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Virtual ServerMicrosoft Virtual Server

Microsoft Virtual Server was a virtualization solution that facilitated the creation of virtual machines on the Windows XP, Windows Vista and Windo...

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Troubleshooting Solution

VMWare There is no more space for virtual disk

I'm getting this error.
And when I try to power off the machine it doesn't let me because of…

Hyper-V Network Card not working

Hyper-v Network Card not working

There are two common mistakes that people make when they setup a…
Troubleshooting Solution

New Hyper-V VM's log on is very slow

I built  a Hyper-V server, added 3 VM's all with the same size memory and hard drive size. 1 of them…
Troubleshooting Solution

Problem with HyperV cluster accessing files on SOFS cluster when i try to manage Hyper1 from hyper2


Problem with HyperV cluster accessing files on SOFS cluster when i try to manage Hyper1 from hyper2



How to: attach a usb disk to a Hyper-V virtual machine

As the most of you know, Hyper-V does not support usb redirection. But with some relative easy steps…
Troubleshooting Solution

Hyper-V networking issue with Static IP

I'm stumped by this problem...

I have a D-Link DIR-330 router that I've been using for years. I …
Troubleshooting Solution

cannot rdc from home over ssl-vpn to work domain remote desktop server 2008r2 enterprise

I recently changed our enviornment from Novell on Suse Linux to MS windows server 2008 enterprise …
Troubleshooting Solution

change network setting to create in VMware a network

I am setting a small lab for practice purposes. I created in VMware a server and a few computers. …
Troubleshooting Solution

Hyper-V running out of space while trying to create a snapshot.


 I accidently created a snapshot on the VM "FT1" and there are two problems:
(1) Every so…
Troubleshooting Solution

Hyper V virtual server not pinging other devices on the network

I have a Hyper V Virtual Server that is about 3 years old.  Using it for Exchange.  We recently went…
Troubleshooting Solution

Win2003 Ent Server cannot connect to network drives

I have a VM running Win2003 Enterprise server and it can no longer connect to network drives. This …
Troubleshooting Solution

How to change sector size of the physical disk without re-formatting in Windows 7 and Windows 8

We are working with Windows 7 VPC and Windows 8 Hyper-V machines.

We purchased an external 2TB …
Troubleshooting Solution

Hyper-V Virtual Machine lockup issues on PowerEdge T420 and T620 models

We are experiencing a very difficult to diagnose issue with virtual machines locking up on the …
Troubleshooting Solution

Can't access Windows 2012 Server via RDP

I have the whole week and tried everything on my computer to RDP 2012 windows server. I can RDP easy…
Troubleshooting Solution

Transfer an actual Windows 7 backup to a Hyper-V Windows 8 Pro

We want to restore a Windows 7 Pro from a PC to a Windows 8 Pro Hyper-V Machine.  We cleaned up the …

Implementing RemoteFX in Windows 2012 Hyper-V

IntroductionRemoteFX is already in use today, but you're probably not aware of it.  With …
Troubleshooting Solution

How to Activate Hyper V

Hello Experts,

Can someone please let me know to activate the Hyper V platform? As you can see …
Troubleshooting Solution

common virtualisation

byPau Lo
What are the more common virtualisation tools youd find on desktop machines? And are they "visible",…
Troubleshooting Solution

Is there a way to get into virtual servers on VMWARE  without the admin passwords ?

I have a friend who hired an IT consultant who set up 2 virtual servers for him . This consultant is…

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