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IIS is Internet Information Services, the web server included with Windows Server operating systems. All current versions are built on a modular architecture; modules can be added or removed individually so that those required for specific functionality are installed. The full installation of IIS includes HTTP, security, content, compression, caching, logging and diagnostics.

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we have exchange 2013 with two CAS servers and two Mailbox servers configured as a DAG. our hardware infrastructure had a power failure and all services restarted a couple of days back. some outlook users were having connectivity issues so we decided to restart the four exchange servers. after the serves restarted all outlook clients lost connectivity to their mailboxes. the exchange servers showing exchange certificates that were working and still valid as invalid. we restarted the PKI server and outlook clients connecticity issue was resolved. now i cannot login to OWA or admin center which displays a certificate error.

how should i go about it. any help is appreciated. it is still not clear if restarting PKI resolved the error or someting else. if certificate issue was resolved then owa should also work.
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Exploring ASP.NET Core: Fundamentals

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is their any guide for installing certificate authorty role to create certificate to apply it in internal services if i've an web application for example and need to access it using ssl certificate and it'll be internal only?
I am trying to get a old C# service back up and running. In VS2019 I can build the service successfully and view it in the browser. However when I move it to IIS 8.5 I am no longer able to browse the service. Instead I get an HTTP Error 404. IIS-Service-error.docx

I have detailed the steps I have taken in the attached word document. If someone could help me out I'd appreciate it.
I’d like to be able to code a path from the directory that maps to the IIS application directory instead of paths that have the ../../ format, i.e. paths that go up from the current file.

I have an ASP.NET MVC application that has AngularJS that I inherited. I’m confused about how the paths work.
For example, in the Visual Studio project (called Survey), there is a Scripts folder that has a Survey folder with an app.js file. That app.js file has code like this:
.state('result', {
    url: "/result",
    templateUrl: "../Survey/Result",
    controller: "resultCtrl"

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It looks like the application is unable to find Result.
I’m just shooting in the dark guessing where templateUrl starts.
I don’t know if it starts in the Survey folder that has the app.js, if it starts with the Result.cshtml file.
I also don’t know what it’s trying to reach. Is it telling the MVC router where to find Result?

I get even more confused because the project is called Survey, there is a controller called Survey, and a folder called /Scripts/Survey

The people who made this application created a path to a file like this:

Then, there is a /Scripts/Survey/service.js with code like:

I don’t see how /api, gets to /Controllers/api

It gets even worse when I publish it to an IIS web server (IIS 7.5, sadly) because then I have to change it to:
Have Exchange 2007/2013 coexistence setup. I'm currenly experiencing issues accessing OWA externally. Internal acess works fine, but the redirection from external access does not.

When testing, it appears that autodiscover fails and I am thinking that may be part of the problem. There is not currently an autodiscover record set in Public DNS, does there need to be? The only autodisover record in internal DNS is SRV record. For what it is worth, i'm not even able to reach (exchange 2007) from external.
I use the command from the webadministration module of powershell on a windows IIS Server -

   get-webvirtualdirectory | export-csv -Path c:\_admin\virdir.csv

it works reallly well.  the results don't tell me which website the virtual directory is associated to though.  Does anyone have a Powershell script that will list all WebSites and Virtual directories and associate them in the results.

Were having weird issues with our intranet, Our Intranet, which is hosted on a Server 2008 seems to be intermittently not allowing people to connect, "page not responding" after 10 minutes it works for that user, whats weird is that while it isnt working for 1 user it is for another. Its like the server is rejecting connections.

Has anyone seen this before?
I want to get a list of all ports or webpages that a msft 2008 webserver is serving.

we have a 2008 web server msft and was wondering if there was a way to see all the url's or ports it is listening for.  headers would be nice as well.
It's got probably got a hundred virtual directories and sites.  Is there a way to dump this information into a spreadsheet.
I have a SolarWinds Orion server monitor that I want to make accessible from the public web. I am doing everything- AD authentication, SSL, etc.  the web server works perfectly on the LAN but where I am having a problem is when I cross the firewall. I have to share a public IP with other applications, so i have to use port forwarding. I have a rule that redirects traffic on the public IP address coming over port 8788 to port 443 on the web server. do I need to redirect anything to port 80, and is there a particular port I must use?
when I attempt to sign in to the web server over the public IP, it authenticates then gives me a 404. any ideas? sounds like it needs 80 as well as 443, but I’m not sure how to configure this. thanks I appreciate the help!
Webdav setup on 2016 to home folder setup.  does anyone have this working? following instructions on multiple sites but no luck yet
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Dear All ,

