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PowerPoint is a slide show presentation program currently developed by Microsoft. PowerPoint presentations consist of a number of individual pages or "slides" that may contain text, graphics, sound, movies, and other objects, which may be arranged freely. The presentation can be printed, displayed live on a computer, or navigated through at the command of the presenter. Slides can also form the basis of webcasts.

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I'd like to convert a 2010 PPT presentation into 2013.  The size is wider on 2013 and this is what I'm interested in accommodating
What are some quick, easy ways of taking a 2010 PPT file and doing this..
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Hey Guys!

I'm looking for a way to update all the chart links to a new Excel file instead of doing it one by one.

This is the case:
I made a PowerPoint presentation with charts linked to a specific Excel file.
Now I would like to send the the 2-files package (Excel & matching PowerPoint files) to other users so they can generate PPT presentations after updating the data in their Excel file (the format will stay the same, only the data will change).

I'm looking for a VBA code that I can send them where they will just have to replace/rewrite the source Excel file in order to link all the charts.

Many thanks!
In most of the Word and PowerPoint toolbars I develop using VBA, I use an Excel file to hold various kinds of data, which I read in using ADODB.  I've used this method successfully for years.

I just updated a PowerPoint tool for one client, and now one person out of a team of four is experiencing an error message in the middle of that ADODB loading sequence.  The weird thing is that only this one person is seeing the error.  It works fine for me and for the other 3 people on his team.  They are all running Office 2013.  I know it is successfully creating the connection to the Excel file, and have verified that it correctly reads the data from the first worksheet and loads it into the first public variable, but when it tries to move on to the next worksheet, it claims it can't find that sheet.  But the sheet is definitely there.  And again it works for everyone else.

Sub loadfromexcelw()

Dim Datafile As String
Dim objConnection As ADODB.Connection
Dim objRecSet As ADODB.Recordset
Dim x As Integer, y As Integer
Dim reccount As Integer, colcount As Integer, R As Integer, C As Integer
Datafile = contentlibraryfolder & "\ToolbarData.xlsm"

Set objConnection = New ADODB.Connection
objConnection.ConnectionString = "Provider=Microsoft.ACE.OLEDB.12.0;Data Source=" & Datafile & ";Extended Properties=""Excel 12.0 Xml;HDR=YES;IMEX=1"";"  
Set objRecSet = New ADODB.Recordset
objRecSet.ActiveConnection = objConnection

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This is weird.

I just opened a narrated project I successfully completed a few months ago and when starting the slide show on a specific slide, the audio narration is silent. All audio narrations (recorded in a studio and output to MP3 format) are set to be hidden during the slide show so I unhid one and looked to see what was happening during the slide show:
PowerPoint Cannot Play MediaNow the even weirder thing is that these audio files play perfectly fine when in edit mode (out of slide show mode) and, they play ok when starting the slide show on a different slide and then transitioning to the slide in question (checked with several narrated slides). The audio will not play when using Shift+F5 to start the slide show on a specific narrated slide. Or, I can use Shift+F5 to start on a specific slide, go back one slide then forward one slide and the audio then plays.

The animation pane is set to play each of the narration audio file automatically, After Previous, without a delay and are the first effect in the animation sequence.

After more testing, I found that the audio did play sometimes but mostly did not so it's even intermittent! What is going on?

PowerPoint 2016 (PC) 32 bit, Account Version : 1704 Build 8067.2115 Click-to-Run, About Version : 16.0.8067.2115
I am using MS Office 2013, and am trying to make a PowerPoint presentation which will be shown to the class using a projector connected via VGA. Within the slides,  I have inserted both objects and hyperlinks within text boxes to show specific pdf's and word doc's as examples of the information on my slide. I want to use presenter view in MS PowerPoint and not duplicate my screen to the class.
However, as I am doing a trial run of my presentation, the results are as follows:
Test #1 - Hyperlink: I am only able to open a hyperlink within slideshow view ( in which I have selected presenter view). When I click on the hyperlink, it only opens on my laptop and the projected image stays on the slide (which contained the hyperlinks).  Results: I cannot show the hyperlinked pdf to the class, even with alt + tab.
Test #2 - Object: I inserted the object of the same pdf image as test 1. However, when using presenter view, I cannot click on the object to open it. I have to press Escape and open the object from outside of the slideshow view. Meanwhile, the class is seeing the view of my laptop desktop which I do not want.

