Microsoft PowerPoint

PowerPoint is a slide show presentation program currently developed by Microsoft. PowerPoint presentations consist of a number of individual pages or "slides" that may contain text, graphics, sound, movies, and other objects, which may be arranged freely. The presentation can be printed, displayed live on a computer, or navigated through at the command of the presenter. Slides can also form the basis of webcasts.

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Hello experts,
I am trying to find an effective way to manage lines in powerpoint.

I identified two problems:
1-In powerpoint you cannot connect your lines objects, but you can do it for shapes. As a result there is always an space between each end and beginning ie : blue ovals:
2-If you want to re-size vertical & horizontal lines I grouped them however given that the vertical line is an horizontal line with 90° rotation I cannot properly re-size it.
2019-04-22_10h25_22.pngDo you have advices on this?
I attached dummy file.
Thank you in advance for your help.
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What can prevent the PowerPoint executable from closing via task manager?
Power Point does not respond when saving to DropBox, via the desktop application.
Can save to the local computer OK, with a Power Point file.
Currently performing a full repair of Microsoft Office 365 on Windows 10 version 1703.
Note: I could not close PowerPoint with task manager when it is frozen.
Dropbox version
Dropbox on demand version

The Dropbox crash reports folder is empty.
I have a VBA add-in that works fine on lots of different Windows PCs.

Recently, several users reported that the add-in shows the following message numerous times, one after another, when trying to load either as an application add-in file or via the source macro-enabled Office file:

System Error &H8000FFFF (-2147418113). Catastrophic failure

Microsoft's help page that this message links to simply states "Visual Basic encountered an error that was generated by the system or an external component."!

After repeatedly clicking OK or or holding the Enter key to dismiss this repeating message, the following message is eventually displayed:

Compiler error. Out of memory.

I have issolated it to a specific model of Dell XPS laptop but they are well spec'd with Windows 10 Pro 64 bit, 16GB RAM and 2.2 GHz Intel Core i7.

The project has many modules/userforms/classes so it's not possible to post all of the code here, or even easily issolate where it's going wrong due to the nature of the error messages and behaviour of VBE after dismissing them.

Once out of the error message loop above, the following text in bold is highlighed in a code moule window:

Optional ByVal CompareMode As VbCompareMethod = vbTextCompare, _

Public Function QSortInPlace( _
    ByRef InputArray As Variant, _
    Optional ByVal LB As Long = -1&, _
    Optional ByVal UB As Long = -1&, _
    Optional ByVal Descending As Boolean = False, _
    Optional ByVal 

Open in new window

I have an Office VBA add-in that's causing a problem with one issolated user amongst many others that are not experiencing the the same issue. I've issolated it to the Windows API Sleep function.

This is the declaration I'm using, the 64 bit version coming from official Microsoft documentation (I also tried LongLong instead of Long):

#If VBA6 Then
  ' from Microsoft's Win32API_PtrSage.txt
  Private Declare PtrSafe Sub Sleep Lib "kernel32" (ByVal dwMilliseconds As Long)
  Private Declare Sub Sleep Lib "kernel32" (ByVal dwMilliseconds As Long)
#End If

Open in new window

When trying to call this with this example in the same module:

Public Sub TestSleep()
    Sleep 1000
End Sub

Open in new window

This particular user sees this error message:

"453 Can't find DLL entry point Sleep in kernel32"

They are using Office 2016, 32 bit (build 10730) on Windows 10, 64 bit and I have had them check the version of the kernel32.dll which is 10.0.16299.1029, 3/6/2019 (my PC has 10.0.1734.648, 06/03/2019)

What can I do now to establish the cause of the issue and fix it?
Hi experts!

I doubt you can help but it can't hurt. Whenever I create a column chart in Powerpoint the labels are positioned well but as soon as I change the chart type to 3D the labels are too low and you can't read them. I normally have to manually click on and move each label above each column, which is a nightmare when I have twenty of them. Any solutions you  can think of? Ideally I'd love to use VBA but I don't think you can use it on charts.
HI. I have a powerpoint slide, I want a button to read the contents of the slide note when it is clicked.

Does it need a macro?
I'm facing an issue on Powerpoint 365 on MAC is crashed from time to time,
We recently moved our file servers to SharePoint.  We are using Office 365.  Several of our PowerPoint and Word documents are numbered starting from Page 0.  Using the online versions of PowerPoint and Word will not print Page 0.  They will print if used on the desktop versions.

Is there any way to get it to print Page 0 online?
I have plot in powerpoint that was taken out from excel. The linked has be deleted however I still see the point values when I hover the mouse around the points. Is there anyway I can convert the points data to excel table?

Any help would be highly appreciated.

Thank you.
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Hello! I have a user on Office 2013 having a PPT problem. While working on a file throughout the day, she goes to save the file and gets the attached image. She can do a Save As making it a new file to get around it, but she has to do that several times a day. I already ensured Office is fully updated, and I have done a repair on Office. Add-ins are disabled as well. I tried also to Open and Repair one of the new files as well, but the problem persists. Anyone seen this one before?Error Message
"Guidelines on pasting data from Excel - so numbers are legible - any dos and don'ts? " I've been asked this question and really the only answer I have is not to try and copy across the entire  sheet- which is what people seem to want to do.  Anything else PowerPoint experts here would recommend??
Hi, Currently I have problem about my Kingsoft Presentation ( Free ). everytime I click on hyperlink that linked to video it will pop out this warning ( refer attachment ). Did anyone know how to disable this warning. I already configure at  trust setting but it didn't solve, I try change at registry. also same.. have any solution?. error security warning pop outtrust setting presentationregistry
Some general help please..

