloud services hosting a backup of our DC/NPS.

Thanks for any input!
Hi Experts,

Do any of the Microsoft project online versions allow users who don't have project installed or have a subscription to contribute/collaborate online like by using some sort of viewer, etc. (e.g. skype for business does or powerpoint viewer, etc.)?



Microsoft Enterprise

Microsoft Dynamics is a line of enterprise resource planning (ERP) and customer relationship management (CRM) software applications. Dynamics can be used with other Microsoft solutions, such as SharePoint, Yammer, Office 365, Azure and Outlook. Dynamics ERP comprises a group of enterprise-resource-planning products includes Dynamics AX (formerly Axapta), a multi-language, multi-currency enterprise software with business management features for financial, human resources, and operations management; Dynamics GP (formerly Great Plains Software); Dynamics NAV (formerly Navision) for financials, supply chain, and people; Dynamics SL (formerly Solomon IV)for project-driven organizations; Dynamics C5 (formerly Concorde C5) for manufacturing, supply chains, analytics and electronic commerce; and Dynamics CRM.

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