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Microsoft Hardware

Microsoft hardware includes mice, keyboards, webcams, headsets, display adapters, gaming consoles (including the Xbox One) and the Microsoft Surface family of tablets

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Good day,

I have a surface pro 3 with thin line crack on it which I believe is causing me one issue. The tablet works great until it's restarted but on restart this gets stuck on surface splash screen. I tried to play with bios setting but there is no setting to disable touch screen.

The only solution is to press and hold power button for 30 seconds and then start again. Do this 4 times In a row and then hour glass appears and it boots up to windows.

I did disabled touch screen drivers in windows but it does not work.

Any possible suggestions. I want to fix this issue without having to fix the screen.

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I broke my receiver for my Microsoft Wireless Keyboard 5000 (& Mouse Combo).  I ordered a receiver on eBay, but it does not work.  Through extensive research it appears to be that even though it's the same model, it may be running on a different frequency.  Does anyone know of a program to REPROGRAM the receiver so I can connect my trusty Microsoft Keyboard and Mouse?
Ok, we are trying to deploy multiple surface pro 4 machines with a golden image. So I am testing this process by setting up one machine first the way we want (not in a domain yet) and then imaged it using the Macrium Reflect software (The only one I could get to work).

The process is as follows:
I boot from Reflect CD
Backed up the whole drive
Boot the target machine from reflect cd
restore the whole disk

The target machine then boots fine and all seem correct except:

Windows Hello does not work, the option is grayed out in settings. When I click on it to set it up, it asks for the PIN, I enter that and then the circle starts spinning (I assume at this point it is trying to start the camera) and nothing happens.
I did try to reinstall the video driver and that did not change anything. I updated windows and that did not fix that either.

The other broken item here is windows recovery. When I try to do that to reset the surface pro 4 back to factory, it goes through the process (getting things ready) and then I get the error "Could not find the recovery environment". yes, I checked and the recovery partition is there and no I did not miss with the EFI.

I think this is related to teh image being on a  different target machine, but there has to be a way around this otherwise how does Microsoft expects commercial mass deployment of such machines. ???

Please help
is i7s the same as i7? sometimes there is reference to the above.. is the s stand for in i7s core?
Hello All --

I am trying to test out DirectAccess with our Surface Pro 4 tablets.  I've gotten everything setup and it even connects via IP-HTTPS as per the screenshot:

I tried a few troubleshooting tools and guides (making sure domain firewall profile is applied to the internal network interface, pulling logs from the client, making sure port 443 is open on the firewall, etc) with no success.  It seems like the client is able to successfully connect but no data is being returned.  

Back tracking a bit, we have the following environment.  

DirectAccess Server (Windows 2012 R2, 2 Network Interfaces with 1 DMZ and 1 Internal)
 * Public GoDaddy cert for IP-HTTPS
 * Self-signed the NLS
DirectAccess Client (Surface Pro 4 with Windows 10 Enterprise)
Cisco Meraki Environment (IPv4 only)

The only thing I can think of now is that it doesn't work in our environment since we have an IPv4 only environment.  The meraki firewall (MX) only passes IPv6 traffic in passthrough mode (which it is not).  However, when i'm reading the articles online, it appears that IPv6 just has to be enabled on the client and not the internal environment itself for DirectAccess to work.  Any one can clarify?  Any other troubleshooting steps I can take?

Hello Experts,

I purchased a Surface 3 and spent considerable time loading and registering multiple software packages. I now realise I made a mistake as it is too slow and I should go for a top of the range Surface 4. Is there any way to copy the entire system from the Surface 3 to the Surface 4??

I would like to change my program files from my C: drive to my D: drive on my laptop.

Reason: I have a relatively small C: ssd drive and a big D: ssd.   (BTW the C: ssd can not be replaced, so that is not an option.)

