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Microsoft OneNote is a computer program for free-form information gathering and multi-user collaboration. It gathers users' notes (handwritten or typed), drawings, screen clippings, and audio commentaries into one program.

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Had to reset a PC running windows 10.  Selected the save my files option. Fortunately 'My Documents' was redirected to a server location to ensure daily backup. Applications have been reinstalled including Office 2019 std.  Almost a painless but time consuming incident.  I said almost...  Microsoft OneNote comes up with no notes.  I am looking for a means to get it to recognize the previous data which looks to still be in a 'documents\onenote' folder. There is also data in the 'windows.old' folder created by the reset which has data in an appropriate 'appdata' folder. Exercising my Google-fu I am looking for a graceful way to recover the notes either from the data files themselves, or from the backup folder left behind in the old appdata folder. Everything I am finding so far starts with "Click File.....", however there is no "file" to click in the 2019 OneNote application!
Can anyone point to a way to recover the notebook?
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I am copying over pages of OneNote (version 2016) to Word 2010 to prepare an extended document.  I have noticed that when copying over, the indents/bullets are off (not all the times, but most).  Can an expert help on how to properly copying OneNote pages to a word document as precise as possible preserving the OneNote bullets and indents locations.
I am having all sorts of problems trying to get the onenote (O365 version) back onto my desktop. I have tried to go back into the microsoft store and get it but when I click on the "Get" link nothing happens.

any ideas what could be happening?
I was able to open one note when I had office 2010
But when I am on office 365 proplus my one note doesn’t open
I have a large enterprise organization 35k+ users, have a hybrid coexistence with exchange online, identity sync to Azure for Office 365.

I'm currently using folder redirection with my Windows 10 environment to local profiles from my home drive server.

I need to migrate everyone to OneDrive for profile redirection, using Known Folder moves through folder redirection / Group policy seems like a sound option:
What this is missing are two things for me:

1. Absence of auditing/logging
2. Remediation of files/folders before redirecting

I'm aware Fasttrack provides services, pre-provisioning onedrive, migrations, this will give me what I'm looking for, but are there any ways to fill in the gaps on the above without having Micrsosoft do a migration?  Scipts that remediate/identify or logging?

Any resources or info on this is greatly appreciated!
How to export OneNote data from a personal account to a business account?
A user has a OneNote personal account and the data is stored on OneDrive. I need to export the data or OneNote workbooks to OneDrive for Business.

Things tried: Visited the OneNote files online and tried to open the data in  the OneNote 2016, applications, but the button open in OneNote was not present, via the web browser.

Proposed solution: Purchase a Microsoft Office subscription for the personal account for one month, so I can download the OneNote file to the desktop version of OneNote.

Look for an alternative product to OneNote.

Login to to Microsoft Office 365 with the personal account and see if I can open the OneNote data in OneNote 2016, then back up the data, locally. Note, I already shared the data with the personal account, with edit permissions.

Any suggestions?
OneNote 2007 running on Windows 10 Pro became very slow loading after the turning on the PC.
It takes over 10 minutes to load even when no notebooks are open. Checked network speed, LAN speed, all OK. Did also a repair Office, no change.
Once it opened the first time, after that it's very fast (normal), one can close it, opens fast next time, until the next reboot.

I have onenote in my windows 10 computer my iphone and my ipad.  I just noticed that I have sync problems.

if i create/modify in my ipad in AAA notebook, it will not sync to onenote cloud.
if i create/modify in my iphone in AAA notebook, it will not sync to onenote cloud.
if i create/modify in my windows 10 in AAA notebook, it will sync to onenote cloud.
if i create/modify in onenote cloud in AAA notebook, it will sync to my windows 10,

however, all other notebooks are ok.  I can create/modify  in my ipad/iphone and it will sync to cloud.  

The problem seems a specific notebook, the AAA notebook.

in conclusion, my windows 10 onenote is the only device that is working in AAA notebook, all other devices, no.

when i go to ipad/iphone to sync manually, I get "working offline. Tap for details".  Whe tap, i get the messes of,
onenote errors when sync

I was about to close the AAA notebook in ipad/iphone but wanted to try get advice from EE first.

Help please.
All of our staff are using Office 365.
We have a separating staff member that has extensive pages/files of OneNote documents. We need to give another person Full rights to all of her OneNote documents. As an example, for OneDrive we this type of permissions via SharePoint admin console. We prefer not to share individual pages as this is very cumbersome.

Does anyone know procedures to give Full access to another persons OneNote documents?
OneNote integrated into Outlook 365/2016?

Can OneNote integrate with Outlook so that emails and other items from Outlook can be sent to OneNote?
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I was checking my disk space and saw that a onenote backup folder was at least 10gb large.  The folder is 'C:\Users\username\AppData\Local\Microsoft\OneNote\16.0\Backup' .  Yet, another folder 'C:\Users\username\AppData\Local\Microsoft\OneNote\14.0\Backup' was empty (also in the "14.0" folder was a 'OneNoteOfflineCache_Files' folder which in all the "14.0" contents was 45mb).

Can I delete both folders of,
'C:\Users\username\AppData\Local\Microsoft\OneNote\14.0\Backup' ?

or what is recommended for managing these backups?

Thank you.
I have Windows 7 and Office 365.
One Note keeps on appearing on my task bar and I don't want it on my task bar.
Every time I boot my pc, it appears on my task bar.
I can't find it in my STARTUP group.
I couldn't find it in HKLM > Software> Microsoft> Windows>Current Version > Run     either.
How do I get rid of this. I do not want to uninstall it, just not have it appear when I start my pc.
Hi Experts,

we have a strange ADFS problem.
I hope you can help me out.

