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The Microsoft Legacy Operating System topic includes legacy versions of Microsoft operating systems prior to Windows 2000: All versions of MS-DOS and other versions developed for specific manufacturers and Windows 3/3.1, Windows 95 and Windows 98, plus any other Windows-related versions, and Windows Mobile.

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I'm having issues with my backups after a close investigation i noticed that on the Exchange server i get an error Event 2034 MSExchangeRepl. I did run the vssadmin list writers command and it seems all writers are working okay no errors reported. What can i do to make this error stop so that backups can run (only exchange backups are failing)
Free Tool: Site Down Detector
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Free Tool: Site Down Detector

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I have users whose accounts get locked every 15 minutes.  How can I fix this?
Operating system Windows 10
Samsung phone
There is no error just account gets locked in Active Directory.

Thank you.
What is the best method to use to determine the process or application name of an open Windows 10 program?

This is sometimes difficult to determine.

For example how can I determine what the name of the program or application is shown in this screenshot?

How can I use Windows task manager to help me do this or what other programs or utilities will help me do this?

How can I determine exactly what program file is being launched by examining the program's shortcut within Windows 10?

The exact path and filename of the program that is being launched aren't always intuitively obvious by examing the properties of the shortcut.

For example, the "Start in" section of the Adobe Acrobat XI Pro application is completely blank (see the screenshot).

So what is the best method to use to determine exactly what path and application is being launched when the program shortcut is clicked on?

Program shortcut
Hi there,

I am looking for a partner portal which enables my company to organize and streamline questions and requests from partners. Moreover, things like static technical sales and technical information, ticketingsystem, partner status (level & training), onboarding process are very welcome. My company is active in the contact center industry where it sells its contact center solution through partners.

Any advice will be appreciated!

Kind regards,

Joep Vreeswijk
I need to configure IIS to redirect all requests for a website (IE, or, or, or to a specific site:

However, if the user enters, I need it to redirect to

I don't understand the URL rewrite module that well, but I was able to get the redirects working for the naked domain and the rep.  I just couldn't get it to redirect everything to one site, except REP.  

Here's my web.config:
<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
			<rewriteMap name="Redirects">
				<add key="/" value="" />
				<add key="/rep" value="" />
			<rule name="Redirect rule1 for Redirects">
				<match url=".*" />
					<add input="{Redirects:{REQUEST_URI}}" pattern="(.+)" />
				<action type="Redirect" url="{C:1}" appendQueryString="false" />

Open in new window

How can I modify this?
We need to enable ports 8443 and 8445 on our ISA server. We can't see where to do this and because we have very basic knowledge are worried about making changes or using tools that might screw up our configuration. can anyone help.
Is there any way of restarting or shutting down Windows 10 without beginning the Windows update installation process?
Is there a simpler command line command to launch the "Network and Sharing Center" (see the screenshot) within Windows 10 from the run dialog box or from the command prompt  without having to type in the long command listed below?

control.exe /name Microsoft.NetworkAndSharingCenter

Open in new window

Network and Sharing Center
new to certificate troubleshooting but getting this error on my AD server

also does this mean this AD server is also a certificate server?

its a Win 2008 R2 Std
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Please provide me with the command line command I can run to determine if Windows 10 has pending/required reboot before further system changes can be made.
Within the Taskbar setting menu, I selected the option to "Replace Command Prompt with Windows PowerShell in the menu when I right-click the start button or press Windows key+X (see the screenshot).

As a result, the Command Prompt and Command Prompt (Admin) options no longer appear in that list (see the second screenshot).

How can I add the Command Prompt and Command Prompt (Admin) options back to this list so that they will appear in addition to the Windows PowerShell & Windows PowerShell (Admin) options?

First screenshot:
Taskbar-SettingsSecond screenshot:
Start-Menu-Right-Click options
Did you guys see Windows 10 version 1607 reached end of service on April 10, 2018.  
Does it mean they have a  new version to push?
Has anyone made HTTP 2 HTTPS redirection work in IIS on Server 2016?

I have a simple published app in the /RDWEB folder that I'm publishing out to users.  I have the HTTP redirect working in that the users only need to type in the URL and it redirects to /rdweb, but I'd like anyone who enters HTTP to be redirected to the HTTPS site and I'm not having any luck.

I've used HTTP redirect and put in my and that's not working (I even checked Only redirect requests to content in this directory, not subs).  No Joy.

I downloaded and installed the URL rewrite tool and made a rule to listen for and redirect to and still no joy.

I've read several web sites with various fixes, but none are working for me.  

Has anyone been successful in redirecting HTTP to HTTPS in Server 2016?


Our environment:

Citrix Secure Gateway 3.3.4
Web Interface 5.4
XenApp 6.5 on Windows 2008 R2

Hello.  We are seeing an increase in users getting disconnected from apps with errors such as "The network connection to your application was interrupted.  Try to access your application later, or contact your help desk".

