A miscellany is defined as a "collection of various pieces of writing by different authors", but it has come to mean something "Of items gathered or considered together of various types or from different sources" or "a collection or group composed of members or elements of different kinds". The word "miscellaneous" comes from the Latin word "miscere", meaning "to mix." You might have heard the expression "a mixed bag," which applies when you don't quite know what you're going to get. More commonly, a miscellaneous group is made up of an odd group of things that don't fit anywhere else.

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Hello Experts,

I have a computer business that offers many different types of services for Residental and Business. I have a different pricing platform for the two. I charge $75 per hour for Business and I have certain fees that are different for residental customers. The question I have is I need a Service/Description for my Business Clients for my invoice. Any ideas on proper Service / Description that has to do with Technology?
Free Tool: ZipGrep
Free Tool: ZipGrep

ZipGrep is a utility that can list and search zip (.war, .ear, .jar, etc) archives for text patterns, without the need to extract the archive's contents.

One of a set of tools we're offering as a way to say thank you for being a part of the community.

I have clicked pictures of some book with my camera. Now i want to join them and make a pdf out of it.
In android there is an app call camscanner which does the job. But i need something on desktop...most likely if i could upload and get the returned pdf back.
I tried one website. All it did was joined the jpgs into one pdf. Thats not what i want.
There are some issues with it :
1) size is too big
2) clarity is not good.

camscanner automatically makes it look like a scanned document.
Please help finding out a good tool for this.

Good morning

Someone has knowledge about the error mentioned.

Regards ...
Hi I am looking for a quite well company uber car insurance in based in Australia.
Vendor      Certification
CompTIA       A+
CompTIA      CompTIA Advanced Security Practitioner (CASP)
CompTIA      Convergence+
CompTIA      DHTI+
CompTIA      Network +
CompTIA      Project+
CompTIA      Security +
IBM      Certified Advanced Database Administrator
IBM      Certified Application Developer
IBM      Certified Database Administrator
IBM      Certified Database Associate
IBM      DB2
ISC2      Associate of (ISC)2 Designation
ISC2      CAP
ISC2      SSCP
Microsoft      Microsoft Certified Applications Developer (MCAD)
Microsoft      Microsoft Certified Architect: Database
Microsoft      Microsoft Certified Architect: Messaging
Microsoft      Microsoft Certified Database Administrator (MCDBA)
Microsoft      Microsoft Certified IT Professional: Business Intelligence Developer
Microsoft      Microsoft Certified IT Professional: Database Administrator
Microsoft      Microsoft Certified IT Professional: Database Developer
Microsoft      Microsoft Certified IT Professional: Enterprise Administrator
Microsoft      Microsoft Certified IT Professional: Enterprise Project Management
Microsoft      Microsoft Certified IT Professional: Server Administrator
Microsoft      Microsoft Certified Professional Developer: Enterprise
Microsoft      Microsoft Certified Solutions Expert: SQL Server 2012
Microsoft      Microsoft Certified Professional Developer: Windows
Microsoft      Microsoft Certified Solutions Associate Server…
A user with a Windows 10 laptop (a Lenovo Yoga 910-13IKB laptop) that has all of the latest Windows & Office 2016 updates installed is unable to restore Windows down (by clicking the double square button in the upper right hand corner of windows).

All of the latest hardware driver updates are also installed. This laptop has plenty of free hard drive space.

Malwarebytes scans have been run and no malware has been detected. We have also used CCleaner to clear temporary files.

This starting concurring today and continues to occur even after running the DISM & SFC commands and several reboots.

What can be done to fix this issue?
Every time that a user with a Samsung Galaxy S8 phone enters an area that has a Comcast Wi-Fi cable modem she is always taken to a webpage on her cell phone and prompted to sign in to connect to the Wi-Fi network.

This user is a Comcast subscriber at home but doesn't want to be interrupted with what she is doing on her phone or by receiving beep notifications that a Comcast Wi-Fi network is available.