I see several ways to do it on the net, but want the suggestions of the Experts here.


generally, wifi or LTE connections are decent on mobiles, enough to carry jobs..

how does "Android Smartphone hotspots" compare to this? if you have experience using hotspot to provide wifi for your laptop or pc, please advise how reliable it has been or can be..
I see that my c:\ disk space used is 90 GB out of the 99.9 GB capacity as seen in Disk properties. I have done a disk cleanup, emptied recycle bin and emptied the contents of temp folder. When I add (sum) the hiddn folders and the unhidden folders'sizes in C drive like Program Files, Program Files(x86), Windows, Users, etc, it sums up to 65 GB only. So, how can I find where the remaining 30 GB is consumed. Any inputs / suggestions?
My Microsoft surface pro 3 will not boot. I have held buttons, pressed buttons, pressed combinations of buttons. Waited for minutes with buttons pressed. repressed buttons. Nothing.
It worked fine just last week.
Just last week I liked it.

Can it be resurrected?
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New Microsoft Surface Pro 4 with Windows 10.  Deployed for 5 days.  User is on first travel trip and has an issue with the WiFi adapter turning off on its own.  First few days, it has been fine.  Now, to is off on boot, she manually enables it via Network Adapter settings.  It turns on, allows her to connect to a WiFi network (Verizon MiFi or remote location building's wifi.  Then it turns off within a few seconds.

Surface tablet is fully charged.
Issue happens with the miFi and the building hosted wifi.

I am unable to get my enterprise PE boot image to boot from a new Surface Pro 4.

Have followed the steps outlined on Technet for the UEFI settings i.e prioritise USB boot and disable the Secure Boot feature.

However the image just wont load (it accesses the USB but it then just defaults to the base windows 10 surface image). I have tested this image on another machine and it boots just fine.

Any thoughts or help please :)

Looking for a wireless barcode scanner and software solution.

I need it to read  a quantity barcode and do some simple math.

Simple / durable / reliable is what I need.

Any suggestions would be helpful!

I have an odd issue with the Surface Pro 3. I am using MDT/WDS to capture and deploy images to our machines. I have been able to capture an image using LiteTouch with no issue, and am able to install a fresh Win10 OS using MST. When I attempt to deploy my custom image, it hangs on the step “Format and Partition Disk (UEFI)”. Afterwards, I open CMD and check the disks under dispart, and the disk is missing.

If I reboot and go into WinPE then exit to command prompt, and attempt to format a partition manually, the disk will drop and not be available until I reboot. Has anyone seen this behavior?
I've seen this question in the following https://rdsrc.us/l15KV4 discussion but when starting the conversion, see the following warning.
I am setting up another Adobe CS6 machine for my video guy. I am on the fence now. I was looking at Intel's new I7-6700k Quad core that uses dual channel memory setup. On the other side, I'm considering I7-5820 6-core processor. The 6700k uses the 1151 socket that addresses memory thru dual channel setup. The 5920 uses the latest 2011-v3 socket & addresses the quad channel setup.

My client had been leaning towards the 6700k because it is a new processor that costs about the same as the 5820. So he is thinking that he is getting a new improved processor at the cost of the "older" 5820.

I'm leaning towards the 5820 due to the increased cores AND the quad channel memory. It would stand to reason the increased cores & channels would be the best overall.

Could anyone who has had experience with these CPU's give any more info one-way or another?
I had this question after viewing Windows 7 Event ID 36888 Schannel errors.

Please provide me with the best programs, utilities, or methods to examine the MEMORY.DMP file so I can determine what might be causing recent blue screens.

I have an laptop with Windows 10 and the made is an HP Elitebook G3 Revolve. I have a touch pad and I need to download Synaptics Touch Styk software but it seems that I cannot download from Synatics web site. Do you know how do I have this program install in my mouse pad setting in control panel. (See picture attached).
New Surface Pro 4 with Windows 10, MS dock, Dual Dell 23' monitors using Display Port cable and a wired mouse.  At random, the mouse jumps to the upper left part of the screen, some circles appear and the user has little control over the mouse. At times multiple instances of a application open while nobody is touching the KB or mouse.  I have tried with a wireless and wired mouse. Same problem happens.

today an update to the surface 4 was applied (released Wed) that seemed to address this issue.  Problem still occurs.

