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The Microsoft Server topic includes all of the legacy versions of the operating system, including the Windows NT 3.1, NT 3.5, NT 4.0 and Windows 2000 and Windows Home Server versions.

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I have reviewed a quote that my company has been given for purchasing servers with Server 2016.

What is the meaning of the software licenses mentioned in the screenshot below?

Svr 2016 licenses
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This is my command line:
@echo off
FOR %%f IN (P*) DO type %%f >> combiness.txt & echo. >> combiness.txt

Open in new window

To put all files starting with P in a combiness.txt file, it worked on my old computer but i recently got a new one and its not working like I had hoped.
We are planning to upgrade to Microsoft Windows Server 2016 and currently analysis the hardening procedures and guidelines. Our management and security team would like to follow the recommendation from the Security baseline for Windows 10 v1607  and Windows Server 2016 with URL link:

After gone through the the recommendation documentation (In Excel format), we notice that high percentage of the "Policy Items" are "Blank" or "Not configured". Would anyone has any experience does it mean Microsoft has no recommendation on those area/items or kind give us further direction what can we do to due with those items ?

We are new to Windows Server security hardening exercise and your kind advice is much appreciated.

Thanks & Regards
I opened a case with Vmware support regarding an HA issue in our vCenter 6 environment and they stated we had an "HA Event and not a "HA Failover'". What is the difference between the two>
What is the process to change the Server 2016 policy to allow users to logon even when domain controller can't be contacted?

All computers within this organization are attached to the domain and we need to make sure that the users are able to logon with their domain accounts even when the domain controller can't be contacted.
I have setup Storage Spaces with 4 disks,  Two way Mirror,  formatted REFS, worked fine in both O/S's Updated S2K16, now it says Storage Space drive needs formatting.. Drive is perfectly readable in Windows 10 1703.  All I can do is move the files off of SS drive in W10

SS 4 x WD 4TB Drives

Such a pain to have to keep moving 8TB
I'm trying to install Crashplan. It's a backup software that installs as a service.
I get the error shown in the picture. That it can't create the service because of insufficient privileges.

Prior to this, I had deleted all references to Crashplan in the registry along with all folders from a prior installation.

I have tried to give myself rights using this solution:

It still does not work and I was hoping someone would have an idea on how to troubleshoot this.

Thank you
he whole system appeared to be running correctly and I have connected all of the workstations as well as the shared folders.  It is now live and running

I then attempted to run the configure Implement Group Policy Wizard after removing all of the old SBS2008 policies from AD.  It failed.

I then run the Essentials Tester Power Shell Script.

This showed that there where two certificates for the dashboard, on OK and one not (I don't think this was relevant).  I removed the incorrect certificate from the personal store and the script now shows no errors

The dashboard log is showing an error, but I cant work out what it is telling me.  I 'think' this is certificate related but I cant see where.

I then ran the Office 365 integration wizard to see  if that was also affected, which it is

The log is as follows:-

[10300] 170720.095223.4991: General: Initializing...C:\Windows\system32\Essentials\Dashboard.exe
[10300] 170720.095223.5772: General: Failed to open ADTestHook registry key.
[10300] 170720.095223.5772: General: Failed to open ADTestHook registry key.
[13916] 170720.095223.6085: General: Color branding started
[13916] 170720.095223.6085: General: Processing Microsoft default SKU branding colors XML
[13916] 170720.095223.6085: General: Branding colors XML parsing started
[13916] 170720.095223.6085: General: Branding colors XML parsing ended
[13916] 170720.095223.6085: General: Looking …
I am using below script:
net config server /autodisconnect:-1
net use Z: \\servername\sharedfolder /USER:username password  /persistent:yes

And mapping it with windows service but in legacy way.   i use "Windows Resource Kits" from Win2003 for windows service and creating
registry key at KEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Services.  

By some reason this is absolutely not working now.   the same is working well into all other servers.  

I am looking for best way to map the N/w share with drive letter PERMANENTLY FOR ALL USERS with windows service.  Kindly provide me any best solution or script for it.
Hey guys, i just P2V'ed my server using vmware converter. It boots up but then crashes with 0x0000001E, works fine in Safe mode.

