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Microsoft OneNote is a computer program for free-form information gathering and multi-user collaboration. It gathers users' notes (handwritten or typed), drawings, screen clippings, and audio commentaries into one program.

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I noticed in Onenote there is always in a certain notebook a A new QUICK NOTE TAB gets created on it's own. I deleted it and then it regenerates itself back again . is there away to stop this from happening? Once again the odd thing it only occurs on one notebook.
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I would like what is the normal behaviour when you send an email from MS outlook 365 to Onenote? Is the email supposed to remain in outlook after it is saved in Onenote OR is it supposed to be deleted from Outlook?
Hi Guys,
I got sharepoint in office365.
got multiple folders in a site.
users got one drive client and everything syncs to it.
all folders works fine. except one folder. whenever i try to open a file from that folder it keeps on saying. the "file is open in another program" or the "directory name is invalid". but it works fine when i open in webbrowser. and its the same problem for all users. so its not a local computer issue.

I also tried syncing to a new computer and still same issue with that particular folder.
things i have tried.
1.synched to new computer- same issue
2 tried resynching. reinstalled one drive. re synched same issue
3. tried renaming the folder in the cloud console and tried resynching- same issue.

not sure what else to do. any ideas would be great.
please have a look for the error messages.
Looking for a macro that exports a onenote notebook with the notebook name and current date in the exported file name

Searched onetastic - nothing found there

Is there a macro recorder / writer?
Hi, note sure if this is possible but can you setup WorkSpace One / Airwatch with 365 so that if a user's device is not enrolled on Airwatch he cannot configure or receive emails on 365 on any mobile devices ? If so where do I start ?
For some strange reason a users OneNote in his iPhone is super slow in pages that have lot of data.  This problem has never occur and the user has a bunch of pages clogged with data and always OneNote has need working optimum.

Today we noticed the user typed and the characters were super slow to appear the pages with lots of data (FYI there is no images in these pages just typed data and links) - below is a vid of said problem.  However in a new page or a small or regular page contents, typing is ok.

What can be going on?  Please advice.
I need some help please about onenote notebooks .Question 1- There are onedrive folder in my documents that has onenote notebooks section that contains three one notebooks with various names that are the same on onedrive app in the taskbar the white cloud but it is different than the onenote book shortcut in taskbar when I open to add something there. How can i make the names all the same in all 3 locations {onedrive white cloud app in taskbar and onedrive folder in my document and onenote notebook in taskbar.

Question 2-I noticed that there are 2 onenote notebooks in my apps. One of them has 2016 but not the other. Is that normal and what is the difference?

Question 3-When I click on onenote notebook shortcut in taskbar I do not see a new notebook opened up rather I see all my note notebooks open up. Once again is this normal ? The reason I ask when I click on Word document shortcut in taskbar a new word document opens up.

Lastly, when deleting a notebook I got this warning dialog box.My question is how do I know if something is online only{on my PC?} or on my onedrive {what would be the location name as in (ONLINE)?


I'm having trouble with not being able to sync in OneNote 2016, it errors out stating 'We need the password to sync this notebook. Error code 0xE0000024'.
This happened after I upgraded my machine to Office 2016 from Office 2007.

I researched the error and deleted all cached credentials in Control Panel > Users, no change.
I signed out of OneNote and signed back in with my Windows credentials, no change.
I signed into One Note Online and did not see my notes there either.

Any other ideas?

I'm using Outlook 2010 in a corporate environment and soon to be migrating to 2013.
I'm also using OneNote.
It seems that when I  right click on an email to save it to one note, the attachment is saved in my C:\Users\<ID>\AppData\Local\Temp\OneNoteAttachments area.
How can I change where this is kept.  Just had a issue with someone clearing space and thinking the AppData\Temp directory was just that, Temp.

Would like to avoid that in the future.
We have OneNote "notebooks" stored in a OneDrive account and want to successfully move them to another OneDrive account.  What is the best way to go about it?
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I use multiple computers, including a work desktop, a work laptop and my home desktop.  I have linked my personal OneDrive account on all of the PCs that I use.  

A while back, I began using OneNote 2016.  Being a bit OCD, I am trying to organize my OneNote Notebooks and consolidate them into one area; preferably in a folder on my personal OneDrive account.  

