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Microsoft Visual Studio is an integrated development environment (IDE) from Microsoft. It is used to develop computer programs for Microsoft Windows, as well as web sites, web applications and web services. Visual Studio uses Microsoft software development platforms such as Windows API, Windows Forms, Windows Presentation Foundation, Windows Store and Microsoft Silverlight. It can produce both native code and managed code.

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I am wondering what i can do to avoid long startup times for my Development environments as both 2015 and 2017
of Microsoft visual Studio seem to search for all installed Assembly's and as i have several tool kits installed this takes
a very long time. I have Telrik as well as Infragistics and some other smaller tools. I googled but could not find any specific hint.
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Containers and Docker for Everyone

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Two different workstations, two exact versions one has the link in the tools menu one does not, both have the application installed.  Why would the menu item disappear?

Thanks in advance!
After clicking the type, it still shows all the items!
source code
   <asp:DataList ID ="dd" runat="server">
                                                <li><a href="#Events.aspx?type=<%#Eval("EventTypeName") %>"><%#Eval("EventTypeName") %></a></li>

code behind
        SqlCommand cmd = con.CreateCommand();
        cmd.CommandType = CommandType.Text;

        if (Request.QueryString["type"] == null)
            cmd.CommandText = "select * from EventDetail";
            cmd.CommandText = "select * from EventDetail where EventTypeID= '"+ Request.QueryString["type"].ToString()  + "' ";

        cmd.CommandText = "select * from EventType";
        DataTable dt = new DataTable();
        SqlDataAdapter da = new SqlDataAdapter(cmd);
        dd.DataSource = dt;

my two tables
1. EventDetail (EventDetail_ID, EventTypeID, eventDetailName, eventDate......)
2. EventType (EventType_ID, EventTypeName)
I have a ASP.NET application. I'm using TFS to check in my code.

In my project I revised a few files and then checked them in to tfs.

But after I checked my files in. I noticed the one file that I didn't check in was the Visual Studio .csproj file.

So when I get the latest. The files I checked in are phyiscally there but not included in the application directory.

Is there a way to fix this? So the checked in files are added to the app directory.
After I added a sidebar and repositioned my items I had this error!

Codes from the source
                    <div class="col-sm-4">
                         <div class="thumbnail bg-grey text-center">
                             <p>Basic License</p>
                             <a href="#" class="btn btn-success" role="button">Buy Now</a>

              <div class="col-sm-8">
                  <asp:Panel  ID="Panel1" runat="server" cssClass="pnlEvents" ></asp:Panel>

My code behind error            

Line 52:
Line 53:                 //Add dynamic Panes to static Parent panel
Line 54:                 pnlEvents.Controls.Add(eventPanel);
Line 55:
Line 56:             }
I have a problem with custom templates not creating solutions correctly. It works fine on my Home computer but not on my office computer. I have reinstalled VS 2015 several times but problem remains. The issue is the "Location" and "Solution Name" dialog are not visible nor are the "Create directory for solution" or "add source to control" checkboxes and browse button.

Below is an example of what happens and below is one of the template files (this effects several new project templates under c++).

If I select New -> Visual C++ -> Empty Project, I get the following dialog at bottom of window (You can see that "Location Field" is Enabled and yet it does not show when I create a new project)

Name: Project 1
Location: C;\users\david\visual studio 2015\projects
Solution Name : Project 1
Also a "Browse" button, "Create directory for solution" checkbox and "add to source control" checkbox.

If I select New -> Visual C++ -> Particle Project (which is one of the custom projects) I get

Name : Sketch1

All the other dialogs and checkboxes are missing.

BUT, When I am on my computer at HOME, I see all the correct solution name, location and checkboxes ok, but NOT on my OFFICE computer.

I am sure it is related to some setting in a file somewhere that is overriding the parameters for the VM template but don't know which file will be controlling this behavior.

<VSTemplate Version="3.0.0" xmlns="" …
Hello Experts,
I have installed and processing correcltly the express edition of visual studio 2017
my projects run just fine...
When clicking option BUILD to compile the app...
Where does it put the exe files ?
cant find them
its not anymore on the BIN\RELEASE folder.
Hello Experts
I just installed the express Edition of visual studio 2015 on my laptop

and when opening a very small project (less 100 kb) it says

"  you cannot open this project with your express edition of visual studio for windows 10. this edition only supports development on universal windows platforms app  "

I was used to install express editions 2012, 2013... for my personal use in my laptop... .now my little projects cannot be opened...

What is the best solution ? Download again express 2013 and stay there ??
I have created an application using Visual Studio Professional 2015 (Version 14.0.25431.01 Update 3) that utilizes Visio Viewer (Version 16.0.4339.1001).
When I install my application, I get "Error 1904. Module C:\Program Files (x86)\...\VVIEWER.DLL failed to register. HRESULT -2147220473. Contact your support personnel."
I have researched and not found a solution. I have done all the basics .. windows is up to date, etc.
In my application I reference AxVisioViewer.
The application does run / work correctly - but I am concerned that the end users will not have a good install experience as they see this error during install.
(I also get the similar error when uninstalling - the failed to deregister error 1905).