Any thoughts? It's Server 2008 Enterprise.
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If I purchase a VL of Server 2016 Standard will it include downgrade rights for Server 2008 R2?
I think the answer is yes.
More importantly, once I register it with VLSC, will VLSC give me a 2008 R2 download link and an actual 2008 R2 key?

I know downgrade rights usually go back forever but using the new key rather than reusing an old key in important to me...for some reason.

I was thinking the VLSC gave you keys up to 2 versions back, but wasn't sure if the  2012 and 2012R2 counted as the two versions back, or if I could get a key going all the way back to Server 2008.
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I am really tired of asking users not to open file directly from the share drive as it stop updating the data from multiple sources. Is there a way I can track those users?
Hello all,

Recently a Windows 2008 server is displaying the following message  

"please wait for the system Event Notification service"

This issues occurs this morning, A user will go and log off and he will get "Please wait for the System Event Notification Service..." on his screen.

I try and manually log the user out from task manager and even tried to reset the connection from Remote Desktop Services Manager .

Please kindly advise........
I need steps for adding a member server to a domain.
How much does charge for storing files in the cloud?

I have seen that they say that you can store an unlimited number of files in the cloud but I haven't found where they mention how much this costs for storing large amounts of files.
I have been supporting for several years now.

Now I'm looking to find the best sources for training other techs I work with on how to support

What are the best sources for this type of training?
Hi When i am copy pasting below from a website to excel spread sheet instead of pasting to single cell pasting to 5,6 different cells underneath

When the System
•Funds ◦Amount

how to copy to single cell alone not spread across multiple cells one below other?
please advise
Looking to buy some Microsoft volume licenses are all sellers the same price or it varies on the seller?
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Hello - I have a software package I'd like to deploy to only users with x86 office and another package to be deployed to x64 office users. I have successfully created the software package however not sure how to deploy to only those specified users. I am using System Center 2012 Configuration Manager. Thank you so much for your help.

Packages to be deployed
hi experts.
could you pls advise on few online book/video store including subscription option for IT

I was looking at and
but they are expensive

how to get subscription with discounted price or coupon code for above sites.

pls help
Is It possible to build a trust between two servers only,  belonging to different domains.

e.g.  Server A [domain A] and Server B [domain B]

If Server A is in the DMZ and Server B an internal Server, what would be the security concerns?

OS  : WIN 2008R2

I would like to configure server to handle - 10 concurrent (parallel) sessions for our developers.

please advice how to configure the server to meet my requirement.
my domain ID has admin role on the server ( not AD admin).

please advice the steps.

I'm trying to implement email resiliency solution internally and also externally with no Load Balancer access, so I came up with the below Idea:

which I will be applying for all of my Exchange Server 2013 Std. Edition running CAS role:

Internally points to CAS server 1 internal IP address on AD Site 1 points to CAS server 1 internal IP address on AD Site 1 points to CAS server 2 internal IP address on AD Site 2 points to CAS server 2 internal IP address on AD Site 2

... points to CAS server N internal IP address on AD Site N points to CAS server N internal IP address on AD Site N

and also Externally points to CAS server 1 public IP address on the internet. points to CAS server 1 public IP address on the internet. points to CAS server 2 public  IP address on the internet. points to CAS server 2 public  IP address on the internet.

... points to CAS server N public IP address on the internet. points to CAS server N public  IP
Hello experts, I have a client running Server 2012 with 10 client PCs, the Symantec anti virus flagged up a dodgy file this morning, it blocked it but it prompted me to investigate. I found that one of the client PCs shows logon activity using the computername$ account at about the same time as the file was found, and later on the server computername$ account. The system is using a draytek router, which had Remote desktop enabled previously, this has been turned off since January but when I checked the firewall, port 3389 was still enabled. I have disabled that and rebooted the router. I am currently only using VPN as remote access.
So far, all appears OK on the system. My question is regarding the $ accounts, I was aware of them but never used them, can they be used without a password to gain full access, is there anything that can be done to guard against this?

Microsoft Server OS





The Microsoft Server topic includes all of the legacy versions of the operating system, including the Windows NT 3.1, NT 3.5, NT 4.0 and Windows 2000 and Windows Home Server versions.