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Microsoft Office is an integrated suite of applications that includes Outlook, Word, Excel, Access, PowerPoint, Visio and InfoPath, along with a number of tools to assist in making the individual components work together. Coding within and between the projects is done in Visual Basic for Applications, known as VBA.

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Occasionally I will be running a macro and I will receive an error message and then the workbook gets deleted !  How can I troubleshoot why the macro gets deleted ?  I have had this happen with different workbooks all that have macros (VBA).  The common denominator is that they all involve importing data with an ODBC connection.  Unfortunately I do not recall the error message.  It is rare that this happens, but enough that I need to investigate.
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New office 365 mailbox.

I've imported the PST, inbox is still updating, however, when I receive new emails it doesn't show up. on the portal(OWA) it does.

But when I search a name e.g John it will show newer emails from him.
Replace Original Office 365 Domain Name
The organization is changing names and default internet domain name.  Please help me with the impact if we allow the current public domain name to lapse or remove it from our Office 365 tenant organization.  The owner’s don’t want to keep it
They would like everyone to connect to Office 365 using their new e-mail addresses
We have  145 users over 10 locations.
We do not currently use AD Sync.

  Troy Taylor
The company has two subnet: canada,, German,
The canada network is connecting to German through VPN.

Canada firewall is a Fortigate 51E located at (private network)
German firewall is

Computers in two subnet can visit each other.

We need add a network printer located at (Canada network) office for German computer print job. The printer IP Address is

My issue is German computer,, cannot ping Printer, Firewall is allowing all service traffic from to From Canada Fortigate I can see the receive bytes but no bytes sent to German.

How can I setup static route in Fortigate to allow Ping roll back?
Wanted to calculate "NOT ON ORDER COST" at L17 based on blanks from a different column.  For example in column L if it's blank than I wanted the base total cost from column F to be summed up at L17. Highlighted in yellow,  

See attachment.
What is the shortcut to copy anything from one cell to the next 200 rows in the same column? I use shift + Page down but it takes me a while. Is there a way I can do it just in one click?
i get this problem "side by side configuration error"
Activation context generation failed for "C:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft Office\root\Office16\lync.exe.Manifest".Error in manifest or policy file "C:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft Office\root\Office16\UccApi.DLL" on line 1. Component identity found in manifest does not match the identity of the component requested. Reference is UccApi,processorArchitecture="AMD64",type="win32",version="". Definition is UccApi,processorArchitecture="x86",type="win32",version="". Please use sxstrace.exe for detailed diagnosis.
I have an Access 2016 database which I use to scan barcodes to keep track of products that are already stored in the database. These products will always match the barcode number that is entered. Sometimes the wrong number gets entered from the scanner which comes up with the 3101 error.

The way that the data is scanned in is through a Subform with the field called barcode.
I would like a way to be able to show a message box to catch the error rather than the built in error on access.
check the vba code(Macro) in this file it works fine but what I want is to put the result only in sheet2 not in any other sheet or in  new sheet
kindly see the attachment file
see the code below
Option Explicit

Sub Step4inSheet2()
Dim wSource As Worksheet, wTarg As Worksheet
Dim rSource As Range, rTarg As Range, rCell As Range
Dim iStart As Long, i As Long, iLast As Long
Dim highlight As Boolean, gap As Boolean

Set wSource = ActiveSheet
Set wTarg = ActiveWorkbook.Worksheets.Add

'create source range
Set rSource = wSource.Cells(1, 1).CurrentRegion
Set rSource = rSource.Resize(1, rSource.Columns.Count - 1).Offset(1, 0)
'target range:
Set rTarg = wTarg.Cells(1, 1)
    gap = False
    highlight = False
    'start at second cell in each row
    iStart = 2
    For i = 2 To rSource.Columns.Count
    'stop at blank cell:
    If rSource(i) = "" Then Exit For
        If rSource(i).Interior.Color <> RGB(255, 255, 255) Then
            If highlight Then
            'do nothing if cell is next to highlighted cell
            highlight = True
            'mark second highlighted cell
            If gap Then iStart = i
            End If
        If highlight Then gap = True
        highlight = False
        End If
'don't use iStart as first column if no data after it
iLast = i - 1
If iLast = iStart Then iStart = 2

'insert row title
rTarg = rSource(1)
Set rTarg = rTarg.Offset(0, 1)

'copy found data
For i = iStart To iLast
rTarg = 

Open in new window

I need some help setting up Azure RMS. AIP is activated in Azure. I've set up my labels. I've installed the AIP client and see the button in Outlook 2016.

