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Microsoft Office is an integrated suite of applications that includes Outlook, Word, Excel, Access, PowerPoint, Visio and InfoPath, along with a number of tools to assist in making the individual components work together. Coding within and between the projects is done in Visual Basic for Applications, known as VBA.

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I have 3 sheet - first sheet has Overall server details, second sheet has limited server details and third sheet has all installed patches and Missing patches details.

I want to take first sheet as base and create a dashboard in which gap of first sheet and second is showing in red colour. For represent installed and missing patches, I need a drop down option.
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How to retrieve the share folder from 3 levels structure onward fron AD OU Structure , business unit and with owner of the individual share folder on the 300 VMs file servers.  

Is there any free powerful software to retrieve the above requirement?
Is there any powershell code can run on 300 VMs file servers?

Ps advice accordingly. Tks
How can I lock the current Outlook 2016 layout/view so it won't change?

I need everything to stay in the exact same layout and format as shown so that it won't change the size of the far left column, the size of the email columns in the middle of the screen, the size of the preview pane on the right, etc.

How can this be done?

Outlook layout
Need a Word Template (Mac) for multi-fold booklet

I love the idea of using this little pocket booklet, but can not make this template in Word.

I assume the template would maintain the proper orientation, for example.

Can anyone dig one up for me?

The Close 'x' button, highlights on a red background, and is located at the top right of the main Excel Window

I can use the API functions GetSystemMenu Lib, DeleteMenu Lib, EnableMenuItem Lib - to respectively disable and enable the the Close 'x' button (

But I want to HIDE / DISPLAY that 'x'control.
How do I do that?

Thanks! Kelvin
Merge 2 Excel 2016 Files to single file and group records

I have 2 files, each with 4 columns:

Email Address - First Name - Last Name - Type

My goal is to merge these files so that records with same Last Name values will be grouped in the new file, that is the records will be grouped - sorting of fields not necessary.

How do I do this?
We have a client thats on google docs and they want to migrate and move to Office 365. They have about 30 mailboxes. Whats the best way to move them over without having to buy any additional add ons and quickly?

Thank you
I have an Excel spreadsheet that is being cut off on the right side both on-screen and print preview/printing. The file works on other machines with no issue. I have confirmed printer settings are all identical.

Image of how it appears on problematic machine.
How to write php output to excel? more than 100 rows and each 10 column. Platform linux.
I have a user that is unable to sign in to his Office 365 account on the local desktop applications: Outlook 2016, Word 2016, Excel 2016, etc.  I keep receiving a message when signing in to Outlook "This feature is disabled by your administrator".  I tried uninstalling and reinstalling Office several times, tried modifying these registry keys in the article below: , and also tried an office repair.  I was able to sign-in on their account by using a different Windows username.  I also could sign-in on their account by using a different computer, but using their Windows username.  We also tried to deactivate all their devices on the Office admin portal, but that did not seem to work either.  Please let me know if anyone has any ideas or suggestions.
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Outlook 2010 printer not ready error.  User receives a "Printer Not Ready" error whenever trying to print an email and/or attachments from 2 specific users within the same organization.  All other users emails and attachments print as expected. Printer is USB connected and set as default.  Have performed Office repair and have verified that the bidirectional option is not checked in the printer configuration.  Had same 2 users send emails to me as a test and they open just fine and print as expected on my system. Print error seems to be limited to only 2 senders sending emails to a single receiver within the same organization. They have an in house Exchange server providing email service for the entire organization.
In Office 365, we want to create a calendar to easily share our status with others. We would invite the "calendar" when adding to our own calendar annual leaves, overseas travels, birthdays, etc...
As many will share the same mailbox, there are "appointment conflicts" which can be automatically allowed (John is overseas next Monday, Jane is on leave next week, thus there are 2 appointments on the same day... not a problem to us!)
Thus we want
  1. a shared calendar
  2. that is accessible by designated members
  3. that auto accepts invitations
  4. that is visible in Outlook on PCs and
  5. that is visible in Outlook App on smartphones

I created a Room and set all the rules to auto accept invitations, to allow conflicts, etc... using "Set-CalendarProcessing".
It is visible in my Outlook. Work great!
However I have not found a way to add that Calendar to my Android Outlook App. >>> This is the reason for this post

  • A "room" mailbox does not have a password, thus cannot be added as a regular mailbox
  • A "room" mailbox cannot share its calendars in Outlook
  • I tried to add the "Room" mailbox to the Outlook app using email = user =, password = mypassword ... does not work

Any suggestions? If possible within the Office 365 enviroment?
In the given sample in sheet-1 there is a column called skill where filter is applied.
What I need to do is apply filter for each skillset and then count the frequency of numbers under the column baseline level and then place the frequency of each number into sheet-2 under L1,L2,L3 of the current level.
for eg-
in sheet 1 filter the skills column by lets say, the skill "Angular JS".
Therefore, now the baseline level column contains only entries i.e 0 and 1. So count the occurences of 0s and then in Sheet-2 look for the row with the entry Angular JS. After that fill L1 (current level) with 1 (as 0 only occurred once) and L2 with 1(as 1 has occurred only once).
Good Morning,

I have a simple excel template that keeps a record of job..