In the Citrix Secure Gateway logs, noticing a pattern:

Unknown 0 PROXY
Service received error invalid-ticket from STA STA3AE7728C3BAE, client IP ip.x.x.x connection dropped.

This however; is random.  Been working with networking team and they are not finding network related issues.

I have seen two possible scenarios on the Citrix end.  

#1 - a memory leak in the CSG app that will occasionally leave an error such as Event ID 1000, Application error with faulting, CtxSGSvc.exe.  However; this does not correlate to the failures.

#2 - We have both Session Reliability, Auto Client reconnect and ICA keep alive timeout set in the Citrix Computer Policies.  I have seen where you should disable session reliability.

I just wanted to some feedback as to what others have done to resolve these random drops as changing the policy will affect all users.

Thanks in advance.
I have a client still running Windows Fax on Windows 7. Not sure what happened but I can no longer find the fax service manager where I can route faxes. It is not in Administrative tools. I need it so I can change routing faxes to email and a different folder. I cannot get to it using MMC console.  

i have Windows fax and scan where I can setup the account and monitor incoming faxes. I am just missing the fax service manager and cannot see how to install that?

I copied fxsadmin.msc and fxsadmin.dll from a windows 2008 server which is the only place I have that installed but that did not work. Not sure If I should install it on another Windows 7 computer and try copying those files
What utilities or methods exist for me to edit, remove, or modify which items appear within the Windows 10 Explorer right-click context menu?

This right-click context menu on my computers is very long (see the screenshot) and I would like to be able to change what it contains.

How can this be done?

Right Click context menu
Is Driver Genius a better driver updater program than Driver Booster?

I updated the drivers on around 20 Windows 10 computers using Driver Booster and then came back and ran Driver Genius.

On every computer Driver Genius updated almost every driver that had already been updated by Driver Booster.

Does this mean that Driver Genius downloads and installs better or more recent drivers than Driver Booster?
Delete Question Please.
Cloud Class® Course: Microsoft Windows 7 Basic
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Cloud Class® Course: Microsoft Windows 7 Basic

This introductory course to Windows 7 environment will teach you about working with the Windows operating system. You will learn about basic functions including start menu; the desktop; managing files, folders, and libraries.

A couple months ago my organization used the free version of the Forensit "User Profile Wizard 3.12" utility to convert local Windows 10 login accounts to Active Directory domain login accounts on 16 Windows 10 computers.

Now the users login using their domain usernames and passwords but still use their existing Windows local user accounts profiles that existed before this migration was done.

We have noticed that the User Profile Wizard utility apparently still continues to run within Windows Task Manager and that the folders it created during installation also still remain.

Will there be any harm if we remove the Forensit "User Profile Wizard" installation folders and prevent it from running within the Task Manager on these computers where this utility was used several months ago or will this cause any types of problems or issues?

Attached is the Forensit User Profile Wizard 3.12 Corporate Edition user guide.

how to cross excel spreadsheet row.

Lets say i have 10 rows in excel spreadsheet called Proposals.

Lets say 7th proposal cancelled due to discussion with client.(if you see in attachment row 7 "Implement" in yellow crossed in one of other document...i want to do same way..not sure how to do)

how to put one line crossing it still people should see it in background.

please advise
We have newly configured AlwaysOn in SQL Server 2016. But we didn't added any DB to AG group (Just empty).
When i ping AG listerner i am not able to ping.

My understand is if we not add any DB to AG group, the listerner will not work.
Am i correct?  if not please correct.
excel spreadsheet i have 3 columns A, B, C, D, E,F, Getc
C column comes as A-B
G= D+E-F

How to generate above formalaes in excel spreadsheet

please advise
I am trying to install Abacus on to a new workstation.  It is currently running on another computer as a standalone.  
I was able to share the folder and lowered the UAC on the computer running Abacus.

Error: You cannot use UNC paths to install Abacus.  Please Run Station.exe from a mapped drive or change the Destination directory.

Do I map the drive on the new workstation or map the drive on the computer running Abacus?

Computer running Abacus: \\computername-9\Abacus\

See image for error:
What are the current requirements for an organization to be a Microsoft certified gold partner?

Please provide me with URL addresses that explain the current requirements for an organization to be a Microsoft Gold certified partner including how many Microsoft Certified Partners need to be associated with this organization and which Microsoft certification they need to have.

Microsoft Legacy OS





The Microsoft Legacy Operating System topic includes legacy versions of Microsoft operating systems prior to Windows 2000: All versions of MS-DOS and other versions developed for specific manufacturers and Windows 3/3.1, Windows 95 and Windows 98, plus any other Windows-related versions, and Windows Mobile.