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Microsoft Word is a commercial document editing program that is part of the Microsoft Office suite. It features numerous text-editing tools for creating richly formatted documents, along with tools for the use of macros in Word documents. Word's native file formats are denoted either by a .doc or .docx file extension. Plugins permitting the Windows versions of Word to read and write formats it does not natively support, such as the OpenDocument format (ODF) are available. Word can import and display images in common bitmap formats such as JPG and GIF. It can also be used to create and display simple line-art.

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Unable to get rid of small border sticking out of the right side of this table.
I can't see that little stub when I'm editing.
I can't see it in print preview.

I can only see it when printed on hard copy .
I can only see it when converteed into a PDF.

Please tell me how to do it. I have many tables I need to fix wit this glitch.
I am trying to get data from a table in a word document into an Excel WorkSheet by running a Macro in Excel.
I am getting a "Type mismatch" error at one line in my code. I would appreciate help with understanding why I am getting this error.
My code is as follows:

Sub CreateWordReport()
' Early Binding
Dim strDocName As String
Dim WordDoc As Word.Document
Dim wdApp As Word.Application
Dim tabl As Word.Table
Dim rng As Range

Set wdApp = New Word.Application
strDocName = "C:\WPF\Test Document.docm"
wdApp.Visible = True
wdApp.Documents.Open (strDocName)
Set WordDoc = wdApp.Documents.Open(strDocName)

Set tabl = WordDoc.Tables(1)
' On the next line I get Type mismatch error
Set rng = tabl.Rows(1).Cells(1).Range
ActiveSheet.Cells("A1").Value = rng.Text
MsgBox WordDoc.Words(1)

wdApp.Quit saveChanges:=False

End Sub

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Thank you for your help.
I would like to get data from an existing word document using VBA from within Excel. Most tutorial on the web show this by creating a new Word Application Object and then creating a new Word Document and working with this new document  (as I show in the code window). I would however like to open an existing word document (say Test.docx) using this word object and display the first word in this document in a MsgBox from a Macro in a Module in a Macro enabled Excel Document. I would appreciate help with the code which would achieve this for me.
Set WordApp = New word.Application
With WordApp
    .Visible = True
    .Width = 400
    .Height = 600
    .Documents.Add Template:="Normal", NewTemplate:=False, DocumentType:=0
' instead of adding a new document here I would like to open an existing word document Test.doc from the root folder of the C drive on my machine and get the first from this document for example.
End With

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I have a form I am trying to create that has checkboxes and then sections related to each checkbox.  I tried using a drop down and I could never make the selection run a macro like I wanted, so went to checkboxes instead.  

My form has 5 checkboxes and 5 related sections.  If a person checks checkbox 2 - it automatically deletes sections 1 and 3-5 leaving only section 2 to fill in.  I used ActiveX checkboxes because the text is built in.  I used Legacy text boxes because I wanted to manipulate the max size.   I have found macros to make the deletion of sections work because I don't know anything about writing macros or VBA except the snippets I've found on the web.  The current macros  work very well!  

i'm trying to make this as user friendly as possible.  The staff i work with work wth people, not computers so much...  So the last thing I want to do is "hide" or delete the checkboxes that are not selected so the end user won't get an error if they try to select more than one.  Because once one has run, it can't run another.  And if there was a way to pop up a message vs the error message when/if they try to deselect their choice or not even allow to uncheck once selected.    I have tried several different lines in my macros, but obviously, I have no idea what I am doing, because I get errors and help just leaves me more confused.  

Maybe there is no way to do what I want to do.  If so I just need to train them again and if they mess up they have to start over... :)…
Access: printing form with subforms  -  can't get the text field to word wrap.

The sub form show the text wrapping.

I can't get the sub form to word wrap when I print the form.
Old Word and Adobe documents from 2007 fail to open.

Adobe Error:
Word Errors:
After clicking OK
Backups are the same and I'm checking the retention policy to see how far back data is archived. Assuming data may not be available from 12 years ago are these files repairable? Likely a 3rd party app needed, please feel free to share which one's have worked and which ones have not.
I would like to know how to prevent my word document from keep shifting location on my desktop every time I access it it moves to a different location location. Why does that happen and how do I fix this permanently?