What can be done to disable these types of notifications?

Or what can be done to save the user's Comcast logon username and password within the phone so that every time that a Comcast Wi-Fi network is within range the user's Galaxy S8 phone will automatically connect without prompting the user to manually sign on?
I have 2017 GMC Sierra CK 2500. On the bed it doesn't  have that black plastic thing on it. My question is where can I get that thing aftermarket as dealer probably charge me thousand of dollars to put on it.
How can I determine if a Lenovo T450 laptop is quad core?

Here is a screenshot with my laptop specs.

Is this laptop quad core?

I plan on building a swing set for my daughter, and I always loved the feel of a good tall swing.  I like the long range of motion, the nice glide ... but is there such thing as too tall?
I was planning on going about 14' off the ground with the cross beam .. then I figured, well, let's go with 16' ... hell, let's just go 18'!!
Now I'm second guessing myself, because I started to think of the physics of the swinging motion itself.  First off, will "pumping" on the swing even be effective if the chain is that long?  Secondly, now I'm picturing a good range of forward/backward movement, but I'm worried that the momentum would die out before the "swinger" reached any substantial height off of the ground.  
Let me paint a picture here to help visualise my concerns ... I'm picturing a 6' tall swing set, and imagining that it's going to be very easy for somebody to pump their way up to the point that their head is at, or above the cross beam.  I don't even see that being possible for anybody to do that on a 16' swing set.
So is there a point of diminishing return when considering the height of a swing set?  If so, what height do you figure would be optimum?  Or should I just go for the gusto, and build a 24 footer?  Ha!
Please give me some feedback, I'm excited to build this thing tall, but don't want to shoot myself in the foot and have an enormous swing set that isn't any fun to swing on.
Realistically, I'd like to stick with the 14' idea.
Enroll in August's Course of the Month
Enroll in August's Course of the Month

August's CompTIA IT Fundamentals course includes 19 hours of basic computer principle modules and prepares you for the certification exam. It's free for Premium Members, Team Accounts, and Qualified Experts!

Please provide me with a URL address to download the Symmetry Business 7.0.1 (120400) door badge system software.

This is the software that allows the laptop (while connected with the cable to the security system) to activate and deactivate security cards that are used to unlock doors.

I have a client that has no electronic backup files for hard copies of booklets that require periodic changes. In fact, the problem is we don't know what format the original was created in. Some of these books have been around for years. We have a an old xerox scanner utilizing 'Document and Scan MakeReady' version software. We don't have the CD. It doesn't appear to be available - I assume it's really old. It is running on a Windows 2000 Pro PC. The value of this existing software, is it's ability to allow edits from a received  scan document without changing the original format. At this point - after edits, it can be printed prior to having to save it to a file format , like PDF or DOC. In other words, it allows you to cut/paste changes without altering the original format.

Does anybody have a low cost solution providing the above functionality? Is there an OCR out there that will allow you to make changes prior to committing to a file format.
We have a project on offer which would require one of my techs to travel to the other side of the country. It's about 30 hours work, we estimate, however, there is a lot of time where data will be migrating where there is no requirement for him to be present, maybe upto 3 days worth. He would need to be there for the start, maybe hang around a few hours to make sure it will migrate smoothly and then on call in case it fails, then a bunch of work at the end. I am trying to work out the fair way to charge for the work, given he will need there for long periods of time not really doing much. It's not worth bringing him back for that, plus flights etc, so I am trying to work out how others charge for that work? Do you charge a daily rate or something else? I assume the customer pays or provides accommodation and what about meals etc?The work is for a large tertiary organization.
What is the best port replicator to purchase so that I can connect my Lenovo T450 laptop to two monitors with Display port inputs?
I wana to find out the location of this number
Where within the Gmail email admin console do I need to go so I can view what email aliases and distribution lists have been created for our email domain?
Please provide me with a list of the best dashboard mounts for Samsung Galaxy S8 cell phone.

