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The Microsoft Server topic includes all of the legacy versions of the operating system, including the Windows NT 3.1, NT 3.5, NT 4.0 and Windows 2000 and Windows Home Server versions.

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I have a message in my windows 10 check update of SQL 2019 service pack which i posted it's image below.

sql 2016 windows update
I have sql 2017, do I need this service pack?
If I do, how can successfully install this update?
If I do not need this update, how can delete this continuous windows update check?

Thank you very much.
Hi Experts,

can you help me with ADFS trouble shooting ?

When my client connects to ADFS, he has to choose between several certificates.
Is it possible to switch it off ?

Do you have any guidelines how to troubleshoot ?
Maybe some sites to test ?
Test authentication and so on ?
SSRS rdlc with two dataset. The report prints a main textural record from the first data set.  The second data set prints related items to the first dataset as textural data.  Basically I'm creating documents.  I have two RECTANGLES and assigned the correct dataset to each. Inside each RECTANGLE I have a text box for the text and corresponding column data.  This works great if I am filtering on one set of data points; such as one record that relates to other records being in the second dataset.

name address owner

Dataset 2

I've been trying to keep them together but am running into problems.  I know how to deal with this developing RDL projects with sub reports; but can't seem to get that working correctly with RDLC. Is there anyway, given my current approach to group these correctly and print one record per page regardless of the grouping as well?
I am pretty new to SCCM 2012 and l have been tasked with deploying various machine updates which are in the attachment below. I want to be create a package with all the updates and only deploy the updates to machines that already have the software installed and not to those that don't. I would greatly appreciate any assistance.
Hello Experts.

I decided to pursue Server 2016 MCSE for my path and I noticed there is a course on here given by Patrick.   I have printed out all 6 modules along with all the slides.   Has anyone watched this course and can anyone offer me any advice on how to best learn it?  I am very new to this and thought I could get some help as to how to pursue this or the best way to get the most out of the course.   Thank you as always in advance.
Dear Experts

Have joined windows 10 to windows AD domain (2016 server) but when click on the network on each of the windows 10 system I am not able to see the Fileserver and AD server in the list and to access the shared folders have to use run command and then manually have to create shortcut please suggest how to make the servers and member servers list to appear when users clicks on the network, thanks in advance
Environment: Exchange 2013

I am looking for the PowerShell command to determine how much whitespace is in an Exchange 2013 database.  I'm also wondering what the steps are to get the whitespace back.  If I recall correctly, I have to:
Dismount the database
Run a specific command
Wait until complete
Remount the database

Thank you!
I have Server 2019 Standard.
Installed Remote Access Role -  VPN only.

After standard installation and configuration it does not seem top work.
One of the interfaces shows status Non-Operational.
Loopback - Operational
Internal - Non -operational
Ethernet - Operational.

Tried to remove and re-add the role , restarted etc. - stillthe same issue
What are the top 10 most common package failures? Thanks
I have a background in computer programming including sql, access, cobol, vb for apps. I worked for a fortune 500 company generating reports with access at the time.  I have been a stay at home mom for the last 5 years.
I had minimal training 10 years ago in data warehouse. I took a couple of courses online and understand the fundamentals of using visual studio - creating a package with a data flow, defining the source and target, configuring the connection manager, linking table lookups to the reference tables in the warehouse. I brushed up as  i had an interview for a data analyst job that required ssis and ssrs ( I am familiar with reporting tools) - I did not put on my resume but it did state on the requirements. They want to interview me to trouble shoot failed packages. I can figure things out very quickly. However, I am not sure what type of questions they might ask that are more basic relating to ssis and ssrs. I was wondering if you might please be able to provide some basic questions regarding package failures or any questions that might help me get through this. Maybe I am over my head. Thanks again for your help
how do i add a user to the BUILTIN\Administrators group for SSRS
VSS and permission problemsI'm trying to clean a machine that randomly freezes.

I'm seeing lots of errors in the Event Viewer, some related to Permissions and VSS problems.

Can somebody please take a look at the screen snaps in the attached pdf file and try to make sense of them?  Thanks
 I have a user that keeps having prompts to restart her computer everyday because of a failed SCCM deployment. How do find the collection that is trying to deploy the application so can stop if or remove her from the collection so that she stops receiving these prompts as she is having to restart her computer at least 3 times a day. I would greatly appreciate any assistance.
Hello, so we have this (quite old) SBS 2011 Standard which has recently become abismally slow.

It's mainly a data server (we're not using Exchange) and sometimes when a client opens files on the server there are very heavy slowdowns, to the point where I had to reboot a client yesterday because it would hang on a small Access database.