I began by going into OneNote 2016 on all of the PCs that I use and went to File / Options / Save & Backup and set the default notebook location to c:\users\my.name\OneDrive\Documents\OneNote Notebooks.  I thought this would become the save location of any new notebooks that I created but apparently I was wrong.  

Scenario 1 - When I create a new notebook in OneNote 2016, my personal OneDrive account is selected in the left column (the other options are This PC, Add a Place and Browse).  If I type in the notebook name and hit create notebook then it creates a shortcut for the notebook in my personal OneDrive account within the Documents folder.  There is no directory created with the .one or .onetoc2 files saved in it; only the shortcut.  

Scenario 2 - If I create a new notebook in OneNote 2016, and click on "Create in a Different Folder" it opens a file explorer window showing the folders within the following  path "https://d.docs.live.net/2bef2cbcexxxxxx" which appears to by my personal OneDrive account.  If I click on my personal OneDrive account on the left hand side of the file explorer window, browse to…
How do you recover onenote 2016 notes.  restore one note files but notes did notes did not come back.  How do i get the notes back?   Any help would be much appreciated.
One Note - Conflicts
Hi, we have a 15 tab excel spreadsheet within One Note that is shared by two people.
Even though we don't edit the same cells, and we try and close the spreadsheet when we aren't using it, we constantly get conflicts within One Note and end up losing work as we cant remember what has been changed.
One note does allow you to compare the spreadsheet with the conflict sheet, but as far as I can tell, doesn't tell you what's different. Its not practical for me to compare 15 sheets with loads of data in each.
Is there any way to prevent this or can One Note show the exact cell(s) that are conflicting (it obviously knows them to report in the first place)
many thanks
I cant send email to one note

I have office 2010

I see all tabs in my one note , can create ne wpage manually but cant send

it gives error

one note cannot create page in new destination, it may have been deleted, password protected?
we are getting this message.

we are having outlook 2010 installed on premise and configured to talk to mailbox in office 365.

unable   to send emails directly to OneNote.
OS: Microsoft Windows 7 Ultimate (x64)
Device: PC Desktop
Hard Drive(s): Not Full
Antivirus: Avast & Malwarebytes
Software: Office 365 | Office Professional Plus 2016 For 1 PC. Added to account on Friday, June 9, 2017.
Other Devices: Android Tablet, Android Phone.

OneNote won't start on my Win7 PC (installed, desktop version).

Additional Info:
Won't start as Administrator.
Won't start when Antivirus is disabled.

As far as I can recall, I didn't do anything to disrupt this program.
The program runs fine on my mobile devices and in the browser(s) of my PC (Firefox and gChrome).

Attempted to Run OneNote from Start Menu
Error Message: Something went wrong | We couldn't start your program. Please try starting it again. | If it won't start, try repairing Office from 'Programs and Features' in the Control Panel. Link: You can go online to get more help.

Attempted to REPAIR Office
Control Panel > Programs & Features
Error Message: Something went wrong | Sorry, Office ran into a problem because its system service is disabled. | Please ensure the Office system service can run, then try again. | Error Code: 30068-13 (1058)

I would like some help to walk through the steps to fix this problem. Thank you.

I have a user who is an avid user of OneNote with our company Office365 subscription.  I am not a big OneNote user so I am a little unclear on how the syncing of Notebooks happens.  The issue is, his are not syncing and only seem to be local.  We are not sure what happened... he had them on OneDrive for Business , 'cleaned up' his OneDrive and somehow (i have concluded) deleted these notebooks.

OK, so he still has his local copies, but they are not syncing to anything anymore.  

All I want to do is to basically take a current copy of his local notebooks and put them back up on his OneDrive and then re-start the sync to them again.   However, this is where my inexperience with OneNote comes in because I guess notebook files are a different animal than an excel file or a word file as  I cant seem to figure out how to make a copy of the local notebook, save it on OneDrive, and then point the local copy to it to begin syncing.... as easy as that would seem to be- apparently it is not.

Can anyone assist?

Thank you!
Dear experts,

In my onenote16 I can see the option to draw shapes under menu Draw and Option shapes.
But there are so limited number of shapes, is there a way I can increase these in this option?

