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Microsoft Lync Server (renamed Skype for Business Server in 2015) is a real-time communications server software that provides infrastructure for enterprise instant messaging, presence, VoIP, ad hoc and structured conferences (audio, video, and web), and PSTN connectivity through a third-party gateway or SIP trunk. These features are available within and between organizations, and with external users on the public internet or standard phones (on bpth PSTN and SIP trunking).

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Lync 2013 with Exchange 2013 - The Lync Contacts that sync over to our Android and iOS mobile devices end up with a " + " prefix on the phone numbers. This causes the call to fail, as this makes it look like an international call to the phone carrier. You can manally Edit and remove the + sign, but I would like to prevent the issue entirely.
   I haven't found anything online yet on the subject, but I will keep looking. Probably my syntax.
   Our Mobile Device Management system is Mobile Iron, but I am thinking this must be an issue relating to Lync 2013 and Exchange ActiveSync.

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We are using Skype For Business 2015. We have a single pool with single FrontEnd, Backend, OfficeWeb and Edge. The rtcxds,rtc, rgsdyn are on SQL express with running on FrontEnd server.

Would like to know a steps CU update for Skype FrontEnd server and extra steps such Install-CsDatabase -ConfiguredDatabases -SqlServerFqdn <FEServer.domain> -Verbose

Thank you
Not able to open attachments sent via skype for Business. These are .xls, .doc, .ppt file formats. any ideas / help please ?
In Skype for Business Server 2015, Is there a way to disable clients from retrieving location information from the LIS/Secondary LIS every time the client registers with the server? I want to prevent the client from performing a HELD request to get location information when it first registers to the server. Is this possible with the on-prem server?
Is it possible to disable the voice feature of the exchange's automated unified communications operator, without removing the transfer configuration to marked extensions directly?

For example, if a customer dials the IVR, "Thank you for calling PCH, if you know the extension number, mark it now, otherwise the menu is the following, to call sales, dial 1, support 1, administration 3"

When I disable the aforementioned option, the part of "If you know the extension number, check it now" does someone know how to avoid this problem?

I would appreciate your support.

I have to install Skype for Business 2015 server for one of my client but for S4B Edge server there network team is not going to allow internal network IP to be assigned to Edge server's internal NIC placed in DMZ,. I want to know can we assign DMZ subnet's IP to both internal and external NIC of edge server? And then will allow communication between internal edge NIC and Frontend Server.  Will this work that way?
Hi Everyone

I was asked to look into a Task which I'm not sure if it's possible. I have a Lync Server 2013 Enterprise.

Is there a way to set a few users with a specific policy which will allow them to Contact internally only certain users, and Block to Contact anyone else.

This Solution can contain a new Pool in Topology or I'm wondering if there is an option I can achieve them under one Topology.

Also Would be there options like that in Later Skype For Business version.
Hello Team

I need some advice regarding Lync 2013 Edge Server and 3 External NIC addresses.

I want to change in our Company the Edge Server Configuration to use instead 1 Public facing NIC Card, 3.

It's so far I see a recommendation from Microsoft to have for each Service a separate IP.

I have some problems when I try to configure that and hope you can point me  if I'm doing something wrong:

Infrastructure Summarize:
(Ip addresses are only examples)

I've one IP address facing LAN

I got now 3 IP addresses facing Public internet: (Access Edge) (Webconf)

For the above addresses I have seperate Public addresses assigned and NAT'ed <> <> <>

External DNS:
I created one DNS entry for sipwebconf.domain pointing to, and DNS record to point to av.domain

Certificate contains required webconf SAN. FOr Test i also included the AV.

Whenever I setup In the topology of the 3 IP addresses, Audio or Video is not working if someone externally joins a Meeting.

Peer To Peer connection with Federated partners work fine.

Everything works fine If I use 1 IP address and the web conference service set as 444.

How I'm setting up the Topology:
In the Access Edge service as DNS I'm using my sip address and the IP
In the Webconferening as DNS im putting …
In Skype for Business Server, we have 3-digit extension dialing set up. This is working just fine. The issue is that there are certain 3-digit numbers (not the least of which is 911) that we need to have go outside the local system. I'm having a difficult time getting this to work. I don't know where the issue lies, but I can't get the system to dial out to save my life. Here's what I've done:

1) Added a dialing rule for 911 and moved it to the top of the list. I have it translating to 411 for now (so as not to bombard 911 with test calls - once it works, I will make one test to 911 dispatch and ask them to confirm the caller ID and location).

Dialing Rules
2) Configured the route to match 411 and 911 (to send to the external trunk)

Voice Route
3) I even ran a Voice Routing Test Case to be sure that the result is what I expected. It is.

Voice Routing Test
However, when I dial 911 (and it gets translated to 411), it always rings our internal receptionist response group, and I can't figure out why.

