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Microsoft Office is an integrated suite of applications that includes Outlook, Word, Excel, Access, PowerPoint, Visio and InfoPath, along with a number of tools to assist in making the individual components work together. Coding within and between the projects is done in Visual Basic for Applications, known as VBA.

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ErrorHi All, I work in support and a few of my users are having an issue in excel.

When they open an excel 2016 file with what looks like to be a VBA sheet, once they click on a button an error pops up with

Microsoft Form
could not load some objects because they are not available on this machine.

what i know is that it works for some users and not for others.

we are on windows 10 64bit
office 2016 32bit
Microsoft Azure 2017
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Microsoft Azure 2017

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Hi all,

I have an excel document that it works for me as I need. I sent the document to my colleague and now I cannot see the calculation result because.On the cell where the figures should shows it come up with " #Value! "

Is this something to do with permissions?
I loaded team onto a users PC. Every time I launch it from the icon on the desktop or pinned to the task bar. It will open for a brief second and then close.

I however get it to work when I reboot the PC and it will start right back up.
I have a pivot table that is connected to an Access query.  I have added a field to the query and would want to add the field to the pivot table.
How can you modify the pivot table’s link to external data?  On older version of Excel, you pressed Alt-D, then P to modify settings; however, this no longer works.
I am currently using Office 2016.  I have tried to select Connection Properties from the Data tab; however, the command text only shows the name of the Access query.  The Edit Query button is grayed out.
Thank you in advance for your help.
I have started to use powerquery and absolutely love it..however I have a few questions

1. How do I do a count if for duplicates in a new column
2. How can I do an index match with power query
3. I get new files every week, will all the calculations that I perform on the current query will be applicable to the new file once I change the source file to the same as for the previous query? ex the data source for current query would be "source.txt" and once I receive the new file I replace the "source.txt" with a new file
4.this step is little complicated for me, I receive a text file where every row which starts with "H" I have to be in a separate worksheet, how can I achieve this
Hi there,
i have 2 Lenovo B50-50 notebooks that have started shutting down with a BSOD. No warning, just the sad emoji that windows has to shut down.

Checking through Event Viewer i see Kernel Power Event ID 41 & Bluescreenview points to ntoskrnl.ex, e, IRQL_NOT_LESS-OR-EQUAL.

Anyone any ideas or come across this before? There are another 8 Notebooks that are fine.

All notebooks run Avast Free Antivirus, Open Office & Adobe Reader, not much else.
Is there a way to output 2 additional headers when exporting a query in Access to an Excel file?

The picture shows 3 header lines. Example file
Hello experts,
Just curious in your company how do you determine your endpoints (machines - Windows/MACs and Android/iOs mobile) are trusted (owned by your company) to allow user to accesss Office 365?

Just looking for options...
I am using the code below on a userform in Excel to run a report stored in access database. It currently prints the report immediately. I am trying to have the report just display without printing. I would prefer that the report opens in excel and the user can then decide to print or discard.

Right now if the user runs the report it locks the access dba until the print job is complete. I need to prevent that from happening since we have multiple writing to the database from the excel userform. Any suggestions or perhaps a better method?

Private Sub CommandButton2_Click()
       Dim objAcc As Object
       Dim strWhere As String
       strWhere = "IDnNo = " & Me.txtBrNo & ""
       Set objAcc = CreateObject("Access.Application")
       objAcc.OpenCurrentDatabase FilePath:=TARGET_DB
       objAcc.DoCmd.OpenReport "rptClasss", acViewPreview, strWhere
       On Error GoTo ErrHandler
       objAcc.RunCommand 340 
       On Error GoTo 0
       Exit Sub
       If Err = 2501 Then 
           ' Ignore
           MsgBox Err.Description, vbExclamation
       End If
       Resume Next

End Sub

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Hello all,

My company is using the Office 365 business services (more than 100 licenses) and i have to say we are extremely happy so far.

Even though we hit a wall and i am not sure if there is a solution for that.

What we want to do is to share a Folder from One drive with few of our employees with just Read only permissions.

Even though we want them to be able to share that Folder with a URL to external users.

We are getting messages that the users do not have the permission to do that etc etc.

