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Current State:
1 Forest/1 Domain
AD Connect to Office 365 (syncing password hashes)
All on-premises Lync and Exchange servers have been decommissioned in the environment

Most users have attributes like this populated - looks like this from old on-premises (However, many are synced to 365):

Q: Can I clear the above attributes without issue?

The reason I ask is I would like to clear the above attributes when I implement the following changes (which is the actual project at hand):

UserPrincipalName attribute    
from to

Mail attribute    
from to

ProxyAddresses attribute - the PrimarySMTPAddress
from to

ProxyAddresses attribute - the old PrimarySMTPAddress will become the secondary
from to

ProxyAddresses attribute - the SIP Address
from to
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Hello Experts

I have a question concerning Lync Hybrid with O365 DNS record

I working with a client and this is the current configuration of his public dns:

access  A IP Adress of EDGE Server

_sip._tls.mydomain  SRV access.mydomain   0 0 443 access.mydomain
_sipfederationtls._tcp.mydomain           0 0  5061 access.mydomain

While reading a couple of documents i read about a sip entry instead . like here :

 so for my Hybrid setup to work DNS wise should i recreate all in sip or  i should

sip A IP Adress Edge Server

_sip._tls.mydomain  SRV sip.mydomain   0 0 443 sip.mydomain
_sipfederationtls._tcp.mydomain           0 0  5061 sip.mydomain
Hello Team

I have a client who has Lync 2013 On premisses and he is migrating to Office 365 . I want to know if there is any means to have an Office 365 User to add Contacts that are sitting on the On premises servers?

Is it possible and how can we achieve that?

I want to mention that the client was using this Lync 2013 just for Internal communication


Cannot access EWS from some operating systems in a hybrid 365 deployment.

-      365 Hybrid environment deployed via on prem Exchange 2016 servers
-      Exchange 2010 still used by majority of organisation
-      Lync 2013 deployed on prem, latest CU
-      365 migrated, Windows 10 based users have full access to call history, voicemail and their meeting tab via EWS
   o      Does not work when they login on a Windows 7 client
-      365 migrated, Windows 7 based users cannot access EWS
-      User homed on Exchange 2016 server cannot access EWS
-      User homed on Exchange 2010 server can access EWS when is set to the Exchange 2010 CAS, breaks when set to 2016 server
-      Office version is 2016, latest patches applied
-      Kemp Virtual Loadmasters used at both sites

Things tried

-      Logged call with Microsoft 63 days ago…
   o      Set to Exchange 2016 directly, breaks Win 7 based users homed on Exchange 2010 access to EWS
   o      Set to Exchange 2010, Win 10 based users homed on 365 fine, majority of org fine as still homed here, 365 migrated Win 7 users can’t access EWS
-      Checked virtual directories for EWS
-      Checked certificate assigned to Kemp Loadmaster
-      Checked firewall rules to ensure connectivity and no dropped traffic
-      Configured OAUTH between Exch 16 and Exch Online at MS request, did nothing
We use Ken's Skypeoptimzer site to create our dialing rules. we've used failover routing in the same site for this.

unfortunately an unintended result is: any external inbound call to one of our users which has simring enabled, results in the sim ring leg of the call going out via our second SIP trunk and not through the same trunk as the inbound call. this becomes an issue since our Secondary 'failover' trunk is infact a pstn gateway which cannot pass the original calling parties call id on the outbound call id of the simring portion of the call.

we do have an sbc which we can add the pstn gateway to (the same one which controls the primary SIP Trunk), the issue is this would introduce a single point of failure into the call path.

has anyone successfully managed to deal with this issue?
how Skype for business works, what are the requirements for setting up

general issues we encounter

I am migrating to Office 365 (Businsess Premium) from Exchange (2010 SP3 RU16).  We need to disable Unified Messaging for user syncing to work properly.  We can only have Unified Messaging for users that have plans with E3 or above.  Unfortunately users with UM disabled have no voicemail now.  Voicemail to our phone (Polycom VVX 400 and CX600) is now disabled, the phone will ring and calls can be answered but if you are not there to pick up, the call just ends or disconnects after 20 seconds or so, no voicemail option for the caller.  We have on prem Lync/Skype for Bus 2013  that is most likely needing a configuration change to resolve this.  Any help would be great!!
User wants to forward contact ceneter voicemails (separate VOIP Sysem) to,  email ID and then forward it to two different email ID

So I have informed it is not possible to forward voicemails from one mailbox to another.

So I have suggested to create shared mailbox and add the users to shared mailbox , who and all wants to monitor voicemails. Then configure shared mailbox in user outlook. So they can monitor the voicemails.

But requester don’t want to create new mailbox in their outlook. For her voicemails has to directly go to users inbox.

SO my question is can we send voicemails to DL’s. Like our team DL?
User has provided the shared mailbox ID And we have configured the voicemail for the same.
we want the voice mail to be converted to text.

is there any we need to configure from unified messaging server
or shared voice mail box
Currently default message is playing.
User has provided the shared mailbox ID And we have configured the voicemail for the same.

Currently default message is playing. Is it possible to change the recording for this mail ID from user side or is it require to do it on voicemail server?
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can we configure  a shared mailbox for voice mail.?

we have exchange 2010 sp3

so that specific IVR recording can be played
I need to know about functioning of lync2013 architecture, what are the components involved and their functioning.

