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Microsoft Forefront ISA Server





Microsoft Forefront, formerly known as Internet Security and Acceleration Server (ISA Server), is a network router, firewall, antivirus program, VPN server and web cache that runs on Windows servers. It includes identity management and protection systems, and discontinued systems for threat management and network protection, along with protection for Sharepoint and Exchange. The scope of discussions includes forward and reverse proxy, application and service publishing, virtual private networks (VPNs), outbound access rules, SSL certificates and network routing within either a single node or an highly-available array pairing.

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Hi All,

I am trying to find a way where I can track which users are connecting via Outlook anywhere / Rpc over http via internet .

I have an exchange 2010 in environment and also have TMG as reverse proxy server.

I am looking at the IIS logs to check to see if can see entry for user but I can only find log entry
 "/rpc/ - 443 - 'ip address of TMG' Mozilla/4.0+(ISA+Server+Connectivity+Check) 401 2 5 202"
which does not give me complete details of which user connected it.

Is there a way I can track this down for all users connecting via RPC over http / Outlook anywhere on exchange 2010 box.
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I have an ISA 2004 server with three legs. (Actually four, but one is unused). I'm trying to connect to a perimeter network through another router on an adapter I've called "Perimeter2".  The perimeter2 network card has the address, and the third party router have on the inside.
The remote networks have 192.168.x.0 and 192.168.y.0 where x and y are segment addresses not present locally.
I have defined all three of the above networks in the Perimeter2 network definition.
Network rules for Perimeter 2 are "Route" with "internal", Perimeter2", and "VPN-clients" in both source and destination networks.
In addition I've added two persistent routes to the networks 192.168.x.0, and 192.168.y.0 in windows.
I have a firewall policy which allows All outbound between all networks (Internal, localhost and perimeter2"

I can ping and all machines on the perimeter networks (x and y) from the ISA server locally, but from any machine on the LAN I can only ping,  the network adapter on the ISA itself.

Please advice.
I am having problems with 3 accounts, that are generating errors. The information I was given was to disconnect the connectors from the accounts, then delete the accounts from the portal, and allow it to re-sync the next time it runs. I'm apparently missing something, because the accounts come back, with the errors again.

The errors I'm getting are:
1. failed-creation-via-we-services (detailed view says "The specified attribute value must be unique for this Resource ")
2.  sync-rule-flow-provisioning-failed
3. dn-attributes-failure

The steps I've been following are:
In the synchronization service manager, I use the metaverse Search to locate the accounts having the issues. If there are only 2 connectors listed (there should be 3) I disconnect the connectors.
Then I log into the portal, and do a search for the account name. Verify it's the correct account, and then delete the account.
Then, I run the Task "FIM Delta Sync" from the task scheduler.

This is supposed to allow the accounts to be recreated correctly, however it's not working.

I don't have any experience in FIM, I'm going off the instructions I was given.
Anyone have any ideas what I'm doing wrong?

Last week our Hyper-V server crashed and forced us to rebuild most of our network. While the network has been rebuilt we are having a major problem. We use Forefront TMG to route our web traffic using Web Listeners. We have a rule in place to take the external ip address coming in and translate that to the private website behind the Forefront firewall. Our TMG server has 2 NIC cards, an external one is setup without DNS and the internal one is setup without the default gateway. Our normal default gateway is our CISCO ASA VPN.

My issue is if I don't use our TMG server as the default gate for the webserver and our external DNS then I can't get to the site. As soon as I change it to our ASA the sites don't connect. If I use the TMG as our default gateway I can't get to a large part of the internet. I would like to use our ASA as the default gateway but I don't know what to do at this point.
I am using forefront TMG 2010, please help me to block face book for specific one domain user.

We have migrated our Microsoft TMG Server to a new server with same name and same ip address configuration. When we restart our server it is working fine until Microsoft TMG server loads properly it blocks the gateway access for us. We get no gateway message on our DMZ network card.

We have migrated all of our configurations, and certificate. What could we be missing here?
Hi, I am using UAG 2010 and I have hosted one Internal site to access from Public. While uploading large files ( 30 MB)  to site getting error as Server error 404-  File or Directory not found. Appreciated if any suggestions.  I have set the upload limit to 50MB in UAG Trunk
TMG 2010 is blocking some websites, when I try to create a rule to bypass the proxy setting of the TMG again I am not able to access the sites, should we say that the status of the TMG now does not accept creating rules or why is it like that? Help me team.
I am having issues with TMG 2010 trying to install SQL server 2008. TMG 2010 server is associated with SQL Express. How do I unlink the SQL Express and link the new SQL server 2008? How do I keep a copy of the ISA logs on TMG 2010 and SQL server 2008? I have read most of the Microsoft TechNet files on the TMG 2010.
We have a corporate wide area network. The main site is using tmg 2010, and uses Also we have two more site connected to the main site via a vpn tunnel provided by the ISP. The external sites are and

Traffic between the nodes worked just fine until we implemented the tmg 2010 at the main site. We connect to the ISP via a public IP. Also the ISP provides the traffic coming from the other sites, but we have not been able yet to configure the tmg properly  to allow the incoming traffic from those external sites.

