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PowerPoint is a slide show presentation program currently developed by Microsoft. PowerPoint presentations consist of a number of individual pages or "slides" that may contain text, graphics, sound, movies, and other objects, which may be arranged freely. The presentation can be printed, displayed live on a computer, or navigated through at the command of the presenter. Slides can also form the basis of webcasts.

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Hi All: We are a non-profit club that has monthly Powerpoint (PP) (2010 and later) presentations. We have started to record the audio and Presentation for posting to the web for our members who can't make the meeting to view. We use the built in recording function in PP 2016 for both the video and audio. The problem we have is that when the presenter uses a laser pointer, the recording function does not include that since it is outside the program.  I know PP has a built in laser pointer (using CTRL+left mouse button) but for a number of reasons that would not work in this situation. So we purchased a Logitech Spotlight Presentation Remote and are trying to create a macro that turns on the internal pointer so it can be recorded. We would then assign a key combination to the "Custom Key" on the remote so it can be recorded. But, I haven't a clue as to how to write a macro in PP 2016 since there is no macro recorder. Any help/suggestions would be appreciated!
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Dear All I want to ask where i can get a template for profesional presentation in the web ?
I've attached a file that has what I want but I want to be able to have 3 boxes across the top and down (9 boxes in total).
For example., I have a PowerPoint with more than 100 slides...
As per our standard we should use Arial Font... but somewhere some slide they are using other font also like "calibiri, times New roman, etc"...In this occurrence how to find that text via VBA PowerPoint presentation?

Note: My slides have Shape, Groupitem, Chats and Tables
I have one MCQ's Based type exam word document paper. I have to make Presentation in which each question will carry one slide.

I search different methods to create PPT from Word document. But I need little more help that is there any quickest way that select only questions and format them Heading style 1 and then select only QUestions options like Bullets as Heading 2.

or any other quickest way or macro which can convert my word document to PPT and each question should be on one slide.
I have many files created with PowerPoint 4.0 that cannot be opened with PowerPoint 2013.  This appears to be a known issue.  When trying to open the file, receive PowerPoint message: "PowerPoint can't open this type of file (...\filname.ppt)."  
Details of the message: "The selected file does not appear to be a valid Microsoft PowerPoint file. It might be a file created by a different program.
Try double-clicking the file in Windows Explorer to see if another program will open it. If PowerPoint opens again when you double-click the file in Windows Explorer, it is possible that the file is not a PowerPoint file but that its extension was renamed to be that of a registered PowerPoint file type (such as .ppt, .pptx, .pps, .ppsx, .pptx, .pot, or .potx) but the file is not a PowerPoint file.
To determine which program can open the file, try any of the following:
Contact the original author (if known) to find out which program was used to create this file. Then rename the file with the correct extension so that it can be opened by that program.
Try opening the file in other programs.
If you, or someone you know, are very knowledgeable about software, examine the file header in a text editor to determine which program can read the file.
Another possibility is that the file was damaged during transfer from another computer. Try transferring the file again.
The file might have become corrupted. If you have a backup copy of the file, use it. It is not possible repair a
In my project that is in the wordpress
I am pasting values to excel and that is mapped to ppt, now I need to open ppt every time to update its values by clicking on update links, Is there any way to update the file without opening it automatically
how to find the hanging space in the n number of bullet text i.e. show the space in between text and bullet for each paragraph and also find the font size in the bullet text in power point all slide using VBA.  Any help me that it is very useful in my environment?
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Just created a Sharepoint Slide Library on Office 365 but when I click on "Upload" then select "Publish Slides" I get the error "This feature requires Microsoft PowerPoint.  Either the application is not installed, or your browser is not configured to support ActiveX controls.  I have PowerPoint 2016 installed ( other users get the same error with PowerPoint 2010 installed).  I have also reset my IE (32 bit) security settings to default.  Any help would be greatly appreciated.
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I don't know.
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by:Brian B
Most Experts will not see this question because you put it up as a post. You should probably ask it as a question:
I'm building a new Windows 10 image, that image has Office 2016 on it, I have a number of custom PowerPoint templates that I need to add to PowerPoint so they would be available in the template list for all users in PowerPoint, is it possible to accomplish?

