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Microsoft Office is an integrated suite of applications that includes Outlook, Word, Excel, Access, PowerPoint, Visio and InfoPath, along with a number of tools to assist in making the individual components work together. Coding within and between the projects is done in Visual Basic for Applications, known as VBA.

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We have Office 365 E3 Enterprise which syncs with our local Active Directory using Azure AD sync.

We've been using it now for around 2/3 years without any issues at all, except this one..

I have a user who used to be able to log into Skype for Business 2016 without any issues and then one day he couldn't. Most likely an AD password change caused Skype to log out and required him to log back in again with his new credentials. The error message states his username/password/domain are incorrect.

I found a few things online about resetting the Skype's cache and removing the SIP folders for the account etc.. which didn't help. And the issue occurs if he logs onto another computer and even a freshly built computer.

However, he can log into other Office applications and the 365 portal just fine with the same details. I've checked the obvious things as well, he is definitely licensed to use Skype for Business. I can also confirm that Multi-Form Authentication is not enabled for any of our users either.

I even went so far as removing him from Office 365 with PowerShell, deleting him from the deleted users folder (with PowerShell) and then re-syncing him again and the issue still occurs. I've changed the email from our domain email to the one and the same issues also occur.

This doesn't happen to any of the other 450 users we have, just this once guy.

Any suggestions for things to try would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks in advance,
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The 14th Annual Expert Award Winners

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I need a single Excel formula to do a count with criteria. See attached sheet. The formula should go in cell B49.

I need the formula to first look at the contents of column 'A', and, for those 'A' column cells containing 'ATP', look for corresponding values in column 'B' that are zero or less than zero. Then for those cells in column 'B' that meet this criteria, count them and put the total cell count in cell B49.

The correct amount of cells in column 'B' meeting this criteria in the attached sheet is 7.

Thank you!
I have created an Excel file which contain a Data Model for Power Pivot. At each table in the file I have inserted some bottoms with simple options for controlling the table content. I'm not experienced with the use of VBA and I have therefore only recorded the macros used in the file.

My problem is now that when I open the Excel file, the error message below appears which I don't know how to understand. It's possible for me to open the file but all the macros are not visible any longer which is probably due to the fact that the link to the macro's location is incorrect.

I can also inform you that nothing is shown in the Reference window under Tools in the VBA Editor

Error-Message.pngThe file is the result of a big project I have been working on and I therefore hope that some of you can help me how to solve this.
Hello Sirs,

need help on this commaed in below code 'pt.PivotFields("(blank)").Visible = False     : once i run MACRO wherever is "blank"  Pivot filter shd unchecked that

Dim pt As PivotTable
Dim ws As Worksheet

    For Each ws In ActiveWorkbook.Worksheets

        For Each pt In ws.PivotTables

'pt.PivotFields("(blank)").Visible = False    
       Next pt
    Next ws 

Open in new window

Hi , i will appreciate if any one give me a example of following requirement.
I need to find if any user is put out of office message,How to do that using C# Application
I understand it's need to do with Active Directory
but need some sample code or example how to do that

Hello gents

I have a project that aims to provision Office 365 for 2000 students for a University

I want to know if anyone has been involved in such projec

Can i have a Script ; tool that can help me provision the users

What could be the scenarion? pre create accounts and give the students the opportunity to enroll themselves?
column highlighted in red colour nothing to do with that and we don't have to consider the red highlighted colour column, No role of that data
the coloumn highlighted in yellow colour we have to work on that
copy that data and paste that data to sheet2 each first empty row of each  row  into each table
in sheet2 also we don't have to consider the red highlighted coloumn no role of that coloumn
I have posted the question  before also  the code was proper but my data  is alpha numeric in red highlighted coloumn so that code does't work so that's y don’t consider red highlighted coloumn
See the sample file
I am reading a book on Excel Power Pivot.  I am struggling with when to use a measure and when to use a calculated column.  If I want to calculate Margin as an example (Sale Price - Cost) do I do this as a Calculated column or as a measure ?  Whats the best practive ?
I have 2 tabs - called New and Current.  The New tab constantly gets refreshed with new data.  I simply want to copy the filtered values (code automatically puts a filter on for the new tab) from the new tab and place in the current tab.  In the current tab I want to ensure that I bring over the same formatting as found from the new tab.  Lastly I do need to make one formatting change and make the row heights 30 in current tab.

