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IIS is Internet Information Services, the web server included with Windows Server operating systems. All current versions are built on a modular architecture; modules can be added or removed individually so that those required for specific functionality are installed. The full installation of IIS includes HTTP, security, content, compression, caching, logging and diagnostics.

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I have a web site that I have published.  This is published on my own Windows Server 2019 server.  

When I hit the URL, it works great.  I can type,, and it all works like a charm.

I bought an SSL cert, installed it on the server, added the binding and now I need my http to redirect to https.

I've read up on this and I see that there is an HTTP redirect I can install on my IIS server.  

I see I can use IIS URL rewrite (looks intimidating, but I can figure it out).

I see some docs on editing the .htaccess file.

I need the "best" and easiest way to do this.  I prefer simple and I prefer to use the tools Microsoft has versus jumping thru a million hoops or having to have a PhD in IIS, so, if you please, guide me in my endeavor.


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When I delete a web site in Windows IIS manager should I delete also the linked folder in wwwroot folder fo Windows? I wand to make everything is clean up.
I need to import an ssl certificate into my IIS web server.  The csr was not requested by this web server but I have access to the private key, and the .pem file from GoDaddy. The certificate is also in use by a different web server.
I believe I need to create a pfx to import into IIS. Is it possible to create a pfx file from just the pem and private key, or any other way. Does the intermediate certificate need to be added?

Thank you.
Hi there, I have just migrated across to a 2016 Server and having some issues running a site, have no idea why this is happening, as I can see the settings are the same in IIS

ADODB.Connection error '800a0e7a'

Provider cannot be found. It may not be properly installed.

oConn.Open "Provider=Microsoft.Jet.OLEDB.4.0;Data Source="&Server.MapPath("core/allcore.mdb")

Open in new window

Any help would be amazing!
Can one set the default page of a web site or application  without changing the web.config file for that site or application?

(Using Windows Server 2019)
I need to secure a couple websites, and am looking for the ideal SSL solution to handle multiple domain names / multiple hosts. Here is a breakdown of my topology.

Website 1 - Self hosted IIS server. This server has multiple IP addresses (3 different ISP connections) and host names, but all point to the same exact virtual machine, aside from a replica that is stored at a remote location, but would need to be able to come online as a failover. - points to (onsite IIS Server) - points to (onsite IIS Server)  - points to (onsite IIS Server) - points to (offsite backup of IIS server)

Website 2 (Wordpress) - GoDaddy VPS hosted, with Name Cheap backup website - points to when there is a fail over, I auto redirect the DNS for to go to NameCheap Hosting

I was thinking about purchasing a single SAN SSL that includes every domain. However, I am not sure I will be able to install that SSL on the IIS server, as well as the go-daddy and name-cheap hosting.

Looking for advise.

Thanks in advance!!

I need to remove a IIS web site  on Windows 2008 and Windows 2012. Are there any special steps I need to follow?
Seeking your inputs please. The situation is as follows:

1) I have a HTTP listener running on a port (say 8083) on a Windows 2012 Server.
2) A client application continuously sends SOAP request to and receive a SOAP response from my listener.
3) There are instances when two successive requests are sent within a span of 10ms
4) The second request on the client application always results in the error 'Connection Refused' in the client logs. The owner of the client application believes my listener refused to accept the connection.
5) I am kind of confident it did not reach the listener, but not entirely sure if the connection was refused by the OS on the server.

Can I please know if there is a way to check if such a request was ever received at the listener port? Any kind of Windows logs or internal tools that can help me here?

I have a larger site on IIS and now I am planning to add an web application to one of its folders, like this:


where FLD_ROOT is the root of the larger site and FLD_APP is the folder where I plan to deploy the application. In addition, the site contains the FLD_TXT folder.

The application needs to read the text files in FLD_TXT when it starts. It is not possible to include those files with the application (for site maintenance reasons).