Is there any solution to this?? Please help and advise me on how to use presenter view in MS PowerPoint 2013 and open hyperlinks to show the class in a seamless way and not show the class my desktop.
I'm trying to copy the usedrange of a excel worksheet and paste it to as a image in a powerpoint Template of 4th slide and from there on it should move to the next slides and copy the remaining worksheets to the next further slides. I've 20 worksheets in a workbook with different data and with different used Range  with 40 slides in a template of a powerpoint presentation.  So, it is pasting the data in 4th slide but not adjusting it to the slide as it is throwing the error as

Object Doesn't support this property or method a Runtime Eror 438

PPslide.Shapes.PasteSpecial DataType:=2 '2 = ppPasteEnhancedMetafile
Set myshape = PPslide.Shapes(PPslide.Shapes.Count)

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So, I Need a macro to loop through all the sheets and if the usedrange is not fitting in the current slide then it should automatically  split  and go to next slide and then split and paste the remaining data and even if the data is more than that slide also then it should again go to next slide and  split and paste the data. Likewise it should automatically paste all the remaining worksheets usedrange to slides and adjust its position according to the data.

I'm attaching sample workbook with 3 worksheets with same data as of now. I do have a powerpoint template of around 40 slides in which it should be started from 4th slide to paste to powerpoint from worksheet.

I'm also providing the code which is working currently . Any Suggestions are highly appreciated!!!

Private Sub 

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Hi all, I had problem in order to paste table and shapes by using Company Add-Ins. Before this, I already apply "Shell.application". As result, it give Run Time Error 'Object Required' when I set the object. But when I call the "Shell.application", it able to open the PowerPoint but I cannot paste my table and shapes. Appreciate your help and thank you in advance.
For some months I've faced this issue but it's got to the point where I need to do something about it as it's killing my productivity.

When working on a project, at some random point, the Animation Pane starts to behave in a very abnormal way. These are the three symptoms I'm seeing:

1. There is a lag, measured in seconds, before the pane refreshed after changing the selected animation effect (clicking it) in the animation pane and sometimes the click appears to be completely ignored.
2. When moving the mouse up and down the list of animation effects in the animation pane, the little yellow tool tip rapidly flashes, at such a fast rate it's impossible to read.
3. The worst one : when selecting one or more effects in the animation pane and then moving it/them, the adjacent effect is moved instead!

I tried to use SnagIt:mac to capture these effects in my VM that's running PowerPoint 2016(PC) but it kept crashing!

The issues disappear temporarily after restarting PowerPoint and then appear again at some time later.

Anyone seen this and know how to fix it?
I created a powerpoint with graphs that has data inputted directly in powerpoint. I have to upload and share this powerpoint with another person through Google Drive. I have a MacBook and the the other person (let's call him B) has a Microsoft. B can download the file from Google Drive and edit the data and graphs. However when B uploads it back onto Google Drive and I download the file, I am no longer able to edit the data. The graphs in the powerpoint returns to me as a picture.

The file I download from them is in .pptx form. We both have Powerpoint 2016.

Please help.
I'm not very experienced with PowerPoint. I have created the active textbox using the developer tab.
I'm trying to make the text box interactive as it is part of a test. I want the textbox to be active in slideshow mode as the user will not be able to click inside the box to activate it (due to time constraints).

Is there any way for the text entry cursor to be automatically active for data entry when in the slideshow mode (without the user having to click inside the textbox to activate it).

Any help would be much appreciated.
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Dear Experts,

PowerPoint 365 Not Displaying Images as .eps file extension , Do you have any idea how to solve this problem?