I am having problem while publishing a web application under a virtual directory on IIS.
below is the message i am having , while working on the http after a while
There was no endpoint listening at "http://localhost/Myservice" that could accept the message. This is often caused by an incorrect address or SOAP action. See InnerException, if
present, for more details
Please help me .
Thank you
Setup FTP server in Windows 2012 R2 and completed the configuration successfully. But when I type from a workstation on the same network, I get an error "This page cannot be displayed" Please help!!!
When I try and access our Microsoft CRM URL, I am being asked for credentials via ADFS, however they are never accepted.

I have seen this event on the ADFS server

Encountered error during federation passive request.

Additional Data

Exception details:
Microsoft.IdentityServer.Web.InvalidRequestException: MSIS7042: The same client browser session has made '6' requests in the last '1' seconds. Contact your administrator for details.
   at Microsoft.IdentityServer.Web.FederationPassiveAuthentication.UpdateLoopDetectionCookie()
   at Microsoft.IdentityServer.Web.FederationPassiveAuthentication.SendSignInResponse(MSISSignInResponse response)
   at Microsoft.IdentityServer.Web.FederationPassiveAuthentication.SignIn(SecurityToken securityToken)
   at Microsoft.IdentityServer.Web.Dispatchers.SignInRequestWithSSOTokenDispatcher.DispatchInternal(SignInContext context)
   at Microsoft.IdentityServer.Web.PassiveProtocolHandler.ProcessRequestInternal(PassiveContext context)
   at Microsoft.IdentityServer.Web.PassiveProtocolHandler.ProcessRequest(HttpContext context)
After our most recent round of updates, our 2016 Exchange server has had a spiking CPU and a reoccurring event in Event Viewer and we are having a difficult time tracking down the cause.  

Event ID 5011

A process serving application pool 'MSExchangeServicesAppPool' suffered a fatal communication error with the Windows Process Activation Service. The process id was '####'. The data field contains the error number.

We've recycled the app pool, upgraded to the most recent CU13 and patched the server completely to no avail.   All my research points to EWS Managed API 2.2, but that's nowhere to be found on our Exchange.  

Outlook client symptoms include slow to update shared calendars, and slow to open Out of Office assistants.  In both cases, one would believe Outlook has crashed but waiting will eventually populate the calendars or open OOO.  This makes sense with the high CPU utlization, but figured it was worth mentioning.

We are running Exchange 2016 CU13 on Server 2016.  Fully patched.

I was hoping someone could point us in the right direction before we got MS support involved.

I am setting up a Exchange 2019 server and I can’t seem to get autodiscover working
client systems work fine internally
but if I try to setup a phone to connect to exchange from outside, or a computer, it can’t  connect

I have DNS setup to forward autodiscover record to the external IP of the server

I setup an internal record on the DNS server for the mail host as
System.Data.CNXException: SQLState=08001 ErrMessage=Unable to find CDD. (\\xxxxxxxx\xxx\DataDictionaries\xxxv12.cdd)CCnxCDD:: Data Dictionary OPEN failed(10) disk I/O error

Does anybody know what this error message implies. Coming from an internal web app. randomly shows up for a user, retrying action will succeed.
My browser is displaying "friendly" http errors when an ASP Classic page experiences an error.

Previous version of windows and IE would display messages like:

Error in line 100, divide by zero

however, now that I have WIn10 and the latest version of IE, Edge, and Chrome, the only message I get is:

500 - Internal server error.
There is a problem with the resource you are looking for, and it cannot be displayed.

Previously I could go to the Advanced setup of IE and uncheck Show Friendly HTML errors to see detailed errors.  I have not idea if that option was also available with other browsers.

Can someone help?  I think this may have something to do with iis.
I'm trying to view logs of errors from attempts to use web deploy to build an application on our remote server.

I found, in the Event Viewer, under Application and Service Logs > Microsoft > Windows > Web Deploy, a few error events that were 2-3 years old, but nothing more recent.