My question is, can my application access those files? They are not part of it, but still part of the site. If not, what would be a solution to grant access?
We have a client that is using the 3cx phone system platform. They are using IP desk phones that of course incorporate with a desktop app that lets them control various aspects of their desk phone. Occasionally, all desktop 3cx apps will not sign into their respective extensions and give an error that connection failed to communicate with the server. They do have an on-premise server and when attempting to sign onto the desktop app set up on the server that the 3cx management server is installed on, I get the same error. In the past, using cmd prompt and running the iisreset command would fix the issue. However, today that is not the case. When I run the iisreset command I get an error about world publishing service or department failed to start. Image is attached. I ran iisreset/status and all other services running with this specific service is currently running. I restarted them anyhow for testing purposes and that yielded no fix.

Any thoughts?
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We've got an issue, an IIS web application can't access a file on a shared drive.
The app pool credentials are the same as the desktop user credentials we are logged in to the server's console. The account is a domain user account and also an administrator on this web server (it's an intranet server). The anonymous authentication is set to "application pool credentials".
From the windows UI the shared path is fully accessible both via an UNC path and mapped drive, but running from the web app we are getting an "LOGON FAILURE"  in the Process Monitor log.
I tried to create a virtual directory pointing to that shared drive, but IIS can't access the web.config neither, displaying a 500.19 server error with a error code 0x8007052E

I don't understand, what could prevent a domain account to access a shared folder on another machine in the same domain just because it is being running from an IIS process?
I access a website on our internal network with a URL of the form http://192.168.x.y/sitelauncher/sitellauncher.aspx and the page loads fine. Once I take the next step of, say, entering credentials on the page the web request tries to access the same server via its external IP address at http://a.b.c.d/sitelauncher/ourservice.svc which it can't see because that's unavailable from our internal IP and always will be (so I need the request to go out with the IP as 192.168.x.y not a.b.c.d). We're using SilverLight on the client side (so that's on my internal machine as it would have to be on any externally connecting client) and I don't know if that poses any additional problems. I've searched in every config file and possible source for the string "a.b.c.d"  (the webserver's external IP) on the webserver and can't find it and if it's hard-coded it can't be changed (legacy code).

So, basically, I wondered if there was a way I could somehow intercept and replace so all requests are of the form http://192.168.x.y/sitelauncher/sitellauncher.aspx  on the client machine?

Is there some tool available that would permit some kind of string replacement of a.b.c.d to 192.168.x.y on each occasion an http request is made?

Have tried a thing called rinetd which complains because it can't bind to the original IP target:port (no surprise since it'll be invisible).

Any ideas folks?

When accessing OWA on Exchange 2013. We can enter our credentials, it accepts them. but we end up at a 404 can't find page - The page you're looking for couldn't be found on the server.

X-FEServer: ServerName
Date: todays date.

I can then click refresh the page and it loads owa just fine. Can anyone tell me why each mailbox gets a 404 error page first when signing in?

Thank you
When users visit a website hosted on a virtual server at a client site, they are getting a Error and have to refresh the page. 2019-10-10_13h25_26.png
If I select the URL in the toolbar, and hit enter, the page refreshes and it comes up. but then I click on a menu option and it will then time out with the same error unless I hit the uRL and press enter to refresh the page. I have to do this every time I move from one link to another.

The server the site is on is Server 2016.
IIS is where the site is hosted.

I don't see any security updates with Microsoft that could be causing this block. The support entity told me to uninstall a specific security patch that isn't installed. So not sure where to go.
Hello Experts,

I try to redirect an URL : to an IP : with IIS.

I tried many ways: redirect url, URL rewrite...

There is no problem for http but I don't find the correct configuration to put a certificate on this site.
I just want a https://URL -> IP

The only thing I get is : 502 - Web server received an invalid response while acting as a gateway or proxy server.
There is a problem with the page you are looking for, and it cannot be displayed. When the Web server (while acting as a gateway or proxy) contacted the upstream content server, it received an invalid response from the content server.

Should I create a reverse proxy?
I have an internal sharepoint website (this site is internal only - NOT available from the web) that has been recreated in O365. I recently configured http redirect in IIS to simply point traffic for that internal server - to be redirected to

I now want to get rid of that server. I need to use internal AD DNS to:

1. Ensure any internal traffic to URL https://central.CompanyName.local (old internal site) will still be pointed to (for anyone that's still using the old URL to access the new O365 site).