I need to use a dashboard mount and can't use a windshield or air vent mount.
Tablet is Kindle HD fire 10. Both Alexa and dictation in general worked very well for many months . But a month ago it stopped working. I was unable to find any information that help me . The only thing I thought that might have changed about a month ago was that I installed AVG antivirus . About a week ago dictation worked again . Based on what I had read I thought that maybe it would be a keyboard setting that would affect dictation for the better. When I look at choosing a keyboard , I saw Japanese keyboard is highlighted but the button is off , and the US keyboard choice was desensitized. I did change the keyboard from dark to light . But who knows what other changes I may have made - it just started working again, until the next day when it stopped working. Is working now and I have dictated this question ; so don't be surprised if there are typos and grammar mistakes .

 Does anyone have a definitive explanation as to how I can turn on or off dictation capability ? I believe I was able to dictate by hitting the microphone on the keyboard before I downloaded Alexa . After uninstalling AVG I installed malware bites. Maybe that last action helped?

 My criteria for success understanding the problem is to be able to turn dictation off for the day and then turning on the next day and have it work for two weeks .
Within the state of California where are the legal parts of a windshield where a cell phone windshield mount can be placed?

I've heard that there are only certain places within California where a cell phone can be mounted to a windshield.
Free Tool: Port Scanner
Free Tool: Port Scanner

Check which ports are open to the outside world. Helps make sure that your firewall rules are working as intended.

One of a set of tools we are providing to everyone as a way of saying thank you for being a part of the community.

Where within the Kodi Windows app can you "Enter the paths or browse for the media locations"?

I need to find this location within the Kodi software so that I can enter the website.

This is for the Kodi Windows 10 app which can be downloaded from the https://www.microsoft.com/en-us/store/p/kodi/9nblggh4t892?cid=koditvlinkbadge&rtc=1 website

Ok. This is driving me nuts.

We are using SMS Passcode to send one-time-password for our 2-factor authentication.
Our SMS Passcode system is working fine as long as we are sending to Denmark-based employees.

But OTP's sent to US people has always been a bit shaky and now they are not able to receive any OTPs anymore.
Of course, we havent changed anything at the SMS Passcode end.
Our setup is as follows:

1 modem in DK with a TDC carrier SIM card
1 modem in the US with an AT&T SIM card
2 online services - clickatell and Tellio

All of the services works fine when texting DK-people even from the US-based modem.

None of the services works when texting US-people.

Noone on AT&T can recieve the passcodes
Noone on Verizon can receive the passcodes
1 T-Mobile employee recieve the codes occasionally and very late.

Can anyone give me a hint on what could be the cause? SMS Passcode support and myself are leaning towards spam filters at carrier-level but how do you handle Passcodes sent by e.g. SMS Passcode?

Of course, no errors at the transmitting end - SMS Passcode reports clearly that the texts has been succesfully sent, modem as well as online services.

Br, Bjorn
I'm looking to add an hourly programmer salary column to this list http://tedpenner.com/countries/ .

Assistance is greatly appreciated.
Looking for a Youtube professional of sorts. Not for uploads or downloads but the rules of the site and their accurate interpretation. Thanks.
In our business we use a couple of performance curves to describe how a company is performing. I would like to get an animated version of these curves to use as part of an educational video but need help with animating the curves.
Hi, I have heard that moving companies provide fast relocation and they also ensure goods. Next week I am moving to my new house and while discussing with my friend, he suggested me professional moving NYC moving companies. If you have any suggestions, please tell me. Thanks in advance.






A miscellany is defined as a "collection of various pieces of writing by different authors", but it has come to mean something "Of items gathered or considered together of various types or from different sources" or "a collection or group composed of members or elements of different kinds". The word "miscellaneous" comes from the Latin word "miscere", meaning "to mix." You might have heard the expression "a mixed bag," which applies when you don't quite know what you're going to get. More commonly, a miscellaneous group is made up of an odd group of things that don't fit anywhere else.