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Microsoft Sharepoint is a software platform and family of software products used for collaboration and web publishing combined. These capabilities include developing web sites, portals, intranets, content management systems, search engines, wikis, blogs, and other tools for business intelligence and collaboration. SharePoint has a Microsoft Office-like interface, and it is closely integrated with the Office suite.

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SharePoint 2010
Windows 212 R2
SQL  2014

Last night I had several power outages in my home.  I run a some network here systems are on UPS but they had enough

After power up my Web Server Widow 2012 R2 all looked good.  I have Nagios that monitors my Application pools

The following three application pools will not stay started.


Sharepoint- 8000

SharePoint Default App Pool

I have restarted all the SharePoint services
I restarted IIS  

So my SharePoint is down now

Short of jus restarting the server any idea?

Thank you

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SharePoint 2013 foundation search not working: "Nothing here matches your search"

Hi, I tried to google this problem,and tried to rebuild index, checked crawl logs, but cannot resolve this problem. Do you have any idea?
Pivot - even with Data Model is not working correctly.
I have created a workbook that contains three tabs - each tab contains a table.
This file will be loaded into Sharepoint so users in the target group can add data online - so no VBA is allowed.

The three tables are as follows:
1. Customers - simple list of customers with a couple of values that categorize the customer (Region, Market, Industry for example) - and also a $$ value of that customer. This is added to on a regular basis as we work with new customers .
2. Issues - a simple list of typical issues that are encountered by customers. This list rarely changes - but it can be added to as new issues are identified. This list also contains categorizations of the issues (Category and Sub Category)
3. Customer/Issue Cross reference - this table is a simple cross reference. Customer to Issues encountered.

When we have a new customer with issues - we add the customer to the customer table (so we only define the customer and their attributes once), and then we access the Cross Reference table - and then define potentially multiple rows - the customer will be repeated for each issue that we wish to list. So if a customer encountered 3 issues there would be three rows on this table - the customer would be listed three times (in the first column) and then each issues would be listed against the customer in a separate row.
The data is very simplistic.
However - here is the issue I am having. I have created a Data …
Sharepoint 2013 Workflows not sending emails.

We have a free Sharepoint 2013 install that has 2010 workflows configured that stopped sending emails for approvals.

We can manually approve the request but they are not getting emails and we are not even seeing the emails hit the Exchange server. We have a sub-site with the same type of workflow that is working just fine.

Hi Experts,

Need help please.  I have problems with files from Share Point when I open it, I always get "Read Only" thus unable to make edit and save as usual. All I can do it to save the changes as local file then uploaded again to Share Point as another document.  This is causing a bit of a headache as there are some files where it is not supposed to be reload by user.

I am using Windows 7, Office Professional 2010

Note: this happens to all Share Points that I have access to. All was working fine until around mid October 2018 when there was some auto-updates since then I faced this problem.  Unfortunately, I did not have a restore point prior to that so could not fix this with Restore.
Excel Table Support.
I have created a Table in an excel worksheet where users will be expected to add new rows manually. Note that this document will be a shared document on Sharepoint - so I cannot use any VBA etc.

I have created a number of other tables in the workbook that act as Data Validation lists. The data validation etc is working fine.

However - this is my problem. The user only has to enter two pieces of information in the table - and both pieces of data are entered into the first two cells/columns of the table. Normally this works perfectly - you just go to the first row under the table and begin typing - and when you tab to the next cell - the table automatically expands to add the row etc.
However, the first column (and second column) are both controlled by a Data Validation list.

The issue is - if you click on the cell below the table - the data validation is not available yet (as the table has not expanded) - so the person cannot "Select" from the list. If they attempt to type something - if they get it wrong and tab to the next column then they will of course get an error - because the table will expand and the cell now contains validation - so they either have to retry or cancel - both of which "remove" the new table row added - so the validation goes away - so they cannot select from the drop list (as it no longer exists on the cell).
So I am kind of between a rock and a hard place. I want to make it as simple as possible - basically being able …
i have one sharepoint site on o365 on for one customer i want to make clone of the same to thier sister company on 0365 portal how to do that.
Building a workflow and I need a couple of "tricky" pieces to complete it.  I am using a SharePoint 2013 Workflow.
  • How to get the value from a column that is the lookup from another list
  • How to get a value using a lookup column when that value is another column in that lookups list (say the lookup shows a role and I want the associated persons email address or addresses)
Hi experts

I have performances and quality issues with xenapp and Skype for business
I read that I have to install on xenapp servers real time connector software
And on the client real time media engine

Do I have to do anything else like policy or something els

Plus we have 7.12. So do I have to install 2.1 connector because it came with xendesktop 7.12 media or any new version it is ok

And the same for client it has to be the same version on the servers or dose not matter

Kindly advice
I'm not a sharepoint person.  I've been asked to change a link on a side bar image.  I have no idea where to go to find and change it on the site.  Please see attached, and if possible give step by step directions of how to change it (where is it at?).
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Morning All,

I’ve just joined a company and have taken over everything IT related and unfortunately this means the good and the bad. I’ve been reviewing all the permissions set on the SharePoint online site and well to say the least it’s a mess!