Visio Viewer must be installed first. In Visual Studio, AxVisioViewer copy local set to yes (it will not work if set to no). Embed Interop Types - False. Specific version - False.
I have tried uninstalling Visio Viewer and installing my app, it will not run without Visio Viewer installed. I have re-installed visio viewer then re-installed my app - same error during installation. As stated, it works - but the user sees this error.
I am using InstallShield LE, and I am digitally signing my app / setup programs
I have a Windows forms application. Part of what it does is copy 2 files. Is there a way I can include these files in the executable without having an installer?
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Cannot break and debug stored procedure while debugging .NET application using Visual Studio 2017.
i followed the same steps as i would do in visual studio 2015 but no good .

I have installed a C++ add-on to Visual Studio that enable code to be developed for Particle Electron and Photon devices. I have an issue that I believe is more related to Visual Studio than the plug in.
First I installed the plug-in on my home PC (running Windows 10, 64 bit OS) and VS 2015. All worked fine.
I then copied the same steps on my office PC (also running Windows 10, 64 bit OS) and VS 2015 but when I attempt to create a project I get no option to enter solution name or location and the checkbox to create a directory is also gone. When I proceed, I get a project but no solution and then I can never save the project. I can only exit VS if I discard the project.
WHY???? Once again Microsoft and their disgusting lack of personal service to customers rears its head.  Ridiculous
When I try to build a project in VS 2017 Community Edition I get the following error:
Unable to copy file "C:\Work\source\<project>\packages\Microsoft.Net.Compilers.2.0.1\tools\VBCSCompiler.exe" to "bin\roslyn\VBCSCompiler.exe". Access to the path 'bin\roslyn\VBCSCompiler.exe' is denied.

This causes me to restart my PC, remove the read-only property from my source folder, THEN start VS 2017 and build the project.  I have no idea what causes this or how to fix this.  

Any help appreciated.
On the click of a button, I want the program to wait and detect an inserted thumb drive, then return the drive letter. Does anyone have a WinForms C# example of something similar? I'm really only concerned with Windows platform, particularly Win7.
Why do I get this error at line24 ??

Line 23:             //fill pg w data
Line 24:             lblPrice.Text = "Price per unit: <br/>$ " + detail.eventPrice;
Line 25:             lblTitle.Text = detail.eventDetailName;
Line 26:             lblDescription.Text = detail.eventDesc;
I was using selecetedvalue to obtain the id and for the next stacked combo boxes. The program was debugged and worked good in Visual Studio 2008. I am trying to used the same code on visual studio 2010 but run into  problems using Selectedvalue to do the same thing.
Visual Studio 2015 is not letting me set breakpoint in javascript in code in front.

I am clicking on the left furiously and nothing happens. It just won't create the break point.

Any ideas what I'm doing wrong? I have done this in the past, but it just hasn't worked lately.

My Css is not applying . Here is the codes from code behind!!!

        //Get list of all products in DB
        EventDetail eventDetail = new EventDetail();
        List<EventDetail> details = eventDetail.getAllEventDetail();

        //Make sure events exist in database
        if (details != null)
            //Create a new panel with an image button and 2 labels for each event
            foreach (EventDetail detail in details)
                Panel eventPanel = new Panel();
                ImageButton imageButton = new ImageButton();
                Label lblName = new Label();
                Label lblPrice = new Label();

                //set childcontrols' properties
                imageButton.ImageUrl = "~/EventImages/Events/" + detail.eventImage;
                imageButton.CssClass = "eventImage";
                imageButton.PostBackUrl = "Detail.aspx?id=" + detail.EventDetail_ID;

                lblName.Text = detail.eventDetailName;
                lblName.CssClass = "eventName";

                lblPrice.Text = "$ " + detail.eventPrice;
                lblPrice.CssClass = "eventPrice";
                //Add child controls to panel
                eventPanel.Controls.Add(new Literal { Text = "<br />" });
                eventPanel.Controls.Add(new Literal { Text = "<br …
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I am trying for the first time in SSIS to export data from 1 single table to a csv file.

The csv file has to be pipe delimited and quotation mark qualified?

Example of data in the field is as below

Unit   TranDate       Description                                                                                                                              Amount
1        01/02/2017    <RcptTime>,<64800770>,<4085033>,<05137310-00000001>,<008862>,<FEES>       2713
1        06/06/2017     John Smith Ltd - Billing, 2051562, IMMM_1537                                                                4013

Can anybody help?

Hello Experts.

I need some help determining why my Visual Studio 2012 VB.NET Windows Form is hanging whenever I use any dropdown that uses a DataSource. Dropdowns that use a string-based collection do not exhibit this problem.

The basic behavior is this:
  1. Start the Program
  2. Click a Dropdown that uses a string-based selection, and choose a value
  3. Click a Dropdown that uses a DataSource, and choose a value
  4. Try to click on any other control, including the Windows Exit control, but there is no response
  5. Click Stop Debugger icon to terminate the program

I have done some debugging, and find it strange that after the program finishes with the ComboBox events, it wants to go run some other seemingly unrelated code in my Designer.vb file, then go through all my resources (I use a LOT of graphics in this program, and recently added four larger ones (200 - 300KB), but I can't imagine that would cause this.