Several users cannot connect to O365 trought ADFS.
The error message is, the password is wrong.

The users have changed their passwords on their workstations and the shit started....
When the users connect to adfs link , he cannot login.

adfs link
This happens from his workstation after the password change.
But when the user goes to another workstation, he logs in, then it works.

Conclusion: after a password change from the own workstation, all microsoft products are unusable.

Do you have any ideas what to check ?
Is there a program that will find all OneNote files and migrate them to OneDrive for Business?
I have changed the first & last name of my profile.  However, when going to I see the old  first/last name at the top-right of the web browser.  In I created a new notebook and I return to, right-click on the new notebook name and click Details, in the right side under "Added",  the old first/last name is displayed.  How can I fixed this and have my new profile name appear when in and have my new profile names when seeing the details of any onenote files in
Is there a way to find out for sure if have any folders, file,s etc.  shared in my onedrive account on cloud?  I know I can right-click and click on share, but there is no info that say it's not share as image below shows.  Is there way to get a status view folders, file,s etc.  thats been shared or not?

I have noticed that my onenote notebooks files, version 2016, are open in my local c drive; found them in 'C:\Users\username\AppData\Local\Microsoft\OneNote' (in backup location of onenote) and  'c:\Users\username\Documents\OneNote Notebooks' (the default location).  I want to transfer them to an encrypted volume so I decided to uninstall completely and reinstall again, but no success.  How can I install onenote 2016 to an encrypted volumne successfully?
I need a user at work to have OneNote connected to her Outlook.
     She had both "OneNote 2016 and the newer "OneNote." In her Outlook, when she clicked the OneNote button, it opened the older OneNote (OneNote 2016). She wanted Outlook to open the newer one (OneNote) but I could not get her Outlook to do that. So I had to delete OneNote 2016 (which entailed deleting some .exe file, because it wasn't listed in her "Programs and Features" and thus I could not delete it from there). But then that caused her Outlook not to be able to use any version of OneNote. So I had to delete her Microsoft Office. But then I couldn't re-install Office because she also had Visio and Project installed. So I had to uninstall both those products. Then I was able to re-install her Office, and then had to reinstall Project and Visio.
     Now the OneNote button is not visible anywhere in her Outlook.
     In her Outlook I went to "Options \ Add-ins." OneNote is not listed as an active application nor as an inactive one (it's not listed at all). When I set the drop-down box to "COM Add-ins" and click "Go," OneNote is not listed there either.
     She currently has Office 2016, 64-bit.
I noticed in Onenote there is always in a certain notebook a A new QUICK NOTE TAB gets created on it's own. I deleted it and then it regenerates itself back again . is there away to stop this from happening? Once again the odd thing it only occurs on one notebook.
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I would like what is the normal behaviour when you send an email from MS outlook 365 to Onenote? Is the email supposed to remain in outlook after it is saved in Onenote OR is it supposed to be deleted from Outlook?
Hi Guys,
I got sharepoint in office365.
got multiple folders in a site.
users got one drive client and everything syncs to it.
all folders works fine. except one folder. whenever i try to open a file from that folder it keeps on saying. the "file is open in another program" or the "directory name is invalid". but it works fine when i open in webbrowser. and its the same problem for all users. so its not a local computer issue.

I also tried syncing to a new computer and still same issue with that particular folder.
things i have tried.
1.synched to new computer- same issue
2 tried resynching. reinstalled one drive. re synched same issue
3. tried renaming the folder in the cloud console and tried resynching- same issue.

not sure what else to do. any ideas would be great.
please have a look for the error messages.
Looking for a macro that exports a onenote notebook with the notebook name and current date in the exported file name

Searched onetastic - nothing found there

Is there a macro recorder / writer?
For some strange reason a users OneNote in his iPhone is super slow in pages that have lot of data.  This problem has never occur and the user has a bunch of pages clogged with data and always OneNote has need working optimum.

Today we noticed the user typed and the characters were super slow to appear the pages with lots of data (FYI there is no images in these pages just typed data and links) - below is a vid of said problem.  However in a new page or a small or regular page contents, typing is ok.

What can be going on?  Please advice.
I need some help please about onenote notebooks .Question 1- There are onedrive folder in my documents that has onenote notebooks section that contains three one notebooks with various names that are the same on onedrive app in the taskbar the white cloud but it is different than the onenote book shortcut in taskbar when I open to add something there. How can i make the names all the same in all 3 locations {onedrive white cloud app in taskbar and onedrive folder in my document and onenote notebook in taskbar.

Question 2-I noticed that there are 2 onenote notebooks in my apps. One of them has 2016 but not the other. Is that normal and what is the difference?

Question 3-When I click on onenote notebook shortcut in taskbar I do not see a new notebook opened up rather I see all my note notebooks open up. Once again is this normal ? The reason I ask when I click on Word document shortcut in taskbar a new word document opens up.

Lastly, when deleting a notebook I got this warning dialog box.My question is how do I know if something is online only{on my PC?} or on my onedrive {what would be the location name as in (ONLINE)?


I'm having trouble with not being able to sync in OneNote 2016, it errors out stating 'We need the password to sync this notebook. Error code 0xE0000024'.
This happened after I upgraded my machine to Office 2016 from Office 2007.

I researched the error and deleted all cached credentials in Control Panel > Users, no change.
I signed out of OneNote and signed back in with my Windows credentials, no change.
I signed into One Note Online and did not see my notes there either.

Any other ideas?


Microsoft OneNote





Microsoft OneNote is a computer program for free-form information gathering and multi-user collaboration. It gathers users' notes (handwritten or typed), drawings, screen clippings, and audio commentaries into one program.

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