See attached
OS: Microsoft Windows 7 Ultimate (x64)
Device: PC Desktop
Hard Drive(s): Not Full
Antivirus: Avast & Malwarebytes
Software: Office 365 | Office Professional Plus 2016 For 1 PC. Added to account on Friday, June 9, 2017.
Other Devices: Android Tablet, Android Phone.

OneNote won't start on my Win7 PC (installed, desktop version).

Additional Info:
Won't start as Administrator.
Won't start when Antivirus is disabled.

As far as I can recall, I didn't do anything to disrupt this program.
The program runs fine on my mobile devices and in the browser(s) of my PC (Firefox and gChrome).

Attempted to Run OneNote from Start Menu
Error Message: Something went wrong | We couldn't start your program. Please try starting it again. | If it won't start, try repairing Office from 'Programs and Features' in the Control Panel. Link: You can go online to get more help.

Attempted to REPAIR Office
Control Panel > Programs & Features
Error Message: Something went wrong | Sorry, Office ran into a problem because its system service is disabled. | Please ensure the Office system service can run, then try again. | Error Code: 30068-13 (1058)

I would like some help to walk through the steps to fix this problem. Thank you.

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Office 2016/Win10:

Recently, when I run a spellcheck, the ADD TO DICTIONARY button has been grayed out in Word. It was also grayed out in Excel, but came back after I rebooetd.

Has anyone else experienced this issue recently? Maybe there's been a problematic Microsoft update? Is there a fix/workaround?


I want a function in Excel VBA, which I should call, and should be able to change passed filename's, date and time (also passed).

For example, if the function is Change_DateTime(NewFile as String, NewDate as Date, NewTime as Date) as Boolean.

Then this function should be able to change date and time for the parameter passed filename.

Hope the problem is clear.

How can I stop from sorting my online spreadsheet alphabetically by the first column?

I have pasted this spreadsheet directly from Excel 2016 and I want it to stay sorted in the original order; I don't want the spreadsheet to be sorted by alphabetically by the first column.

How can I stop Smartsheets from doing this?
I’m having an issue activating an Office 2010 VLK on a Surface for a customer so any thoughts appreciated. This key has worked on previous builds, just failing on this one with error code 0x8002232B. Solutions attempted [and failed] so far are below. Next option seems to be restoring the default security settings in the Surface and possibly disabling GPO but I’ appreciate some thoughts first.

Change the product key to a MAK

icacls C:\ProgramData\Microsoft\OfficeSoftwareProtectionPlatform /grant "Network Service:(OI)(CI)(R,W,D)" /t

Change registry key below to 1

Ran the following:
>cscript ospp.vbs /act
Microsoft (R) Windows Script Host Version 5.812
Copyright (C) Microsoft Corporation. All rights reserved.

Installed product key detected - attempting to activate the following product:
SKU ID: 9da2a678-fb6b-4e67-ab84-60dd6a9c819a
LICENSE NAME: Office 14, OfficeStandard-KMS_Client edition
Last 5 characters of installed product key: 8R6BM
ERROR CODE: 0x8007232B
ERROR DESCRIPTION: Run the following: cscript ospp.vbs /ddescr:0x8007232B

C:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft …
I am attaching two separate files. Column C in Project file needs to be populated with data from Support file tab 1 Cell C9 (drop down box). thanks!Project.xlsxSupport.xlsx
Sorry, I set up 2 machines - 1 that has onedrive and one that has onedrive for business installed.

I keep being told the only similarity / continuity between them is the first part of their name - onedrive.  They are entirely different animals?! the ODFB runs on sharepoint?  

Am I missing something?  They seem to have the same functionality.

