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Microsoft Office is an integrated suite of applications that includes Outlook, Word, Excel, Access, PowerPoint, Visio and InfoPath, along with a number of tools to assist in making the individual components work together. Coding within and between the projects is done in Visual Basic for Applications, known as VBA.

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Excel:  Please see attachment
I need to look at PM_NUM column A  and combine TaskNum column B where column A is the same.

The end result is to find out how many different combinations I have and how many times they are repeated.
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i opened one excel document.

when i tried to open one other not allowing me to open unless i close previous one.

when i try to open one other excel document from microsoft share point same issue

please advise

Seeking assistance on a nested IF/AND formula.  I need a formula was on the following sequence:


The IF-AND-AND part of the formula is throwing me so hoping someone could assist.
I have customers using Office 365 that are experiencing issues with the formatting of Excel.  One user creates the spreadsheets for distribution, some employees can view and print them as they were created but some must edit the document or it displays and prints with the top of the next page on the current one.  All of their settings are the same, views, margins, etc.  We have even looked at printing to the printer of the creator but the same issue is there.  What setting(s) are we missing that the users might have set differently?
got office 365 email in a 2013 professinal plus outlook. everything works fine.
but when i search for few particular emails, it shows results for last 3 months. and it does show anything for one year, and shows rest emails after a year. am not sure why it is not showing one year of emails if i search ??
but if i scroll down i can see all emails and from web portal, if i search its showing up all emails.
problem is only in outlook. its not showing emails for one year when i search. i tried indexing, new profile. but still same issue.
any could help with this ??
i have attached a screenshot to show the time gap. its not showing for one year.

Is there a way to limit the range of a timeline created in Excel?
The issue in my file is that the timeline date starts at 01 Jan 2017 and ends on 31 Dec 2018,
but my data cover only from Nov 2017 to march 2018.

Dear All

                 I have total 500 mailboxes need to migrate from on premise exchange to office 365, but I don't plan it to migrate them in one go, how do I do if I migrate first 50 mailboxes to office365, are they still be able to receive mails ? Office365 still not yet to make my domain.com as default domain and MX record still pointing to on premise exchange 2016, any help would be appreicated

Dear support
Please your advice!

If we receive email with multiples attached documents, Cannot selecting/copying multiple attachments in Outlook 2016 (Just with some users)
I am looking for a formula that will allow me to lookup multiple criteria and pull in multiple matches.  For example: My column headers are years, i.e. 2007, 2008, etc.  My row headers are the different project types, i.e. New, Old, In Queue, etc.  I also have 2 static combo boxes that correspond to City and State, which should also be part of the criteria and as the different city and state values from the drop-down change, the matches should changes as well.  I know how to use MATCH and INDEX for multiple criteria for a single match, but I need to match multiple criteria to pull in multiple matches and pull the matches in on separate rows if there is more than one match.    I understand that I can use SMALL, but I've been playing around and have not been successful.  I would appreciate any assistance with the array formulas that you can provide.  Thanks!  

I've attached a sample workbook with a  matrix of how I want it to look, as well as a sample data tab where the data should come from.
I'm now coping with extract the sentences containing keywords in Excel, but failed.

For example, I have several columns in an excel. In Column C, there are original texts where we look for the key words. There are several key words (i.e. "kitten", "cat" in this example). The sentence containing one of these key words will be extracted and put into a separate column, i.e. Column D. If there are several sentences containing these words , then the sentences will be listed into separate columns (it is also OK to listed into the same column). I attached an example.

Up to now, I only figured out doing it by using one keywords with excel formulas. Is it possible to do it with VBA. Or any other good suggestion?

Thank you very much!

Best Wishes!

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I have a user that saves a networked excel spreadsheet using excel 2013. They save it as a 97-2003 workbook. At that point it opens just fine on the 2013 excel but users that have 2007 it only shows a blank page.
I have done the following:
  1. unregistered excel with excel /unregserver
  2. i have unchecked DDE
  3. I have repaired office
  4. I have removed the XLStart folder and let it recreate it
nothing seems to work. Oh and the 2007 system is running the compatability pack and is able to open other excel spreadsheets just fine.
Thanks for your help
Does anyone have experience running scripted reports using Avaya CMS Supervisor? Here are the steps I'm considering using. Let me know if you have any additional questions.