When I click the button I get a message that pops up that says "Azure Information Protection cannot apply this label because the client isn't fully configured. Try closing and re-opening your Office application, and if prompted, sign in. If the problem persists, contact your help desk or administrator."

I've tried waiting a few hours for the labels to publish. Any ideas?

Error message
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Filter doesn't work in my excel file for Column U and Column V.  I attach the excel.  For Column U and Column V, most cells are "#N/A", but you can see there are real data in some cells for example U161 and V161.  But when clicking the column filters in U3 and V3, you can only see "#N/A".  Can anyone explain why?  Thanks.
I am working on a spreadsheet to create 3-wide strips of paper that populates the fields based on pulling data from a "Data" worksheet.  Basically, on the data tab, a patient name will be entered on each line and the proper values filled in by the user.  The result on the "Tray Cards" worksheet will be a section for Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner for each patient.  There will be up to 25 patients to manage on this spreadsheet so I am looking for an easy way to copy what is on the "Tray Cards" worksheet so that the final result will be up to 25 sets of the 3 wide strips.  That will make sense when you look at the attached spreadsheet.   I need to take what is already in there on the Tray Cards sheet and duplicate it 25 times. I know Excel tries to be smart when pasting cells with formulas and I don't want to have to manually fix all of the formulas that look to the Data worksheet to get values as I paste new rows but if this is the only way to do it, that is fine.

Tray instructions and Feed instructions will be hand typed in each cell as needed.

Also, when printing, if they have only five patients and they hit Print, is there a way to only have it print five pages of the possible 25 with no intervention?  I don't want people to have to only print pages 1-5 because 9/10 people won't do that.

I am not a master of Excel and I am sure there is an easier way to accomplish my objective so I am open to any ideas.
create the permutation of 3  digits from column IZ  

and show  in column JQ  and foward as needed
Windows Server 2016 Standard install questions.

I have a client that currently has an SBS 2011 Standard installation (10 users) that needs to be replaced.  Initially I was looking at a physical server (Dell T330 with Single CPU - 4 Cores, 32Gbs of RAM) with Windows Server 2016 Essentials.  A straight forward basic install.  O365 Exchange On-Line Plans I and II will take care of hosting their mailboxes.

However, this client now has a remote office with two or three users. They currently have one user that remotes into an existing computer to access applications (Needles database, Quickbooks, company files, local Exchange mailbox.

So, I was thinking of acquiring MS RDP CALS (5 licenses).  However, the server would be a Hyper-V server with two VMs (1 VM for AD, company file storage, and hosting the Needles and QB databases), and the second VM would serve as an RDP Server with (5) licenses.

I do like Windows Server 2016 Essentials mainly for the built-in Remote Anywhere Access and 25 free CALs, and would still like to install it as a VM.

1. So, I need to know can Windows Server 2016 Standard allow installing Windows Server 2016 Essentials as a VM with the Standard license, or will an additional Windows Server 2016 Essentials license need to be acquired.

I am thinking a Windows Server 2016 Standard license allows installing a downgraded VM as an Essentials server, but I am not entirely sure.

2. Since the server will be purchased with (1) Intel E-3-1240 v5 …
I want to be able to go to one of the yellow cells in row 2

Though there are a few manual ways to import PST files to Office 365, third-party PST to Office 365 import tools are preferred over them due to various reasons.  Consequently, many tools or services are available for the same. Here, we pick the top 4 ones:

  1. Kernel Import PST to Office 365 Tool
  2. 4Team PST Migration services
  3. BitTitan PST to Office 365 Migration Wiz
  4. NetMail PST to Office 365 migration services

Kernel Import PST to Office 365 Tool

Import PST to Office 365 Tool is reliable in all aspects. It can import PST/OST files to Office 365 mailboxes quickly without losing any data. The entire process completes in just 4 steps. Also, it allows you to map PST mailboxes manually or by a CSV file to the required Office 365 mailbox. Using this tool, you can import emails, calendar, task, journals and other items of each mailbox to office 365. You can also apply filters to PST data before importing it to Office 365 mailbox.

Note: You can import PST to a single mailbox using its Office 365 account. Also, you can import PST to multiple mailboxes using an Office 365 account with Global Administrator credentials.

4Team PST Migration Services

With the use of this 4Team PST Migration services, you can import PST files and OST files to Office 365. You can also import multiple Outlook profiles to the Office 365 account. While using the import services, you do not have to worry about anything else. Another advantage is that their service can be used for migrations involving many other applications like Gmail, Exchange, etc.