It there a way or can someone tell me how can I view all the permissions that have been set on all folders within a document library? There are approximately 10 000 folders within this document library so ideally I would like to get a list of folders who have explicit permissions/shares on the and not inheriting from the parent folder.

Need to modify/change or mask vanity URL for Sharepoint online in O365. Customer does not want the tenant name to be used in the URL to access the site. Are there any alternatives to mask or modify the vanity URL in O365?

I had this question after viewing How to insert SharePoint Document Properties into Excel cells.

I am currently using SharePoint Online as well. In a brand new document library, I have created a Single Line of Text column called ExcelCellData.

I have created a new .xlsm document from within Excel Pro Plus 2016. Excel is perfectly showing the SharePoint property in the Document Properties panel.

Here is the SharePoint property
Now what I would like to achieve: let's suppose cell A1 contains the name of a person.
When this cell value is changed, it should update the Custom property value in the Document Properties panel of Excel called ExcelCellData. And thus eventually it should change the value in SharePoint.

I have been busy all evening trying out suggestions. But some of the articles/posts/suggested solutions are just so outdated, or they simply do not work, or the articles are written too technically. Like: here is a VBA code, good luck!

Could anyone help me out with this challenge?
Hi, recently i'm experiencing an error in Sharepoint
When i try to access the website it asks for authentication (even if it was accessible for anonymous users) and then, after logging in, it says that the access is denied
My user is set as Owner of the site collection, and with Full control to the masterpage Gallery

The stranger thing is that i can access to site settings, but then again, when i try to change the Master Page i cannot even enter to the selection page

Probably this is the cause why every site page with a masterpage personally set return with an access denied

Does anybody know a possible reason for this?
I am working on a 365 migration.  

Client wants to allow OWA for all users, from any internet based BYOD computer, including Windows, Mac, Android, Apple IOS, however needs to protect company data from being copied and pasted.  Is this possible?

Client does not want to force device enrollment, so MDM is not possible - Can this be achieved with either Azure conditional access polices or Intune MAM and App Protection policies?

I can see from the documentation this is possible on IOS and Android devices using MAM/App Protection policies however Im confused if this covers BYOD Windows and Mac OS etc.

Thanks for any help.. I am easily confused :-(

Can we configure SharePoint 2013 to do wildcard searches?
I have a form that was developed by a contractor that is no longer with us. It is written with Angular JS and I have been able to make some adjustments. However, I have been unsuccessful it getting a new field from one SharePoint list to be captured and then stamped to a new record on a list when the form is submitted below are all of the ts files that I believe are associated with this process. I have added the field name "SharedApprovalMailbox" everywhere that I think it should be applicable to get it stored and copied to the new record.  Please let me know what I am missing.  The list the value is stored in is 'TrainingUserGroupInventory'  the list being written to is 'Requests'.

CORE Service TS
import {Injectable, NgZone} from '@angular/core';
import {Http, Headers, RequestOptions, Request, RequestMethod, Response, URLSearchParams} from '@angular/http';
import {HttpClient, HttpParams, HttpHeaders, HttpErrorResponse} from '@angular/common/http';
import 'rxjs/add/operator/map';
import 'rxjs/add/operator/switchMap';
import { sp, Web } from '@pnp/sp';
import { environment } from '../../environments/environment';
import { fromPromise } from 'rxjs/observable/fromPromise';

export class RequestService {
    public _requestTypes;
    public _curriculums;
    public _selReq;
    public _userProfile;
    public _wwidData;
    public _trgUgInv;
    public _distTrgs;
    constructor(private _http: HttpClient) { }
    public getWWIDDataByWWID(wwid) {

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Dear expert

We are having problem with list component of CRM dynamic 365. Its a old product with no longer has support of MS, its a ActiveX frame based program that you add into the CRM sites, now we having two diffirent problems.
1. Chrome is not working to start the list component (That is because Chrome is not supporting ActiveX without a plugin), IE shows a frame error with red cross, however this works after you checked view content in compatibility view.
2. System is slow, very slow, its a 8GB Ram and 2 cores cpu powered.
We dont know how to debug CRM and check every lines and process with that is it that is causing those problems.
Any idea?
Hello -

I need help formatting a sharepoint column with JSON.  I am using O365 which allows custom formatting of columns using JSON.  I need to keep the column format as a number format (cannot use text format) and need to basically replace the thousands comma with a hyphen.  So, a number like 18,212 would show up at 18-212.