Configure the report in Avaya CMS Supervisor
Automate the report to run using Windows Task Scheduler, have results exported to a .xls file.
Configure some Excel macros the populate specific info into existing worksheet.  

The reports are currently run daily and screenshots of the reports are emailed. I'm attempting to extract the info into some pivot tables, display them within some pivot charts within a central dashboard and have the dashboard emailed to the team.
Hello EE,

We have several users in the UK who are having issues working in O365 Excel 2016, where the longer they work in the application, the slower it seems, and the more it keeps hanging.  They eventually have to close out and reopen Excel to get it to work again.  After some time, the issue comes back, about several times a week.

One of the users mentioned he checked Task Manager during one of the slowdowns, and memory usage had shot up.  The users have relatively new (2-3 years) Dell machines with 8GB of RAM.  This occurs with files both local and on the network.

They all have Windows 7 64-bit with O365 Excel 2016 (v.2215 to .2295).

Anything else I can look at in regards to the slowness issues?

Hybrid Exchange 2010 with Exchange On-Line/Office 365.
AD Cloud Sync with on-Prem AD Server.
Skype For Business as Part Of Office 365 Premium

Years ago I tried installing a Lync Server, though never got all the way though. My Exchange User had a SIP email address entry in it.  This was Causing my Outlook to complain that My SIP and SMTP Addresses were not the same.   No One else in the Organization had a SIP email entry so I just removed mine. After that I could no longer login to Skype For Business. Did the Delete of the Appropriate files on my Machine, cleared the Stored Credentials, waited 24 hours and I still cannot login to Skype on ANY Machine (Mac/PC/PC) I can login to Exchange OWA, office Portal, Sharepoint, etc. Just not Skype. I seem to be the only affected user, other users are not affected.

Reading though many google searches I came across Update-CsUserDatabase which is supposed to Pull a copy of the User's Attributes from AD, though when I go to run that Command I get: "Update-CsUserDatabase' is not recognized as the name of a cmdlet"
Though I can execute other get-Cs Commands with no issues, so I know I have a Good connection to the back end SfB.   (See Below) I can cycle though other Update-Cs Commands, just not the Update-CsUserDatabase one.

Is there a new way to refresh the backend User Database foe Skype For Business when its part of Office365?

PS C:\Windows\system32> remove-PSSession $cssession
PS C:\Windows\system32>

Open in new window

Hello Experts!

We need to produce reporting on score aggregates, per submitter and large group. We are downloading a file of submitted scores. There is one line per submitter. Each submitter submits scores (scores of 0 through 4) on 5 to 6 criterion for 10 items. We need to consolidate the scores to a count per criterion per submitter. So, going from:

Item 1 Criterion 1 score      Item 1 Criterion 2 Score      Item 2 Criterion 1 Score      Item 2 Criterion 2 Score
1                                                                  2                                               1                                             3

To (note: values are counts not sums/averages/etc...)

Criterion 1 Score 1      Criterion 1 Score 2      Criterion 1 Score 3
2                                                   1                                                1

We also need to split the file by categories (see attached image). We were trying to use Excel 2016 Get and Transform to take the original data file and A) split the original file into three category files (successful); B) create the aggregate score count columns (criterion 1 score 1, etc.) (not successful). We can do the score counting in a regular worksheet using COUNTIF, and we could then transform again to remove the individual item columns, but we had hoped there would be a way to do it in the transform however none of the transform functions seem to be the right thing.

Ultimately, an image of the output is attached. Please and thank you!
Hi Experts
As I am currently extract data in excel file via MSSQL from local computer in which there is linked server with Oracle Database, I got errors message for excel -2147417484 (80010108).
But I am successfully extract data if small dataset. What should I do? Transfer to sever side instead of local computer? Please kindly advise

Many thanks

I have a problem with office professional plus 2016. They get the activation key with a MAK key and it works fine.

I've been installing them on many computers and my problem is on computers with windows 10 with a preinstalled office version.

First I have uninstalled it, using the tool of Microsoft since the uninstallation is not present in the add/remove software of the control panel.

Then after restarting the computer, I install it and if I look in "account", I see this

Then, the next day, I get this

and this

So I try to re-enter the key, but activation fails. If I uninstall everything, and re-install it, it works for one day and the the problem occurs again.

I've notice that the limitation date changes every day, and even though its says that most features will be disables, it stays fully functional.

Thank you for your help.
After upgrading to Office 2019, Outlook 2019 keeps prompting for a password.