Thank you,

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I need to find a picture which was not have same scale of height and width in entire PowerPoint presentation..

For example: VBA code like this
loop for all "jpeg, emf, wmf, png, gif, bitmap" picture files in entire presentation
check the "scale height and scale width" are equal are not
if equal, exit
if not equal, give a red outline for that picture and display count of picture which was outline and the slide no
Reference for Scale of height and scale of width
I usually stay away from PowerPoint's "Shrink text on overflow" setting for text boxes.  But I have an application where I want to use.  

But I am finding that it does not shrink the text enough.  When I set it to "shrink text," it reduces the size of the text, but not enough to fit into the text box.

Here's what I tried, in order
1. Original text 44 - box is set to "Do not autofit"
shrink12. Change to Shrink text on overflow - text reduces to 40 but does NOT fit into shape
shrink23. Manually shrink text to 36 - resets to "Do not autofit"
shrink34. Change again to Shrink text on overflow - text reduces to 32 (smaller than it needs to be)
I planning to execute this in VBA once I figure this out (myshape.TextFrame2.AutoSize = msoAutoSizeTextToFitShape).  

Do we just have to live with the fact that Shrink Text doesn't actually make the text fit inside the shape, or is there something else I can tweak to get it to behave like I want?  Thanks.
Hi expert,

I had a bunch of macros in PowerPoint macro enabled presentation 2010

How to create a PowerPoint Add-ins file for all my macros in a single ribbon with my custom icons.

Kindly Please Help me...
Hi Expert,

We are working in PowerPoint with huge of slides...

As per our standards we should not leave a single word at the end of the any paragraph and the bullet points. This would be very painful to mark while doing quality control

So I came to you for a help, I am trying to check at end of the all bulleted points and paragraph have a single word at last line
If it is there means I need to highlight that one via VBA...

Example 1: Pragraph have single wrap text
"This is a first sentence. This is a second

Example 2: Bullet point have single wrap text
•  how are

In above both example have a single word at end "sentence" and "you".. this need to highlight via vba

is it possible to do via VBA PowerPoint?
kindly any expert help me...
Hi Expert,

We are working in PowerPoint with huge of slides...

I am trying to check at end of the all bulleted points have Period, colon, Semicolon, and Comma are there or not. if it is there means I need to highlight that one via VBA... (because as per our standards we should not kept any puntuvation at end of the bullet points, this was very painful while doing quality control)

is it possible to do via VBA PowerPoint?
kindly any expert help me...
I have a question regarding PowerPoint, we are currently dealing with a very tough client, see email request below:

"So, the PP template is not 100% correct yet. For example; on pg. 2 – The background image and logo is locked down. A staff member won’t be able to move it. That’s perfect.
However, when you look at for example pg. 3 – You are able to move the background image around as well as the logo icon. This should not be allowed at all. This is what I am referring to as “locked down template”. J" She requested that the logo icon be on every page, but this specific page includes a full page image and I had to place the icon over the image as the image covers the slide master layout.
"The same applies for adding a new slide and making a section from the different layouts. For example when I select; 3_Custom Layout – Should the  block, ‘Click on icon to add picture’ be able to move?" She is referring to an editable block from a slide master slide.

I created the .potx with PowerPoint 2015 on Apple OS, and as far as I am aware locking layers on a slide master to be on top of other layers isn't a function? Please correct me if I am wrong. I also don't really know how to reply to this client.
I would like to Find the word {"keyword", "second", "third", "etc"} and highlight in Bold or yellow on all slide of the ppt. In shape, groupitem, table, chart, notespage etc. A below code works only in shape.

Could you please help me to modify the below code to work also in table, smartart, chart, notepage etc..

option Explicit

Sub HighlightKeywords()
Dim sld As Slide
Dim shp As Shape
Dim txtRng As TextRange, rngFound As TextRange
Dim i As Long, n As Long
Dim TargetList

'~~>  Array of terms to search for
TargetList = Array("keyword", "second", "third", "etc")

'~~> Loop through each slide
For Each sld In Application.ActivePresentation.Slides
'~~> Loop through each shape
For Each shp In sld.Shapes
    '~~> Check if it has text
    If shp.HasTextFrame Then
        Set txtRng = shp.TextFrame.TextRange

