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Microsoft Office is an integrated suite of applications that includes Outlook, Word, Excel, Access, PowerPoint, Visio and InfoPath, along with a number of tools to assist in making the individual components work together. Coding within and between the projects is done in Visual Basic for Applications, known as VBA.

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I would like an index/match formula. Please refer attached sheet
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Dear Gurus,

Please advise for the below template , I want automation in the excel sheet .

1. If Category is selected either Low , Medium or High, corresponding percentage of margin needs to be  calculated from total price and enter in cell H2
2. Based on the category , margin of that percentage will be calculated from grant total and  enter in cell I2
This is regard to my previous question. It was promptly solved but there is still some issue with the Brazil, Argentina & Australia row only
1. If A1=Brazil so flag is getting generate but once i am changing A1= any other country name so updated flag are getting generate but still Brazil Flag are there behind and this is happening with only the Brazil Flag.  

2. Once i deleted Argentina Flag  from Flags Tab and inserted  another better quality Argentina flag so my flag are not getting generate when i am selection Argentina in Data Tab. and another issue which i am facing that i deleted Australia Flag as well and inserted better quality flag but here when i am typing Australia in Data tab so instead of Australia Germany flag are getting generate.  

3. I am trying that my flag should be take little less of current cell height width and be in middle center of cell without losing aspect ratio. currently its taking the height & width according to existing cell size, in this case flag are looking like  that they all touching to each other. See the Data tab

Thank you Team...
What I was trying to do is on the Summary tab I wanted two buttons to initiate a pop-up with a close button that will display a chart for each of the EA chart and IR chart that is in the Charts tab.

Per the attached I had some help to do the same thing with a range of cells but was looking to see how this can be done with charts instead of a range of cells in this case.  See attachment.
Hello All,
There are few issues which i am getting with this code, here codes are working fine but i am trying that my excel behaves something like below:
1. When i am typing the country names in Column A2:A20 so flag as getting generate but when i am copying country names from Flags Tab and pasting into First Tab so flags are not generating. I dont know why its not happening even Country names are same. Is there any solution for this.  

2. There is one more issue with my codes that Instead of deleting the country names when i am changing the country names so the previous flag is also there in backside (e.g first i selected A1=India and am not deleting the names just overwriting A1=Germany so the India flag is still there behind the Germany Flag.)

I am using this code for 2nd point but its working fine but the problem is that now flags are generating is one columns only.
Dim myObj
Dim Picutr
set myobj   = ActiveSheet.DrawingObjects
For Each Picture In Obj
If Left (Picture.Name, 7) = "Picture" Then
Pictur. Select
Pictur. Delete
End If

Please help me on this.
What I was trying to do is on the Summary tab I wanted two buttons to initiate a pop-up with a close button that will display a range of cells for each of the EA and IR data that is in blue.

Please see attachment.
I am trying to pull out certain text from cells and display them in a separate cell also clear that certain text from the original cell. This code I have so far works pretty well but I am wondering how I can modify it so that I can do a range of columns instead of just column A because CSA could be in columns A-G. I pasted the code I have so far and also attached what I am trying to accomplish.

Sub CSA2()
Dim findrange As Range
Dim finddata As String
Dim k As Integer

k = Range("A" & Rows.Count).End(xlUp).Row

Set findrange = ActiveSheet.Range("A1:A" & k)
finddata = "CSA"

For Each cell In findrange

If IsEmpty(cell.Value) = False And cell.Value <> "CSA" Then
If InStr(1, cell.Value, finddata, 0) Then
cell.Value = Replace(cell.Value, finddata, "")

cell.Offset(0, 2).Value = "CSA"

End If
End If

Next cell

End Sub
copy sheet1,sheet2,sheet3,sheet4 data and paste to sheet5 as shown in the sample file kindly look into the sample file
Outlook .pst to Gmail suite.

Hi there,

After a company acquisition I have some new users with outlook .pst file from their old email account. They all have new email accounts with us ( hosted by Google) but they need access to old emails (from the other company) int heir .pst file. We have mac computers and no MS Office installed as we all use google apps, Is there a way for me to "import" the .pst emails into Gmail?

Thank you for your help.
Excel:  2 things and they may be similar

I need to replace some text that is between a second set of dashes Example:   11-2000-b528-3001-02  I need to replace b528 with ABC, on about a thousand items. The b528 is not always the same but the what is between the second and third dashes is what needs updated to something common.


I need to replace the 9th character is a set of data.
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I need a formula to figure out the following.

I have a pot of $10,620, of which 354 people contributed $30.00. (This is a "RunBet" app challenge.)

Each day, people drop out of being eligible for the pot for various reasons, leaving the remaining people to split the pot after 28 days.

If the company typically takes 25% of the pot, but also guarantees that everyone remaining in the challenge on the final day receives *at least* their $30.00 back, what is the running formula to calculate how much each person remaining, on each day of the challenge up until the final day, could estimate receiving?

I'm trying to get this table:

into a spreadsheet

when I cut / paste it, I get a single colum, with each cell in a row (normally, each line in the table is in a seperate row and I can deal with text to coumns)

but this is different

cut paste gets


and I want to line break on the number 3 (enroll now in the actual table).

so it looks like

1 2 3
4 5 3
7 8 3
10 11 3

is there a way to do this natively in excel or have to use formulas / scripts?
I need an Excel formula in cell A1. On cell B1 I have text. The text is "Alabama Three-Factor formula".

I need a formula that returns the word "Three" if the word Three exists in cell B1.

Thank you.

