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SQL ServerMicrosoft SQL Server

Microsoft SQL Server is a suite of relational database management system (RDBMS) products providing multi-user database access functionality.SQL Se...

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Éric MoreauSenior .Net Consultant

Senior Consultant for .Net VB & C# developer (mostly for Windows Forms project type). Also a nominated as a Microsoft MVP from 2004 to 2017.


AutoComplete feature with ASP.NET and SQL Server

One of my friends recently asked me how to do an AutoComplete feature. I thought it was easy and there are already a lot of examples online. But I wish to provide him with a working solution instead of providing links. And in this article, I will explain the steps that I used to build that solution.
Executing a SQL Server Stored Procedure from Within Access

Executing a SQL Server Stored Procedure from Within Access

Familiarize people with the process of utilizing SQL Server stored procedures from within Microsoft …

I'm glad to see Liquidweb is a new topic here. They have …

I'm glad to see Liquidweb is a new topic here. They have been my web host of choice since about 2008…

SQL Server Calendar Table

A demonstration of SQL Server T-SQL script that will build a calendar table, and demonstrate ways to easily query it to perform what would otherwise be complex date expressions.
Troubleshooting Solution

SQL Installation Failing

I have downloaded SQL2019 and received the following error:
Overall summary:
  Final result:      …

The Course of the Month for May: Comp TIA A+!  Prepare for …

The Course of the Month for May: Comp TIA A+!
Prepare for the 220-901 & 220-902 exams in the month…

Troubleshooting slowness of your queries in SQL Server?  …

Troubleshooting slowness of your queries in SQL Server?

Why Is My SQL Server Query Running So …
Troubleshooting Solution

Looking for Query to list gap in records.

Hi Experts,

I am looking for a SQL function that will accept 3 parameters, TableName, FieldName and …
Troubleshooting Solution

Powershell help for creating accounts

Hello Experts,
I need help with the below :

#Requires -Module ActiveDirectory # Utility …
Troubleshooting Solution

SQL want to group a column of names and find their last time stamp

I'm out of my depth when it comes to SQL and what can and what cannot be done.
I have data of X …
Troubleshooting Solution

SQL Connection Attribute error

I have 2 sql servers running on my Server, 2008 and 2016,  I connect to the 2008 on a regular basis …
Troubleshooting Solution

Find Missing Value from Same Table

I have a Table (IV00108) that contains Item Numbers and Price Levels A, B, C, Etc I want to find …
Troubleshooting Solution

Delete data at the end of rows (might be several rows)) when value = 0

Hi All,

I have below code.

 create table #ERV_VIEW_Data_For_GKAMRSM( [GKAMRSM] …
Troubleshooting Solution

Need some help with "empty" field and <>

I need some help with a column.
Usually in column FMIDNr is a number like 2020.0702.40318
Troubleshooting Solution

SQL Server Restore: Closed Restore Window before Restore was Complete.  Did I interrupt the restore?

SQL Server restore of a large BAK  (1.5 TB).   I started it just fine in SSMS but accidentally …
Troubleshooting Solution

Nest CASE statements in SELECT statement

Hi Experts,

I have tow fields 'Product' and 'Type' that could have NULL values.  So if Product …

Deny SA account for Developers in Microsoft SQL Server

This article shows how to force SQL and Web Developers to not use SA account while other services are already deployed to connect to SQL Server via SA account. So we will not touch existing services and applications only developers must be prevented.
Troubleshooting Solution

Reclaim Space on the C DRIVE from the MS SQL installation

I am running Windows Server Essentials 2012

My C Partition has 58GB used of 60GB

This space …
Troubleshooting Solution

Need to identify only columns that have all NULL values in a row per each table in a database.

I want to take a SQL Server database - list out only the tables that have columns with null values …

How to load JSON's data into SQL Server in different ways

Data can be kept in different media, Sometimes, the data need to be extracted, transformed or loaded in different ways. For this article, I'm going to demonstrate some of the popular ways of importing JSON data into MS SQL Server.

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