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Microsoft Visual Studio is an integrated development environment (IDE) from Microsoft. It is used to develop computer programs for Microsoft Windows, as well as web sites, web applications and web services. Visual Studio uses Microsoft software development platforms such as Windows API, Windows Forms, Windows Presentation Foundation, Windows Store and Microsoft Silverlight. It can produce both native code and managed code.

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When creating an SSAS project in SSDT (Visual Studio), how do you get SSDT / project to remember the 'Impersonate Account' user details?
Currently, every time i open a project and make a change, i have to enter the username and password details for the Impersonation Account of each data source, before i can deploy the project. This is particularly irksome, as my main project pulls data from 20 different sources!
I am using SSDT 2017 v 15.9.9
Any help gratefully received.
I am a relative beginner in using SSAS, so please excuse me if this issue is a lack of basic knowledge.
THE PROBLEM: I cannot see result of code in DEBUG or anywhere within Visual Studio Code of a coding exercise in Python3.

I have installed python and Visual Studio Code on my laptop running Windows 10, Version 1803 OS build 17134.706.
I have an ASUS ROG  laptop with 16 GB RAM and 1 TB drive, 64 bit processor and operating system

I am subscribing to Lynda to learn Python and am using the course developed by Joe Marini entitled Learning Python  (I am a beginner).

I am using Python 3.7 (32 bit)

I have installed the plugin extension from Microsoft so can run Python apps in VSCode. I am using extension: Python 2019.4.12954 Linting, Debugging (multi-threaded remote),… Microsoft.

I am using the exercise files included, i.e., I am trying to run or see code and code output in Debug in VSCode .

I have exercise files open and clicked on the specific file I wanted to see. I did the following:
       I clicked on Debug Icon.

      Under the Debug dropdown I chose: "My Current File (Integrated Program)"  

Next, I chose the exercise file named with the following and the following code appeared in the VSCode window

# Example file for HelloWorld
def main():
  print("hello world")
if __name__ == "__main__":

I then clicked on the Debug Arrow and I got the following in the terminal window within VSCode:

D:\Main 2\Training\Programming\PYTHON_Joe_Marini_Release-18__0130\Ex_Files_Learning_Python\Exercise Files>cd "d:\Main …
I would like to deploy an old asmx web service to azure from visual studio 2017.  Need to deploy the database as well. I can create the database using sql and populate it using sql if that is easier.  Please advise best recommendation.  Thanks in advance.
What I am trying to do is when I change the build/deploy from Production to Test, I want to be able to also change the shared data source reference for all the RDL files.

In the screenshot attached, I have ImpresarioProd as my Data source and ImpresarioProd as my Shared Data source.  I would like to change all the Data source in the rdl files in my sln to ImpresarioTest.  (Minus the bad naming convention of the Data Source, is it possible to do this without going into each rld file and making the change manually?

Screenshot of Data Source and RDL files
Thank you,

I am setting up a bamboo deployment plan for website .

How can I build/publish the website with msbuild command.

also, when I build right now with visual studio, the build output is written to a  "compiledweb" folder inside the project folder.

I'm trying to see where is this path set, is it in the solution file, or web config or any other file?
I had this question after viewing WSUS Products & Classifications, MS VS 2017 Updates.

Has there been any update?  I too am not seeing Visual Studio 2017 under Products and Classifications.  Visual Studio 2015 is the latest product shown.  No 'New' Products or Classifications listed after successful sync.    I'm running WSUS v10.0.14393.2007 on a Windows 2016 server.
I have a SSRS Pick List report for my shipping department. It is time consuming to print one at a time. I was tasked in creating a batch to generate a single PDF and the user only needs to send the print job once. I successfully created this data driven report. The only issue is that I get 100(example) emails with one pick report in each. I need one email with one PDF containing all  pages. Is it possible to get this in one file instead of individual ones? I'm using SSRS 2017.
I built a Intranet site back in 2013  think and was asked to update it. So I planned to reuse what ever I could and add in what ever was necessary,
but when I call this bit of jQuery, which worked great in the old site, it doesn't seem to fire. I put a breakpoint in it to see if it is ever read and it does get read but has no effect.

$(document).ready(function () {
    'use strict';
    $('#txtStreetNumber, #txtStreetName, #txtPoBox, #txtrRoute, #txtrBox').rules('remove', 'required');
    $(".poboxaddress").css("display", "none");
    $(".ruraladdress").css("display", "none");
    $(".streetaddress").css("display", "none");
    $('#divradio').on('click', function () {
        if ($('#street').is(':checked')) {
            $('#txtStreetName').rules('add', 'required');
        } else {
            if ($('#pobox').is(':checked')) {
                $('#txtStreetNumber, #txtStreetName, #txtrBox, #txtrRoute ').rules('remove', 'required');
                $('#txtPoBox').rules('add', 'required');
            } else {
                if ($('#rural').is(':checked')) {
                    $('#txtStreetName, #txtStreetNumber, 

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I am getting an error when deploying my site to IIS on a machine with just .NET 4.0, but using entity Framework 6.0 and .NET 4.0 for the build.  "No Conceptual Schema node to embed as a resource".  

