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Microsoft Visual Studio is an integrated development environment (IDE) from Microsoft. It is used to develop computer programs for Microsoft Windows, as well as web sites, web applications and web services. Visual Studio uses Microsoft software development platforms such as Windows API, Windows Forms, Windows Presentation Foundation, Windows Store and Microsoft Silverlight. It can produce both native code and managed code.

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Following on from this post Getting-started-in-C

Which version of visual studio should I be using it looks like the MS training video's are using Community 2015 unsure what the youtube   videos use

When I attempted to install the latest version it need over 8 GB of space and despite pointing the installation to a drive other than C:\ it wouldn't install

To complicate matters I would need the same version on my Laptop which I know  is space limited
Also on an air gapped system not connected to the internet  from what I've seen VS out of the box requires add ons (For instance to connect to a database) this is simple with an internet connection not so without, for the Air gapped system I'd need to download the add on and transfer via CD/DVD

Running Windows 7 64 bit On all systems
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How can I navigate between tabpages by arrow keys;  (Left and Right).
I am using 2015 desktop.

Hello Experts.

I've made some good progress with learning how to interact with an Access database through VB.NET. The attached project includes some useful techniques for populating ComboBoxes with multiple columns using LINQ queries, and leverages Access' ability to generate Queries (which VS calls 'Views') for the purpose of connecting two related tables for populating the ComboBox list items, and any data bound form objects and DataGridViews.

This project uses two tables; one for a list of Players (which I call 'Roster') and one for a list of Teams. The Roster table has a Teams Key that joins to the Teams table which includes the Team Name attribute. I also decided that I wanted to include a picture of every player so Team Captains would have an easier time identifying who's who ("which of you guys is John Doe?"). So it was easy enough to add a new column to the Roster table in Access of type OLE/Object. I then added the code so the image file could be retrieved and attached to the bound PictureBox. That all works good, but since the PictureBox is only a tiny 120x90, I want to be sure the image file is sized correctly so it doesn't bloat the Access table too much.

To that end, I found a nice solution but it was in C#, so I'm not sure if I was able to convert it properly to Visual Basic. But the real head scratcher for me is understanding the concept of an IO.Stream which is how this image resizing solution is rigged. That leads to my real question -- how do I
I have a ASP.NET application. I'm using TFS to check in my code.

In my project I revised a few files and then checked them in to tfs.

But after I checked my files in. I noticed the one file that I didn't check in was the Visual Studio .csproj file.

So when I get the latest. The files I checked in are phyiscally there but not included in the application directory.

Is there a way to fix this? So the checked in files are added to the app directory.
After I added a sidebar and repositioned my items I had this error!

Codes from the source
                    <div class="col-sm-4">
                         <div class="thumbnail bg-grey text-center">
                             <p>Basic License</p>
                             <a href="#" class="btn btn-success" role="button">Buy Now</a>

              <div class="col-sm-8">
                  <asp:Panel  ID="Panel1" runat="server" cssClass="pnlEvents" ></asp:Panel>

My code behind error            

Line 52:
Line 53:                 //Add dynamic Panes to static Parent panel
Line 54:                 pnlEvents.Controls.Add(eventPanel);
Line 55:
Line 56:             }
Hello Experts,
I have installed and processing correcltly the express edition of visual studio 2017
my projects run just fine...
When clicking option BUILD to compile the app...
Where does it put the exe files ?
cant find them
its not anymore on the BIN\RELEASE folder.
Hello Experts
I just installed the express Edition of visual studio 2015 on my laptop

and when opening a very small project (less 100 kb) it says

"  you cannot open this project with your express edition of visual studio for windows 10. this edition only supports development on universal windows platforms app  "

I was used to install express editions 2012, 2013... for my personal use in my laptop... .now my little projects cannot be opened...

What is the best solution ? Download again express 2013 and stay there ??
I have a Windows forms application. Part of what it does is copy 2 files. Is there a way I can include these files in the executable without having an installer?
On the click of a button, I want the program to wait and detect an inserted thumb drive, then return the drive letter. Does anyone have a WinForms C# example of something similar? I'm really only concerned with Windows platform, particularly Win7.
Why do I get this error at line24 ??

Line 23:             //fill pg w data
Line 24:             lblPrice.Text = "Price per unit: <br/>$ " + detail.eventPrice;
Line 25:             lblTitle.Text = detail.eventDetailName;
Line 26:             lblDescription.Text = detail.eventDesc;
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Visual Studio 2015 is not letting me set breakpoint in javascript in code in front.

I am clicking on the left furiously and nothing happens. It just won't create the break point.

Any ideas what I'm doing wrong? I have done this in the past, but it just hasn't worked lately.

My Css is not applying . Here is the codes from code behind!!!

