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Microsoft Sharepoint is a software platform and family of software products used for collaboration and web publishing combined. These capabilities include developing web sites, portals, intranets, content management systems, search engines, wikis, blogs, and other tools for business intelligence and collaboration. SharePoint has a Microsoft Office-like interface, and it is closely integrated with the Office suite.

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I have a local server with a shared directory that users use when they are in the office.  I would like to somehow sync that directory to Sharepoint online or one drive for business.  My users all have Office 365 accounts.  i would like them to have access to the files on the local server when they are out of the office.  what is the best way to accomplish this?
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I am trying to use a Filter on a view that compares a Choice field value to a calculated value.  The Choice field value is a list of years:
2015, 016, 2017, 2018, 2019, 2020, etc.  In the Filter section here is the selection criteria under Show items only when the following is true:
  --  Show the items when column:
  --  Year (indexed)
  --  is equal to
  --  text(year([Today]),"0000")

There is nothing else selected below this option on the Edit View page in SharePoint.

It should be returning all documents that have the value of 2017 in the Year (indexed) column, but the document library is blank.

Thank you in advance for your assistance.

Just procured a Office 365 subscription, during this time the business "ABC" has undergone a rebranding and now calling itself "XYZ"

Now I have a sharepoint site url that reads https://ABC-my.sharepoint.com 

I would like to change this to https://XYZ-my.sharepoint.com, i cant find this setting in admin portal to change the url, although i can change the sharepoint team site name.
I have a user trying to connect Power BI Mobile to an Excel and PBIX file in On Premise OneDrive (i.e. our internal SharePoint 2016 farm).

Any credentials he enters are rejected, trying every format with domain, forward slash, backslash etc.

My suspicion is that Azure AD is expected in the mix for authentication. Is that correct or are we missing something else?
We are seeing this graphic attached to the first character of a file name in SharePoint. What do you call this? Is anyone else seeing  it? Example: new file name
Hi Experts,

I am trying to import a spreadsheet (more than 50,000 records) into sharepoint (2013) as an app and I am having an issue with index column. The spreadsheet contains employee id, date, etc... and if I import the entire spreadsheet the date column becomes indexed column. However, if I import about 10,000 only records then employee id becomes indexed column.

I tried the following but didn't work:
* Increasing the list view threshold to 100,000
* Modifyiing employee id column as text
* special copy&paste in spreadsheet and then import
* copy&paste by editing list
* Combining two list view (thru Content and Structure -- it copies only employee id column if I try to copy to 10,000 records list)

Any ideas?

Thanks in advance
Dear EE experts,

We are in high trouble right now, as we don't know what went wrong with our Product Site. We need tech support badly as our Product site (as per attached image, Product Image site) got changed to the look of our main Teamsite...
Please see the attached files, the look of our Teamsite and the look of our Product Image site, but what happened is when you access the site: http://pm-server:2018/products , the site is correct but the page data isn't. The data becomes the same as the main page (Teamsite page).
But when you check the Navigation settings on the Product page, the links are there (please see the attached screenshot Product Navigation)
Or when you access the site http://pm-server:2018/products/brand the correct site for the Brand page will show (please see the attached screenshot Brand), only the page for http://pm-server:2018/products/   is currently having a problem...

Kindly help us and advise on how to fix this problem...

Thank you!
We recently migrated our SharePoint application from Sharepoint Foundation 2013 to SharePoint Enterprise 2013... there is just one big problem... all of the workflows are no longer associated with their respective lists.

For example in SharePoint designer for each workflow the "Associated List" is now blank.

I'm looking for a way to reassociate the Workflows with their respective Lists but I'm not sure how?

Thank you.

I found this here already (which works fine for "standard" properties).


But who can I add SharePoint Server Properties like i.e. a Customer column of the document library or the version number to power point?
Hi all,

We have a document library with various folders and files on SharePoint 2010.

We would like to make an automated job that copies the data from this library at the head office and paste it in a different environment at the Backup site.