I have lots of quotes stored an Excel spreadsheet.

Something like:

The quick brown fox jumped over the lazy dog.

Have already set the cells to Text format.

No matter what width I set the cells to, there are


inserted randomly into the text.  So that, if I try to copy the quote and paste into Word, it comes out as

quick brown fox
jumped over the
lazy dog

Same for Notepad.  Or Wordpad.  Any text-focused destination.  

Is there any way I can copy text from a cell in an Excel spreadsheet and have these CR & LFs suppressed or removed automatically when I hit paste.

Many thanks!

I am trying to disable switch account feature and one drive in word document

I can do this through registry change

is there any group policy from active directory side I can do
Word won't allow me to write name of my figure.  Please see attached.

After my figure, I just want to type, "Fig. 1. Name of the figure" but word starts typing at the top of the page.

I'm using Microsoft Office Professional Plus 2016
Appearance Issues - Have a Netscaler v 11.1 sitting in front of StoreFront 3.15.  I am trying to do a couple of things and would like some guidance.  I have provided my current configuration as well.

Things to Solve -
#1 - I have some apps that will Word Wrap properly, but others get cut off as shown in attachment - how to force a wrap?
#2 - How to reduce the amount of white Space between Application Name and Folder
#3 - Has anything evolved to provide a detailed view of the applications like in the previous WebInterface display.

Thanks in Advance.

Current config located in \Inetpub\ctxfolder\Citrix\CitrixStore_web\custom\style.css

.storeapp-icon {
    height: 30px;
    width: 30px;
.storeapp  .storeapp-name {
    position: absolute;
    top: -64px;
    left: 39px;
.folder-count {
    left: 2px !important;
    top: 12px !important;
.storeapp-action-link {
    display: none;
.customAuthFooter {

I created a shortcut to the Macro in Word's Quick Access toolbar:

Now, whenever I click the shortcut to run the Macro I get this message:

The macro cannot be found or has been disabled because of your Macro security settings

What do you think is happening?


File synchronization - what are my options?  I'd like my Word and Excel documents stored online and synchronized with my desktop, accessible with my phone and tablet.
When previewing a Word or Excel document in Outlook, doesn't that use a "read only" kind of mode that just displays the data inside without running any macros or other embedded code? I've found a few things online saying it does not, depending on the version of Outlook used. I was just looking for something with more confirmation.

My reason for asking is we get so much junk mail at my domain that this morning a legit email was almost missed because the sender didn't put much in the body of the message to describe what the attachment was about. Basically, we're looking to see how save it is to preview Word or Excel docs in Outlook for those times where you can't quite tell if the message is legit.
user  is wanting to change his default Outlook fonts to a larger size to help with reading emails.
any way to see  if word wrap settings can be limited as well.
Hello All.  I have a MS Word Document.  I have code to find "TBD".  When it is found, I need VBA Code to capture the Section Number.
In the attached example, "TBD" is in there 2 times.  When it finds the "TBD", I need code to capture:


strSectionNumberCapture = 1.1.2  STAGE 59-6 TASKS (IN DESCENDING PRIORITIZED ORDER)
I have a table with 2 rows in a Microsoft Word document.

Row 1 has a dark blue backgroud with the text in white:  go to "" for more information.

Row 2 has a white background with the text in black:  sign up here for the webinar:

See image below:

Hyperlink Issue in Microsoft Word

When I click "Mailing", "Email",

In the email message row 1:  Outlook has the hyperlink properties as dark blue (against a dark blue backgroup), which is very hard to read.  
In the email message row 2:  Outlook has the hyperlink properties as dark blue (against a white backgroup), which is easy to read.

