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Visio is a diagramming and vector graphics application that is part of the Microsoft Office family that allows the user to create diagrams for organizational and planning purposes. The Premium edition has additional templates for more advanced diagrams and layouts, as well as capabilities intended to make it easy for users to connect their diagrams to data sources and to display their data graphically, as well as intelligent rules, validation, subprocess (diagram breakdown). one-step connectivity with Excel data, information rights management (IRM) protection for Visio files, modernized shapes for office layout, detailed shapes for site and floor plans, modern shapes for home plans, and IEEE compliant shapes for electrical diagrams.

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Has anyone had experience on converting PDF files to Visio 2016?  I lost my folder that had all my Campus Visio Diagrams but have the PDF versions.  Any help here would be appreciated.
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in our company we want to install WSUS for multiple branches.
from main office we want to approve the updates.
I need to create  WSUS proposal drawing and PPT if someone can provide me a sample for the same it will be very helpful.

Thanks & Regards,
Mohammed Afroz
Does anyone here has any idea about "Outlook enhance functionality to be able to produce VISIO charts" or any visio plugin available for outlook? Answers are welcome :)
Another day, another question. I'm enjoying this but it is very challenging! I guess thats why this website is here?!

I'm using DOCMD(1312) to get my users to enter data and then have some of this data appear in the shape's text field. Each time they double click they also have the option to "define shape data" but I would really like to prevent the user from doing this.

An option for "protect defined shape data" or "protect user from defining shape data" would be perfect. Any ideas??

Thanks in advance.
Is there a way I can ask the user to enter Document shape data when first starting a document using a custom template? I would like to do this without macros and using shapesheet if possible but if not then its not the end of the world.

I have given the document some user defined shape data cells (eg. Document number, document date, author etc.) and then displayed this info in a number of shapes across the various pages of the document. I've referenced TheDoc! data in the shape cells on each page and set "askondrop" to true in the document shape data but this has not worked as i thought it might.

Thanks in advance.
Need assistance creating Visio drawings.  I've never done any and don't know where to start.  Tutorials would be great, if any.
Hi there,

User.msvSDContainerExcludedCategories does not seem to prevent the wrong objects becoming a member of a list.

I am creating a template for a standard type of drawing on Visio. I would like to create a list with two columns however this is not possible. To get around this I have taken some excellent advice from Scott Helmers and put two lists inside a container instead. This should just about do the trick but almost every time I try to drag and move the container, it ends up accidentally dropping into one of its lists and this messes up the document.

Please see the attached example and tell me where am i going wrong? I bet I've overlooked something very basic?! I have assigned the container the User.msvShapeCategories category of "Cubicle" and then excluded the "Cubicle" category from entering the lists using User.msvSDContainerExcludedCategories.


Thanks for taking the time to look at my problem.

I have a problem with Office 2016 and Project 2016, my issue is that I have a Volume Key for office using KMS and a Click to run Project installer which my customer wants to use.

I have been researching and found that they wont work together.

I am wondering if there is any way I can install Project with the MSI version instead of Click to Run using the same key?

I have also seen a lot about an Office deployment tool, mostly to install MSI versions of Project or Visio onto a machine that has Click to Run office 365 or similar, but I am not seeing much in the reverse side. Is it possible to install Office 2016 using that deployment tool in the same way to get them working together

Any help would be helpful!
Hi All

I would like to install 2 following apps , the following products will become SCCM applications.

Microsoft Visio 2016 (VLK/enterprise licence /perpetual)
Microsoft Project 2016 (VLK/enterprise licence /perpetual)

these packages must be compatible with the click to run deployment of office 365.

Please advise me how to accomplish this

Thanks in advance

I am in the process of creating a visual IT process diagram using images. However, I am unable to find the type of images I need. I am building the diagram in Visio and can import the images if I had them or knew where to get them. I have attached a file with the type(s) of images I am seeking.

Many thanks in advance.

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I had this question after viewing Visio to jpg/png/gif -- Batch convert?.

Trying to run this code but coming up with an error on "Set doc = Documents.OpenEx(PathFileName, visOpenHidden)"

I am still trying to learn vba codes and think this may be something simple but I can’t seem to figure this out. I’m converting .vsdx instead of .vsd files but I made the change in the code to look for the correct files and still run into this error.
Hi everyone,
First, thank you to all who offer up suggestions and advice to fellow I.T professionals. We all have different areas of expertise and experience so it is great to have a go-to area to seek answers & explanations, and also to hopefully help our peers.