Unit is new, has malware/virus protection local and on external filter.

Anyone seen this issue or have ideas for a fix?
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I have a user who is experiencing issues with his display while using CAD. He has a Dell Precision M6800 i7 with 16GB of RAM and an internal Intel video card and also an NVidia. It sits on a Dell Docking station. How does the graphics management work for this laptop, I suspect the system is not using the NVidia graphics card as it should because when I disabled the Intel the screen completely blacked out. Is there a way to take the internal Intel video card out of the picture and only use the NVidia or set the Nvidia as the primary and the Intel as the secondary?
Just bought a Surface Pro 4.  Figure I better protect the screen, BUT I don't want to lose the touch sensitivity, which seems to be a common complaint---the screen is protected but the pen and/or finger doesn't work as good.  Based on everyone's experience, what screen cover works the best for an artist?  I want minimal protection and maximal touch.  Thanks!
The touch screen on my surface pro stopped working. I have reset even back to factory defaults and updated everything. Its windows 8.1 of course.
Hi, a friend brought his laptop to me because it would not power up or do anything. I took a look at it and after a few tests I concluded that the motherboard was bad. I located the part number on the motherboard and found a replacement that had the same part number and same revision so I ordered it.

I took the original board out and found lots of dust in the fan vent, so that is probably what caused the original problem (from overheating since the vents was more then 85% restricted) and I installed the new board and I noticed a few small differences in the two boards. The first differences I noted was on the replacement board there is no hardware connector installed  to connect the right side speaker. I see the designated area on the pcb, but there is just no connector soldered on. The other thing I noted was there was also no hardware connector to plug the right side usb card into. But those are minor issues, if one speaker did not work and one side of the usb ports did not work It is not that big of a problem. So I left the usb card and the right speaker unplugged. I hooked up other components and  did a power up test before I put all the screws back in, and I  the laptop power key now illuminated when I pressed it (it did not with the original circuit board) and I could also hear the fan spinning and hard drive spinning (none of them worked on the original board).

The only problem is the lcd does not illuminate.

I also see on the replacement board there is a …
Greetings wise wizards of EE:

I'm helping a friend who purchased the Microsoft Surface Pro 3, running Windows 10, which recently produced the dreaded Blue Screen of Death. I myself did not view the message, but she let me take the tablet home, and I now attach a copy of the minidump file that was generated by the BSOD, found in the C:\Windows\Minidump folder.

I now  kindly ask for this minidump file to be analyzed. Though I am grateful for any response, I would ask only for a specific analysis of the attached minidump file, as opposed to just general security or maintenance advice, so that I can tackle the specific solution directly.

My many thanks in advance,


This is related to another question I just posted about iPads.  

Background info on iPad Question:
I want to be able to email and video chat with my elderly mother who lives out of state and has virtually no computer knowledge.  Over the past few years we made separate attempts to get her set up with a Windows laptop and a Mac laptop.  Both failed because the system was too complicated.  I'm convinced an iPad would be the right solution (something difficult for a Windows guy to say).  

I would clean up the iPad so only her settings, browser, email, and Facebook messenger icons appear on her screen.  All other icons can be grouped in a folder named "Do Not Open" and placed on another screen out of sight.  This would greatly ease the learning curve for her to be able to use the set-up on her own.

The challenge is that she would need a larger monitor, ethernet internet (NOT wifi) and external keyboard.  As far as I know, there is no iPad docking station that provides this functionality.

SurfacePro Questions:
There is a Surface Pro docking station that would fit the bill perfectly:


I am a Windows 7 user who finds Windows 8 confusing.  My mother would be overwhelmed with the typical Windows interface.  Plus, any solution that required her to run regular system updates and security scans is problematic.  

I am wondering if a Surface Pro with Windows 10 can be …

Microsoft Hardware

Microsoft hardware includes mice, keyboards, webcams, headsets, display adapters, gaming consoles (including the Xbox One) and the Microsoft Surface family of tablets

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