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Microsoft Visual Studio is an integrated development environment (IDE) from Microsoft. It is used to develop computer programs for Microsoft Window...

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Veteran in computer systems, malware removal and ransomware topics.  I have been working in the field since 1985.

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I need to host JSON on my local Mac


I need to make my HTML website work on my Mac, as a test. It reads a JSON file and iterates through


Turn an old laptop into pH measurement of a fish tank station by arduino and visual studio code

Turn an old laptop into a pH measuring station, such as under the structure of a fish tank controller, by Arduino and Visual Studio code.

Has anyone tried out this update yet? I'd love to see a …

Has anyone tried out this update yet? I'd love to see a breakdown of the new features from a pro!
Troubleshooting Solution

File cannot be deleted as it is locked by another process


I am writing a C# Windows application using Visual Studio 2019. I am using FileWatcher class to pick


Power BI and Measure Killer

There are sseveral things that will come into play after you have created a dashboard in Power BI. One of them is making it leaner by removing all unused items (measures and columns) in the imported tables. This is not so easy to do - but here is a solution - kind of ...
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Need Help Building Simple Data Compliler


Hi everyone!

I need help building a very simple data compiler which will be used on the terminal. I

Troubleshooting Solution

Error running ASP.NET Web Application within Visual Studio

When I try to run a web application in Visual Studio I get the following error.  It's only occurring…
Troubleshooting Solution

Execute python in Visual studio


Hi I want to execute python on Visual studio 2022. Python latest version is installed at pc. I try

Troubleshooting Solution

Uninstall completely Microsoft Visual Studio 2019

Hi Experts!

I want to uninstall visual studio 2019 completely:

However, when going into …
Troubleshooting Solution

How to change the image (icon) in a DataGridViewImageColumn depending on a Cell Value.


Hello, I am using VS C# 2019 and have a DataGridView that is populated with Folders and Files from a

Troubleshooting Solution

What is an SDK



What is an SDK (software development kit). I had assumed that Visual studio was one.

Is ASP.net an

Troubleshooting Solution

program refuses to work until I remove it and re-install it again on windows 10 x64

Hello Experts
I have an old application (VB6) running on Windows 10 x64
The program works fine …
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Small but detailed example of creating and passing a complex JSON object from one partial view to another partial view in Razor


Can I have a small (but detailed) example of the following?

In Razor:

1)  at the top of partial view

Troubleshooting Solution

ASP.net C# code snippets in PowerPoint presentation



I want to include ASP.net C# code snippets in a PowerPoint presentation that someone can copy and

Troubleshooting Solution

Variable 'id' is used before it has been assigned a value

I am new to Visual Studio and receiving the error in the title of my question. I have posted …
Troubleshooting Solution

Join two rows of datagridview with line

I need to draw a linebetween two rows of datagridview .
Example gridA and gridB are two …
Troubleshooting Solution

Search 3 data fields in a table to find the first value and return a single field in a stored procedure

In a stored procedure I would like to examine 3 SQL char data fields in a table that contain phone …

Load, Compile, Run, and Interact With C# Code Dynamically

Today, we will look into how we can dynamically load C# code into our solution, compile this code, run it, and then interact with it to call methods etc. This might be useful when we want to add plugin code etc.
Troubleshooting Solution

Vb.net / Visual Studios 2008

Hi Experts

visual Studios 2008 for some reason when you make a change and put a breakpoint on …

For anyone that has a similar issue  Windows 10 Pro VS …

For anyone that has a similar issue

Windows 10 Pro
VS 2008
Windows Forms App for Symbol MC3190 …

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