We tried to figure out the way but we weren't able to do so.

So the question is, Is anyone with just read only permission on a shared folder, able to re-share it to an absolute link to an external user?
Starting with Angular 5
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Starting with Angular 5

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Hello Team

I have a worksheet named "Summary" which contains name ranges, 15 in total.

Each name range follows a name sequence of CCSum1, CCSum2, CCSum3 etc.  

Can you please advise, using VBA, how to best loop through each named range, e.g., get the code to identify CCSum1, run the code required to loop through each cell in the CCSum1 range  and then move onto CCSum2 etc.  The code for looping through each cell within the named range isn't required, just how to move from one name range to another.

Thanks in advance for any suggestions provided.


Exchange 2013.

One of the outlook user some times there is password screens appears asking to put password. And the screen has another user email id.

This happens some time.

I have below VBA code that massively converts csv to xls.

My problem that i have is that in my csv files, i have many values that as leading zero's.

Ex:0000000039,0000000039 WORLD ON EDGE

So to be able to keep the leading zero's, i must set the columns to NumberFormat = "@"

The problem i'm facing is that it does put the columns in TEXT format but the leadings zero's are gone.
Instead of seeing : 0000000039, i 'm getting 39.

I've tried: Columns("A:Z").NumberFormat = "@", Range("A:Z").NumberFormat = "@".

The file i have is only 1 macro. The macro ask to select a folder that contains csv file(s).

How can i make all the data in TEXT format so i can keep the leading zero's

Thanks for your help.

Sub CSVtoXLS()
    Dim xFd As FileDialog
    Dim xSPath As String
    Dim xCSVFile As String
    Dim xWsheet As String
    Application.DisplayAlerts = False
    Application.StatusBar = True
    xWsheet = ActiveWorkbook.Name
    Set xFd = Application.FileDialog(msoFileDialogFolderPicker)
    xFd.Title = "Select a folder:"
    If xFd.Show = -1 Then
        xSPath = xFd.SelectedItems(1)
        Exit Sub
    End If
    If Right(xSPath, 1) <> "\" Then xSPath = xSPath + "\"
    xCSVFile = Dir(xSPath & "*.csv")
    Do While xCSVFile <> ""
        Application.StatusBar = "Converting: " & xCSVFile
        Workbooks.Open Filename:=xSPath & xCSVFile
        Columns("A:Z").NumberFormat = "@"

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Word document with garbled caracters in print preview
We have a number of users who have problems with Word 2016 documents that when printed are seeing garbled characters in both print preview and with their print outs.

At first we suspected the problem to be only with one model of HP printer (LaserJet M605), but now it is happening when printing to a Ricoh MFP.

If the user toggles to a different printer and back to the desired printer, the problem with the fonts goes away.  But it comes back the next time or after working with a few documents later.

We have tried a variety of troubleshooting ideals but have not been able to find a permanent fix.

The computers are running Windows 10 1903 with Office 2016 365 subscription.
The printers are on Windows print server.

See the enclosed screenshot for a look at the document.

Thanks for any tips!

Eric Garneau
Hello experts,

I have the following xlsx table attached.

I don't understand why the banded format is not properly propagated for column D.

Required option is already on.

Thank you for your help.
Temp files on network drives

we currently have a server 2012 which the machines sole purpose is to share files between our network  for staff members this data is backed up with carbonite every night
however we seem to be getting excel creating temp files constantly on the network drive from excel and word these files do not delete them selfs after we have closed down

can somebody please advise


Outlook prints one character per line on one computer for one user

We are using Office 365 (Windows 10 Professional)
This is a networked computer
Other users have used this  computer and have not had the issue

The user can print from Word and Excel with no issues.

The email shows up one character per line when you preview the document and  the email prints out  with one character per line

The computer has more them one printer installed. This error happens for all the installed printers

I did try  the Print Options select Memo style and define styles and click reset

The email prints like this


We have a 700+ line excel sheet with our targeted sales locations by city and state. Is there a product that can import our excel data (sales person, city and state) and create an interactive US map of all of the excel data sales locations which can then be interactively used during presentations?