Could logging somehow have been turned off?

I also looked in C:\inetpub\logs\wmsvc\w3svc, but no errors were in any of the files.

Any suggestions?
Hello there,

I am missing features in IIS for FTP and I'm not sure why. I installed the FTP Server role and restarted the server. I can create FTP sites but in the features pane, all I can see is FTP Directory Browsing under FTP. There's supposed to be way more features. I'm running IIS 10 on Server 2016.

My actual goal is to create an SFTP that people can access externally but I need these features in order to do this right.
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Why Diversity in Tech Matters

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I have a website on windows server 2016 host with IIS. And the using of MSSOAP30 is not working.

I tried to register the dll MSSOAP30.dll in module in IIS but it did not change anything. Below is the line of code wich is not working.

Dim soapClient

Set soapClient = CreateObject("MSSOAP.soapClient30")

Open in new window

The error message below

Microsoft VBScript Runtime Error '800a01ad' Error

An ActiveX component can not create an object: 'MSSOAP.soapClient30'

Open in new window

Hi All,

I try to send sms from a web page.
It works well when running from Visual Studio.
The problem is if fails after published it to web server

I try create a windows application to send sms and place it at web server, it runs well.

What could be the problem?

Thank you.
I'm using ftps for the file transfer. I'm not able to access the ftp. Here is the log

#Software: Microsoft Internet Information Services 10.0
#Version: 1.0
#Date: 2019-06-25 13:15:48
#Fields: date time c-ip cs-username s-ip s-port cs-method cs-uri-stem sc-status sc-win32-status sc-substatus x-session x-fullpath
2019-06-25 13:19:12 - 1980 ControlChannelOpened - - 0 0 122e06a0-da11-411e-b840-d5de6952e357 -
2019-06-25 13:19:12 - 1980 USER sr 534 5 25 122e06a0-da11-411e-b840-d5de6952e357 -
2019-06-25 13:19:12 - 1980 QUIT - 221 0 0 122e06a0-da11-411e-b840-d5de6952e357 -
2019-06-25 13:19:12 - 1980 ControlChannelClosed - - 0 0 122e06a0-da11-411e-b840-d5de6952e357 -

Here is the screenshot of the settings:
Hi guys,

 Like an earlier post I was updating my ssl certificate on my exchange 2007 box on an sbs 2008 box

 After I did this I found that I couldn't access outlook web access and received a 404 error

 my c:\inetpub\wwwroot\owa folder is missing

 I re-ran the Fix my Network Wizard and it fixed some port issues on my router (??) and also came back with 'Certificate Authority is not Installed'....but I'm sure it is installed although its now done this twice. And I still have the /OWA issue.

Anyone any ideas on this?

The Autodesk Server Diag finds no problems. 

Do not see anything in obvious in the IIS logs. 

This is a Win2012 R2 server. Firewall disabled.
 Tried going to http:\\<machine name>  http:\\<ip address>.  Only the standard / default IIS page is displayed. IIS seems to show the AD Vault config intact and running.

Have restarted pools and site - no errors. But nothing comes up. 
How do I configure IIS for an Intranet with SSL support? The intranet hosts multiple web sites for internal and development/testing versions. We have production sites on Azure web apps with public (purchased) SSL certificates, but those don't apply for on our internal site which doesn't use those domain names.

We have self-signed certificates that the sites are bound on port 443, but the user still sees warning prompts and hassles before selecting "Go on to the web page (not recommended) to proceed.

Users can open the Intranet pages on our network but get an error when loading a page that requires SSL:
  • In Chrome: Your connection is not private (NET::ERR_CERT_COMMON_NAME_INVALID);
  • Edge: This site is not secure
  • IE, after proceeding to load the page, the Certificate Error says Mismatched address. Not sure what that means. (Error Code: DLG_FLAGS_SEC_CERT_CN_INVALID)

Any suggestions for how to make this seamless for our internal users? Do I have to create a different certificate for each hosted domain rather than just one for the host server? Thanks.

Microsoft IIS Web Server





IIS is Internet Information Services, the web server included with Windows Server operating systems. All current versions are built on a modular architecture; modules can be added or removed individually so that those required for specific functionality are installed. The full installation of IIS includes HTTP, security, content, compression, caching, logging and diagnostics.