User 1 as full admin access to 6 mailboxes (including their own) from Exchange 2013 on prem ECP
User 2 as full admin access to 3 mailboxes (including their own) from Exchange 2013 on prem ECP
User 1 and user 2 have full access to 1 common mailbox (we will call user 3)

If we log into a PC with Office 2019 as "user 3" outlook operates as expected.

If user1 or user2 log into PC outlook 2019 will prompt for their credentials and/or the user3 mailbox.

If user1 or user2 log onto PC with Office 2016/Outlook 2016 no issues.
Excel 2016, Dynamics 365

I have a pivot table in Excel that need additional data fields added.  

The data to be added is a one-to-many relationship (Projects (one) to Connections (many)

I need assistance with establishing the one-to-many relationship and populating the pivot table with the Connections by Project.
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We having Exchange Server 2013 and now planning to move to Office 365 exchange online.

What i should need to do to migrate by moving some users to Office 365 and keep the rest users in Exchange on-premises server
Having some problems with the office package.
Freshly installed laptop, domain-joined.

Service: Office365
Application: Word, Outlook

The application itself works, however when we close the application we are met with an error message.
(Outlook gives same error message, except file is named "NormalEmail.dotm")

Error message: "Word cannot create or save the file, Disk could be full, write-protected or damaged.

If i start the application as an admin, then try to close it:
Error message: "Word cannot create or save this file, Disk could be full, write-protected or damaged.

Closing down the error message gives us a prompt to save Normal.dotm to a location.
Saving the file to e.g Desktop, then opening up word and closing it gives us same error msg.

Checked the access-rights to: AppData\Roaming\Microsoft\Templates - User has full access
Checked if the files in the location written above were write-protected - They arnt write protected
Tried to transfer my ..\Template folder to his computer - No difference, same error message
Ive done quick repair, online repair, full re-install of office package - Same error message

We are using a template add-on/program if that could cause any issue?
User is local admin.

I have attached a image of the error message, however, its in Swedish.
I need a function that will create a new workbook from the visible cells only.
In excel I need to o Extract Unique Values Based On Criteria.  I found a formula that will work  at this website


But I need to add one additional column next to Product and Name columns.  Let's just call it the Use column which will have an "x" value if the product and name are to be used.  I only want to show Unique Values that have x in the Use column.  How would I add it to the formula  specified.

=INDEX($B$2:$B$17, MATCH(0, IF($D$2=$A$2:$A$17, COUNTIF($E$1:$E1, $B$2:$B$17), ""), 0)
Able to install MS Office 2019 but it asking to uninstall all Microsoft products.

Please let me know what all compatible versions Microsoft products (SFB, OneDrive for business, Project and Visio) with MS Office 2019.

Thank you,
Hi Experts,

I have attached a VB Utility being regularly used by me. It is used to prepare some returns, where we input the data and the output is produced in the shape of some encrypted file format for onward submission. But it can also be used to prepare a correction return also. In that case we need to import a Consolidated file and then the return can be amended or extended.

What I presently do
--Download all the conso files

--Import the files one by one in above software.
>>Here we need to Select Form No (24Q / 26Q / 27Q / 27EQ).
>>Type of statement to be prepared is always "Correction".
>>Option to be selected "Import Consolidated File"

--Copy the data from the tabs and paste them in different sheets of Excel (Normally there are 3 Tabs, but data from 1st Tab is never copy pasted. There may be 4 tabs for the 24Q - 4th Quarter of a Financial year in which case the last 3 tabs are copy pasted)

Name of Tabs (from which data to be copied and pasted in Excel) in case of each Form
24Q >  Challan , Annexure I        (in case of 4th Quarter of FY tabs to be Copy pasted are Challan, Annexure I and Annexure II
26Q >  Challan , Annexure I
27Q >  Challan , Annexure I
2EEQ >Challan , Annexure I

Challan Data can be pasted in the same Excel Sheet for All Form Types, whereas for Annexure I and Annexure II, we need separate sheets for Each Form.

I wish some script (or anything like that even if that is in Excel) which can

Microsoft Office





Microsoft Office is an integrated suite of applications that includes Outlook, Word, Excel, Access, PowerPoint, Visio and InfoPath, along with a number of tools to assist in making the individual components work together. Coding within and between the projects is done in Visual Basic for Applications, known as VBA.