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Microsoft PowerPoint

PowerPoint is a slide show presentation program currently developed by Microsoft. PowerPoint presentations consist of a number of individual pages or "slides" that may contain text, graphics, sound, movies, and other objects, which may be arranged freely. The presentation can be printed, displayed live on a computer, or navigated through at the command of the presenter. Slides can also form the basis of webcasts.

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We are on our way to a full migration from Office to GSuite here at my agency.  We are wanting to phase out Word and Powerpoint from our users but stil allow them to keep Excel.  Is it possible to utilize a group policy to push a silent removal of these 2 pieces of the software?  Is there a better way to do this?  Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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Weird issue here.  Saving changes to a pptx file over a VPN are not working.  
The file is showing as being saved on screen, thereafter it creates a tmp file and then shows the original pptx file prior to saving the changes.
It seems to work fine locally on same LAN.
i created a power point 2016 template and want to deploy it for 20 Clients Windows 10. There are w2k12 r2 DC servers and 1 w2k12 r2 FileServer on my environment. Can you help me please doing this? With or without gpo or something.
Thank you and best regards.
I have been given two 16:9 templates which are causing issues when copying content from one to the other in the objects appear smaller when pasted.

On examination I found the following 16:9 design size setups in inches with points in parenthesis:

1. Microsoft Office Default for "On-screen show" = 10” x 5.625” (720 *405) - pre 2013 default
2. Microsoft Office Default for "Widescreen" = 13.333” x 7.5” (960 * 540) - 2013 onwards default, better for 4:3 migration
3. Custom Template 1 = 10” x 5.625” (720 *405)
4. Custom Template 2 = 26.67” x 15” (1920.25 * 1080)

Content is being copied from slides using Template 1 to slides using Template 2 and appearing smaller, as expected. by a factor of 2.666 (26.67" / 10"). This means that users are having to scale everything up by 2.666, reposition, re-margin text, increase font sizes etc. when reusing content from Template 1. Nightmare!

I didn't design the templates so I am wondering what the rational was for the designer to deviate from the new Office default "Widescreen" settings and then to increase it when releasing the new version Template 2.

Is it purely a choice abut matching the number of points to Full HD for projection quality optimisation? It seems a pretty weird thing to do when there are many thousands of slides using Template 1.

What is the "Best Practice" here when considering content migration?
Hello This code woks on debug mode but fails to run in complie mode at CommandBars.ExecuteMso Any suggestions or help would be greatly appreciated.

Sub CopyPasteAsUnion()

     Dim sld As Slide
     Dim shp As Shape

     Dim ShapeOne As String
     Dim ShapeTwo As String
     Dim oshpR As ShapeRange

     For Each sld In ActivePresentation.Slides
     ActiveWindow.View.GotoSlide sld.SlideIndex
          For Each shp In sld.Shapes
           If shp.HasTextFrame = True Then
                If shp.TextFrame.HasText = True Then
                      ShapeOne = shp.Name
                      ShapeTwo = shp.Name & "_1"
                      With shp.Duplicate
                         .Left = shp.Left
                         .Top = shp.Top
                         .Name = ShapeTwo
                      End With
                            Set oshpR = sld.Shapes.Range(Array(ShapeOne, ShapeTwo))
                            CommandBars.ExecuteMso ("ShapesUnion")
                    End If
                End If
End Sub

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PowerPoint Version I'm using : PowerPoint 2016 (System : Windows 7).

Error While compiling:
Run-time error '-2147467259(80004005)': Method 'ExecuteMso' of objects '_CommandBars' Failed
I'm printing handouts two slides per page to an HP 651 color printer (though the printer does not matter). Each printed page has today's date at the top, right and a page number (not slide number) at the bottom, right. There are no headers, footers or page numbers specified in the print job (each option is not check marked). This is not controlled by the slide master. It is an issue with each printed page, not each slide on the page.

Does anyone know where the date and page number are coming from?

Thank you.
Hello there
I have a VBA code that copies data from excel to a power point presentation. the problem that I have is that I cannot set the position of the copied table in powerpoint. it doesn't work in a for loop.

Sub ExcelRangeToPowerPoint()
        Application.ScreenUpdating = False
        Dim rng As Range
        Dim PowerPointApp As Object
        Dim myPresentation As Object
        Dim mySlide As Object
        Dim myShape As Object
        Dim PPPres As Object
        Dim PPT As PowerPoint.Application
        Dim SlideNum As Integer
        Dim counter As Integer

    Set PPT = New PowerPoint.Application
    PPT.Visible = True
    PPT.Presentations.Open Filename:="C:\Users\Ashkan\Desktop\Powerpoint autoupdate\1.pptm"
For counter = 1 To 3
    SlideNum = counter
    Sheets("Sheet" & SlideNum).Select
    'Copy Range from Excel
    Set rng = ThisWorkbook.ActiveSheet.Range("A1:B5")
    'Paste to PowerPoint and position
      Set myPresentation = PPT.ActivePresentation
      Set mySlide = myPresentation.Slides(SlideNum)
      Set myShape = mySlide.Shapes(mySlide.Shapes.Count)
        Set position:
          myShape.Left = 128.88
          myShape.Top = 68.4
          Set mySlide = Nothing
Next counter