Any suggestions what we can do? Example PowerShell script, SharePoint job etc…
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Dear EE experts,

We would like to ask for tech support on how to resolve user profile synchronization problem in SharePoint 2013, as per attached.
User Profile Service has been started already, under System Settings -> Manage Services on Server.
We reset IIS already using IISRESET, but still same problem...
* In whereas the said group (STE IT) or whatever group that is created already inside SharePoint seems to be unknown...

Please advise, what would be the problem or we missed something...

Thank you and hope to hear soon...
Hello all,
In Excel 2010, I have selected the Power Query Tab > (Get External Data) From Other Sources Button > From Sharepoint List Button. Entered my site's URL and am prompted with 3 options: Anonymous, Windows or Microsoft Account.
On this Microsoft link, it states that there should be a 3rd option, Organizational Account:
This seems like the option I would need considering an Organizational Log-in is required to access this site.
Is there a way to link my Organizational log-in to the Microsoft Account option? If so, when I click on Sign In from the Microsoft Account Option I receive this error "The WWW-Authenticate header doesn't contain a valid authorization URI. Header value: 'NTLM'."
Help is greatly appreciated, thanks so much.
I'm trying to create a simple workflow for a SharePoint add-in using Visual Studio 2015. The attached MS Word document shows the design. The workflow is supposed to add an item to the list Deviations automatically when an item is added to the list DevInfo manually. Based on the DevInfo list, WorkflowHistoryList, and WorkflowTaskList (see screenshots in the attached), it appears the workflow does not fire at all.

I noticed the workflow.xaml file is not automatically added to a feature, although WorkflowHistoryList and WorkflowTaskList are. Is that something I need to add manually?

Also if I try to open the workflow after deploying the app on a dev site, I get an error and have to close/reopen the project. See screenshot in the attached.
We have enabled SCCM Application Cataloge  for End users so that they can install software by themselves. I am facing problem with licsensed softwares which need approvals.
I know we can use Orchestrator and SCSM to create approval workflow. Here I want to know , Is it possible without SCSM?
May be by using Orchestrator and SharePoint.
We are using Office 365 and have setup a SharePoint site.  For some reason, SharePoint stopped allowing me to edit the main page.  I can go into edit mode and I can edit the first header bar, but the three columns are not editable in the GUI.  I can click on the column and select edit source button at the top of the page and edit it that way, but I am not good with HTML and want to use the GUI interface.

I wouldn't be surprised if one of the owners of the page did not add a carrot to the end of their html code.
Do one of you SharePoint 2010 gurus have the Powershell script to check in or undo-checkout of all item's in a picture library.  If you used SP2010 you are probably failure with when you check them in sometimes they still show checked-out.  I know there is a -force way to do it.  I just cannot remember it.  

Goal: Loop through all the documents in a specific Picture Library in a particular site and check them all in (or undo checkout)

I tried this:
Add-PSSnapin Microsoft.SharePoint.PowerShell -ErrorAction SilentlyContinue
#Variables for Site URL and Library Name
#Get Site and Library
$Web = Get-SPWeb $WebURL
$DocLib = $Web.Lists.TryGetList($LibraryName)
#Get all Checked out files
$CheckedOutFiles = $DocLib.Items | Where-Object { $_.File.CheckOutStatus -ne "None"}
#Check in All Checked out Files in the library
ForEach($item in $CheckedOutFiles)

        $DocLib.GetItemById($item.Id).file.CheckIn("Checked in by Admin")
        write-host "File:'$($item.Name)' has been checked in!"        

Open in new window

But it did not work.  Exception call "GetItemById" with "1" argument(s). "Item does not exist. It may have been deleted by another user"

My URL to the library is: http://xyx123/it/ITNetworkServices/DataCenters
Library name is: XYZ Data Centers

The site it lives in is: ITNetworkServices

I think it needs some kind of -force call to make it happen.
I have a user who used 365 Sharepoint and Office 2016.  She isn't being offered the chance to check out the Docx file when opening it from Sharepoint with Word locally. (Word Online works fine)   I can open the file and save it as something else back to Sharepoint.  In explorer her shares and files from SP show up.  This isn't a permissions issue.  If I log into her computer with another profile and back into 365 as her, everything works properly.  If she logs in from another computer, everything works as it should.