Any documents on how to troubleshoot lync issues in general

Is there any good article which can help me understand and have a better clarity

for ex. how lync for business when we chat or in conference call how it is linked with outlook
We are getting skype authentication prompt upon login. Beside entering the login credentials these prompts keeps appearing again.

We are using Lync 2013 (15.0.4953.100) 32-bit.

Upon searching for Microsoft update patches ( for Lync 2013 I found a patch which is required to fix the issue but as I try to install the patch which seem not installed already i get below error message. Not sure why the patch fails to find the installed application?


I have parent domain : and one child domaine :
First, I can't create user from control panel for users located in child domain

Error: “Active Directory operation failed on “Domain Controller”. You cannot retry this operation: “Insufficient access rights to perform the operation”.

Then I can create the user with powershell.

When I try to connect my user on skype client, I have this error: You didn’t get signed in. It might be your sign-in address or logon credentials, so try those again. If that doesn’t work, contact your support team.

And error from log (attached file)

And here result when I try to test connectivity:

Test-CsRegistration -targetfqdn -usercredential $cred1 -usersipaddress

Target Fqdn   :
Result        : Failure
Latency       : 00:00:00.0009741
Error Message : The log on was denied. Check that the proper credentials are
                being used and the account is active.
                Inner Exception:NegotiateSecurityAssociation failed, error:

Diagnosis     :

Open in new window

Why my child users can't connect to skype on parent domain? Should I perform actions, like prepare ad or forest for this child domain?

Thanks in advance
I am trying to add another Enterprise FE Server 2012 R2 64 Bit to the Pool. While using the deployment wizard, I get the error that KB2982006 is needed. After obtaining and downloading from MS, while installing, I get the error "The update is not applicable to your computer". Research shows I need to install prerequisite updates such as KB2919442. But when I try to, I get same error for that update as well. See attachment. This machine currently has over 200 updates on it. Have anyone seen this?
i have Asterisk server running on two servers as Active/Active with 1000 Clients.Now we have configured the Lync Server i need step by step Guidelines for moving the clients from Asterisk to the Microsoft Lync with same extensions and dial plan.
If you are using MS Lync to make a phone call to the PSTN and there are multiple SIP trunks to the PSTN (actually these are trunks to Cisco CUCM and then on to PSTN from there) - how does Lync decide which SIP Trunk to use?
When a user dials in to a conference, they are prompted to enter the conference ID followed by pound.  When they do they system doesn't recognize they are entering the conference ID and the auto attendant states either that it did not get that or that the conference ID is invalid.
This is not with all phones but it is consistent on the ones that it does not work.
This is a three server frontend pool with a ACME Packet SBC and Mitel switches.
It was working perfectly then suddenly this started happening.
What might be causing this?
We have decided to use an F5 rather than the TMG (Threat Management Gateway).  After doing this external users now constantly get "Exchange needs your credentials" error.  Also my picture no longer appears.lync-cred-error.PNG
We are using Exchange 2010.
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Happy Tuesday All,

I am running Microsoft Exchange 2013 and I was wondering how I check to see if I have the licenses to run Microsoft Lync.  I was told that my predecessor confirmed we do, but I don't know how to check this.  I am correct in saying that you need to purchase separate licenses for running Lync in your Exchange environment, right?

Thank you!
I am running into an issue when migrating users to Skype for Business Online from my on-prem Lync 2013 server... Hybrid environment.

Can anyone shoot me a command/powershell to run against Skype for Business Online to pull all user information?

Im looking for the Username,DisplayName and most importantly the "directory status".

Im looking to troubleshoot accounts I cant migrate across because they show up as "In Cloud" instead of "synced and homed online".

Thanks in advance.
In m office we are using lync 2010.All the existing machines working fine.My backup Client setup & certificates has been deleted.So i cannot able to install lync 2010 client in new machines.I was download setup on online.But i dont have a certificate.Where i get that certificate?
I have a Lync server 2010 original CD also.But in that have only server setup.There dont have any client setup and certificates.

I have a question for Skype For Business.

I would like to force an update, where my Response group on my client is updated (Forced).

Here is my workflow :

I create a new distribution group
Then i hide the distribution group in the AD

Then i add members inside the Dist. group.

Now i go to the skype servers webinterface. https://skype4business/cscp

I create a new Group and under "Agents" i select : Use an existing email distribution list"


How can i now force this setting out to my client, so they dont have to wait for ?! 8 hours !? for this change - and my TestWorkFlow would appear on the clients?

Hope this makes sense :)

Thank you in advice
Hi ,

    I have a doubt about Email domain changes.Now in our company we are using lync 2010.Our domain has been but our email domain has been So we cannot able to stored lync conversation history & can't able to merge lync 2010 to outlook 2007 for conversation history.
    So we are planned for change the Email domain from to is possible.We are partner of gmail.So we are login through our company email account.Like go to gmail website then enter username like If i change the domain email id where are the changes are affected and it is possible or not? or we change domain name from to one is safe & easiest way .Because we want save lync history.So please suggest to me any updates.

  It is possible for create a new pool name in Lync 2010.Without changing any domain & email damain.?
Note:-Our domain has and our email domain has

 what should i do?
So we're looking at setting DFS and migrating users from a domain that has the tendant domain in O365 to the new domain.  I'd would think it is better to migrate users from old domain to new domain first then setup DFS?  We also have to think about the onpremise Lync setup.

What is your advice on all this?  Sorry if I am missing some details so please ask me any questions on this.

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