BitTitan PST to Office 365 Migration Wiz

BitTitan PST Office 365 MigrationWiz can migrate PST mailboxes and public folders to Office 365. This process has zero downtime and zero impact on end users. This tool also provides complete security to data while you are using this MigrationWiz. However, this tool is complicated to use, and so novice users cannot use it.

NetMail PST to Office 365 migration services

NetMail offers PST to Office 365 import services. They offer to eliminate security risks and provide you well-secured data without any loss or any change in it. So, it helps to deal with all the import-related issues and access PST files in Office 365 quickly. It is a reliable and affordable way to import PST to Office 365. You can use it without worrying about any technical details.

Final Verdict

If you want to avoid manual methods for importing PST files to Office 365, you will have to try third-party tools. Here, we have listed the top 4 tools for importing PST to Office 365 - you can use any of them. But if user-friendliness is your first consideration for selecting the tool, you should choose Kernel Import PST to Office 365 tool. It is very efficient in importing PST files to Office 365.

I have 50 visual foxpro files in my computer. I want to transform that contents to excel is that possible??
If it's possible means how to that?
Hello Experts,

I hope I explain what we need well.

We need to organize our Microsoft Office Software licenses. Some are with the new Office 365 and some others are stand alone.

 Is there a way we could put all our licenses in the same account with Microsoft. they are all over the place.

Thank  you for your helpful comments.
I know that pivot table slicers are a new feature of the Microsoft office 2010.
Is it possible have them created in 2007 as well?
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Need to create a Nook version of my book

I have my soft-cover book selling at Amazon, Barnes and Nobles and I also have a Kindle version.

I was shielded from the complexity of creating Kindle by Amazon's automation. So, how do I make a Nook version?

I use Word Mac 16.11.1 but can also upload a PDF.

I got only B&N via Ingram Spark. Do I use Ingram Spark to create a Nook version?

Also, I sell my Kindle version for $9.99 and was told I get about a 65% royalty, so long as I give an exclusive for 90 days on digital content. Will making a Nook version put me at risk with Amazon?

How Mobility Is Modernizing Oil Field Services

Mobility solutions is what personnel working at oil fields need. But are they doing their bits to revolutionize the oil fields? We need technological advancements not just on the field but also the backend office which till now was abstained from newer ways of service deliveries that goes beyond the perspective to legitimize the modern uphold.

Get more info: 
A client of me with Office 365 mail accounts wants to have a contacts list in Outlook that is shared for all of the users and can be easily changed when needed.
I would say a public folder is the best for this, but it can also be done using a shared mailbox.

what is the common idea on this?

If a document pops up that public folder is really used / advised for this then I would love to see this so I can convince the client to use a public folder :)

PS: Outlook for mac is used and 1 user does want his contacts list IN the MAC contacts app.
I have an excel spreadsheet which is the result of exporting data from a crystal report
The crystal report has data from a sub report and apparently the following exists
"The export to Excel is designed to export the subreport to the "next" row.  There is nothing you can do about that."

So is it possible to have a macro that puts the data under the correct headings and removes the blank rows
Have attached the excel file
Example the figures in row 3 should be in row 2 under the headings:-  Reg Hrs Qty      Reg Hrs Cost      O/T Hrs Qty      O/T Factor      OT Hrs Cost      Total Hrs Cost

Noting that some records do not contain data to move (example row 65)

Probably something that anyone who uses Excel has asked. When I open an Excel file (double-clicking on the file) how can it be made to open in its own window?


When I open the file after doing this it opens a new window but I get the message: "THERE WAS A PROBLEM SENDING THE COMMAND TO THE PROGRAM" and the file doesn't open.

Google says the solution to the latter problem is to undo the former change.

At the moment the workaround (because it feels like more steps than should be necessary) is to open a new Excel window manually and drag the desired file in to be opened or opened via the file menu etc. I am sure I have got this working in the past but do not recall the trick to it. I have also seen all the reg hacks and stuff but I am sceptical about it being so complicated.

Excel 2010 (64 bit) on Windows 7 (64 bit). All software is patched and up to date. Please help.
When setting up a new profile on outlook 2013/2016/365 Outlook keeps asking for a password... When doing the same from Outlook 2010 no issues... anyone got an idea. I'm stuck with our migration from Exchange 2007 to Exchange 2013...
OWA and mobile access works fine...

Microsoft Office





Microsoft Office is an integrated suite of applications that includes Outlook, Word, Excel, Access, PowerPoint, Visio and InfoPath, along with a number of tools to assist in making the individual components work together. Coding within and between the projects is done in Visual Basic for Applications, known as VBA.