I am trying to draw circles for set theory and shade them. Once done, I want to group them so that I use it as picture. Does anyone have any ideas?

Thank you
Dear experts,

I have learnt about GeoGebra app while learning about One note from one of the Youtube videos.

I have tried it and i see that produces good charts. But it does not the values used in the x variable to calculate the Y value.

In the attached screen dump I have shown the table calculated by me. the function graph has been copy[-pasted from Geogebra.

CAn you someone please guide me to a app/url which plot the function and shows the table.

Thank you
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We have an issue on a large Citrix Environment with One Note 2010 backup files and also the Cache file location.
When a user is logging on and opening One Note (users have many  notes open on taskbar). The backup is ran once per day as per default and then fills the Citrix Vdisk cache up causing issues. To get around the backup issues we can setup a GPO and disable backup and also redirect the folder to the user home file store.

The main issue we have is around the One Note Cache how do we successfully tackle that. When a user opens One Note with all the Notes a cache database is created in local / appdata  with cache data, in some cases this can grow to a very large size on a Citrix worker server and will also fundamental cause Vdisk cache issues.
The only solution I have see is to use Symbolic link to redirect the folder / files to a drive location other than the drive of the worker server.

There is also an option set to optimize files, which can cause an issues where it optimizes the databases as per default, can this also be disabled ?

Has anyone else worked around this issue in a VDI / Terminal Server / Citrix environment ?
I've got a Microsoft OneNote notebook that is shared with a group of people via Sharepoint in Office365.  We have a particular section (tab) of OneNote that is password protected.  I've set that up and everything is working fine.  However, the problem is that the other users the notebook have changed the password settings so that in locks password protection sections after say 8 hours of inactivity.  That's too much of a security risk.  I would like to set it to lock after say 30 minutes of inactivity and make it so that the other users cannot change that.  Does anyone know of a way to do that?

Thanks very much.
I am having an issue sharing OneNote documents to external contacts. We are all using Office 365 Business.

I just found that if I share the document from OneNote to specific people (to my gmail account for example), I am required to enter a login and a password which is not the expected behavior.

But if I navigate the SharePoint Site Assets, find the OneNote document and share it (still to specific people), it correctly shares the file and I am able to click the "send code" button.

So my issue is really why the OneNote does not allow the share to behave correctly?

My users are not tech-savvy so asking them to drill down the site assets to find the file is not an option.

Need to transfer one note files (2013) to a new computer.  I had recently installed office 365 apps to the new computer so all of them are updated to 2016 version.  How do you transfer the one not info to the new computer?
We are using Office 365 Sharepoint for storing One Note files. The users access these files via a mapped drive on their PCs. The users work on the notebooks with the desktop One Note application. The mapped drive is just pointing to the online Sharepoint site where the files are stored. This setup works but the issue is that when a user wants to create a new notebook or file...the mapped drive frequently displays an error saying it cannot be accessed. This is because the user needs to re-authenticate with Office 365. That means they have to:

1. Open Internet Explorer (no other browser, not even Edge, works)
2. Log into Office 365
3. Open Sharepoint
4. Navigate to the Site and go to Documents
5. Select to 'Open in Windows Explorer'
6. Now they can access the mapped drive.
7. In the OneNote desktop app, they can now browse to the drive to add/create new OneNote files.

Clearly, it's too many steps to reasonably expect users to do every time they want to create new OneNote files.
Microsoft has built the 'One Drive for Business' app for syncing files but unfortunately OneNote files are a special case where this app doesn't work. All the app does is create a URL shortcut to the location of the file online. There is no way the user can use this sync function to create new OneNote files.

What is the best way to set up this sync so users can avoid the hassle of doing steps 1-7 every time they want to create a new One Note? Maybe Microsoft hasn't built a way...are there…
Hi, If I take a photo from my android One Note and have it to go my computer, sometimes shows up on the computer as an x.  It shows on the android fine.  it's happens about 30 percent of the time.

Thanks all.

Microsoft OneNote





Microsoft OneNote is a computer program for free-form information gathering and multi-user collaboration. It gathers users' notes (handwritten or typed), drawings, screen clippings, and audio commentaries into one program.

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