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SharePointMicrosoft SharePoint

Microsoft Sharepoint is a software platform and family of software products used for collaboration and web publishing combined. These capabilities ...

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Microsoft MVP Office Dev focussed on Azure services, M365, SharePoint On-Premise & SharePoint Online, Power Automate, Power Apps, LiveTiles

Troubleshooting Solution

Condition Infopath field selection

I have a SharePoint online list that contains 3 fields - Purchased From, Description and Charge …

How to Install Microsoft Office Picture Manager in Office 2013

Microsoft Office Picture Manager is not included in Office 2013. This comes as a shock to users upgrading from earlier versions of Office, such as 2007 and 2010, where Picture Manager was included as a standard application. This article explains how to install it alongside Office 2013 — at no cost!

I've written a very simple PowerShell Script to connect to …

I've written a very simple PowerShell Script to connect to the following Microsoft Online Services …

SPFx - Using MS Graph API Batch

Using batching to fetch different thumbnail photos for users using MSGraph API.

SharePoint - Create a JSON Field Customizer Extension

SharePoint Field Customizer extensions are powerful components that can customize the display of field content far more than methods such as JSON field formatter

SPFx - Using MSGraph API

Using MSGraph API in SPFx. Using MSGraph API direct client vs PnPGraph modules for the same scenario but with different coding experience.
Research Solution

PowerShell script to see what M365 services are being used in tenet

Good afternoon. I am wondering is there a PowerShell script that can gather all the M365 services …
Research Solution

How accurate is the SharePoint migration tool reporting?

My SharePoint migration tool seems to have stalled several hours ago and stuck on 98%.

My internet …
Research Solution

Looking for suggestions in creating a calendar-based workflow

I have been asked to create a "site" with a calendar that has time slots that users can reserve. A …
Troubleshooting Solution

Shaepoint 2016 Server Error in '/' Application.

SharePoint 2016 Farm 2 Nodes
Windows 2016 Data Center

I am trying to access Central …
Troubleshooting Solution

onedrive capacity

byPau Lo
I'm new to OneDrive and was wondering who has control over how much storage each user has? And where …
Troubleshooting Solution

Should I push the idea of a Wordpress template when some others are suggesting Sharepoint?

I'm the new guy on the block and I'm part of a team that's designing a newsletter that's going out …
Troubleshooting Solution

Sp Hybrid solution

I need to keep some of our documents on prem for different reasons, But can I add files/library to …
Troubleshooting Solution

SharePoint - How to Share a folder only with external users


I have a Microsoft 365 Standard for the company and I am setting a folder for external users to …
Troubleshooting Solution

Sharepoint online

I need to transfer data from 1 365 Sharepoint site to another 365 Sharepoint site as these customers …
Troubleshooting Solution

Sharepoint 2010 Event Id 10016 Everytime A document is Open from the  Shared Documents Site

Windows 2012 R2 Server 64 Bit
IIS 8.5
SharePoint 2010 SP2 FARM 64 Bit

When ever I open a document …
Troubleshooting Solution

Power BI append tables

So I have two queries, exactly the same columns plus a custom column that I use to tell what office

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