I have a power point template for producing certificates and I want to be able to do a mail merge from a excel spreadsheet into the power point template.

I want to mail merge Full Name, Date and Certificate Number from the excel spreadsheet. Then have the ability to produce a PDF document of the certificates for the data entries.

I am guessing you might be able to use a script for this type of work.

Any suggestions?
I have an Excel spreadsheet (about 50 rows), and am planning to create a nice Powerpoint template, with preformatted textboxes, fonts, etc.

I would like to transfer the information from the Excel into the PPT. Each row of the Excel will be one slide in the PPT. Each cell will become one text box. All cells in the same column will end up at the same place on various slides, with same font, etc. The final PPT file will contain as many slides as there were rows in the Excel spreadsheet.

Could someone please show me a way?
According to this Greg Maxey article it's possible to customise the context sensitive menu at the bottom of this screenshot both via customUI XML and the older CommandBars model.

Office context menu for text
But is there any way to customise the smaller popup menu at the top e.g. the one with the font formatting controls in it?
I'm creating a digital planner and need a little Power Point help. I'm creating the graphics in Paint Shop Pro then importing them into PowerPoint to add the hyperlinks. Then I will be using the Xodo app to finish it and use it on my Android tablet and phone. (IOS users use Goodnotes but I don't have an Apple device).
    So I have tabs around 3 of the sides of my planner. I have the tabs set up on the left side (Jan- Dec) for monthly spreads and I have all those hyperlinks set up ok on all the pages.
   Now I'm working on the top 4 tabs and have all those but one done and that's where I need assistance. I have a "today" tab that obviously leads to the current date in the planner.  
    How can I add a hyperlink that changes daily?  I've seen others with the "today" tab, so I know it's possible, but I don't know how (yet).
    Any idea?
in our company we want to install WSUS for multiple branches.
from main office we want to approve the updates.
I need to create  WSUS proposal drawing and PPT if someone can provide me a sample for the same it will be very helpful.

Thanks & Regards,
Mohammed Afroz
I have a power point file and have some you tube videos embedded in this file. The video used to play OK in the last months, however all of the sudden the video doesn't play anymore.

We have tried disabling hardware acceleration, running the file as admin and so far nothing has helped.

We are in MS Office  2016
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I have a powerpoint 2016 presentation that I need to send out shortly.  It is critical that I lock it for editing, but it still needs to be able to be printed.
Converting to .pdf is not an option as it must remain in powerpoint.  I cant seem to find a way to do this anymore!  Help.  When I go to File > Info > Protect Presentaion I only see the ability to add a password to open the document...not to restrict for editing.   When I click  'Restrict Access' there is a choice 'Connect to rights management server and get templates'  … which doesn't work, says my machine is not setup, etc, etc.    Mark as Final sounds promising...but seems to still allow anyone to click 'edit anyway' and get past it.

Is there any simple way to restrict editing only?  Need to get this out shortly so a bit desperate for help.  Thanks

can you recommend the best way to transfer data (numbers and next) from excel to powerpoint so that format is not lost?


can you recommend an excel reporting template that can used to create presentations similar to powerpoint?

the reason i am asking it is cumbersome to transfer data between excel and powerpoint.

I am developing a generator for PowerPoint presentations.
At the end of a generation cycle, the output file should be shown in PowerPoint.
Just opening the file therein is not sufficient since a previous version of the file may already be open;
that would then need to be closed first.

This action should be triggered from a Scala program, which runs on a JVM.
The solution should not require running an MS Office macro (such as given here).
We may assume the file is not being edited in PowerPoint; there will be an option to generate it as read only.

I need solutions for Windows and Macintosh.
I have experimented with AppleScript from the Mac Script Editor, but I only manage to
have PowerPoint open a file when no file with the same name is open yet.
So I would appreciate help.

I included the tag Microsoft Word, because this question likely applies for that as well.
I have a PowerPoint application add-in (VBA -> .ppam) that shows a userform containing some help the first time the add-in runs.

I have tried triggering that action with two different events:

Sub Auto_Open()


the customUI onLoad event.

Both methods work if the add-in is configured to load before PowerPoint runs.

However, if PowerPoint is running and a user manually loads the add-in via File / Options / Add-ins / PowerPoint Add-ins / Go then the userform is shown but in some kind of non-initialised state whereby some of the controls are active e.g. MultiPage, some are not e.g CommandButton and none of the form's initialisation code runs. The only way to then close the form is via the [X] button at the top right of the window.

How can I automatically display, interact and execute code within a userform when the user loads an application add-in using this method?


I've attached a sample project to demonstrate the issue. Delete the .zip extension (required to upload .pptm files to EE) before opening it.
hello ,

For the last few days i'm getting a weird error while running a macro In Microsoft powerpoint. The Macro translates the korean text into english using Google Translator.
But from last few days randomly it started giving error "Run-time error '-2147024891 (80070005)': Access is denied.

i have google it and found there is some information about this error but not one knows the accurate solution.
can some one help please ? Thanks in advance.

Microsoft PowerPoint

PowerPoint is a slide show presentation program currently developed by Microsoft. PowerPoint presentations consist of a number of individual pages or "slides" that may contain text, graphics, sound, movies, and other objects, which may be arranged freely. The presentation can be printed, displayed live on a computer, or navigated through at the command of the presenter. Slides can also form the basis of webcasts.