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Microsoft Word is a commercial document editing program that is part of the Microsoft Office suite. It features numerous text-editing tools for creating richly formatted documents, along with tools for the use of macros in Word documents. Word's native file formats are denoted either by a .doc or .docx file extension. Plugins permitting the Windows versions of Word to read and write formats it does not natively support, such as the OpenDocument format (ODF) are available. Word can import and display images in common bitmap formats such as JPG and GIF. It can also be used to create and display simple line-art.

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There is a report that has been in production for years but now is throwing an error when trying to export it to Word. The error is:

The Rectangle is too complex to export to Word. Please group the ReportItems together into rectangles to simplify.

Nothing has changed anywhere, and I cannot find an answer to this anywhere. Can anyone here help?
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Announcing the Winners!

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Our company recently signed up for Office365.  For budget reasons, most of our ends users were given an E1 license to access Outlook, Excel, Word, etc...  My question is, everyone has Windows 10 Pro 64-bit machines.  I need a way when using windows applications to make Outlook Web Access the default mail program for Windows 10.  Is this possible?  If so, how do we change the Group Policy in AD to allow this?
I keep getting the following error msg when I load my Word 2019.  How do I stop it?error
Hi Experts,

I have a list of required fields, and trying to construct a SQL statement out of it as follows.

[input#InsertRecordVisit_Date.cbFormTextField, input#InsertRecordClient_Last_Name.cbFormTextField, input#InsertRecordClient_First_Name.cbFormTextField, input#InsertRecordDate_Of_Birth.cbFormTextField, select#InsertRecordShift_From_Hour.cbFormSelect, select#InsertRecordShift_From_Minute.cbFormSelect, select#InsertRecordShift_From_AMPM.cbFormSelect, select#InsertRecordShift_To_Hour.cbFormSelect, select#InsertRecordShift_To_Minute.cbFormSelect, select#InsertRecordShift_To_AMPM.cbFormSelect, textarea#InsertRecordPurpose_Of_Visit_Goal.cbFormTextArea, input#InsertRecordTemp.cbFormTextField, input#InsertRecordPulse.cbFormTextField, input#InsertRecordRR.cbFormTextField, input#InsertRecordBP.cbFormTextField, input#InsertRecordO2_Saturation.cbFormTextField, input#InsertRecordO2_In_Use0, input#InsertRecordO2_In_Use1, input#InsertRecordRespiratory_Lung_Sounds.cbFormTextField, input#InsertRecordRespiratory_Breathing_Pattern.cbFormTextField, input#InsertRecordBipap0, input#InsertRecordBipap1, input#InsertRecordCpap0, input#InsertRecordCpap1, input#InsertRecordTrach0, input#InsertRecordTrach1, input#InsertRecordVent0, input#InsertRecordVent1, input#InsertRecordCardiovascular_Skin_Color.cbFormTextField, input#InsertRecordSkin_Temp.cbFormTextField, select#InsertRecordCardiovascular_Edema.cbFormSelect, input#InsertRecordNeuro_Alert0, 

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Another user on this site helped my optimize my code for a macro that modifies a subtitle file.  I'd like to add a progress bar example I have found online.  I'm not exactly sure how to make Word do 2 things at the same time.  Perhaps the best approach is to encompass the main program in another loop that handles the progress bar?

Here is the main code:
Sub RemoveParaOrLineBreaks()

'use constants here instead of variables
Const staticTC = "--:--:--:--:--,--:--:--:--:--,10"
Const static_next_line = "80 80 80"
'added this
Const marker_code = "C2N03"

Dim bStop As Boolean
'variant for previous and next slide number
Dim vSlide As Variant, vNext As Variant
'we need 3 range variables:
Dim rSlide As Range, rNext As Range, rDoc As Range
'start and end long integer markers for rSlide range:
Dim iStart As Long, iEnd As Long
'length of slide number line:
Dim iPos As Long
'variable to hold replacement text:
Dim sText As String

'initial setup
Set rDoc = ActiveDocument.Range
'create rSlide initially as zero size. NB do NOT initialise both rNext and rSlide to the whole document range as well, since
'this non-obviously makes them both the same range, and changing one will change the other

Set rSlide = ActiveDocument.Range(0, 0)

'set up the find parameters before you loop through the document, so you don't repeat unnecessary setup on each loop:
    With rDoc.Find
    .Format = False
    .Wrap = wdFindStop
    .Forward = True
    .MatchWildcards = False