Many thanks
A local church exports the power presentation (2016) to MPEG4 video and played on a loop.  The presentation is bulletin information only and contains no audio.  Someone has to launch the presentation before each church service and then stop it when the service starts.  This is not a big deal, but they are wondering if I can automate things based on a time and date schedule.  I have never tried to automate a Chrome cast and that is my biggest concern.  The thought is to always name the current bulletin the same name every week and launch that file, but it also needs to play in a loop (Repeat).
Hi all,

Got a problem : Powerpoint 2007  keeps trying to repair file, from specific location (a shared drive) .
If the Powerpoint is saved to the local PC , there is no problem.
Exept it does this to every PPT file on the shared drive,

Tried to open other files from the shared drive (doc, pdf, xls, xlsx, txt) :  no problem.
It just happens to PPT files. Every time it tries to repair.
Any suggestions om solving this ?
Hi I'm from a sporting club and we are looking to create a name / number generator. We have weekly members draws (prizes) and we want to be able to randomly pick a winner. We currently have slides in powerpoint 2016 to display our sponsors, info etc already.  We want to use only one slide on this current presentation, whereby a range of names / numbers are very quickly (and randomly if possible) displayed and repeated until we click our powerpoint laser pen to see who the winner is. Can this be Done??

Any help would be greatly appreciated

We have ben using powerpoint to present and now we are using some application based on reveal  js , as a result the keys dont advance the slides as they did in powerpoint ?

is there a way to map the keys or something ?

thanks in advance
Hi experts,

Need vba code for Excel chart to power point and need to consider below points

* excel chart title and  Powerpoint shape title if matching then

* Retrieve all the relevant information from the Powerpoint chart/object (location, height, width, transparency, etc)

* Delete it

* Copy the selected Excel  chart

* Paste to the selected powerpoint slide as source format

* Update the attributes to match the deleted chart/shape (location, height, width, etc).

Hi there

Please assist me with the following automating task using Excel 2010...

I need to write a macro, from my current workbook that contains the data, that will:
- copy the data from my current sheet
- open powerpoint
- use PowerPoint's Insert chart function as seen on the ribbon (choose bar graph) and upon which an excel sheet will appear to contain data for the particular chart
- paste the data from current worksheet into the sheet that was opened by powerpoint as values (once the data has been pasted, the chart should have formed it's shape)
- and return back to my excel workbook.

Ideally, at the end of the day, this automation should go thru each of my worksheets to get data and insert charts via PowerPoint which should just the loop through the above tasks.

However I am already having trouble without the looping and would like to know for now how to tell PowerPoint to implement it's insert chart function and paste my data using VBA .

I know that a potential solution is to make  graphs inside excel and paste them into PowerPoint, but that is precisely what I am trying to avoid because I don't want to depend too much on the linking of data between PowerPoint and Excel.

Please please help!

In the attached one slide deck, I have placed a square on the left with two animations to grow by 500% and shrink by 20% back to the original size. These are triggered by clicking the left square. As we all know, PowerPoint doesn't re-render text in a shape after a grow animation so I then went over to the right hand side of the slide to "fix" this by making a second shape called Square 2b (with the text pre-enlarged by 500%) fade in after the growth of Shape 2 (triggered by Shape 2). The shrink effect is then triggered by clicking Shape 2b. This all works fine until you click the Shape 2 the second time and for all subsequent attempts. What happens is that instead of growing from 100% to 500%, it grows from 0% to 100%. This is easier to see if you set the fill transparency for Shape 2b to 50%.

Why is it doing this?


PowerPoint Grow/Shrink behaviour screenshot
Hi there!

Using Delphi XE7. I have loaded an already existing powerpoint presentation onto an olecontainer within it's own form. I have added two buttons previous and next.
When I click to open presentation it opens in form with first slide visible. Great! My problem comes when trying to move from slide to slide. I click on the next button and it moves to selected slide (there should be some sort of next option), but not as it's own slide. It opens in the powerpoint interface, so you see all the ppt menu bars, etc, but still within the window form.

Simply put I am looking for an example of how to move forward through the slides one by one, like a standard ppt presentation, but only when I click the next button, and if needed how to move to the previous slide, using the button as well. I have spent many hours looking online for general help and have come up empty. I believe the answer is simple, but I haven't had any luck. What am I doing wrong or what do I need to add or change? Any help is greatly appreciated.