I think I've found the culprit though. Disk activity is always very very high, and the processes behind this activity are related to SQL Server 99% of the time.

It looks like the main cause is the SBS Monitoring service, which relies on SQL Server to function.

So I think I nailed down the cause, but the question is: what to do about it? Is there a way to circumvent this? Thanks.
I set up my server with DFS manager, when I copy paste between folders is give me the error   these files may be harmful to your computer,
In configured group policy Computer Config \ Policies \ Windows Settings \ Admin Templates \ Windows Components \ Internet Explorer \ Internet Control Panel \ Security Page and added the \\domain.local\ with a value of 2 but did not help
I am trying to change an SSRS report so that the PROJECT parameter needs to be an exact match or if left blank returns all.

I am trying to create an expression in SSRS.

If WeightedIndexFloor.Value is NULL and Fields!LienType.Value = "Equity" then i want to return "NA". If the value is anything other that "Equity" then I want to return "None" for that NULL value.

This is part of the expression. It gives me NA when Lien Type = "Equity".

=IIF(ISNOTHING(Fields!WeightedIndexFloor.Value) and Fields!LienType.Value="Equity","NA",Fields!WeightedIndexFloor.Value)

However I am having an issue trying to nest the second IIf statement where Fields!WeightedIndexFloor.Value Is NULL and Fields!LienType.Value <> "Equity" and I need to return "None" for the NULL value.

=IIF(ISNOTHING(Fields!WeightedIndexFloor.Value) and Fields!LienType.Value<>"Equity","None",Fields!WeightedIndexFloor.Value)

Would someone be able assist with the proper expression?

Thanks in advance.

Rob M.
i did migration from exhcnage 2010 to office365
did migration using hybrid configuration wizard. everything was good with migration.

emails working sendind/receiving both ways using exchange server mx record.
i changed to office365 mx record, and office365 accounts not receiving emails now. but they can send out.

is there anything you guys can give me any ideas why after changing mxrecord,  accounts were not able to receive new emails ??
Hi Everyone,

Mostly have Always ON VPN setup and configured, but we are getting an authentication error during trial connections.

Error: The NPS was unable to connect to a DC where the account is located, Because of this, authentication and Authorization for Radius request has failed.

Setup: VPN Server (windows 2019) (Physical server) connects and sends request to NPS
NPS Server (VM) (windows 2019) is supposed to authenticate.
DC (Physical Server) (Windows 2012)
(Added) We also have a Cert. Auth. (Windows 2019) (VM) though that seems to be working fine issuing certificates.

NPS can ping DC, it shows in the domain.

My thought is because it is 2012 server edition. Any thoughts or ideas?
I need a doc that shows the steps to setup a 2016 DC as an NTP time server source to an external time source. (ex:navy)
I found this article but it doesn't say anything about 2016 server. Would it be the same setup?
Let me know if these steps will work for 2016 server?
Hi all, I was wondering if someone could give some advice.   I am trying to determine a certification track between obtaining an MCSE in Server 2016 or pursuing the path of CCNA.  
I am doing this on my own with no one to work with and was wondering who has found either of the 2 the most rewarding.  This site has some good training on the MCSE course and I purchased the IC2 book which teaches in a different manner.  I would like to be able to use references as much as possible but it looks better to take 1 ccna test verse taking 7 mcse tests.  

I know this probably isnt the right place to ask this but I am just looking for advice and as always appreciate it.
Hello experts,

I have an SSRS report that is hosted on the Power Bi report server.  Is there a way to add objects to the top of the report and move the parameters below it?  I need a report header to always be at the top (logo, title, a few icons for information section)?

Error in photo attached. We have made a new Certificate Authority and I think it is functional but I am not 100% sure. I am able to assign certs to one of my DC without an issue and as we setup our Always ON VPN server we are having this issue during the NPS step.

Also as you can see the certificates on the DC

I have a question concerning a slight annoyance with Windows updates in 2012 vs. 2016 Server

I have my servers set to download the updates, but not apply them. This obviously saves me the download time and I can apply them quicker during maintenance periods.

In 2012, if either more updates are released or something is revised, Windows Update re-downloads the changes during it's normal polling cycle and everything is current when it's time to install them.

Under Server 2016, it will appear to download whatever updates are available at that time and then wait with the Install now button. If something newer is released after that, it doesn't appear to re-scan until the currently downloaded updates are installed (even if they are out of date).

In that situation, is there a way to force Windows Update to re-evaluate the available updates like Server 2012 does?
OS: Windows 2008
An indefinite batch script running back ground from task Scheduler on the server .. want to bring cosnsole it being run to foreground.

Advise how this we can make possible