Here;s what I can't figure out:  1)  Why isn't she getting the option to check out the same file she can check out on another computer?  and 2) Why is Word showing the Sharepoint server offline?  I saw this when clicking on File.

I can Save As back into the same directory as the file I opened but can't Save if the file isn't checked out first.

Thank you

Have some questions related to Sharepoint.

As a 2 step migration file share have been migrated to Sharepoint, and access rights been set on the folders. Same as "before".

But when a user inside an folder share a document with a user (inside organization) it give access to the folder structure for the user that the document is shared with.

Ex. User A is member of group HR which have explicit rights to the folder HR.
User A have a document under HR\Test which he want to share with User B.
User A initiates and share the document with User B.
User B will now have access to the entire HR folder structure.

What checkmark is not checked ?
It states the user have limited access but when doing check permission User B will have access to the entire structure.

I know this is not the best setup, but as a project to start with Sharepoint, this was the only way to go.

Any suggestions on how to restrict users in sense of sharing and access rights with this structure ?
I DO NOT WANT to create a new calendar on Sharepoint site and sync it to Outlook. I know this works. But don't want that

I want the other way, where I have a Outlook calendar on Exchange Online Outlook and then I want to show it as a web part on Sharepoint online.

Is that possible out of the box
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I have been using this process for quite a while and while it is a bit cumbersome it has always worked

SharePoint 2016
Access 2013
Excel 2013

- Open Access
- Create ne DB
- External Data Connect to SharePoint List
- The Import Excel Spreadsheet into linked list

I have always been able to import anywhere up to 5,000+ records...  Starting today it dies consistently after 1,000 records every time I try with the following error...

Cannot Update. Database or Object is read-only

Every since we had an issue with our SQL server getting larger than 10gb we have had the problem that we can no longer connect to the data volume on the foundation server - the SQL server has been upgraded to Std edition and is loading, how ever the sharepoint sites are reporting 500 internale server error, the event log is showing a number of errors the most frequent is.

The Execute method of job definition Microsoft.SharePoint.Administration.SPStorageMetricsProcessingJobDefinition (ID 91d71906-1e19-46b5-8b14-d87e44155e2c) threw an exception. More information is included below.

Invalid object name 'TVF_Sites_IdGEQ'.

In conjunction with database error

Unknown SQL Exception 208 occurred. Additional error information from SQL Server is included below.

Invalid object name 'TVF_Sites_NoLock_Id'.

Does anyone have any ideas on what is going wrong ?
We recently moved from IceWarp to Exchange 2016 and were missing a key feature, Document  Library/Archive,  seems there no native way to do this in exchange, I may be wrong as it is pretty much standard in another collaborative mail systems I have installed.

Can this be done within Exchange 2016, if so how, if not what is the way forward,  I would love to avoid the SharePoint SQL route, that just seems like overkill for an organisation of only 12 users.
Is there a way to adjust the width of a column in a SharePoint List without the use of SharePoint Designer or Code?
We have a Sharepoitn Online intranet and I would like to be able to easy add a module, script, free connector to pulled synced AD info into a Sharepoint list, i.e employee name, ph#, location, title, dept. Key is to be not too complex to setup

We are using Office 365 to go live with an intranet.  We want this configured so that users an access shared document libraries associated with their department.  So if a planning user logs in to the intranet they can navigate to the planning page and see their Planning document library.

We also want this library to appear in Windows Explorer via OneDrive.  We've managed to do this by creating the document library and click the Sync button available in Sharepoint.  When this is done the folder appears in the OneDrive folder in Windows Explorer.

Is there a way to have the folder appear in Windows Explorer without the user having to log in and press the Sync button?  Some of our users do not use the intranet so we'd like then not to have to do this.  Shared folders would just "appear" if they had access to it

Microsoft SharePoint





Microsoft Sharepoint is a software platform and family of software products used for collaboration and web publishing combined. These capabilities include developing web sites, portals, intranets, content management systems, search engines, wikis, blogs, and other tools for business intelligence and collaboration. SharePoint has a Microsoft Office-like interface, and it is closely integrated with the Office suite.