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The Microsoft Server topic includes all of the legacy versions of the operating system, including the Windows NT 3.1, NT 3.5, NT 4.0 and Windows 2000 and Windows Home Server versions.

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We've got an issue, an IIS web application can't access a file on a shared drive.
The app pool credentials are the same as the desktop user credentials we are logged in to the server's console. The account is a domain user account and also an administrator on this web server (it's an intranet server). The anonymous authentication is set to "application pool credentials".
From the windows UI the shared path is fully accessible both via an UNC path and mapped drive, but running from the web app we are getting an "LOGON FAILURE"  in the Process Monitor log.
I tried to create a virtual directory pointing to that shared drive, but IIS can't access the web.config neither, displaying a 500.19 server error with a error code 0x8007052E

I don't understand, what could prevent a domain account to access a shared folder on another machine in the same domain just because it is being running from an IIS process?
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Exploring SharePoint 2016

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We are trying to set up a Hyper-v VM for inside Server 2019 which will also run server 2019. Is there any guide or best practices for setting up hyper V for 2019?
Thank you

Please review the below image:

This message appear on user terminal session on each Wednesday around 4pm. We scan the server multiple times but found nothing.
Some one please let me know why this happening?

First time using Window SBS 2011. Is it possible to set the usershare to a different server, just called it serverA.

How do I set the wizard to set the usershare to point to \\serverA\usershare.
How do I add a column group to a table that has a row group and details?
I need to change the formatting of 8 cells in a table in SSRS.  I want to set the number formatting.

How do I do this at one time?
very strange issue, I have a print server with all our Konica Minolta printers installed on printing to IP ports shared , and listed in AD.

the users then just in windows click add printer and add it from AD.

we’ve got an issue where a user is trying to print a simple 500KB document (about 60 pages), she attempted to print it duplex and send it to the printer:

the document we could see spooling in the printer queue and the size was growing to almost 500MB and on page 27/60 and spooling  still after an hour blocking the print queue.

is this normal? it’s only a 500kb document
We are working to get a set number of our servers hosted/managed by a third party vendor.  The servers will sit on their private cloud and our users will connect to the application via a URL.  We will be connected to the managed servers  via IP sec tunnel so the application URL will be considered in our domain.  The vendor is needing an SSL wildcard cert for the multiple URLs needed for this implementation.  My question is whether I can issue that cert out with our Internal CA or do I need to do through an external cert authority.  I'm a little new to certs and what all can be done with our internal CA so trying to get some direction here.  If I can issue one out to our vendor for this purpose, do I need info from their end to generate the cert request?
When upgrade from win2008 server to Win2019, do we need to upgrade to win2012, then to win2016 and then to win2019?

Thank you!
I had this question after viewing How do i modify specific ExtensionSettings details in the Subscriptions for SSRS.

Trying to add the value so when I query ssrs subscription information I do not get

@ReportName was executed at @ExecutionTime

but rather the actual report name and execution time

I got impression I could do without data driven subscription by updating xml parameter value but not sure how
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I am trying to back up a reporting server using the following article:

I can back up the DB just fine but when I get to the command to back up the logs I get an error  "Backup LOG " cannot be performed because there is no current database backup.

Reading the article below, it makes it seem the COPY_ONLY command is causing me the issue. Is this the case? If I do not run the COPY_ONLY command, am I going to be missing anything important?
Hi Experts,

we have an old linux file server with some shares. Lets say we have here 100GB data.
Now we want to go to a new windows file server Windows Server 2019.
The file server is already installed with DFS and DFSR.

Do you know an easy way to migrate the files and permissions to the new filer ?

Can I use ROBOCOPY for it maybe  ?
The Boot Image is Not Currently Available on the Selected Distribution Point

I have ran Task Sequence media wizard, I got to the step where I selected the Boot Image and the Distribution Point, when I clicked Next I got the message The Boot Image is Not Currently Available on the Selected Distribution Point
However If I go to the Properties of the Distribution Point and click on Content tab I see the  Boot Image there.

Any idea why I am getting that error ?

Thank you
Hi all, when I was using SCCM Current Branch (1906) trying to create a report for the path it says "The Request failed with HTTP status 503: Service Unavailable"

When I go to System Status > Site Status it shows that Reporting Services Point is Critical. I run the logs and I get: Component SMS_SRS_REPORTING_POINT The report server service is not running on Reporting Service Point server "insert server name here" start the service.

When I type in Services in the windows search bar and look for SMS_SRS_REPORTING_POINT that service is not there at all.

This used to be working but the last time I needed a report and verified working was on June 10th, 2019.

I'm not sure what else to do. I've gone to the Report Server Configuration Manger. I verified the account credentials and they worked and connected. I made sure it can currently connect to our current report server database. And I'm still getting the 503 error.