        //Get list of all products in DB
        EventDetail eventDetail = new EventDetail();
        List<EventDetail> details = eventDetail.getAllEventDetail();

        //Make sure events exist in database
        if (details != null)
            //Create a new panel with an image button and 2 labels for each event
            foreach (EventDetail detail in details)
                Panel eventPanel = new Panel();
                ImageButton imageButton = new ImageButton();
                Label lblName = new Label();
                Label lblPrice = new Label();

                //set childcontrols' properties
                imageButton.ImageUrl = "~/EventImages/Events/" + detail.eventImage;
                imageButton.CssClass = "eventImage";
                imageButton.PostBackUrl = "Detail.aspx?id=" + detail.EventDetail_ID;

                lblName.Text = detail.eventDetailName;
                lblName.CssClass = "eventName";

                lblPrice.Text = "$ " + detail.eventPrice;
                lblPrice.CssClass = "eventPrice";
                //Add child controls to panel
                eventPanel.Controls.Add(new Literal { Text = "<br />" });
                eventPanel.Controls.Add(new Literal { Text = "<br …
Hi, all you Access experts out there.  I have a query of a table in my database that returns approximately 200,000 records with the following fields:

WeekEndDate (dates range from 1/7/2017 - 6/10/2017)
AdjName (there are approximately 140 different names returned by the query)
Double (Yes/No field)
Charge (Yes/No field)
ProdReport (Yes/No field)

What I want to know is how do I construct a query that returns the following weekly counts for each name?

Doubles (Double = Yes)
Charges (Charge = Yes)
Singles (Double = No and Charge = No)

For business reasons, I am not allowed to post the DB online.  I have attached a .pdf file that shows a sample of what is returned by the query.

Thank you very much for your help.


Errol Isenberg
Government Operations Specialist
Hello Experts,

I have VS 2010 and 2015 community, and enterprise preview installed on a machine.  I want to uninstall all versions of 2015 and keep the VS 2010 version installed.  However for the past 2 days the uninstall for 2015 has been running and has yet to conclude a successful uninstall, which means there has to be an issue that MS has not resolved with this version of VS.  With that being said, does anyone know of a utlitity or tool that will completely and quickly uninstall 2015 and leave the VS 2010 version intact?  Please advise, as there has to be a better and more reliable way to uninstall 2015.  Thanks in advance.

I copied a Visual Studio 2017 solution (ASP.NET MVC Core) from one computer to another, including mdf database files. I then created a data connection in Visual Studio. However, when I run the application in Debug mode, the data is not being read. There are no errors when running the application.
I'm new to entity framework and have a project I would like to use it with.  There are two separate applications, each with it's own database.  I am looking to add some functionality that would benefit both applications.  It is the option to attach documents (attachments) to business objects.  The business objects will be different in each application, but the functionality of the attachment (adding, removing, emailing etc.) will be the same across both.

Both databases will have an attachments table:

Then each database has a number of tables linking the Business Objects (tables) to the document_Table

Table Name: StockItem_Attachments

Table Name: Vehicle_Attachments


and in DB2
Table Name: Employee_Attachments


So, how do I reduce duplication of Code here?  Do I have one Entity Framework for AttachmentEntities and somehow have it contain both StockItem_Attachments and Employee_Attachments (both entities that inherit from attachments).  If so, how?

Or do I have separate Entity Frameworks then if so how (or where) do I create a method or partial class that applies to all attachments (e.g. OpenAttachement)?

I'm using Visual Studio 2015 with Entity Framework 6
I am writing an application in ASP.NET using C# and Visual Studio 2010.
Do you know how I can resolve the following error in my .ASPX file as follows:

The Text property of 'asp:ListItem' does not allow child objects.


<ItemStyle HorizontalAlign="Left"></ItemStyle>

                <asp:TemplateField HeaderText="How Received" ItemStyle-HorizontalAlign="Left">
                  <asp:DropDownList ID="drpRecv" Width="60px" runat="server" SelectedValue='<%#Eval("howRecieved") %>'>
                                            <asp:ListItem Value="Bits"></asp:ListItem>  
                                            <asp:ListItem Value="E-Mailed"></asp:ListItem>
                                            <asp:ListItem Value="Faxed"></asp:ListItem>
                                            <asp:ListItem Value="Mail">/asp:ListItem>                                                                                                                                                                      
                       <asp:Label ID="lblhowRecieved" runat="server" Text='<%# Eval("howRecieved") %>'></asp:Label>

I am able to easily add a child column to a form using the Designer, but I'm not sure how to do it when the whole table is added as a DataGridView. Here is a screen shot of my situation:
Adding a Child Column to Bound DGV
And here is a screen shot showing the relationship between Roster and Teams:
Teams Roster Relationship
As you can see in the first image, the DGV is based on the parent table Roster (admittedly, the tab still says "Players"), and includes a new column that I added called TeamName. Since the Teams table is defined as the Child table, shouldn't it be easy to pass the Teams_Key from Roster to Teams and retrieve Team_Name?

