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Microsoft Sharepoint is a software platform and family of software products used for collaboration and web publishing combined. These capabilities include developing web sites, portals, intranets, content management systems, search engines, wikis, blogs, and other tools for business intelligence and collaboration. SharePoint has a Microsoft Office-like interface, and it is closely integrated with the Office suite.

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Hi - I'm looking to calculate the workdays between 2 date fields in Sharepoint.  I found the solution below, which gets me partially there, however I need to show a "-" for blank dates, and also, if both dates are the same, we still count that as 1 business day. So if we send a request on 7/24 and the company replies on 7/24 that's 1 day, not 0. But the next day is also 1 day too.   I tried to run add another if statement in there to at least ignore blank dates, but it didn't work.  Here is my formula =IF(ISBLANK([Date Call Into Vendor]),"-",DATEDIF([Date Call Into Vendor],[Date Called w/ State Date],"D")-FLOOR((DATEDIF([Date Call Into Vendor],[Date Called w/ State Date],"D")+WEEKDAY([Date Call Into Vendor]))/7,1)*2-IF(WEEKDAY([Date Called w/ State Date])=7,0,1)+IF(WEEKDAY([Date Call Into Vendor])=7,2,1))
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I created a list in SharePoint and I want to create a view that only displays when the "Name" column has content. But the content would be a different name each time. What would I put in the Filter to create a view that shows all of the entries with content in the name column?
Dear Experts,

I have a question.
Currently we have a O365 tenant with several customers in it, using e-mail.
We are isolating these users with seperate address lists.

Now 2 customers want Sharepoint. because of the 1 tenant they can see each other when they search for users.
Also the other user is able to view the other Site i have created.

Is there a way to isolate these sites? so the uses dont know they are on the same O365 tenant.

If you have any suggestions where to start that would be great! thanks in advance.
Dear All,
I have this error appears repeatedly in ULS viewer! Search Product - NerioCluster : No lease returned when reading DB.
All the services application including Search application are working normally but I don't know why keep getting this error!
Any help how to solve it.
like (Ex: if i pass CTF Xid it will create SPXid and Result-Xid) if i pass one column it will create total 3 .....through PowerShell Scripting i want
I have a web part page displaying 5 web parts. Four of the web parts (Efforts, Phases, Capture Points & Areas) are "provider" web parts, and come from lists that are the sources of 4 lookup columns in the 5th "consumer" web part (Lessons Learned).

The provider web parts are displaying the Title column from the lists.

The Using Javascript/jQuery, I "connected" the 4 provider web parts to the consumer web part, such that when you click on a Title column value, the consumer web part is filtered to show only those records that have the clicked value in the relevant metadata column.

All that is working very nicely.

Now, my requirement is to go one step further, and display the number of items that will be displayed if you click on a Title column value in any of the 4 web parts. If there are none, a "0" should be displayed.

I've constructed a lists service query that successfully returns the number of items that exist for a given, hard-coded, metadata value:
[SiteURL]/_vti_bin/listdata.svc/[ListName]/$count?&$filter=Effort/Title eq 'AAA'

So, the goal is to display such an item count beside the corresponding provider web part value, such as:
Efforts web part:
AAA (10) //assuming there are 10 items in the consumer web part tagged with Effort 'AAA'

Now, I'm bumping up against the current limit of my abilities.

I know that I need code (javascript, rest, ajax, json) for each provider web part with looping to cycle through all of the TD cells that have …
How do I shrink the SharePoint_Conifg_Log file? I am down to 5mb available, and no more room and that file is too big. Using SharePoint 2016.
I cannot open our main SharePoint site, getting the error above. Have restarted everything. We can get to main central administration, just not our site. This is a new SP install.  I think it is IIS but not sure where to start in there. Please help me in the right direction.
I am creating a mail enabled list in sharepoint which creates a contact in exchange. I have done this for several lists without issue.
Today I have created a new contact via sharepoint and when I trying to send an email from external to the list my emails are failing on routing with the error message
LED=550 5.7.136 RESOLVER.RST.SenderNotAuthenticatedForRecipient; authentication required; Delivery restriction check failed because the sender was not authenticated when sending to this recipient
Now I know I need to set permissions for distribution groups but there is no such option for contacts that I can see.
Internal users can send emails without issue.
I have tried looking through a working contact and this one but I cant see anything. Hopefully its something with me being stupid and missing something obvious. Does anyone have any ideas what could cause this?
I have a REST call using jQuery Ajax and it works fine on every browser except for IE11.  When I make this POST call,  I get back a 400 error and the data doesn't get written.

Any advise on this would be greatly appreciated.
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We use Office 365 and have our Active Directory synced with our O365 accounts.  Our users still have to login to our sharepoint site when they open it in a web browser using their O365 credentials.  Is there anyway to avoid this since they already logged into their computer with the same credentials?

IIS consuming 99% CPU
I’m running in a SharePoint 2013 Farm
4 Servers Win 2012, SQL DB 2012 (Database, Front, Index, Workflow)
The IIS on the Front server consuming 99% of CPU

How to solve it ?
how to get more information what cussing this issue ?

Any suggestion ?