I try to look at things for the site in IIS and get the error message under .NET Compilation of "Cannot add duplicate collection entry of type 'add' with unique key attribute 'extension' set to '.edmx'.  

Runs fine in Visual Studio 2017.  Please help.

        <add extension=".rdlc" type="Microsoft.Reporting.RdlBuildProvider, Microsoft.ReportViewer.WebForms, Version=, Culture=neutral, PublicKeyToken=b03f5f7f11d50a3a" />
       ------> <add extension=".edmx" type="System.Data.Entity.Design.AspNet.EntityDesignerBuildProvider" />

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I am setting up my laptop to use SQL Server Management studio, MS visual studio, and SSRS/SSIS. Can someone suggest the best combination of these tools for me to download and install.  I am NOT looking for enterprise/paid/trial version, only something like express version. Thanks.
I am using Visual Studio 2008 for developing a project in VB.NET .  I have built a report using crystal reports (in Visual Studio 2008) in the project which contains Barcode.  I had assigned code 128 AB Tall as the font but when I try to export it to PDF it generates ERROR.  I then tried the font Code 128, this time it got exported to PDF correctly but when I tried to read the barcode through barcode scanner, it won't get read.

I shall appreciate Insights to resolve the above situation.

P.S : I am attaching the snapshot the the error I am encountering during the export.

I have created a data migration project which takes '|' delimited flat files, imports them to SQL Server, processes the data, and then outputs to an Excel Template for loading into a new system. I have no responisbility for either the flat files, or the excel template as they are handled by third parties.
I am running on Visual Studio 15.9.5 for the SSIS development, and the package will be used only by myself and will not be distributed to anybody else. Connection is to SQL Server Azure.

I have had no issues with connecting importing the flat files (beyond the usual bad data problems) or connecting to SQL Server and running scripts. The issue I'm having is with the final stage in the process which involves transferring the contents of SQL tables to Worksheets within an Excel Workbook. I am running Excel on Office 365 and all processing of files is done on my laptop.

When I ran an initial dump to Excel I had some errors with the version, so I changed it to XLS to resolve any compatibility issues (which I have done before successfully). However, on this particular project, the limit for XLS files was breached as there are almost 70,000 rows of data to export. When I changed to XLSX I got another error, so I installed Microsoft Access Data Engine 2010 which seemed to work on some test runs.

Now I have finished all of the mapping, so a little more about the spreadsheet. There are multiple worksheets to which I have to export data; I have created Data Flow tasks which …
dear all ,
How to use interactive sorting control in crystal report in visual studio as it is shown in the designer but hidden when the report is previewed?
I have 2 very similar VB.NET applications.  They are both Windows Forms applications, and both have some "maximized" forms and some "windowed" forms.  They are deployed to Windows 7 PC's with monitors set at 1280x800 at 125%.  

One application  sizes properly -- All forms and controls in the app size "up" properly, and all fonts size up properly.  The second application seems to size up the fonts, but not the controls or the forms themselves.  There is a form in both apps sized 450 x 500 -- One displays larger than the other at 125%.  After switching the monitor to 100%, both those forms show at the same size.

These applications are created using VS 2017 "Community".   I have checked the properties of those two forms, and they are the same.   However, since I see the problem on all forms, I am assuming it is a setting at the application level, not the form level.   In both apps, the "Enable XP visual styles" is set the same, and that's the only setting I see that may be related to how forms are displayed.

This may or may not be a clue (and I have to verify it), but when running at 125% on a Windows 10 machine, both applications size properly.

Any ideas what setting I need to change to fix this?
I upgraded a .NET app from VS2008 to VS2012.  I had to upgrade crystal reports to version 13.  I deploy using ClickOnce.  The application installs and runs with no problem.  However, when I click on a report I get the attached error.

Any ideas how to resolve?
Hide row and column headers from VB Addin, and other viewproperties

I have googled this very deeply, checked the object browser in VS2017. I could come up with something like this below:

There is the worksheetview object, that has the prop DisplayHeadings.

The samples are all VBA, when i use it in the addin, the intelisense will give me wsvw.DisplayHeadings, but I will then receive a runtime error.