    Application.CutCopyMode = False
    Application.ScreenUpdating = True
End Sub

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Line 29 to 33 is not working for table number 2 and 3. it only repositions the table 1.
how can I select this table in power point in order to reposition it?
Hi there
I have a power point presentation with 100 slides, which It's tables need to be updated each week. To further assist, each table in power point has a corresponding worksheet in my workbook and the position and formatting of these tables (in power point) have to be maintained.
Is there any VBA code to automate this process?

p.s I hope my descriptions are clear enough.
I also Uploaded two example.
Hi there

I need a VBA code in powerpoint to compress every picture to 150 pp quality.
Is there a way to do that with "Application.ActivePresentation.SaveAs"?

Hi there
I have 5 presentations with a large number of slides which each of slides has to pictures in them (before and after). I want a VBA code to distribute these pictures horizontally. I've found a code for one picture, so it won't work on my presentations.

Sub DHori()
    Dim osld As Slide
        For Each osld In ActivePresentation.Slides
        With osld.Shapes.Range
        .Distribute msoDistributeHorrizontally, msoTrue
        End With
        Next osld  
End Sub

I also have another question, all of these pictures are linked in presentation, so each week when opening my presentation they update automatically. is there a code for breaking these links, so I wouldn't have to do this manually?
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LVL 10
On Demand Webinar: Networking for the Cloud Era

Did you know SD-WANs can improve network connectivity? Check out this webinar to learn how an SD-WAN simplified, one-click tool can help you migrate and manage data in the cloud.

OK. So let's say I have a deck and I have created a new template and now I want to apply this new template to this current thinking is: create a new presentation based on my revised template and then use reuse slides to import the old slides into it? Is there another better way? Thanks
If I have a scenario where I am receiving a presentation with one type of master slide on it but I want to apply a different master slide to it or I have a number of presentations with different master slides - which I want to combine so that I have one Master Slide to "rule them all" as it were...what's the best approach? Thanks
Hi All: We are a non-profit club that has monthly Powerpoint (PP) (2010 and later) presentations. We have started to record the audio and Presentation for posting to the web for our members who can't make the meeting to view. We use the built in recording function in PP 2016 for both the video and audio. The problem we have is that when the presenter uses a laser pointer, the recording function does not include that since it is outside the program.  I know PP has a built in laser pointer (using CTRL+left mouse button) but for a number of reasons that would not work in this situation. So we purchased a Logitech Spotlight Presentation Remote and are trying to create a macro that turns on the internal pointer so it can be recorded. We would then assign a key combination to the "Custom Key" on the remote so it can be recorded. But, I haven't a clue as to how to write a macro in PP 2016 since there is no macro recorder. Any help/suggestions would be appreciated!
Dear All I want to ask where i can get a template for profesional presentation in the web ?
I've attached a file that has what I want but I want to be able to have 3 boxes across the top and down (9 boxes in total).
I have one MCQ's Based type exam word document paper. I have to make Presentation in which each question will carry one slide.

I search different methods to create PPT from Word document. But I need little more help that is there any quickest way that select only questions and format them Heading style 1 and then select only QUestions options like Bullets as Heading 2.

or any other quickest way or macro which can convert my word document to PPT and each question should be on one slide.
I have many files created with PowerPoint 4.0 that cannot be opened with PowerPoint 2013.  This appears to be a known issue.  When trying to open the file, receive PowerPoint message: "PowerPoint can't open this type of file (...\filname.ppt)."  
Details of the message: "The selected file does not appear to be a valid Microsoft PowerPoint file. It might be a file created by a different program.
Try double-clicking the file in Windows Explorer to see if another program will open it. If PowerPoint opens again when you double-click the file in Windows Explorer, it is possible that the file is not a PowerPoint file but that its extension was renamed to be that of a registered PowerPoint file type (such as .ppt, .pptx, .pps, .ppsx, .pptx, .pot, or .potx) but the file is not a PowerPoint file.
To determine which program can open the file, try any of the following:
Contact the original author (if known) to find out which program was used to create this file. Then rename the file with the correct extension so that it can be opened by that program.
Try opening the file in other programs.
If you, or someone you know, are very knowledgeable about software, examine the file header in a text editor to determine which program can read the file.
Another possibility is that the file was damaged during transfer from another computer. Try transferring the file again.
The file might have become corrupted. If you have a backup copy of the file, use it. It is not possible repair a
I'm building a new Windows 10 image, that image has Office 2016 on it, I have a number of custom PowerPoint templates that I need to add to PowerPoint so they would be available in the template list for all users in PowerPoint, is it possible to accomplish?