David Dotan Sofer
I have a form I built in Sharepoint 2010 tied to a List.  I have version control turned on and for one key field I utilize the Append function to track history.  This is great, however when I export I am aware of a known limitation that only the last update is exported.  My challenge is that I have users that update this key field and then come back and make a change to the form (not including the key field).  This results in blank data when exported.  

Question: Is there a way to include detail from the last 2 versions when exporting to excel?
I'm curious how other people are doing file servicing in what is going to become a post-physical-file-server world at some point.

Specifically, I have a client with 50 users and about 800 GB of data on a Windows 2012 file server.  Accessing the file server works fine when you're in the office and VPN for remote access works but most people hate it (VPN is slow, of course).  We have lots of people who travel and work from home.  It's a Mac and PC network with about 40 PCs and 10 Macs with about 45 people in the office and 5 people permanently remote.

We use Office365 Exchange for email, and I've seen OneDrive/SharePoint in use - and I think OneDrive/SharePoint are not mature enough yet for a modern office with no tolerance for instability (I support a client with 150 users with OneDrive syncing down to the desktop and the number and frequency of sync problems is unreasonably high).

What are other people doing in this situation for file servicing?  I could move to Dropbox, Google Drive, Box, or OneDrive/SharePoint.  My goal is efficiency (ease of use and rock solid functionlaity) - particularly for traveling users who are having trouble with larger PowerPoints (20+ MB).  

I'm generally just wondering what others have thought about or done in similar situations - or what others might recommend.  

We have a SBS 2008 server at the office.
We are going to phase out the office server and move to SharePoint.
We have Office 365 and as a test we have setup a new employees Surface on AzureAD.
We need to still be able to access the SBS 2008 shares but can not see them.
We get an error 5 access denied
Ping works.
Hi All,
I have a doc library with many folders.  
I created a view where Checked out to = [Me]
If I go to the folder and choose the checked out view it works
If I am in the library and not in the folder I don't see my checked out file in a folder

How do I set up the view at the top level of the library and it spans all folders?
Also how do I see ALL checked out files regardless of who checked them out and where within the library?

I have a calendar in SharePoint 2013 that appears to work fine except when I attempt to add a new event.

When I am inputting data for the new event, Start Time and End Time are both blank (gray fields with no times to select) and neither allows for a time selection. There are no error messages.
We use a shared calendar in Exchange to maintain an office schedule in each user's Outlook. When I try to overlay this calendar over our SharePoint calendar, the result is numerous non-descript entries (such as 8:00am, 9:30am, etc.) from my personal calendar. I am specifying the group calendar name from Exchange, and the Find button seems to locate the calendar, but the overlay clearly is my personal calendar. I also don't understand why the calendar entry descriptions are merely the hours associated with each entry, not the actual entry descriptions.

Any suggestions would be much appreciated.
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I have a project where I need to programmatically (C#) pass a function the name of a parent Task List item and return a list of the children listitem IDs.

I see that there is a ParentID, but it has values that don't really help.  Such as 1;1 for several and 2;2 for several more.  Nothing about those values tell me the ID of their parent.

Any advice on this would be greatly appreciated.
Is there a way to remove "Edit this web Part to add content to your page." from the Content editor Web Part? This has to be done without the use of code.
Hi All,

A client of our wants to share a SharePoint Online (Office365) site with some external clients.  I have created the site and I've gone into the sharing options and set it to allow access to external users who accept sharing invitations (as per attached pic). However when I then go into sharing and try to enter an external clients email address it will not work and just defaults to the nearest internal email address.  I cannot fathom how and where to go into the settings to enable me to send email invitations to external people, can someone please help me?

Many thanks


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Dear All,

I have an error in IIS log

<failedRequest url="http://localhost:32843/SecurityTokenServiceApplication/securitytoken.svc/actas"
               tokenUserName="NT AUTHORITY\IUSR"


and in event log I keep getting an error security-kerberos event ID: 3

A Kerberos error message was received:
 on logon session
 Client Time:
 Server Time: 8:20:11.0000 7/18/2017 Z
 Extended Error: 0xc0000035 KLIN(0)

And In my sharepoint Farm, I cannot create any service application with error request timeout! when I check the correlation ID nothing with unexpected or critical to mention!

even when I start farm configuration wizard from CA it keep processing for a while and ending up with error request timeout!

and that happened after I upgraded sharepoint and database content.

Any help please.
Morning All,

Please may i be assisted, i have the below set up:

Windows 2012 R2 Standard Server
Sharepoint 2013 Foundation
Sharepoint 2013 Designer
Sharepoint Workflow Manager 1.0

I am trying to create workflows on this newly set up sharepoint site, however on sharepoint designer 2013 i am only getting the option to use sharepoint 2010 workflow.

I believe i have set up and configured the workflow manager correctly i didnt receive and crosses whilst it was added

I am really confused and would appreciate any assistance please
I need to see what permissions are set, and where they are applied, for all people / groups in office 365.
I'm new to sharepoint, and am taking over administration from an outside consultant.  Is there an easy way to generate a report on all permissions set, for all sites, subsites etc?


Microsoft SharePoint





Microsoft Sharepoint is a software platform and family of software products used for collaboration and web publishing combined. These capabilities include developing web sites, portals, intranets, content management systems, search engines, wikis, blogs, and other tools for business intelligence and collaboration. SharePoint has a Microsoft Office-like interface, and it is closely integrated with the Office suite.