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MS Legacy OSMicrosoft Legacy OS

The Microsoft Legacy Operating System topic includes legacy versions of Microsoft operating systems prior to Windows 2000: All versions of MS-DOS a...

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Troubleshooting Solution

prevent win 10 recomended upgrade tuesday 9th feb

win 10 forced upgrade next week.
so they finally did it. as of tuesday, its a recommended update, …

Encrypt your Thumb Drive at Work and Use it at Home -- PART ONE

USB "Thumb Drives" are convenient and cheap.  They are great for making quick backups and for …

Computer Running Slow? Try These Steps!

Computer running slow? Taking forever to open a folder, documents, or any programs that you didn't have an issue with before? Here are a few steps to help speed it up.

Who else will be attending Microsoft Ignite next week? I'd …

Who else will be attending Microsoft Ignite next week? I'd love to meet you at the show. Drop me a …

Installing, Configuring, and Managing WSUS

This article will review the basic installation and configuration for Windows Software Update …
Troubleshooting Solution

RUS Exchange 2003 not stamping email address after Exchange 2003 migrated to new hardware

Dear Experts,

I have Win 2000 DC and with E2k3 on same server, no other DC no other exchange 2k3.…
Exchange Server 2016

Introduction to Exchange Server 2016 Preview Release

Microsoft has announced the release of the successor of Exchange 2013 i.e., Exchange Server 2016, a new member of the Exchange family. At the Ignite Fest held in Chicago, Microsoft has introduced the Exchange Server 2016 & illustrated some of its awesome qualities.
Troubleshooting Solution

The requested software cannot be located problem in sccm 2007

Dear experts im facing a serious problem at the moment. Im doing a job for a company that has sccm …

Top 10 Must have Windows Applications.

by Nathan Brom/Bromy2004

IntroductionThere are numerous websites out there for any …
Troubleshooting Solution

exchange local delivery queue stuck

hi expert, we run windows server 2003 sbs... alongside  exchange server 2003...
all of the sudden, …
Troubleshooting Solution

Something has taken over my computer!

I must have spyware or something on my computer because it keeps crashing in whatever I'm doing.  I …
Troubleshooting Solution

Installing OS on Poweredge 2800 Raid 1

I am trying to install an OS, any OS on my old Poweredge 2800 while a Raid 1 is configured and it …
Troubleshooting Solution

Display Properties DESKTOP Tab does not work - End Program - rundll32.exe not responding/Run a DLL as an APP  error

XP Media Center, SP3 - when I click on the DESKTOP tab in Display Properties, it does not open, get …
Troubleshooting Solution

Want to Connect Linux machine to Win 03 domain

I have install Linux in one machine now I want to connect to Window 2003 domain controller in our …
Troubleshooting Solution

Dell Laptop corrupt or missing file so won't boot.  Need help with Recovery console.

Hi experts,  

I hope you can help. I've already read these two solutions at Ex-Ex (below) and …

How to Troubleshoot Microsoft Exchange Server- A Beginner’s Guide

The biggest nightmare for any Exchange Server Administrator is to keep the server running without any issue. But the problems often come and they need to be resolved efficiently and timely. Here are important troubleshooting points...

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