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Microsoft Office is an integrated suite of applications that includes Outlook, Word, Excel, Access, PowerPoint, Visio and InfoPath, along with a number of tools to assist in making the individual components work together. Coding within and between the projects is done in Visual Basic for Applications, known as VBA.

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Outlook 2016 - Not sending reported error (0x800CCC1A).
Have a client which cannot send emails using IMAP account via the SMTP connector.

Have run Scanpst.exe and repaired the PST and OST files, have run SFC /Scannow and created new profiles but each time trying to send out emails gets the attached error message and the emails don't send, just stuck in Outbox.  I have also completely removed Office from the PC and reinstalled fresh after restarting the PC and still fails to send emails with the same attached error message!
I have now installed eM Client (trial) and configured as the same account/ server settings etc... and the email account is working sending emails fine within eM client email client so this is showing it's an issue with Outlook 2016 itself.

The OS on the PC is Windows 7 but this isn't the issue as clearly working using eM client.

Any ideas to why Outlook 2016 is causing this issue?
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Plz look into my actual file
if a row is completely same with any other row in  a sheet then delete that complete row
i am attaching my actual file plz look into it
i have 150000 rows , in the attachment i have puuted half data
i have to do this by vba only
I'd like a formula modified to ignore blank cells or zero cells when target cells are a negative value.
Please see attached for example.
Many Thanks
I am using Excel to format a CSV export to import a calendar from an Windows 3.1 Calendar program to Exchange Calendar.  The export doesnt have a subject line so all the Appointments imported are blank.

I'm trying to create a subject for the calendar import.  The Algorythm for creating the subject line is:
  1. Use FIND to locate a space to determine end position of 1st word
  2. Do a LEFT on the cell to get the 1st word
  3. Concatenate "Accounts : " with that 1st word

H1 has the algorythm below
=IF(FIND(" ",H2889)=0,H2889,CONCATENATE("Accounts : ",LEFT(H2889,FIND(" ",H2889))))
to produce the following
Column 'H' has two possibilities I need to deal with
"This is a multiword sentence with more than one word"

When I encounter a cell in Column H that has only one word, I get an error.
Capture2.JPG How do I handle this so that it either just uses the single word in the Cell or, in the absence of any text in the Column 'H' leave it as "Accounts : "
my wife's employer uses Office 365.  

she sometimes needs to send emails on behalf of her boss.

When she is at her desk at work, Outlook ribbon looks very much like normal Outlook 2016 so she does the following
Ctrl N to new message
take "From" dropdown and select "Other e-mail address"
then types her bosses email  like ""

When she sends the message the recipient sees From on behalf of

But, when my wife is at home she uses Outlook Web Access which does not seem to have these options.  
How can she do this?

By the way, I have found several articles that say OWA users must have Admin permissions to send messages on behalf of another user.   She does not need this authority when working at her desk, so why should she need that authority when she is at home ?  

We have several different excel files that are all connected to the same SQL database.
The error is restricted to several users at the moment. We are getting an error message similar to the screenshot below.

I need help with an Excel formula (trying not to write vba and keep the workbook as an .xslx file).

I would like to count duplicates once IF and only IF both dates for that name are not blank.
For example, I've attached an image that hopefully will explain what I mean.

In the attached, if both dates for a name is filled in, then it will count it as 1. (There could be 2 or more of the same name with different numbers).
If it's not (such as A), it won't count it at all.
So "B" should be counted once, but "A" not included.

I hope that made sense.
Thank you in advance.
I am using SharePoint online (365), and am having an issue inviting 'external' users to a site collection. A few months ago, inviting users to the site worked without issue. We were able to share the site with multiple users on different domains, and each was able to view with the proper permissions they were assigned (invited from a group in "People & Groups"). I recently encountered an issue using the "Share" command, or trying to add users to groups. Doing so resulted in a pop-up error "Could not resolve memberid, (followed by the user i was inviting)"; after clearing the browser cache, this issue ceased, and I was able to invite people without getting any errors. The user would show up in the SharePoint groups & Office 365 "People" as '' after sending the invitation, and the link would send to their email; however when they use the link, they get the following:

If I invite '', the message is:

"Access denied, the user '' does not have permission to view the site."