For example, should we present the west coast sales region, we can zoom into that map area and then click on any of the cities that we are targeting.

I posted this question before but still not get good answer.

I created excel file (Excel 2016) with 5 worksheet.
Each worksheet is based on  Microsoft query  which run store procedure on SQL Server 2012  as data  source.
Store procedures have one parameter -  date.

When I created first Microsoft Query in Excel I did it on next way:
Open new workbook > on menu go to Data >Get Data> From Other Source>From Microsoft Query > Chose Data Source.
Here I created new data source gave name “ReportsDS”  and selected Driver is SQL Server Native Client 11.0. I was prompted for password as I do not want to have hard coded password or password in connection string.
I went through prompted steps in creating Microsoft Query. I put in SQL box call to my store procedure with parameter using proper syntax:
{Call [MyDatawarehouse].[dbo].My_Store_Procedure_1(?)}

On Connection Property form at Definition tab > parameter button > Parameter Value is obtained  I selected location worksheet_1 cell D5 and clicked option
"Refresh automatically when cell value changes.

For each of these five worksheet I went through the same steps.
Only difference is that I used different store procedure for data source for each of them.
All store procedure are from the same database and all sp have one date parameter which value was provided from location  on worksheet_1 cell D5.
So when new date  on worksheet_1 D5 cell is entered  all 5 worksheet are updated at that moment.

My problem with …
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When using Excel 2016 pivot tables the "Field List" does not appear  when toggled on/off .
When I do this in safe mode it works as designed, but otherwise it does not work.
Anybody else experiences this. At first, I thought it was our home/office internet but I also see the same thing but to a far less degree when I am out of office.

I used the Lenovo system to check the wifi card driver and it tells me it is up to date.y920.jpg
Any help would be appreciated.

Can this string  be turned into a number at all please, without using a macro or VBA?


Thanks for any help - I’ve tried everything I know already. :(
The user just has a POP account and the latest Symantec Encryption Desktop, Office 2007, and the computer is running on Windows 7 32bit.

Would the installer for Office365 uninstall Office 2007 and automatically migrate the PST and the autofill file?  Or do I have to upgrade manually?  If I have to do it manually, what's the procedure?

I cannot delete or moves emails in Outlook 2013.   This is new installation on a new computer that came with the builtin Office 365 trial.   I uninstalled Office 365.

When I first open Outlook I can delete and move emails just fine.   After it has been open for a few minutes I can no longer delete or move.

Any help will be appreciated
I am fumbling through trying to learn Access better.  I am trying to figure out how to use the charts on the forms but can't get it to start where I want.  

I took a table that has multiple years of sales data. I made a query where I summed the sales for all parent groups while grouping by date but I summed the data over specific date ranges that are dynamic. I created several fields like the example below.  I wanted to be able to compare sales from the last year to sales from the same point 1 yr ago and 2 yrs ago.

Last12M: Sum(IIf([orderDate] Between DateAdd("yyyy",-1,Date()) And Date(),[ZqryAmazonOrderHistory_ShipStationOrders].[quantity],0))
Last12M_1YrAgo: Sum(IIf([orderDate] Between DateAdd("yyyy",-2,Date()) And DateAdd("yyyy",-1,Date()),[ZqryAmazonOrderHistory_ShipStationOrders].[quantity],0))
Last12M_2YrAgo: Sum(IIf([orderDate] Between DateAdd("yyyy",-3,Date()) And DateAdd("yyyy",-2,Date()),[ZqryAmazonOrderHistory_ShipStationOrders].[quantity],0))

The query looks great.  I changed the date to be Date: Format([orderDate],"mmdd") so that I could chart the lines for 3 different years on top of one another.  

I am trying to create a form to display the graph of the sales among other things but I cannot get the chart in Access to start the data from the current month.  It always shows it as starting at 0101 and ending at 1231.  I have applied a sort order with the actual date to the query but the chart ignores that and even when I change it in the transpose …

Microsoft Office





Microsoft Office is an integrated suite of applications that includes Outlook, Word, Excel, Access, PowerPoint, Visio and InfoPath, along with a number of tools to assist in making the individual components work together. Coding within and between the projects is done in Visual Basic for Applications, known as VBA.