Thank you,

I need to find a picture which was not have same scale of height and width in entire PowerPoint presentation..

For example: VBA code like this
loop for all "jpeg, emf, wmf, png, gif, bitmap" picture files in entire presentation
check the "scale height and scale width" are equal are not
if equal, exit
if not equal, give a red outline for that picture and display count of picture which was outline and the slide no
Reference for Scale of height and scale of width
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New benefit for Premium Members - Upgrade now!

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I usually stay away from PowerPoint's "Shrink text on overflow" setting for text boxes.  But I have an application where I want to use.  

But I am finding that it does not shrink the text enough.  When I set it to "shrink text," it reduces the size of the text, but not enough to fit into the text box.

Here's what I tried, in order
1. Original text 44 - box is set to "Do not autofit"
shrink12. Change to Shrink text on overflow - text reduces to 40 but does NOT fit into shape
shrink23. Manually shrink text to 36 - resets to "Do not autofit"
shrink34. Change again to Shrink text on overflow - text reduces to 32 (smaller than it needs to be)
I planning to execute this in VBA once I figure this out (myshape.TextFrame2.AutoSize = msoAutoSizeTextToFitShape).  

Do we just have to live with the fact that Shrink Text doesn't actually make the text fit inside the shape, or is there something else I can tweak to get it to behave like I want?  Thanks.
Hi expert,

I had a bunch of macros in PowerPoint macro enabled presentation 2010

How to create a PowerPoint Add-ins file for all my macros in a single ribbon with my custom icons.

Kindly Please Help me...
I would like to Find the word {"keyword", "second", "third", "etc"} and highlight in Bold or yellow on all slide of the ppt. In shape, groupitem, table, chart, notespage etc. A below code works only in shape.

Could you please help me to modify the below code to work also in table, smartart, chart, notepage etc..

option Explicit

Sub HighlightKeywords()
Dim sld As Slide
Dim shp As Shape
Dim txtRng As TextRange, rngFound As TextRange
Dim i As Long, n As Long
Dim TargetList

'~~>  Array of terms to search for
TargetList = Array("keyword", "second", "third", "etc")

'~~> Loop through each slide
For Each sld In Application.ActivePresentation.Slides
'~~> Loop through each shape
For Each shp In sld.Shapes
    '~~> Check if it has text
    If shp.HasTextFrame Then
        Set txtRng = shp.TextFrame.TextRange

        For i = 0 To UBound(TargetList)
            '~~> Find the text
            Set rngFound = txtRng.Find(TargetList(i))

            '~~~> If found
            Do While Not rngFound Is Nothing
                '~~> Set the marker so that the next find starts from here
                n = rngFound.Start + 1
                '~~> Chnage attributes
                With rngFound.Font
                    .Bold = msoTrue
                    .Underline = msoTrue
                    .Italic = msoTrue
                    '~~> Find Next instance
                    Set rngFound = txtRng.Find(TargetList(i), n)
                End With
Dear Experts,

I have a user which started to have an issue with opening ppt files this week over vpn.
The strange thing is it's only happening with ppt files, pptx are opening fine.
If I copy the ppt file from the Shared drive to the desktop it takes 3-4 Seconds to copy and around 10 seconds to open.
If I open the same ppt file directly from a network share it takes around 3-4 Minutes to open or Powerpoint is even crashing.
The same files are opening fast when on the Office network.
I'm running out of ideas what could be the issue.
I tried the following until now:

- repair office
- Adjust MTU of the Wifi adapter
- start Powerpoint in safe mode
- disable all Add-ins
- Add network share in the trust center to trusted locations (including subfolders)

It's still the same after all this.

the following is used:
- Windows 7 64 Bit
- Office 2013
- Cisco Anyconnect

Best Regards and many thanks in advance for any input,

I am the pastor of a church which uses PowerPoint to display verses, graphics, and notes during my message.

We have several "volunteers" that create the PowerPoint each week.

What is happening is that some folks add automatic slide advancement animations on individual slides...
Groups of slides... text boxes or even inserted graphics.

With songs, the average slideshow is 90 slides.

Is there any was to automatically remove all automatic "Next Slide" animations?

Transitions are fine. (Fade in / out... etc...
When I have a PowerPoint file open... using two screens
And hit F5 so the Show runs...
I see a "timer" running in top left of screen?
Is that a countdown to the slide changing?
Or a count of how long it HAS been running.

I do NOT want it to change automatically.  This is manual click only


Microsoft PowerPoint

PowerPoint is a slide show presentation program currently developed by Microsoft. PowerPoint presentations consist of a number of individual pages or "slides" that may contain text, graphics, sound, movies, and other objects, which may be arranged freely. The presentation can be printed, displayed live on a computer, or navigated through at the command of the presenter. Slides can also form the basis of webcasts.