The user's email, name, and info seems to be correctly adding to the groups I assign & invite them to. External sharing is turned on at the top site collection level, and on the site itself. I have checked both via the SharePoint admin center, and the "Site Settings". Additionally, Azure AD shows them as "Users" with their proper email addresses.

Hello to all of you.

I would like your help on a macro on excel

For the attached file, I want a macro that does :

1) it compares all the cells in B column with the number that I have in cell  I1. This number will be 6 in some cases, 5 in others, 7 etc ...

2) when it finds a cell in B column that has a number equal or greater than the cell in I1 (6 in this case), to copy the deg of that cell
in H column of the newSheet8.

for that case of 6, the H column of newSheet8 would have the degs:

Any help?
Wanted to calculate status based on criterias in Excel.  On column H I have status based on what's in collumns C, D and G.  Please see explanations on column I.

Please see attachment....
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Office 10 is missing files suddenly on my wind 10 laptop.  I have a lot of emails I would have to setup again.  Can I iinstall Office 10 on top of my current version to fix the issue.
Writing an app that will parse an excel file.  The file has 2 worksheets.  For this purpose say SheetA and SheetB.  I am viewing the process while it is running to see the results.  I want SheetB to displayed in the foreground.  

Any idea how to accomplish?
Hi guys

I'm completely new to VLOOKUP tables and have been working on some tutorials. I have an Excel sheet that I have attached so that you can see what I am trying to do.

So basically, in worksheet 'User Details' I would like the column 'Organisation' (column C) to be filled in with the data in worksheet 'Mailbox Details' called 'Organisation A (also column )'. If you look at cell C8 in 'User Details', you will see '' which I have manually put in there.

Here's how I am trying to do it:

In the 'User Details' worksheet, the column A6 is the value I am looking up. As an example, my Lookup_value will be 'A8'.
The Table_array will be worksheet 'Mailbox Details' columns 'C5:D29'.
Col_index_num = 1 as that's the column I am trying to extract data from.
Range_Lookup = false

The issue I am seeing though is that in 'Mailbox Details' worksheet, in Column C there is a formula that has been dragged down and perhaps this is causing the issue?

If you're able to help me figure this out, that would be grand.

Thanks for helping
Exchange 2010 Hybrid with Office 365.
Mail Flows to/from On-Premise to Office 365
Mail Flows to/from Internet to On-Premise/Office 365

My Issue is with Public Folders. We have some SQL Server Processes that Process emails that are sent to a Public Folder.  Messages are Read, The Body is parsed and Inserted into SQL Server and the email is deleted or moved to an Archive Public Folder and then anything older that 2 weeks is deleted.

In a Hybrid setup On-Premise can only see On-Premise Public Folders and Office 365 users can only see the Office 365 Public Folders.

When a Office 365 user sends an email to the Primary SMTP address of a On-Premise Public Folder, the email fails as Undeliverable.  

When a Office 365 user sends an email to a secondary SMTP address  of a On-Premise Public Folder it gets there just fine.

A Few Questions:
1) Why can you send to the non-Primary SMTP Address of the On-Premise Public Folder?
2) Should I still be using Public Folders?
3) Can I setup a Office 365 Shared Mailbox for this Purpose and have both On-Premise and Office 365 users send email to it without the NDR?
4) Using EWS (non Managed) can you Access the Shared Mailbox like you can a non-Shared Mailbox?

I am using Office 2016 provided by Office 365. Since about 30 days ago when I try and search my Outlook inbox it attempts to for about 15-20 seconds and then prompts me with a message saying "We're having trouble fetching results from the server..." and it gives me an option to "Search in emailed stored on this computer" which when clicked shows me email stored in my local inbox. It's becoming a waste of time.

I originally ruled out a .OST corruption issue when I realized it was happening on my laptop and my desktop. However I still went through the steps to compact and repair my .OST, re-index my Outlook, delete and remake the profile. The issue is still there.

Any ideas?
Just installed Exchange 2016 into an existing 2010 environment. Everything works great. I got the namespaces corrected on 2016 AD side and SSL cert going. Mail flow works and creating/migrating a user onto a 2016 DB or to  2010 DB works. OWA works. Autodiscover works. What I am testing now is where I am stuck.

If it log into a machine as a 2016 DB user and open outlook for the first time - outlook 2010 will only connect and function on cached mode. if I leave cached unchecked, it says Microsoft must be online, failed to authenticate. Not sure where to look.