Again, I can't change the column format to be text.  I have very limited experience with JSON, so any help would be appreciated.
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Hi Experts,

I am frequently experiencing an error in my SharePoint 2013 on premise environment when users try to upload a document to a document library. When a user uploads a document, the person is asked to fill out two fields (both are lookups). Afterward, the workflow should send the document to a 'To Be Approved' folder. However, this is not happening for 'some' documents so they get stuck. Not every document is failing to move. A developer created a custom Visual Studio workflow so the solution is deployed as a .WSP to the farm. I do not have access to the source code. The attached .PNG file shows the error that is logged in a custom list called 'Logs' in SharePoint. However, I obtained the ULS logs for that time and I have added that below. The build information is Windows Server 2012 R2 (Build 9600​) with SharePoint 2013 v.15.0.4727.1000​​​​​​. Any help / guidance is much appreciated. Further, how can one see the source code in the .WSP file.

Note: Below, I have changed the user's staff id to 'user id' and I have re-named the .pdf file.

ULS Log:
ttidLogWssCellStgConcise [Url: Incoming Documents/test123.pdf][User: i:0#.w|user id (NonCobaltOriginated)][StreamSizes: Request=0 bytes, Response=0 bytes][TotalRequestTime: 16msec][PartitionID: Default][Request: PutChanges **FFU Pri=0 …
Using the last SharePoint site in Office 365, and after some changes (see below), all files in SharePoint Sync as marked Read Only (Padlock icon)
All files are Read OnlyIndeed if you try to save the file after making a change, you are warned that this file is Read Only and to save using a new name or in a different location.

When editing a file in Word, all files have the following error message: "REQUIRED PROPERTIES To save to the server, correct the invalid or missing required properties"
Required PropertiesWhen you click on the "Edit Properties" button, Word is asking to add a Title and a File Type. If you fail to enter a File Type, you cannot proceed.
PropertiesSame "error" appears when checking the file online
Properties while online
ALL the files and folder in that Site are affected
There are 54K+ files & ~6,000 folders affected

1. Files were previously uploaded without issues by dropping them in a SharePoint synced folder on a Windows 10 PC using OneDrive one demand
2. There was no issue initially with Read Only or Properties missing
3. We had to restart the above process because it had been stopped in the middle
4. It is only after this second upload that their Read Only & Properties settings were changed.

Google has not helped so far.
* Only one possible root cause (but no fix): Changing the Default View on the SharePoint Site web page that lists all the Documents in that Site has been shown to create …
I have an access stabase that collated infomation from multiple users and has been suuccessfull at doing this over a directory share.  I have manged to upload this datbase to shared point.  I have the following questions
-Do you need office 365 i?
-I guess trying t o link a front end database to the website link of a backend table datbase over web addresses will not work?
-Do I simply export all the tables as Shared point lists (from a single database) to use these lists as the backend? Then link to source tables on shared point lists?
-If so would synchronisation be enabled?
- No other modification required for access database?

Can we put the Sage data i.e. the Company.000 folder in One Drive or will this cause sync issues
First i'm sorry for my english.
My problem is with my SharePoint Website running on MOSS 2007 on a Windows Server 2003 with IIS 6.0 ans ASP Net 2.0.
My website was working very well but after some configuration on ISS console i got this issue.
When i try to access to my website with this URL: http://myserver i got an error Message : Content view is not allowed for this virtual directory.
But when i try with this URL http://mywebsite/default.aspx it's working but my CSS and JS file are not loaded. So i get an aspx page without my customisation.
I tried to give all right to my directory wwwroot to different user like thé ASP user, to ISS user ... Without any result.
The strange thing it's :
- when i try to go to my default site which use ASP Net 1.0 it's working well...
- When i try to read my SharePoint list from ACCESS 2007 or directly from the web by the direct URL it's Works
- but when i try to open my website from SharePoint designer it's impossible.

Thanks on avance for any help.
The SHARE button is not showing up in SharePoint online except on the default site.  When a new site is created (TEAM Site created from SharePoint) the SHARE SITE button is not showing up.  Shareping with external feature is enabled.  I can share a document with external people.   But I can't share the site.  I'm trying to figure it out but I don't understand why the SHARE SITE button is not there.  

Thank you

Microsoft SharePoint





Microsoft Sharepoint is a software platform and family of software products used for collaboration and web publishing combined. These capabilities include developing web sites, portals, intranets, content management systems, search engines, wikis, blogs, and other tools for business intelligence and collaboration. SharePoint has a Microsoft Office-like interface, and it is closely integrated with the Office suite.