I have a Visio 2010 Std application created on my SCCM 2012 server. I have been tasked with changing the product key it uses to activate on initial install. I don't want to change current installations, just use this new key for any new deployments.

I have it configured to use an MSP file with all of my customizations applied, including product key. What is the most appropriate way to go about changing the key to a different one? I have attempted simply editing the MSP to include the new key, but the application seems to still install using the old one. Do I make a new application and call it a day? Or should I be able to update my key without any issues?

Thanks so much in advance.

Can you please share a script to install MS Visio 2016 with GPO? or any other usable method.

Here is Visio 2013. when drawing a line on its page, the line can be long 10 cm. but sometimes the line cannot be increased a little or decreased a little bit. for example the line 10 cm cannot be 9.8 or 10.2. I think this is resolution issue. How can we change or increase the resolution? Thank you
I had this question after viewing Export VSD to JPG using C#.

Hi All,

I have to Convert number of Visio files to .Png Files and I Should Apply the settings to PNG File, reducing the size of the file during the time of Conversion as per the attachment.
Could you Please help me anyone how to do this in C#.Net Automatically?
In MS Visio (I guess its Visio 2016 but don't know for sure because I can't find the spot that tells you the version), I am attempting to use rounded corner shapes but don't see any options for that. Can someone let me know how to create rounded corner shapes? I've done some leg work by googling the topic but am not finding anything helpful.


I’m trying to download Visio Studio 2012 for desktop, but I’m failing on this link Is there anyone with unbroken links, kindly share with me, I understand it’s free.

The purpose of the above is to create a window form that will be used to insert data into an MS access database, C# is able to do this properly, by using an insert SQL.


Greetings Experts,

The background of what I'm trying to do is, I am a Technical Author who has just started a new job and I have inherited some files from the previous author. I'm using Visio. He used a lot of screen shots with labels that point to various parts of the user interface when a particular step in a task is made. There are currently two separate lines, one in red and one in white, the white is used to show up when the line goes over the user interface which is a dark gray, the theory being I guess that if it were black it would get lost visually against the user interface. He has labels that go with these lines that are labelled step 1, 2, 3 etc.

Currently the two lines are sperate, which means a lot of fiddling about when I have to move them. I'd like them to be grouped together, preferably with a drop shadow that would look nicer. Also I'd like a way to snap the 1,2,3 lables to a grid so that they all line up and look neat - I'm currently having to do this by eye.

It's just all taking a lot of time fiddling about and I'm thinking there's got to be a better way that looks better visually too. I can send a screen shot but not sure how to do it on here, it wouldn't let me when I posted the question.

I'm hoping I've described this well, if not please let me know if you need further clarification. I think if I sent you a screen shot it would help convey what I mean better.


I am trying to install Microsoft Office 2016 Professional and Microsoft Visio 2016 Standard on a Windows 10 PC.  The installation for both fails with the message "Couldn't install" and gives Error Code: 30125-1011 (403).  This PC used to have Microsoft Office 2010 Professional installed on it, but it has been completely removed by doing a program uninstall.  I also ran the Microsoft Office Uninstall tool (o15-strremove.diagcab) AND manually deleted all keys in the registry under Computer\HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Office.  I tried
 the suggestions on this page:, except bringing the PC to another location to attempt the install - which is not possible.  I have turned off my third-party anti-virus & firewall protection (Kaspersky Internet Security).  I've rebooted countless times after each attempted solution, but it still refuses to install.  I am at a loss as to the cause or resolution.  Any ideas?
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I know very little about vba. But am trying to tweak a macro for visio.

I want to tweak text but can't find anything on this:
            ' set font size and color, text alignment, border, fill and shadow
            .Cells("Char.Size").Formula = "10 pt"
            .Cells("Char.Color").Formula = 0     ' black
            .Cells("Para.HorzAlign") = 0         ' left justify
            .Cells("LinePattern").Formula = 0    ' none
            .Cells("FillPattern").Formula = 0    ' none
            .Cells("ShdwPattern").Formula = 0    ' none

1) Is there a table  that lists what numbers to use to change HorizAlign to get centered?

2) What if I wanted to bold the text?