Can anyone help me figure out what else I need to change to make this work?
Hello Experts

Somebody can tell me what rules should my TMG server have to allow SIP from outside

i am working on a hybrid project Lync 2013 to Office 365 and i am not an expert of TMG but the person who did the configuration before did a Publish rule to allow port 443 for Lync but i suspect i have to add port 5061 because my cloud users are not able to see presence info of On prem users but Onprem users can see the Presence Info and send messages

Please i need help

i have a Lync 2013 on premisseswho have to talk to Office 365 SFB

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Hello Experts

I have an issue I just migrated a User from On premisses Lync 2013 to Office 365 all went well

But my user in O365 is able to talk to the world but not to the Onpremisses users

What can be the issue?

We are just starting to use Skype For Business for Internal IM.   We have setup Skype For Business to not allow External Contacts to be added. We didn't want Employees to start chatting with Friends and Family while at work.

We are looking to get rid off WebEx for Presentations and wanted to use Skype For Business, though it looks like we can't Invite Customers to the Meetings since we blocked External Access.

Is there a Way to Block External Users for IM, though Allow Inviting External Customers for Presentations?

Hi guys,

We implement Skype for Business Cloud Connector on-premise  VMs on Hyper-V. (Building 1)
Also take a SIP Trunk from our ITSP in Building 2. There is some questions as below:
1-      Is it possible to forwarding SIP port from IP static in building 1 to IP static in Building2?
2-      How should I edit configuration.ini file? Specific in voice gateway section… put IP static that related to building 2 or what?
3-      Where should I use my SBC IP & IP address which I take with SIP Trunk modem
PS: Network structure and Configuration file is attached. Please help us in this regards ….
Thank you
trying to remove Lync 2013 from on premise have followed the guide from Microsoft upto the point of disabling users and conferencing then from Topology builder I am trying to remove the deployment and get the following error.

There was a problem validating the topology XML against the XSD that defines the schema.

·         System.Xml.Schema.XmlSchemaValidationException: The key sequence '1witnessstore5' in 'urn:schema:Microsoft.Rtc.Management.Deploy.WritableTopology.2008:ServiceUniqueId' Keyref fails to refer to some key.
lync 2010 response group not showing workflow name on incoming calls.
when i create a new workflow as a test that works out fine, but i am thinking perhaps there is cache of names that the machine or lync server holds on to that i can flush. or perhaps i am misdiagnosing the issue somewhere.
What I am seeing now is that the interactive response group is what is not showing the sub response is not translating to the option selected which would take you to the hunt group; which then needs to show the option selected option to the users client
i would appreciate the assistance
Hello all, we are migrating from Lync 2010 on prem to Skype for Business in O365. Part of this move will be a transition to Webex for folks who have PTSN conference creation rights. Rather than move everyone to Webex with those rights, were looking to move only those that have created conferences within a defined time period.

Question is, how do i pull a report to show the number of PTSN conferences created per user, over a 12 month period?

thanks in advance.
How is a two server Edge pool in Skype for Business 2015 server on premise load balanced?  
If I just have one server in the pool it works just fine.  As soon as the second server is added, no one can connect.
We have the external NICs load balanced and NAT'ed so that we only have to use 3 public IP's instead of 6 or 7.
Currently Monitoring is not installed in our Front End Server and we would like to to know who are the users currently connected to skype for business.
Hi all,
I Have a Skype for Business on prem install with a single Front end server and Edge server. Afte rinstalling I have since enabled federation so that my SKype users can add users from other domains.

I downloaded the current topology, made the relevent chages then republished.

However, its my understanding I have to rerun the installion on Front End and Edge server in order for the topology to be loaded?

Can anyone offer assistance with this?
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I've been wrapping my head around this for quite some time - still accomplishing nothing but headache. Here's the setup

Lync 2013 mediation server
Lync PSTN Trunk points to Avaya Aura RED
Avaya Aura RED routes PSTN traffic to Avaya phone central

We have landline numbers in Lync, and cell phone number with a PSTN provider

Lync <-> avaya RED gateway <-> Avaya phone system

Also - we've setup so that calls to cell phone in PSTN, will also simultaneous call Lync number.

1. user call my cell phone (tel: 99 99 99) from his IP-phone/cell phone
2. this will call on my cell phone, but will also trigger a call to landline on lync (tel: 22 22 22). Since we've  set this up with PSTN provider
3. this will also make Lync call (at 22 22 22)
4. so the user called cell phone at 99 99 99 and both cell phone will ring, together with Lync client.
5. if I answer the call with either cell phone or lync - the ringing will stop on the other device

so far so good.

But if this process is repeated, but this time the call is initiated from a Lync client at the internal office

1. user call my cell phone (tel: 99 99 99) from enterprise voice enabled lync client
2. this will call on my cell phone, but will also trigger a call to landline on lync (tel: 22 22 22). Since we've  set this up with PSTN provider
3. this will also make Lync call (at 22 22 22)
4. so the user called cell phone at 99 99 99 and both cell phone will ring, together with Lync client.
5. if I …
We have implemented Skype for Business 2015 PSTN conferencing without Enterprise Voice.