Office is updated
Services and Server have been rebooted (all services are started)
I am looking for a macro to delete the pages from a PDF file based on certain conditions in an excel file. I have few pdf files in a particular folder patch. Macro has to look into those files and delete few pages based in the condition. See attached excel.Column B has the PDF file name. Column C, D & E has conditions. If column C says "No" for a PDF file page 5 should be deleted. Similarly for column D & E. Thanks for your help.
Hi guys

I have an excel sheet with a load of data in one particular column. It has lots of email addresses ending with various domain names. In the next column, I would like to create some sort of formula that outputs the domain names from the column with the data into the associating rows so that I can then organise it by domain name. So if cell A1 says ' i would like the next column in the associating row to output '' and then do that for all the domain names in there.

Does this make sense? If so, can you help me write the correct formula to output the content correctly?

Thanks a lot
We want a way to Force Shared mailboxes or groups to be only accessible on web outlook in office 365 and not outllook. As we are finding the OST file gets too big.

We have in the past added shared mailboxes as individual mail accoutns in outlook but this still causes the pcs to fill up with OST files and run out of space.

Does anyone know of a way to deal with a shared mailbox where users can forward emails or drag emails to which they can only access online?
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is it possible to create a spreadsheet which will automatically assign date and time in one cell on the action?
I would like to scan a barcode in cell A1 and when I scan, excel will automatically assign date and time (with minutes and seconds if can) of that scan in cell B1. So I can track when was each scan created or scanned.
Also, is it possible to create VBA scrips where that Excel spreadsheet will automatically on a predefined time in a day do file/save as on specific folder in Desktop?
Thanks in advance.
Dear Experts,

I have a combo box on a form with the following date sequence that is pulled in from a table:

What I would like to do is display as default the value 2018-2019 " IF " the current date is between August 2018 - July 2019 (the school year for us) . Then when the date flips over to August 2019 the default value shown in the combo box will be 2019-2020 until July 2020.

How would I go about doing this?

Thanks in advance!~

Hi there I am trying to extract all text that is after the first comma and potentially the remaining commas. The problem is my text is addresses and some of them have lot numbers units numbers .... that I don't need i am comparing my address to another database, with a very specific format on address. For example my first address is

37 neptune Street, REVESBY NSW 2212 I have written the following formula " =RIGHT(B2,FIND(",",B2,1)-1) " which returns REVESBY NSW 2212. This is fine and what I want.

But in the next row I have LADY GOWRIE CHILD CARE CENTRE, Ground Floor 1, 16 Spears Drive, DUBBO NSW 2830 using the same formula i get Spears Drive, DUBBO NSW 2830. So the formula is giving me everything to right after the second comma.

Can you please help. I want to be able to extract data separately before each comma. So I can have "Street Number", "Street Name", "suburb", "Post Code".

unfortunately my data for every cell is a bit different.
Office 2010 will not update.  

I have tried downloading the service packs (1 and 2) separately and no luck.

No joy with Windows Update either.  

Did a repair of Office as well.

Currently on 14.0.4734.1000 (32-bit).  This is Office 2010 Pro Plus.

I need to get Outlook updated so I can use Office 365 and Microsoft bailed on support.

I'm trying to generate a report of a users bookings of conference rooms over a six month period.  As an admin, how can I create this report to view the dates and times of resource bookings for a user.
I am assigning a used laptop to a new user.  The laptop has Office 365 ProPlus pre-installed.  When I open any Office app and go to the 'Account' page, under subscription product it says Belongs to c******@re*****.com

I do not know who this previous user was.  How can I clear their account off of this machine without knowing who they are?

The new user has their own E3 license.

Thanks for pointing me in the right direction.

In the past, when I have known who the previous user was I would just have them log into the Office 365 portal and go under 'installs' and remove the machine name they are no longer using.  I dont know how to do that without knowing who this user is.   I am thinking there must be some way to clear it my machine name in the admin portal?  I hope!

Microsoft Office





Microsoft Office is an integrated suite of applications that includes Outlook, Word, Excel, Access, PowerPoint, Visio and InfoPath, along with a number of tools to assist in making the individual components work together. Coding within and between the projects is done in Visual Basic for Applications, known as VBA.