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Do you know what may cause an error with a macro enabled word document 'cant find project or library' (word 2010). We have a word docm which basically prompts a user to enter some data in order to populate another set of documents with header information. It works fine for every user but one, so its not the file itself. We've added the location of the file as a 'trusted location' but I am not sure what else to try, as the code does not appear to require amendment. Any suggestions?
2.       If a table has a list of multiple foreclosure codes, and you don’t know how much unique codes are in the table, how could you get a list of unique codes within the table.
3.      What function/process could you use to combine two datasets/tables together (assume the tables have the same number of columns and data types?
4.      What statement would you use to remove all rows from a table?
5.      What statement would you use to delete the entire table (remove all data, triggers, indexes)?
6.      I want to add 2 months to todays date?
7.      I have two dates (3/25/2007 and 4/1/2009) how can I get the number of months between the two dates?
Run the Following Script and answer the Questions Below
IF  EXISTS (SELECT * FROM sys.objects WHERE object_id = OBJECT_ID(N'[dbo].[Loan]') AND type in (N'U'))
DROP TABLE [dbo].[Loan]

CREATE TABLE [dbo].[Loan](
      [LoanNumber] [int] IDENTITY(1000,1) NOT NULL,
      [CustomerFname] [varchar](50) NULL,
      [CustomerLname] [varchar](50) NULL,
      [PropertyAddress] [varchar](150) NULL,
      [City] [varchar](150) NULL,
      [State] [varchar](50) NULL,
      [BankruptcyAttorneyName] [varchar](50) NULL,
      [LoanDate] [Datetime] NULL
      [LoanNumber] ASC


INSERT INTO [dbo].[Loan]
When I press the Bullet button, I would like to have the bullets align totally to the left. Currently, the bullets are indented (See graphic) when I push the bullet button and I have to manually move them to the left
How can I modify the button so that when I push it the bullets are all left aligned?
Another question about drop cap.  I have written my novel and now I copied and pasted it into an Amazon KDP word template for 5.5 X 8.5 size.  This worked well but I cannot get drop cap to work.  No matter how I format the first letter of a chapter, the drop cap ends up aboe the chapter paragraph, half the letter that is drop capped cut off, or sometimes when I increase the font, below the sentence.  It is very odd. Not sure what the template (or may it is the indent that is set) is doing to the drop case working properly.
One of my customers has a document (currently .doc) and he has the following problems with it: "On page mirroring onto another page in the table section of document
-          Black out rows appearing on the screen as I scroll up and down the screen and the page finally blacks out. " Secondly "bullet points etc and in the alignment of contents with the table. In some cases the information typed doesn’t move to the next page and appears to “fall off the page”.
Any ideas what could be causing that.  I have had a look at the document and there are a lot of carriage returns in the table itself and I wonder if that is what is causing the problem..
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C++ 11 Fundamentals

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Windows 10 desktop computer, running Office 365, Adobe Acrobat DC doesn't want to show the Save as PDF option from the File Menu after the first time its used. The option to Save as PDF comes up in Word or Excel, once, then goes away. I show the COM Addin is still loaded according to the word application from File / Options / Com Addins area. But it would seem it is not if the Save as PDF option isn't listed in the file menu. The end user can click on File / Save As choose the document type as PDF and then its fine but she has to do this so frequently that, that is a major issue.
Ok, strange question: I have lots of old Word documents (large files) and I wanted to know is there way to connect to this docs like it was a database.  The purpose is for me to find very specific stuff using maybe SQL, VB, or other query apps.  The problem or task I must do is find specific info in these files but it is not just a word or a phrase, I need to find a specific word and when found, the end of the sentence is the content i need.  In other sentences when a specific word is found, the contents needed may be in the sentence before.  So i need to connect to these files like it was a database so I can run queries or sort.  

I really hope I got my need across  :)
Trying to use drop cap but it seems to mess up the 3rd line of the paragraph I am adding it to.  See screenshots.  The pic titled "1" is when I add the drop cap.  You can see that the 3rd line is not over to the left.  The pic titled "2" is when I hit the backspace key and it moves it into the correct (I think) position.  Is this normal and am I supposed to backspace each line under a drop cap to get it to look right?
I have one user who is not getting the option for secure print. I can't reproduce the problem myself and other users in the office are okay as well.

Printer is a Xerox 7855 using latest drivers. Printer is hosted on a 2016 Windows Server. Normally when printing a document you go to the print options and change the print type from normal to secure, but user is not getting any other choices besides normal.

Have tried removing all printers and adding just the one they are trying to use. Problem happens straight from the printer queue as well, so issue is not application specific.

Gathering any ideas to try once I can get back to their office. Thanks!
My module was working but not any more.  It is not selecting any text from the word document.  Her is a portion of the module.