I want to add some functionality using VBA so that when a job is added the the spreadsheet it automatically emails the row data for that job.

I would like the VBA to run and check for new data when the spreadsheet closes automatically together with the email

Hi ,
    I am looking for an excel macro( or anything to get the functionality) to do following
   In  my excel sheet (Excel 2013)    Column A  ( A2 - A300)   has list of folders ( RelativePath)      Source is  D:\Vault  (For example ,if the relative path is  FoldMain\Fold1  the fullpath is D:\Vault\FoldMain\Fold1)

    The macro need to copy the folders in the list to a given relative destination ( For example   D:\Vault\FoldMain\Fold1   should copy to D:\VaultCopy\FoldMain\Fold1
      The folders in the list can have subfolders in it,   the subfolder also should be copied    (For example if D:\Vault\FoldMain\Fold1  has a folder Fold1Sub in it, that should be copied )
Hi Experts,
I have this question after solving the following..
In that question I got a script how to count all records of files in one folder.
However now I need to know from that count how many are under one specific category.
Therefore I thought the best way would be to concatenate all files into one, just ignoring the headers.
And from there I will link to MS Access and get the results from a query.
Anyone has either a script for that or another way to accomplish the task?
Thanks in advance.
Hi All,
I'm working with an MS Word template using fields linked back to another system.  The text in the fields are a variety of color codings.  I'm trying to create a macro that, On Open, will set all of the text to black.  Can anyone help me?  Thank you!
I have a customer that travels to China and has a Google account he uses a lot.
Since all things Google are blocked over there ,I was going to set up a VPN  at the office for him to use.

Does China block unlisted public IP's for VPN  use?
The examples given to simulate a MAXIFS are array entered against a given set of cells. Is it possible to  do something similar using table entries?
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I created a PST file on my old computer containing my calendar info. I imported it, but all the entries ended up in what looks like a different calendar (the one in green) rather than the one in blue. I then tried creating a new appointment, but it ended up in the blue calendar. Which is where I need my appointments to go.
Two Calendars
How can I get all these "green" items into the blue calendar? I should add that when doing the import, I chose the second option below. I subsequently tried the first option, but it did not seem to do anything.
Import Options
At this point, I'd settle for a method that simply copies everything in the green calendar to the blue calendar.

Need a macro to calculate SLA for the assigned incidents. SLA calculation based on below conditions:
Status columns: Critical,High,Medium and Low (provided SLA time based on status)
Critical = 15 min
High= 30 mins
Medium= 1440 mins
Low=1440 mins
Response SLA: to be calculated from the time incidents is assigned to our queue within business hours i.e 9AM to 5PM, anything outside business hours should be calculated from next day 9AM also excluding weekends (Sat,Sun). if There is any incident which is going to breach the SLA, can an auto generated email be sent to the assignee from assignee column stating that incident will be breached?

Resolution SLA: Critical,High,Medium and Low (provided SLA time based on status)

Critical = 2 hours
High= 4 hours
Medium= 7 working days
Low=14 working days

if columns can give a staus met SLA, or breached SLA or Breaching SLA by this day/time?
I am trying to create an Outlook email signature in Office 365.  When i create the signature rule, it applies to the user account but the formatting is all off.  The name, number, email and website all start on the left and go to right and to the next line.  It doesnt format it by:

First Last
phone number, extention
company site.
we have office 2010 installed in our on premise xenapp server.perhaps we have seperate vdisks where office 2010 is  streamed to various delivery groups in studio

we have mailboxes in 365 and outlook 2010 is configured to talk to office 365.

we are currently upgrading outlook 2010 to outlook 2016 which will be still on premise.

right now i did a test on  1 VM which had c drive , i downloaded office 2016 from download center and configured the configuration.xml through online site and installed office 2016.

which looks to me click to run method and not .msi install

but to deploy on vdisk, i think i need to have shared computer activation in conf.xml and KMS , my question

can i just copy the office 2016 folder for office i created on my test vm to xenapp server , or i need to create an osi image , if osi image then which osi image we are referring to

basically what will be the steps for deploying..msi install of office 2016 on xenapp server
Help needed to find wrong format dates in a column,
I have a column with 10K+ dates
My format is
If its not this format need a way to know it
My formats are as

So on, any formula that can do the finding

Microsoft Office





Microsoft Office is an integrated suite of applications that includes Outlook, Word, Excel, Access, PowerPoint, Visio and InfoPath, along with a number of tools to assist in making the individual components work together. Coding within and between the projects is done in Visual Basic for Applications, known as VBA.