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Microsoft is best known for their Microsoft Windows line of operating systems, the Microsoft Office suite, and the Internet Explorer and Edge web b...

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Excel VBA: send automatically outlook/teams invitation based on a Excel sheet


Hello experts,

I found the following code:

In order to send automatically Teams invitation through


Intro to types of variables on the canvas apps

Canvas apps in Power Apps support various types of variables, i.e. context, global variables and collections for managing and manipulating data.
Microsoft Sentinel

Intro to Microsoft Sentinel

In this post I will walk you through Microsoft Sentinel, showing you how it can be used in your day-to-day life and how it can help you.

Hey EE members who work with Microsoft Exchange and 365! …

Hey EE members who work with Microsoft Exchange and 365! Drop us a comment below and …
Advice Solution

MS office - alternative, usable offline


We are beginning our search for an alternative to MS Office,

The alternative should 

  • be compatible
Troubleshooting Solution

Microsoft Exchange 2016 - Additional OWA Virtual Directory


Need to setup additional Microsoft Exchange 2016 owa URL and virtual directory to an existing

Research Solution

I need someone to help integrate an API to the UPS website with a Microsoft Access application

We currently have an interface (Windows Form) which keeps blowing up and is obsolete. It worked fine …

I arrived in time for my first workshop Sunday at the …

I arrived in time for my first workshop Sunday at the Microsoft 365 Conference in Las Vegas. It was …
This article provides solutions for issues that can occur while accessing shared contacts in Microsoft Outlook 365

How do I Fix Issues with Shared Contacts in Outlook 365?

This article provides solutions for issues that can occur while accessing shared contacts in Microsoft Outlook 365. The solutions mentioned include checking permissions, updating Outlook, creating a new Outlook profile, resynchronizing contacts, repairing MS Office, repairing Outlook data file.
Troubleshooting Solution

Exchange 2013 to 365 minimal hybrid migration



I am hoping someone can help me get past this. I have read many google search results and

Troubleshooting Solution

How to catch hacker who has been stealing business records.


User has observed activity that his business computer has Keystroke capture or a root-kit or

Troubleshooting Solution

How do you move/build Win2022 server recovery partitions or do you even keep it?



Recently, I've been developing a Microsoft Windows Server 2022 vm template for my VMware cluster

Troubleshooting Solution

Where are Microsoft Edge Favorites stored?


   I had a users who's profile got corrupt. I backed it up and created a new profile. I am trying to

Troubleshooting Solution

A Brother printer recently cannot print card stock in Windows 11, Microsoft 365 and hybrid environments



This is Windows 11, Microsoft 365 and hybrid environments.

This is related to the Printer Brother

Bing AI and ChatGPT

New Bing AI Has Secret Rules And An Alias

Microsoft's Bing AI chatbot, nicknamed "Sydney", has been found to have a secret set of rules that some users have exploited. And, it may have a tendency to get argumentative.

How to Migrate Public Folder Contacts to Microsoft 365?

In Exchange Server, we have the option to use Public Folders to store emails and other data, instead of keeping them in our mailboxes. This article tells you how to migrate public folder contacts to Microsoft 365.

Connect to Exchange Online Powershell with Modern Authentication.

byM A
This article helps you to connect to Exchange Online PowerShell (Office 365 tenant) with Windows10/11 PowerShell in 3 easy steps . You need only PowerShell on your computer, which is shipped by default with any new version of Windows.

PowerBI and the Query Editor - Save time

Power Business Intelligence (PBI) from Microsoft is fairly robust and easy to use. Still, there are several items in the PowerBI editor that will help you save time - especially in the long run.

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