Other than the four new images, the only new thing I can think of is that I changed the ComboBox to use the ValueMember property so it would show the Name but return the ID (at least I'm pretty sure that's what it's supposed to do). Please correct me if I'm wrong about this, but also know that setting it back to None does not correct the problem.

Also, if there are other debugging techniques you know of that will help me to sleuth out the root cause, that would be great.

Tony G.
Some months ago I started learning ASP.NET Core using Visual Studio 2105. I completed a few courses (one at Pluraslight) and another very good one on YouTube. I was able to learn very well from these and was able to uderstand 95% of the content. In the meanwhile however, Visual Studio 2017 has arrived and this seems to have a completely different project structure for ASP.NET Core projects. Unfortunately, I have not been able to find any good course on developing ASP.NET Core Web App using Visual Studio 2017. I am not a professional developer but, perhaps, an advanced hobbyist.
I would appreciate some guidance on what I should do now. Should I continue to learn and develop what I want to develop using the old project structure in Visual Sutdio 2105 or should I abandon Visual Studio 2015 and its old project structure (for ASP.NET Core Projects) and try now to learn the new Visual Studio 2017 way of developing ASP.NET Core applications.
Thank you for your help.
I am trying to get a json to class.
I have used the Visual studio converter for this and generated the class, but it is not working.
 The commented   ' Public Property Wlisting() As WooData does not work,
I have tried different methods of calling an array or a list but always get the same error.  The Json that come over appears correctly formed, it is the inability to get it into a class which is the problem.

The line :

  Dim WooResponse = JsonConvert.DeserializeObject(Of WooCommerceData.Results)(result)

gives the following error:
Newtonsoft.Json.JsonSerializationException: 'Cannot deserialize the current JSON array (e.g. [1,2,3]) into type 'Zetsy.WooCommerceData.Results' because the type requires a JSON object (e.g. {"name":"value"}) to deserialize correctly.

To fix this error either change the JSON to a JSON object (e.g. {"name":"value"}) or change the deserialized type to an array or a type that implements a collection interface (e.g. ICollection, IList) like List<T> that can be deserialized from a JSON array. JsonArrayAttribute can also be added to the type to force it to deserialize from a JSON array.

Zit appears I should be calling this as a differnt type of list, but what I have tried gives the same error

The class is the following:

Namespace WooCommerceData
    Public Class Results
        Public Property Wlistings As List(Of WooData)
        ' Public …
I have deployed two SSRS reports to a web page. I have a date parameter that must be entered before the report displays. If I enter a date and press View Report, the report displays as it should. If I change the date and press View Report, the data does not change. If I press View Report again, the data changes. If I close the report and open it again and type in a different date, it gives me the last report data before I closed it. It acts like it has a copy of the old report render in memory or the parameter. In development in visual studio, it doesn't do this. I have tried editing the settings on the web page going into Manage but nothing I have done works. I have set the parameter to have no default value and it can't be NULL.

I am trying to run a C# Unit test in visual studio, and I am getting the following errors on "DatabaseFactory.CreateDatabase()" from the namespace "Microsoft.Practices.EnterpriseLibrary.Data."

Could not load file or assembly 'Microsoft.Practices.EnterpriseLibrary.Data, Version=6.0.1304.0, Culture=neutral, PublicKeyToken=null' or one of its dependencies. The system could not find the file specified.

{"Could not load file or assembly 'Microsoft.Practices.EnterpriseLibrary.Data, Version=6.0.1304.0, Culture=neutral, PublicKeyToken=null' or one of its dependencies. The system could not find the file specified.":"Microsoft.Practices.EnterpriseLibrary.Data, Version=6.0.1304.0, Culture=neutral, PublicKeyToken=null"}

=== Pre-bind state information ===
LOG: DisplayName = Microsoft.Practices.EnterpriseLibrary.Data, Version=6.0.1304.0, Culture=neutral, PublicKeyToken=null
LOG: Appbase = file:///C:/Users/username/Source/Workspaces/myProject/myProject1/myProject2/TestResults/Deploy_username 2017-06-15 09_33_17/Out
LOG: Initial PrivatePath = NULL
Calling assembly : (Unknown).
LOG: This bind starts in default load context.
LOG: Using application configuration file: C:\Users\username\Source\Workspaces\myProject\myProject1\myProject2\TestResults\Deploy_username 2017-06-15 09_33_17\Out\SLV.Fest.MessageGenerators.Test.dll.config
LOG: Using host configuration file:
LOG: Using machine configuration file from

Microsoft Visual Studio





Microsoft Visual Studio is an integrated development environment (IDE) from Microsoft. It is used to develop computer programs for Microsoft Windows, as well as web sites, web applications and web services. Visual Studio uses Microsoft software development platforms such as Windows API, Windows Forms, Windows Presentation Foundation, Windows Store and Microsoft Silverlight. It can produce both native code and managed code.