We do not use address book normalization because we have call centers that do not want unique phone numbers or extensions listed in their contact cards and all of them having the same phone number causes a mix up of user information among those users.

Users enter the phone number they want the conference to use when they choose the "Call me at" feature when joining conferences in the client phone options Work field.

This number is being cleared randomly.

Has any one seen this before?  If so what was the resolution?
Hello Experts,

My company currently has an on-premise deployment of Lync 2013 with most if not all features functioning and integrated with our Avaya PBX. To provide further detail, we can do web based and audio conferencing, mobile apps works, and from our S4B desktop clients we can 4-digit dial extensions and make and receive calls to the world etc. as well as from our mobile apps. Edge servers, reverse proxy, all required components are in place.

I recently completed a hybrid migration of Exchange 2010 to O365 successfully, all users are on O365 (E3) but we still use on-premise for relay and management. Azure AD Sync is setup for password sync, we do not use ADFS.

I want to do the same with Lync 2013, setup hybrid and move users over little by little until we are comfortable and keep all the functions of S4B with our on-premise PBX. From what i read i will need to add a cloud pbx license for this to work but cannot find any "Good" information on setting up Hybrid and how to keep those features. Does anyone know of any good resources that covers this scenario in DETAIL?

Whats paths are there? Is there more than one? Some direction will be greatly appreciated.
Hi All,
I recently took over a Lync 2010 setup that had a self-signed certificate. I've been asked to set up federation with outlook.com and enable mobile access. The first thing to do was get a proper certificate, which I did from GoDaddy. That cert has been applied and when testing both internally and externally using the ruct.exe tool from http://blog.insidelync.com/2011/11/the-remote-uc-troubleshooting-tool-ruct/ the correct certificate is being pulled down, Lync on desktops internally and on laptops from home all continue to work away as normal.

The problem is I cannot get federation or mobile access to work. I've enabled federation, have port 5061 open in and out to the edge server, Gone through the federation with Microsoft etc.

I think the issue is still down to the certificate though. When I test the certificate using DigiCert or SSL shopper neither can connect. both say the connection failed so the SSL cert check fails too.  I am able to telnet to my edge's address (DNS and IP) on ports 5061 and 443 and the RUCT tool is able to connect without issues.

Any idea what could be causing the digicert and ssl shopper certificate checkers to fail to connect? I can only assume a cert problem is causing my federation and mobile woes. I've nothing else to go on

Lync IVR
I tried to create the IVR using powershell. Below cmdlet:
#Import AudioFile to Welcome
$AudioWelcome = Import-CsRgsAudioFile -Identity service:ApplicationServer:LyncFrontPool.contoso.com/09c2d77a-9865-4494-b662-f0cd710ddce3 -FileName "PER APT IVR - A.wav" `
-Content (Get-Content "D:\Program Files\IVRAudioFiles\WIVR - A.wav" -Encoding byte -ReadCount 0)
$PromptWelcome = New-CsRgsPrompt -AudioFilePrompt $AudioWelcome -TextToSpeechPrompt "Welcome to Contoso. Press 0 for  Flight Delays. Press 1 for Reservation and flight information. Press 2 for baggage queries. Press 3 to speak to airport staff."

#Import AudioFile For Reservation #Press 1
$AudioReservation = Import-CsRgsAudioFile -Identity service:ApplicationServer:LyncFrontPool.contoso.com/09c2d77a-9865-4494-b662-f0cd710ddce3 -FileName "PER APT IVR - B.wav" `
-Content (Get-Content "D:\Program Files\IVRAudioFiles\VIVR - B.wav" -Encoding byte -ReadCount 0)
$PromptReservation = New-CsRgsPrompt -AudioFilePrompt $AudioReservation -TextToSpeechPrompt "Please visit www.contoso.com or alternatively you can call our Australian Reservation number."

#Import AudioFile For baggage queries #Press 2
$AudioBagges = Import-CsRgsAudioFile -Identity service:ApplicationServer:LyncFrontPool.contoso.com/09c2d77a-9865-4494-b662-f0cd710ddce3 -FileName "PER APT IVR - C.wav" `
-Content (Get-Content "D:\Program Files\IVRAudioFiles\ZIVR - C.wav" -Encoding byte -ReadCount 0)
$PromptBagges = New-CsRgsPrompt 

Open in new window

I have skype for business " Standard Edition"
all features working good Except Skype voice calling with dialing numbers ... the calls starting with no voice.
but Audio chat working good.

and also i linked my skype server with Elastix server and calls working good.

How Can i resolve this issue?

Microsoft Lync Server





Microsoft Lync Server (renamed Skype for Business Server in 2015) is a real-time communications server software that provides infrastructure for enterprise instant messaging, presence, VoIP, ad hoc and structured conferences (audio, video, and web), and PSTN connectivity through a third-party gateway or SIP trunk. These features are available within and between organizations, and with external users on the public internet or standard phones (on bpth PSTN and SIP trunking).

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