QUESTION: how can i use a worksheetview on a single worksheet in VB to modify the view and other properties

                Dim wnd As Window
                Dim wsvw As WorksheetView
                For Each wsvw In wnd     'AddinModule.Checklistworkbook.Worksheets
                    MsgBox(wsvw.DisplayHeadings.ToString & " - " & wsvw.Sheet.ToString)
                Next wsvw

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I want to create dataset using "Microsoft Rdlc Report Designer" in visual studio 2017.
My sql server is in another machine.
I have access database via LAN .
When i create dataset by clicking on "Dataset" in "Microsoft Rdlc Report Designer", then visual studio hangs and crashes.
Then Visual studio 2017 restart automatically. I have tried several times but same issue.
Does anyone know the best way to debug a COM exe Service ATL project built in Visual Studio 2010?
I have tried registering the service as a plan exe (using /regserver flag for registering), to debug it as an exe, but still no luck
to enable debug mode. Thanks in advance.
I have a memory leak in a windows service (ATL COM exe Service),  built using Visual Studio 2010, running on a Windows Server 2003.
Does anyone know of any memory leak detector tools than I can use to detect the leaks down to a variable level (e.g. show the pointer variable causing the leaks).
Is a critical production issue , any help will be greatly appreciated.  I know googling will help me, but I'm running against time, and I don't have the luxury of time to try
all the tools out there, before choosing the best, so if anyone has had to perform similar diagnosis, please let me know.
Can't find Trust Center Settings in Visual Studio 2017 yet many webpages site the setting.

Any thoughts on where it is?

Suppose to be under Tools | Options.
I am using Visual Studio Community 2017/C++ and AGK Trial 2 to develop GUI apps. The Console output nor the VS output don't show any debug messages, whereas the exact same code worked fine with Visual Studio 2010.  To start with I  used an AGK template VS2015 project and inserted my old working AGK code to it. It builds and runs perfectly in VS2017, but the Console doesn't show any debugging messages printed with "cout", as it did when using VS2010.   The following code  is the function I used to pop up the Console:

// for the console to display "cout" outputs, all these must be included
// And later these should be removed when you program is fully debugge
#include <Windows.h>
#include <stdio.h>
#include <stdlib.h>
#include <string.h>
#include <direct.h>
#include <fcntl.h>
#include <io.h>

void console_back()

int hCrt;
     FILE *hf;

   hCrt = _open_osfhandle(
             (long) GetStdHandle(STD_OUTPUT_HANDLE),
   hf = _fdopen( hCrt, "w" );
   *stdout = *hf;
   int i = setvbuf( stdout, NULL, _IONBF, 0 );


// in the main code
cout << "Hi, Hello World";	

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As is see in the attached snapshot, the Console pops up but stays blank, though the is no runtime complains from the
system about the cout << "Hi ..".  

Experts, any ideas why this happens?  I hope there is a workaround for this problem, sample code is highly appreciated.

A side note, I am using a trial version of AGK package, where I don't have a debug version of AGKWindows.lib so I can't
build VS2017  in debug mode.  This makes debugging with console messages the only option for right now.
After all as long as I have a way to debug, I will be happy. But I don't know if the retail version of AGK  has the debug version of the AGKWindows.lib in C++.  Any comments or suggestions along this avenue are also appreciated.


When opening or creating a key in the Windows Registry using the WIN32 C API it is possible to specify the REGSAM as one of the arguments. This details the access rights to the key, but can also be used to set the "view", be it 32 bit or 64 bit. This is achieved by passing either KEY_WOW64_64KEY or KEY_WOW64_32KEY.

My question is this: given just a HKEY, is it possible to identify the original REGSAM value that was used to open that key? The program I am writing needs to be able to make this distinction and whilst I could "cache" the original REGSAM, it would be smarter and cleaner if there was a way (using WIN32 C API) to get these details.
Trying to fix a broken expression in Visual Studio - using the Now() function, we need to get last month. Been using = "For the Month of" + MonthName(Now()-1), or at least that appears to be it. But this month it error'd, and can't seem to tweak the expression. For a report run today it should read "For the Month of December"
Need help with getting Visual Studio Code to use Visual Studio Team Services for my source control set up and working
For part of a program I am creating I need to find the distance in miles between two ZIP codes.  This does not have to be exact, "as the crow flies" is fine.  I have found some solutions online but can not get them to work.  My background is in SQL but I have an understanding of programming logic, but I still can't get these to work in Microsoft Visual Studio.

The first one I found looked like it would do exactly what I wanted to do but the urls are not update and I am not sure where they may have moved to or what they used to be:

"{0}&output=xml" is no longer a valid link.

Another solution that I tried is:

For this one, the basic idea makes sense to me but I am not sure how to put it all in to action.  The link to download the examples is no longer valid and I am not sure where all of the code goes.  For instance, where do I need to reference "LoadData" from and what needs to be passed to it as the "path."  Also is the xml document stored in project somewhere?

Any insight into either of these solutions or even another that would work better are appreciated.  Thanks

Microsoft Visual Studio

Microsoft Visual Studio is an integrated development environment (IDE) from Microsoft. It is used to develop computer programs for Microsoft Windows, as well as web sites, web applications and web services. Visual Studio uses Microsoft software development platforms such as Windows API, Windows Forms, Windows Presentation Foundation, Windows Store and Microsoft Silverlight. It can produce both native code and managed code.