If anyone can help me to connect the dots that would be awesome.

Tony G.

I would like to learn how to pre-populate a bound form label with data from a second data table in my TableAdapter.

I have created a simple demonstration project which has two tables:
1. Roster: List of Players, Names and Skill Levels
2. Skill Level: Lookup table of the nine skill levels and related metadata

I have created a form that has four bound labels.
1. Player ID (from Roster)
2. Player Name (from Roster)
3. Player Skill Level (from Roster)
4. Points To Win (want to cross-reference to Skill Level for data value)

I'm still struggling with understanding the concept of Relationships, so as you can imagine, I'm trying every permutation I can think of. Here's what that looks like:
Roster and Skill Level Tables
I did also stumble across something that looked VERY promising, but didn't pan out like I had hoped shown here:
Query Builder Attempt, Step 1 of 2Query Builder Attempt, Step 2 of 2
Not sure why it wouldn't let me save it since the test (bottom left on 2nd screen shot) worked beautifully.

So, to state it plainly, I would like to be able to have the Points To Win data label automatically derive its value from the Skill Level table based on the Skill Level (SL) on the current Roster table record.

Would anyone be able to help me to accomplish this?

Get Actionable Data from Your Monitoring Solution
Get Actionable Data from Your Monitoring Solution

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Hi Experts

visual Studios 2008 for some reason when you make a change and put a breakpoint on it, it gives aProperties.docx warning
The Breakpoint will not currently be hit. No symbols have been loaded for this document

I checked the Properties / Compile / Advanced compile Options and Generate debug info is set to pdb-only and also tried it on Full no change (see attached document

What has happened
I need to add email using Visual Studio 2013.  Tried the below as a test:

            Dim Client As New SmtpClient("ZBookWorker1")
            Dim mail As New MailMessage()
            Client.Credentials = New Net.NetworkCredential("", "mypassword")
            Client.Port = 465  
            Client.Host = ""
            Client.EnableSsl = True
            mail = New MailMessage()
            mail.From = New MailAddress("")
            mail.Subject = "Test Mail"
            mail.Body = "This is for testing SMTP mail from GMAIL"
            Client.ServicePoint.MaxIdleTime = 1
            MsgBox("mail sent")
        Catch ex As Exception
        End Try

Error states: Failure sending mail-->   Unable to read data from Transport Connection: Connection Closed

V Whitehead
Hello Experts,
  Some of our apps are developed in .net visual basic .
  From visuual studio 2010 and 2013

recently I found out that the visual studio 2017 is completely different and does not include visual basic.

Is this correct ? and if so what is the future of .net visual basic ?
And what is the language of choice to migrate our apps?

Why do SQL Queries run slower in GUI than in SQL Management Studio?
What can be done to make them run faster in GUIs?
I'm using Visual Studio 2010 for the GUI.
I invoke SQL stored procedures from the GUI.
I'm a self-employed application developer trying to keep up to speed with current trends while still doing the day job.  I have a couple of clients and mostly code using Visual Studio (currently 2015) in VB with some web applications in ASP,net.

Till now, the in-house WinForms application has been completely separate so the small web portal app (acting as a quick lookup and reference feature with limited functionality).  

With one application, the client is now looking to make it available to remote users with much (if not all) the functionality of the in-house winforms application.  In brief, it's to record warranty repairs but they are outsourcing this job across an number of sites).

It's not really practical to grant VPN access into 'head office' to allow the remote sites to use the Win Forms application, so a web application (maybe cloud service type app?) would seem a better approach.

I don't want to have separate development environments to maintain going forward so what's the current view on the best approach for this?  As fair as I can see, I have these options:

1. Move as much of the logic as possible into 'Business Logic' and write separate front ends (web for remote and win forms for in-house)
2. Move all the functionality to the web and get all users to use this.

are there other options?  Pros and cons, please?

There's currently no requirement for apps, but what should I be considering here?  I've read something about Universal Windows …
Hi Experts.

I would like to be able to have my HTML file (help text) seamlessly scroll over a largely transparent border image. This would allow for the image to act as a frame and the HTML would not have to be concerned with inline frames, only have a consistent background color.

Ideally, there would be no visible borders or vertical scroll bar, but the mouse wheel or keyboard up/down would cause the text to scroll.

The attached example should give us an idea what I'm trying to accomplish, but sometimes ideas in my head get lost in translation, so feel free to ask any questions.

Tony G.

Microsoft Visual Studio





Microsoft Visual Studio is an integrated development environment (IDE) from Microsoft. It is used to develop computer programs for Microsoft Windows, as well as web sites, web applications and web services. Visual Studio uses Microsoft software development platforms such as Windows API, Windows Forms, Windows Presentation Foundation, Windows Store and Microsoft Silverlight. It can produce both native code and managed code.