3) there's a line after these for text (it's a table of contents):   .Text = arrPages(i, 1) & vbTab & CInt(arrPages(i, 2))

I'd love for the space between the page name and page number to be dotted  like:   Licenses.. . . . . . . .3

Do you know how I could get that?

Any idea why I can't find much about this on the web? I was googling cells syntax vba and pasting these lines into google. Didn't come up with anything.

Hello, I would like to use Visio as a "sales automation tool". I will be reviewing floor plans with customers and want to create an interactive experience. The plans (which I already have) contain plotted assets that are currently stagnant and not connected to any data source... I would need each asset to have data linked to it, I assume via the serial number of the asset/SmartShapes. The cost of each item in the drawing would be retrieved from either Excel or an Access database and the TOTAL COST OF OWNERSHIP would appear on the drawing page in a table summed up.. As I "uncheck" assets, the total cost of ownership would update accordingly, providing the customer with updated costs should they remove specific devices.. The data part I can customize and insert..

...but... would anyone be interested in helping me with a high-level overview of what else I need to do? I have limited experience with Visio but am able to pick up any software rather quickly. Would this require more than Visio/Excel?
Thanks to someone here and finding another script on the web, I realize I'd like parts from both of these scripts.  

The script that Scott wrote / posted in:

sorts alphabetically, which I realized, I really need.  But puts each entry in separate text boxes.

The script I found in:

Sorts by page number and puts all the text in a single text box / easier for me to format text, etc.
Sub table_of_contents_creator()
'this macro creates a table of contents in a visio document by
'going through the pages in the document and adds the page number and page title

'by stephen turbek
'written for use in microsoft visio 2003 SP1

'adapted from
'I added allowing user to select a text box and replace the contents, rather than build lots of little boxes
'this way you can style the text easily, and simply replace the contents when you update the doc
'note: this is my first VB script

' define a shape to use for the Table of Contents (TOC)
Dim TOCEntry As Visio.Shape

'get selection
Dim selectedShapes As Selection
Set selectedShapes = ActiveWindow.Selection

'is any shape selected to put the ToC in?
If selectedShapes.Count > 0 Then
    'take the selected shape to put the table of contents in

Open in new window

 i'm trying to change between visio pages from code. That means i need to set the VisioApplication.ActivePage, but it is readonly. So i'm trying to set the VisioApplication.ActiveWindow.Page.
All good, but when i try that, i get a runtime exception 'Invalid container identifier.'. Anything i tried didn't work. I know that VisioApplication.ActiveWindow.Page is a dynamic variable in c#. But i still don't know how to handle this exception. My code is :

Globals.ThisAddIn.Application.ActiveWindow.Page = Globals.ThisAddIn.Application.ActiveDocument.Pages[0];

I need to mention that it is a Visio AddIn project.
Please, i'm trying to fix this out for 2 weeks, and nothing worked. Any help will be really apreciated.
When I knew very little about visio, in making network docs, I would jam way too much on 1 drawing, thinking I had to make an entire different file with a 2nd page.  DUH!

So I know a little more and love the seperate pages and being able to have a common background on all of them, etc.

Now, is there a way to make a table of contents page? A first page that lists the name of each page in the file?  Maybe updates automatically?  When you add another page / rearrange the order of pages, this page auto updates?
Looking for a High Res Visio 2016 Stencil for a EMC (Dell) Data Domain 6300

The stencil needs to have the following Characteristics
  • High Resolution Image able to zoom in and do wire layouts
  • DD-6300 Data Domain Stencil (Front and Rear)
  • Contain DS-60 Shelf (Front and Rear)
  • Contain ES-30 Shelf (Front and Rear)

Please provide a File Location or URL to the exact download location.

Thanks in advance for your assistance with this.

Microsoft Visio

Visio is a diagramming and vector graphics application that is part of the Microsoft Office family that allows the user to create diagrams for organizational and planning purposes. The Premium edition has additional templates for more advanced diagrams and layouts, as well as capabilities intended to make it easy for users to connect their diagrams to data sources and to display their data graphically, as well as intelligent rules, validation, subprocess (diagram breakdown). one-step connectivity with Excel data, information rights management (IRM) protection for Visio files, modernized shapes for office layout, detailed shapes for site and floor plans, modern shapes for home plans, and IEEE compliant shapes for electrical diagrams.

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