How can I prevent only row 1 from turning the hyperlink dark blue?  I would prefer the hyperlink color to be white?
Can anyone explain why you need to provide the page and section information in order to print a specific range for SOME multi-section documents but not others?   I know how to print using p#s#-p#s# format but I need to know why.  I have two very similar documents and one requires me to put in the page and section info and the other does not.   I haven't found the answer as of yet.  We are using Windows 10, Office 2016 Pro Plus and everything is 64 Bit.
I have some clients that are having issues with Word perfect X4 and X9. one has Windows 7 and X4 the other has Windows 10 (1809)  and x9

Both are experiencing extreme lag ( upward of 3 seconds ) when typing words on the system. the x9 system i can Kind of understand as this
is a new install and the previous version was installed on Win7. however the other system was always up and was not touched in any way.
thinking that the new system Keyboard was ghosting, we replaced the set with a wired set. the help greatly but didn't resolve the issue. to
add to the confusion a totally different system that is the same as the first one (Win7 and X4) is having the same problems. the only link to
any of the systems was that previously the one that now has Win10 had Win7 Home and it was a file server for a data base program that all the
systems use. this program was reinstalled and the data was imported back to the system. this program requires that clients have to reinstall to
reconfigure the hard links in the program ( this is just a guess as there was no way save Registry manipulation to get it to see the new share).
however only one has the software the other does not.

So my issue is this: 1 ) what is causing this - is this WP or is this the Db program or is shenanigans from Win10
                                  2 ) how to fix it.
I have a macro I adapted from another question on Experts Exchange ( that I am trying to enhance.

I want it to extract all text that has a user-defined style to a new document but also to include the numbering if the style is a numbering style. I added these lines to achieve the latter, but they do not do the job:
Set oRange = oDoc.Range(Start:=rText.Start, End:=rText.End)
oRange.ListFormat.ConvertNumbersToText wdNumberParagraph
'Then undo so that numbers revert to the original in oDoc

Open in new window

The idea was to convert the numbers to text to preserve them in the output document but revert to their dynamic state in the source document (this macro would be a great tool to check to see where the list numbering is off wherever it occurs in the document).

The macro also goes into an endless loop when entering ‘Body Text’, ‘Body Text 2’, ‘List Number’, List Number 2, but not ‘Body Text 3’, ‘List Number 3’ (of those I tested). I added a counter to catch the endless loop at some point and display a message box to that effect, but I don’t understand why the macro does this on some styles and not on others.

Can someone help prevent the endless loop and get the macro to properly include the numbering when the style contains numbering?
Should I purchase Helvetica?
I've been in a debate with a friend about Arial versus Helvetica. Or paid fonts in general.
Can I get some proof I can actually see that Helvetica -- or something else-- is better than the built-in Arial.  Or Arial narrow, etc.
Our business makes it a practice to replace old workstations every 6 years.   We have up to 40 workstations on a LAN, running SBS and using Microsoft Exchange.  Each workstation has a Microsoft Office licence that includes WORD, Excel and Outlook (and in some cases the Pro version which includes Access).   Some of the workstations have different versions of Office but regardless, still serve the purpose.  If replacing the workstation with a new workstation running the latest Windows 10 OS, is it possible to transfer the licences from the old workstation to the new so that a new licence doesn't need to be purchased?  I heard at one point that a licence can be installed twice before it is no longer valid.
I am using Office 2010 Professional

I cannot remove the header from a word document!

My Microsoft Word has gone nuts, I am unable to remove the header and footer.  The Header has consumed almost the whole page, leaving almost no room for text.  The margins and layout options look normal.
HI, I need to provide a solution to edit word and excel docs from an ipad pro and the files are stored on a windows 2012 server.
I have install FE explorer and word.

FE explorer allows me to open the word doc in a view format, then i can tell it I want to edit the doc, which word then opens and wants to make a copy.
this is the bit I don't won't.

Within word, it does not allow me to see the server share folder.

We do not have sharepoint or any other cloud based storage.

Do you know of any 3rd party app that will allow me to open and edit a word document saved on a server ?
I am using a Brother MFC L2720 DW - which has a duplex printing feature. I am using Word 365 and I can only get it to print in automatic duplex if I save the document as a PDF - otherwise if I just want to print my Word document in duplex I have to manually turn the pages...any suggestions?

Microsoft Word





Microsoft Word is a commercial document editing program that is part of the Microsoft Office suite. It features numerous text-editing tools for creating richly formatted documents, along with tools for the use of macros in Word documents. Word's native file formats are denoted either by a .doc or .docx file extension. Plugins permitting the Windows versions of Word to read and write formats it does not natively support, such as the OpenDocument format (ODF) are available. Word can import and display images in common bitmap formats such as JPG and GIF. It can also be used to create and display simple line-art.