Any suggestions?

Here is the network topology.

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Our company TMG 2010 Firewall is filtering some websites.
The websites are being filtered without the rules to filter them except facebook, youtube and porn sites are the only ones being filtered. But for some of those site if you remove https are able to be openned.
Please help
Yesterday we had an inbound email problem where nothing was being delivered and our scanners would not send email to our inboxes  but internal email to internal email worked just fine. I didnt spend much time on diagnosing this I seen an event in the logs on one of the CAS servers.

Failed to connect to the Edge Transport server ADAM instance with exception The LDAP server is unavailable..  This could be caused by a failure to resolve the Edge Transport server name CTEDGEin DNS, a failure trying to connect to port 50636 on CTEDGE network connectivity issues, an invalid certificate, or an expired subscription.  Verify your network and server configuration.

CTEDGE is our forefront server. After I seen this I rebooted the forefront server without any further thought (which was a mistake) and inbound email and scanners starting working again. My boss seems to think that forefront has absolutely nothing to do with the problem.

If CTEDGE is our edge subscription does this mean ALL email in and out is going through that server before it hits the mailboxes on the cas servers despite the fact we have send connectors that are going directly to our mimecast (external) email filter?
Dear Experts.....!
not secure secure websites are not opening on isa 2000, 2006 or tmg 2010 websites like:
www.badarruddin.net while i have allowed all traffic but only this types of sites are not opening. While im using this site without isa server like directly to internet so its working with showing that in address bar not secure but opening properly. And with any isa server its not opening other all sites are working properly except it. Please advise regarding this issue.
Hi all, thanks for your time in advance.

The issue i've got at the moment is:

We host websites for clients, and are using TMG 2010 SP2 RU5 to perform link translation/reverse proxying to internal systems via VPN connection to a 3rd party to access products hosted on another company. e.g.

Client > Our Product > TMG > 3rd Party via VPN > Vendor > HTTP/HTTPS response

HTTP/HTTPS response > Vendor > 3rd Party via VPN > TMG > Our Product > Client

The issue is some of the products that provide an http/https response don't use modern web compatibility. e.g. we have to inject <head><meta http-equiv="X-UA-Compatible" content="IE=5" /> into the header of the html page using TMG. on a page using SSL certs.

we have a number of domains that we can use potentially

e.g. our current solution is hosted on https://test.ourdomain.com.au which is where the TMG link translation occurs.

We either need to do a double redirect for the HTTP requests or redirect it to another SSL domain which we own which i'm not sure is even possible.


(Note actual names and domains changed for security)
We've a TMG 2010 running in our domain and acting as a proxy server - I'm not aware of any changes being made but users are now being blocked from accessing numerous legit websites and an internal extranet running on IIS.  I'm not at all familiar with Forefront so any suggestions re rule changes would be much appreciated.  Thanks
I am getting the following error when accessing a website.

Denied Connection SERVERNAME 11/8/2016 7:34:02 AM
Log type: Web Proxy (Reverse)
Status: 12202 Forefront TMG denied the specified Uniform Resource Locator (URL).  
Rule: Default rule
Source: External (
Destination: Local Host (
Request: GET http://candelalandscaping.com/ 
Filter information: Req ID: 0a7527f6; Compression: client=Yes, server=No, compress rate=0% decompress rate=0%
Protocol: http
User: anonymous
 Additional information
Client agent: Mozilla/5.0 (Windows NT 6.1; WOW64; Trident/7.0; rv:11.0) like Gecko
Object source: (No source information is available.)
Cache info: 0x0
Processing time: 1 MIME type:

the issue is that the error is intermittent. you can get to the site with no issues one minute and then the next you get the error. whenever I test the rule from inside tmg it all works fine.

I have read a lot of stuff on the web but have not found a solution so any help would be appreciated.
My company plan to migrate Exchange server 2010 to 2016, and current I am using TMG 2010 on Edge server to make as a proxy. Unfortunately, TMG 2010 doesn't support on Windows 2012, I am looking alternative firewall software to replace it. Is there anyone experience on the replacement TMG? Thanks for your advice!