Excel 2010 vba

What I have:
I have a defined range that i need to import data into an Access table
In the excel data  the range is starting at  Column "K row 5  TO  S"
the rows in that data range are never the same

What I need:
I need to make sure the code captures and imports K5 to  S(whatever)

' Replace WorksheetName with the actual name of the worksheet
' in the EXCEL file
Set xls = xlw.Worksheets("WorksheetName")

' Replace K5 with the cell reference from which the first data value
' (no-header information) is to be read
Set xlc = xls.Range("K5") ' this is the first cell that contains data  and Goes to  S5

Set dbs = CurrentDb()

' Replace QueryOrTableName with the real name of the table or query
' that is to receive the data from the worksheet
Set rst = dbs.OpenRecordset("QueryOrTableName", dbOpenDynaset, dbAppendOnly)

' write data to the recordset
Do While xlc.Value <> ""
            For lngColumn = 0 To rst.Fields.Count - 1
                  rst.Fields(lngColumn).Value = xlc.Offset(0, lngColumn).Value
            Next lngColumn
      Set xlc = xlc.Offset(1,0)

Set rst = Nothing

Set dbs = Nothing

Open in new window

I cant send email to one note

I have office 2010

I see all tabs in my one note , can create ne wpage manually but cant send

it gives error

one note cannot create page in new destination, it may have been deleted, password protected?
Enable all Office 365 mailboxes for archiving (exchange in a hybrid deployment). I tried Get-RemoteMailbox -ResultSize Unlimited -Filter {(RecipientTypeDetails -eq ‘RemoteUserMailbox’)} | Enable-RemoteMailbox -Archive but got an error: "Cannot bind parameter 'Filter' to the target...'
Conditionally copy the data  and paste the data
COPY THE DATA                  PASTE TO
FROM COLUMN A             TO      SHEET2
FROM COLUMN B            TO      SHEET3
FROM COLUMN C            TO      SHEET4
FROM COLUMN D            TO      SHEET5
Copy the data and paste the data as per given condition
see the sample file for details
highlighted colour in this file is only for understanding purpose, it is not there in actual file
Hi Experts

Hope you can help

We receive a receipt report daily from our USA warehouse from what they have booked in the previous day in the form of a CSV file that contains, amongst other data, our purchase order reference, part number and quantity received.

From this we export our purchase order to an XLS worksheet and perform a lookup, using the receipt report, to show the quantities received by the warehouse against the purchase order quantity. From this, we re-import it back into our system and post it to inventory.

However, recently, we have had instances whereby the part number is duplicated over a number of orders and therefore, the lookup is only picking up the first value causing us to manually go through which can sometimes be time consuming and laborious.

I have attached an example sheet – the USA000558 sheet is our purchase order export from our system that includes the re-formatted data on the right with part number and purchase order quantity. The yellow column on this sheet is where we normally put the simple lookup formula. The Receipt report sheet if what the warehouse provide us and the data we use to extract the physical quantities received (far right column)

Is there a way to have a lookup with multiple criteria to use the purchase order reference AND the part number to say, for example, produce the quantity received for part number D2673RED34 on purchase order reference USPO00000250?

Ive tried using a few INDEX and MATCH combinations …

A user opens a password protected excel spreadsheet in Excel 2007 and he enters password and accesses spreadsheet no problem.

When he opens the same spreadsheet from a different system which is running Excel 2016, the password field remains blank even when he enters characters, and he cannot access it as a result.

Any ideas?!
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Need the VBA code to populate textboxes within a Userform.

The boxes that need to be populated are on usefrmMOSMission. The boxes specifically are the population boxes. They should be linked to the selection of the combobox (dropdown list).

The actual numbers are listed on Sheet1, on table MissionPop.

Can you provide assistance?

We would like to be able to dynamically select a row in Excel that we can then underline. We can have any amount of columns so it will never been from the same one. We have some code that selects cells, merges etc. It then highlights these. We then need to select the bottom cell and then highlight the row and going left to column A. We are using Excel 2016.

Apologies if this doesn't make sense :)...but I have attached what we need.

Thanks In Advance
I am running Windows 10 and Office 365.  I have never had this problem before, but all of a sudden the calendar has gone blank - with none of my calendar items appearing.  I tried shifting to the other Calendar options shown, but none have my data.  My contacts, Tasks, and Email are all working fine.  Fortunately, I have a backup of my PST file, so I haven't lost much, but this is very troubling.  Any idea how this happened, and what I can do to prevent it in the future?


Let's say in Excel I press Ctrl-F and search for all cells in a workbook containing "Hello World".

What VBA would I need to do the following:

1) Iterate only through cells containing "Hello World"
2) debug.print the row/column of the iterated cells
Nothing to do with sheet1
delete the last cell data of each row of Sheet2
delete the last cell data of each row of Sheet3
delete the last cell data of each row of Sheet4

see the Result , I want the result in same sheet not in separate sheet

I have to do all this by Vba
Kindly see the sample file
Copy sheet1  last cell data of each row  to sheet5 A column
Copy sheet2  last cell data of each row  to sheet5  B column
Copy sheet3  last cell data of each row  to sheet5 C column
Copy sheet4  last cell data of each row  to sheet5 D column

i have to do all this by vba
kindly see this sample file

Microsoft Office





Microsoft Office is an integrated suite of applications that includes Outlook, Word, Excel, Access, PowerPoint, Visio and InfoPath, along with a number of tools to assist in making the individual components work together. Coding within and between the projects is done in Visual Basic for Applications, known as VBA.