        For i = 0 To UBound(TargetList)
            '~~> Find the text
            Set rngFound = txtRng.Find(TargetList(i))

            '~~~> If found
            Do While Not rngFound Is Nothing
                '~~> Set the marker so that the next find starts from here
                n = rngFound.Start + 1
                '~~> Chnage attributes
                With rngFound.Font
                    .Bold = msoTrue
                    .Underline = msoTrue
                    .Italic = msoTrue
                    '~~> Find Next instance
                    Set rngFound = txtRng.Find(TargetList(i), n)
                End With
I've been developing PowerPoint add-ins using MS Office 2010 for years.  Yesterday I finally switched to 2016.  Made a few revisions today and re-saved as .ppam.  The .ppam file used to be 2.6MB and is now only 1.2MB.  Everything seems to be working fine, but it makes me nervous!  

Has Microsoft streamlined its file formats to make them even smaller in this new version of Office, or is something else going on here?

hi, How can you set the office templates to be the default when you open powerpoint instead of Featured? Also, how can you remove featured templates completely from the list? apart from the blank template?

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Dear Experts,

I have a user which started to have an issue with opening ppt files this week over vpn.
The strange thing is it's only happening with ppt files, pptx are opening fine.
If I copy the ppt file from the Shared drive to the desktop it takes 3-4 Seconds to copy and around 10 seconds to open.
If I open the same ppt file directly from a network share it takes around 3-4 Minutes to open or Powerpoint is even crashing.
The same files are opening fast when on the Office network.
I'm running out of ideas what could be the issue.
I tried the following until now:

- repair office
- Adjust MTU of the Wifi adapter
- start Powerpoint in safe mode
- disable all Add-ins
- Add network share in the trust center to trusted locations (including subfolders)

It's still the same after all this.

the following is used:
- Windows 7 64 Bit
- Office 2013
- Cisco Anyconnect

Best Regards and many thanks in advance for any input,

I currently have a table in PowerPoint and in my column named "Answers" i can either have "True" or "False"

I would like the cell to change to one colour when it's "True" and another if "False"

Can anyone help me out with code?

Thank you :)
I am trying to get the attached “Section Exclusion Manager” to work for Powerpoint. The idea is to open a Powerpoint file that contains sections, save a user-defined copy of that file, display the section names and starting page numbers of the copy in the first picklist, move selected sections from that picklist to the second picklist, and then delete those sections from the file.

I have the code working for saving a copy in the same directory as the source and reading the section data into an array, but cannot get the first picklist to read and display that array (in Sub PopulateSourceList). Since I can’t do that, I can’t get the user selections to display in the second picklist, nor to then delete the sections from the copy. Have some code attempts to display sections in the picklist but they're not working. Can someone help with these three functions?

 Userform, code and sample source file (with sections) are attached as ‘Section Exclusion Manager PowerPoint (Test July 6 2017)’ and ‘PowerPoint Section Test’.
I am the pastor of a church which uses PowerPoint to display verses, graphics, and notes during my message.

We have several "volunteers" that create the PowerPoint each week.

What is happening is that some folks add automatic slide advancement animations on individual slides...
Groups of slides... text boxes or even inserted graphics.

With songs, the average slideshow is 90 slides.

Is there any was to automatically remove all automatic "Next Slide" animations?

Transitions are fine. (Fade in / out... etc...
When I have a PowerPoint file open... using two screens
And hit F5 so the Show runs...
I see a "timer" running in top left of screen?
Is that a countdown to the slide changing?
Or a count of how long it HAS been running.

I do NOT want it to change automatically.  This is manual click only

In the foyer I have a directory board which lists Clients Names and office Number. The slide show shows advertising material then the directory.

How can I repeat the Directory listing without having to copy it in between each advertising slide?

Looking for a Master slide (ie the directory listing) and some kind of place holder between each advertising slide.

Looking for a simple specific solution from someone who knows how to do it NOT vague suggestions.

Microsoft PowerPoint

PowerPoint is a slide show presentation program currently developed by Microsoft. PowerPoint presentations consist of a number of individual pages or "slides" that may contain text, graphics, sound, movies, and other objects, which may be arranged freely. The presentation can be printed, displayed live on a computer, or navigated through at the command of the presenter. Slides can also form the basis of webcasts.