I am having forefront configured on a machine with a single network card. All the user must configure proxy settings into their browsers.
Now I want a specific range of IP addresses to be bypassed from proxy. Mean I want to provide internet to the certain users with specific network ID, which will not proxy settings. I want them to provide them direct access to the internet.

There are certain medical devices in the network which doesn't work behind proxy, but they need internet to be configured.

Please provide me step-by-step procedure for the same.
I want to use network for such device.

Thanks in advance.
Dear Experts,

what is the best option to publish the SharePoint 2013 in DMZ. Please advice

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for some reason I cannot ping any device on the internal network but I can ping the host-name.
DHCP and DNS are running off the server.
Its a 2008  r2 server.
We have a router attached to a switch which all the devices and server are attached to.
DHCP is not running on the router.
I am a Sys Admin but email is not my specialty. We had an email admin who left the company, so I am just managing what I can in the interim. We have a request to whitelist a few domains in Office365. Our Info Sec is using a Security Awareness cloud solution product called Wombat. See PDF attached for whitelisting requirement (make reference to North America) from Wombat. If we configure this appropriately, legit phishing email will be sent to our user's inbox, and not land in the spam list or junk email folder.

I need to know if I am taking the right steps. Please use the PDF as a guide to confirm if I am taking the appropriate steps:

1.  From EAC, do I go to Protection > Spam filter > and doubleclick Default?
2. In the PDF for where it outline Phishing Domains, do I include all the North America Phishing Domains under Allowed Sender or Allowed Domain? Also, if I do need to add it to Allowed Sender, should it be entered as (e.g. *@4ooi.co or just simply 400i.co)?
3. If I should create a new spam filter policy, instead of the default, What should the setting in the drop down be for Spam?
What would the setting be for High confidence spam dropdown?
4. What would i need to include in the yellow highlighted area?
5. Would I need to adjust anything in the below?
6. Viewing the PDF attached, where in EAC would I include the Platform Assignment Notifications Mail Servers
After building a new Web Application (a simple one-pager actually) with VS 2015 Rev 3, then publishing to WS 2012R2 IIS 8.5, and creating the simple rule in Forefront TMG to allow the site to be visible to the public internet, the site does not respond / times out.

Fiddler on the gateway machine where TMG is based states that all 200's are being returned for the page, and there is no access issue. When browsed from inside the private network, the URL is obviously going through TMG (port 80 is returned, not port 99 which is how the web application is setup internally).

I've been working on this for a day-and-a-half, and have pretty much had it. Other existing websites are responding without issue, even on the same web server.

I can only think this has something to do with the publishing process for IIS 8.5, or something to do with VS2015 Rev3, but I am hoping that someone out there has had an identical issue and resolved it.

Thank you.
For the past few months I receive multiple complains from users how cannot access the internet or applications such as Outlook don't send emails etc...the typical things that all point back to internet/proxy.

I have about 500 clients and they are all using DHCP. In the DHCP scope options a wpad.dat field is configured for all clients. I assume this is to avoid having to configure the IP of the proxy on all PC's and take advantage of the 'auto detect' configure the clients usually come with by default. Its been like this long before i entered the company

Any how, my support team continues to call me periodically telling me that they've had to work around the 'proxy' issue by creating a static proxy entry directly in the 'Internet options' field in IE.

I can't come to a conslusion as to why sometimes some clients face proxy issues which cause them to not hit the internet and when the issue happens again (after settings static proxy on client) removing (setting back to auto detect) fixes their 'internet' problem?

When I look at the health of the ISA proxy server, it seems ok in general. No low disk space, mem leaks or cpu over utilization. The only issue here is that ISA is sitting in a 2003 server - yet no configurations have changed.

thanks in advance

Can i get a Guide line  documentation for  Step by step migration FIM 2010 to MIM 2016

We have to migrate our FIM 2010 to MIM 2016.

Thank you
Dear Experts,
I need to deploy TMG 2010 in my LAN for giving and controlling Internet access to all Users/Workstations. We have a DMZ zone and LAN. Kindly help me out where to place the TMG server so that I can provide internet access to my all client machines.

Microsoft Forefront ISA Server





Microsoft Forefront, formerly known as Internet Security and Acceleration Server (ISA Server), is a network router, firewall, antivirus program, VPN server and web cache that runs on Windows servers. It includes identity management and protection systems, and discontinued systems for threat management and network protection, along with protection for Sharepoint and Exchange. The scope of discussions includes forward and reverse proxy, application and service publishing, virtual private networks (VPNs), outbound access rules, SSL certificates and network routing within either a single node or an highly-available array pairing.

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