Looking forward to any troubleshooting steps you're willing to offer!
Dear Experts
We are using CRM application which uses MYSQL database. we have customized the CRM application for our core process therefore the CRM modules marketing, sales and contacts and opportunities are not made use instead we have completely customized, the solution is deployed on premises.
Challenges: to build/develop certain reports which are very much essential for daily operations and monthly reports and analytics. At present we are taking csv dump from crm and preparing it manually by applying formulas,  this is time consuming and resource dependent and as reports are not ready made available therefore end users to depend on the technical resource to export the reports and bring it to the required format and then provided to the end users. We also require analytics from the CRM data.
We are planning to implement SQL Server Reporting Services (SSRS) and integrate with Power BI for analytics the data source will be CRM application either integrated OR excel as input to the SQL Server Reporting Services (SSRS) or Power BI.
Please suggest will this approach work for us.
Staff using HP thin clients to connect to an RDS Farm of Server 2012 R2 are frequently getting disconnected and reconnected.
The message they receive is to the effect of "disconnecting...attempting to reconnect" with a countdown timer.
This happens in the middle of typing, not idling (I read a Keep Alive solution here implying it could be idle timeouts, but we don't think this is it).
Need to Push Power shell upgrade on Dc and domain Servers  running with win 2008,2012
what should be standard  PS version ?
What all are prerequisites before we  Plan the upgrade ?
Any risk upgrading Power shell @Win 2008 ?

Can We Push it in a way to get this updated on all servers  n domain?

When logging into a session on our Windows Server 2016 RDS all users experience a long delay  with the message "please wait for the remote desktop configuration" displayed.  This also occurs when logging out of the server.  Just performed timing tests with only a few users connected and logon takes on average 38 seconds with this message displayed and logoff takes about 34 seconds.  This timing increases significantly when more users are connected running into minutes.  

When the users get to their desktops the performance of the RDS is great and apps talk to file server and sql server fine so no complaints there.  I have disabled and removed the AV software and rebooted with the same results. I have disabled Windows Search and a few other extraneous services e.g. xbox stuff, themes.

We are using User Profile Disks on this setup but we also experience the speed issue when logging on/off with the local admin account on this server.

Any suggestions as to where to look next?
On a domain where everyone was previously able to logon, suddenly yesterday all users were getting the following message when attempting to logon:

“Can't logon because the logon method you are using is not allowed on this computer.”

Partway through yesterday, some users managed to logon but this morning the problem has returned.

We have unlinked all GPO’s except the Default Domain Controllers Policy and the Default Domain Policy and have added a new policy to allow users to logon locally. No Users or computers are explicitly denied.

Can you suggest any other possible causes for this behaviour?

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JavaScript Best Practices

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Shared network printers from print server running Server 2019 are not visible in Devices and Printers today on 2019 RDS Hosts.

They show up in Office App print dialogues. They don't show up so we can change the default printer or add others from the print server.

In the old environment, we had a script to load them. But in the new environment, we added from the print server itself. While we can see and print test pages by pulling up the print server, nothing sticks in the servers after about a week of running this scenario. I've restarted print services at print server and the RDS Hosts. It's a strange vvoodoo on Friday The 13th.
Can anybody guide how to create terminal server for RDP access with 2 windows 2016 servers.
Need to load balance the rdp session with 2 server nodes.
The user profile will saved in the servers.
I have a problem exporting report to excel out of SSRS 2012.
Every cell with value 0 is showing in correct format in SSRS as 0.00 but after export to excel is showing 0.00000000000.
Also during opening exported file excel is showing error and display below message:
We found a problem with some content in 'Report Name". Do you want us to try to recover as much as we can ?....
Problematic field in SSRS is Calcualted field.
Please help.
thank you

hello Experts
today i am facing serious problems for my two win2k8 R2 servers, after i click windows update and reboot, i found i can't share files on it and can't RDP it, then i noticed the server service stopped and could not up, below is the error while i try to start it manually(see screenshot below), i did the same with other 5 servers without any issue only mentioned two, i did uninstall all update installed but doesn't help, also try search solution on internet but looks none helpful, could you give me some suggestion then?

I have a Server 2012 R2 (as a VM on Esxi) that’s been running for years without any problems and suddenly I get BSOD.

It’s the infamous inaccessible boot device.

I can access the drive without any issues via boot disks, checked disks in disk part, tried offline registry to check the LSI drivers has right start values.

We’ve also removed a load of pending and installed rollups without any luck.

Any ideas? I have had this a number of times on Windows 10 but a restore to system restore point fixes it.. but don’t have that in a server.
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Hi ,

i have ssrs report with many text boxes and each text box will have different size of text. My report is good when i view it in browser, no wrapping of text, can see complete text.
Problem is when i export to excel i can't see second line of text in the cell by default until unless i increase height of cell.

can some one help me how i can view complete text without wrapping or partially displaying? for some cells i tried increasing padding 2pt to 3pt. This is working fine for some cells but not for all. is there any setting or way so that all my text gets displayed properly?

Thanks in advance!