Sub BuildPolicyXref()
' Define Variables
    Dim wrdApp As Word.Application
    Dim wrdDoc As Word.Document
    Dim DocName As String
    Dim SelectionStart As Integer
    Dim SelectionEnd As Integer
    Dim FullDoc As String
    Dim DirName As String
' Initialize Variables
    Set wrdApp = GetObject(, "Word.Application")
    If wrdApp Is Nothing Then Set wrdApp = CreateObject("Word.Application")
    wrdApp.Visible = True
' Get File Directory
    DirName = Sheet4.Range("A1")
     DocName = Sheet3.Range("A1")
     FullDoc = DirName & DocName & ".docx"

       Set wrdDoc = wrdApp.Documents.Open(FullDoc, ReadOnly)
        SelectionStart = Word.Selection.Start
        SelectionEnd = Word.Selection.End

        If SelectionEnd = 0 Then
           MsgBox "No selection for " & DocName & "- aborting"
           Exit Sub
        End If

     ‘      Remaining code here
  End Sub

Tried debugging and just cant find the solution.  Appreciate help
Hi all, we are having lot of issues with our SAN and just manage to fix it. But as result any documents that was edited in last few days are corrupted. Word, excel, PPT etc even non Office based apps.

Is there any software we can use for word docs that we can recover the data? I tried doing open with repair but no joy

Thanks in advance
I have an xl 2016 sheet with 300 people I want to mail merge a word doc to this list and send each person their own separate doc in an email
how to check .xls file is based on xml or word file because in both extension is .xls . i have a xml file having extension .xls how to check the format because if i check extension its always come like .xls .
I had this question after viewing VBA Word code to find a border around text..

I have a similar requirement regarding locating borders within a document.  I am writing VBA code in Excel.  The Excel document has 2 sheets.  Sheet1 has a listing of word documents in column A.   For each word document, I need to search the entire document and find text that have outlined borders.   Each text string found must be written to a sheet2 in column B.  The document name must be written to Column A.  

I attempted to use the subroutine but number of errors occurred.  Not sure if it related to running the code in Excel vs Word.  Also, this routine captures that start and ending positions of the borders but does not capture the text itself.
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OWASP: Forgery and Phishing

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I have a new laptop with Dropbox installed, the icons for the files do not appear until I have open the file eg a Word doc does not have the Word icon.

How do i fix this?

Hi All,
I have a Word form which uses a Drop Down to prepopulate a number of fields in the form.
(Name, email address and address details which I grab from a database.

I would like to be able to have an 'Other' field which will then either put in a blank empty field for the entering of that information.
Is that possible?
Upgraded a computer from Windows 7/MSOffice 2013 to Windows 10/Office 365, and yes I checked with the vendor for compatibility issues.  However, unknown to me, there was a MSWord macro in use that would find a * placeholder in the real estate closing documents so that they could be easily moved to and highlighted by pressing F6.  This would allow the user to move to the correct spot, input the correct data and delete the placeholder *, with a single key stroke.  I have a copy of the macro, but it will not work in Office 365, it just launches the new Find and Replace function in Office 365.  Does anyone have an idea?  Old macro below.

Sub F6()
' F6 Macro
    With Selection.Find
        .Text = "*"
        .Replacement.Text = ""
        .Forward = True
        .Wrap = wdFindContinue
        .Format = False
        .MatchCase = False
        .MatchWholeWord = False
        .MatchWildcards = False
        .MatchSoundsLike = False
        .MatchAllWordForms = False
    End With
End Sub
Word document with garbled caracters in print preview
We have a number of users who have problems with Word 2016 documents that when printed are seeing garbled characters in both print preview and with their print outs.

At first we suspected the problem to be only with one model of HP printer (LaserJet M605), but now it is happening when printing to a Ricoh MFP.

If the user toggles to a different printer and back to the desired printer, the problem with the fonts goes away.  But it comes back the next time or after working with a few documents later.

We have tried a variety of troubleshooting ideals but have not been able to find a permanent fix.

The computers are running Windows 10 1903 with Office 2016 365 subscription.
The printers are on Windows print server.

See the enclosed screenshot for a look at the document.

Thanks for any tips!

Eric Garneau
Temp files on network drives

we currently have a server 2012 which the machines sole purpose is to share files between our network  for staff members this data is backed up with carbonite every night
however we seem to be getting excel creating temp files constantly on the network drive from excel and word these files do not delete them selfs after we have closed down

can somebody please advise


In Word, I want to set the first line indent to 0.15" and the hanging indent to 0.25", but no what I do setting one seems to reset the other. Is there way to "lock these values" so Word does not try to help?

Microsoft Word





Microsoft Word is a commercial document editing program that is part of the Microsoft Office suite. It features numerous text-editing tools for creating richly formatted documents, along with tools for the use of macros in Word documents. Word's native file formats are denoted either by a .doc or .docx file extension. Plugins permitting the Windows versions of Word to read and write formats it does not natively support, such as the OpenDocument format (ODF) are available. Word can import and display images in common bitmap formats such as JPG and GIF. It can also be used to create and display simple line-art.