Many thanks!
form: Tform;

procedure Tform.load_pptClick(Sender: TObject);
  with oc1 do begin //oc1 is the olecontainer
  Parent := form; Left := 0; Top := 0;
  Width := form.Width; Height := 312;
  CreateObjectFromFile('C:\Users\Desktop\Presentation.ppsx', false);

procedure Tform.next_slideClick(Sender: TObject);
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High Level Diagram
I am trying to synchronise animations on each slide to a transcript or to an audio file that can be created using TTS software.

I was able to execute the macro on power point that will read a text . Now I am trying to identify a solution that will allow me to link the animation on each slide (each bullet point) to the transcript related to the bullet point.

I am not an expert on VBA, so I need help with understanding how this could be achieved. Can i trigger the function that will read the text using the PowerPoint time line as explained by Shyam Pillai in

or should the speech function be triggered using the events that are described by

And sample code that I can use will be helpful to me any pointer will be helpful.

John C
I need to print my slides and notes but when I try to even view the notes page or to print a notes page, the pages are blank. I can print full pages, outlines and handouts, but for some reason, the notes pages just won't view or print.

I've tried saving many different ways such as pdf, pptx, xps, etc.
I've tried importing all the slides into a new document, or copying each one individually.
Notes Page remain blank

Please help
My computer is running Win 7 Pro and I am using MS Powerpoint 2013. Today I find that after directly creating a graphic in Powerpoint (no linked data), when I try to modify the data (in chart or in Excel) or select data the program does not respond - meaning the little spreadsheet does not pop up where I can modify / select the data. No error message comes up either. The slide presentation is one that  I created today and has not been emailed though it has been copied on a flash drive. The drive connects through USB 3 and is otherwise fine (no errors, no evidence of corruption); the problem occurs whether the presentation is opened from the computer SSD drive or from the USB drive. I have tried shutting the program down and restarting, starting a new graph, and doing both quick and long repairs, but without resolving the problem. I have used powerpoint in this configuration for years with no issues in modifying data associated with a chart.
Checking posts on Microsoft forum I find some suggestions but they either do not apply (no linked data being used for the chart) or they do not solve the problem.
Thanks to all who suggest solutions!

I am looking for a way to add bookmarks to audio file that is created using Text To Speech Editor(TTS) . I would like to import the audio files with the book mark to power point presentation and then sync it with animations on the slides.

What I have found till now :
Balabolka allows you to add the bookmarks (example <bookmark mark="bookmark_one"/>)but these bookmarks are not visible in both the Audacity and the Powerpoint.
I have found VBA code that will create bookmarks and import a audio file. But here we will have have to enter the the  position of the book mark (it is hard coded in the vba code).

Does any one know a TTS editor that will allow me to add bookmark using the Microsoft XML tags that can then be imported into power point slides and synced up to the animations on the slides.

John C
I have a corrupt powerpoint file. I believe the reason its corrupt is because when it was downloaded using FTP, it was downloaded using the default ascii mode. I dont have the original file, so I could ftp again using binary mode. Can my existing "corrupt" powerpoint file be converted from ascii to binary? If so, how do I do it?
Hey Community,

I'm using PowerPoint 2016 with a Microsoft Surface Pen and I'd like to Change the pen color that is displayed in the presentation mode.
Im aware that this can be changed under Presentation > Set up Slide Show and during the presentation in the options menu.

However, if I change the pen color (both ways), save the presentation and restart it will have changed the pen color back to a different color.

Did anyone have the same problem or an idea how this can be solved? Is there a default settings menu for this?



Microsoft PowerPoint




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PowerPoint is a slide show presentation program currently developed by Microsoft. PowerPoint presentations consist of a number of individual pages or "slides" that may contain text, graphics, sound, movies, and other objects, which may be arranged freely. The presentation can be printed, displayed live on a computer, or navigated through at the command of the presenter. Slides can also form the basis of webcasts.