2. Ensure any internal traffic to the new URL is directed to that O365 site.

How can i configure DNS to do this?
I'm experiencing issues importing a newly purchased SSL certificate on my app server. I've already imported the intermediate certificate to my local intermediate cert authority store. I'm performing the following:

Access server certificate list => complete certificate request => browse to crt file => input a friendly name => choosing personal (as opposed to web hosting) for store location => ok
Navigate to website => edit bindings => the certificate I just added is not listed in dropdown of available SSL certs
Navigate back to server certs => the certificate that I added is no longer there

Open mmc => certificate => local computer => personal store => I’m able to view the certificate in question there
Hi Experts,

in our company we use exchange 2013 and OWA.
One user has now problems to login.
He gets the login error 500.

This just happens when he used CHROME.
With using IE the login works.

Do you have any idea why not in CHROME for this user ?
When I test with CHROME, it is ok.
are log files stored within .\inetpub\logs\ some default logs captured on servers running IIS, and do these logs have a specific name? Is there any specific configuration within IIS that governs how long these log files will be maintained for? The reason I ask is we have identified from some data discovery work that they actually capture personal information, and we were wondering quite exactly what IIS is configured to capture, and what policies & controls you would need to have around IIS log files which capture personal information  if you have a similar situation with any of your apps/sites.
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We have a public facing web site from which users query data pulled from our Oracle database.   It uses IIS v8.5 (pretty sure).    I'm the Oracle DBA who notices that on a weekly basis, the temp tablespace fills up because of what I believe are robots sucking data out.   This goes on for a few hours then quits.

Using a Log Parser, I see the pattern is:
* No cs(referer) information
* It is pulling directly from the PrintDatalet.aspx
* It's using several different IP addresses that are registered in various countries including U.S. but through this leasing company LEASEWEB-NL-MNT
* The pattern is that from each IP address (there are many) it increments the number of connections before moving on to the next IP in the range.

Some may be legitimate and so I don't think I should completely block IP ranges.  Plus I imagine the IP range will change for these annoying users.

I see in IIS there's a way to restrict the number of concurrent requests and I thought I'd like to experiment with this.  

I'm very embryonic with IIS and would require some handholding if any suggestions are made.  

Is there a way to throttle the requests based on the following?

1. Null value for cs(referer)
2. The "PrintDatalet.aspx" value for (cs-uri-stem)

Thank you.
Hi Guys
is there a way to block access to a single web page by IP?
 how is this done in iis 7.5 or above?
Solution needs to work in  Classic ASP!
How secure is your solution?
I am having problems with my IIS settings on a PC that I am setting up for a client.  Several applications require IIS to be enabled, but it is not working properly.  Whenever these apps try to conncect via a browser, I get an error message that says the service in unavailable.  I think that the problem lies in the application pools.  I have reset Windows back to factory settings, but the problem still persists.  What else can I do?
Server OS: Windows Server 2019 Standard

I have IIS installed on my server and I took all of the defaults.  The server is not really configured, other than 2 ColdFusion IIS virtual directories.  

I basically want to move the inetpub folder from:
C:\inetpub -to-

Can someone help with a step by step guide to accomplish this?
Thank you.
I need to give administrator permissions to a user on a server with IIS for all the sites that are on it. How can I do it?
Hi Experts,

I have a very urgent problem.
We upgraded EX2016 to 2019 and now the CRM-Connector doesnt work anymore.
This means the impersonation user cannot start the link from CRM to EXCH2019.

When I test the EWS link, I get logon prompt. This is ok.
But when I check the logs I get connection refused by remote host.

DO you have any idea ?
Is it maybe .NET4.8 version ?

Microsoft IIS Web Server





IIS is Internet Information Services, the web server included with Windows Server operating systems. All current versions are built on a modular architecture; modules can be added or removed individually so that those required for specific functionality are installed. The full installation of IIS includes HTTP, security, content, compression, caching, logging and diagnostics.