I am most familiar with Dropbox.  So if you can put things into comparision with Dropbox, that would help me understand things better : )
This is a rehash of this question which lost it's way here on EE.
(I've added some sample data to the spreadsheet)
I figured out how to get my EE points total for the past 12 months
(It updates automatically every month).

Based on the 50,000 points in the last 12 months EE rewards rule, I can manually work out
that I have enough points to retain free premium membership until
the end of December 2018 (If I get no more points)?

How can the end of rewards month be automatically calculated Excel?
We have some users that were trying to migrate to Office 365, Exchange online...

They were given E3 licences weeks ago for testing the Msol services, but now we are unable to migrate their mailboxes successfully to the cloud. Would this possibly be because they were already enabled for Exchange Online and so a mailbox was provisioned in the cloud, prior to migrating their on-prem mailboxes?

How do we fix this? Remove the O365 E3 licenses, wait, migrate the mailbox and assign the license again?

Whats the general rule of thumb? Migrate mailboxes THEN assign licenses?

Word and Excel hangs when saving as on iMac I just get the spinning circle forever.

It was working perfectly, but my iMac died and I re-installed OS.

This then happened immediately.  I installed from Office 365.

On the left it has recent folders as just onedrive.  But I do not use onedrive and I have tried uninstalling that.

it will save an existing document, but not a new one.

I have also tried uninstalling Word and Excel as well.

Thanks Terry
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Hi - For some reason, a clients outlook add-ins are not loading at all when Outlook starts up. As you know, usually you’ll see them load one by one at the bottom of the outlook box once you launch it. But now, it seems to skip it and go right into Outlook. If I go into the options/add-ins I can see them all there and checked. Anyone have any idea what would cause this or what I can do to fix it?
I run an Office 365 Business account for my company.   We've just recently started enabling Multi-factor authentication for my users.

I've run into a problem where every time I enable it, then have them log into to set up their app password it then doesn't synch up with outlook 2016.

To be more specific.  I enable it for them, then have them log into and then click the "Set it up" link where they receive the verification text on their cell phone.
Then I have them open outlook desktop app (outlook 2016) and we would expect it to prompt for a new app password.  It's not.  If I leave it alone, about 1 to 2 hours later it stops working and will not open at all claiming the set of folders is unavailable.

If I remove the profile and have it restart, it accepts the app password but then still says the set of folders is unavailable.

The only way I've found so far to fix this is to go back into their account, disable multi-factor.  Then re-enable it and have them walk through the setup again.  This seems to do the trick.

Is there a time period I should be waiting before trying to access it?  Or is there something else going on I'm not aware of?

any help would be great.
I have a worksheet where the data is divided by country in rows and by years in columns this is the masterdata sheet for a specific data parameter. I want to be able to update another worksheet that will have the country name as a sheet name but only that parameter in a range. I cant understand how I would get the data to transfer for only that parameter. In this example I stated number of homes by country. Ive attached sheets to visualize the question. Was wondering if anyone can help me via VBA.
What VBA would I need that will display a message box telling you who has a file open on a network?

Assume file path/name is in cell A1 of a worksheet.
I created an Excel spreadsheet and saved it to the same folder as the Access database.  The spreadsheet has two sheets.  One called open and the other closed.  They both have the same six headings and nothing else.  I added a button to my database with a hyperlink to open the spreadsheet.  I am receiving the following message whenever I click the button:
Object reference not set to an instance of an object.

I have searched this problem but everything I find has to do with code someone has written and not the Hyperlink Address property I used.

I also did this for a Word document and it works fine.

I need to create 1/2 macro with some conditions or validation , please help me out.

1:- Macro save email as PDF is Subject line Contains either " ABC" or "RE:ABC", then macro save email as PDF in any folder.

1:- Macro save email as PDF is Subject line Contains either " ABC" or "RE:ABC". and also body contain word -"Approval" then macro export mail in excel and save PDF and excel in any folder with subject line as file name


Microsoft Office





Microsoft Office is an integrated suite of applications that includes Outlook, Word, Excel, Access, PowerPoint, Visio and InfoPath, along with a number of tools to assist in making the individual components work together. Coding within and between the projects is done in Visual Basic for Applications, known as VBA.