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I have a client with Google Gsuite hosted email.  He has a new Samsung Galaxy S9.  

We were unable to configure his email address in the Email app on the phone with IMAP.  It kept coming up during the setup:
Cant setup account
The username or password is incorrect or POP3/IMAP access isnt turned on for this account.  Check your email setting son the web, then try again.

I figured that the issue wasnt with the incoming mail server settings but with the outgoing mail server settings.
We had the settings as follows:

incoming mail server
port 993
SSL on

Outgoing mail server
Port 465
Authenticate with username and password

It is his own email domain that is hosted on Gsuite.

When I changed the outgoing mail server to his mobile provider, then  system worked and the setup completed.
He was able to receive email in the Email App.  But when sending mail it does not show in the sent items on his other devices.

As he is able to receive, we know the password entered is correct.

Does anyone know why this would happen where he can receive using the Gmail settings but not send email??

I logged into his Gmail account on the web and ensured IMAP was enabled on the account.

He changed from a Google phone to the Samsung.  The email was setup on the Google phone using the Outlook app as there was no Email App on the Google phone.
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I'm a mobile apps newbie. (but good on ADO, SQL)
I have a SQL Server online (Azure). I need to create a simple HTML5 phone app that can do (for demo purposes) the following.
  • Show a dropdown list of (say about 6 items) that a user can select from. The 6 items are populated from a table in the SQL Server with a SELECT statement. When click a Go button, the app sends a SQL UPDATE statement that includes the value of the selected item.
  • Show a textbox for entering a short message. Click Go button to send an INSERT statement.
I'm looking to do that as a Hello World (before I launch into deeper learning)
I have an iPhone 6s
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Mobile security
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Thanks Andrew.

1a. Facial spoofing attacks can easily launched via printed photos, video replays and 3D masks of a face. There is a detailed paper written on this. That is why it is critical to implement strong liveness detection measures for facial authentication that recognize when a facial image is not a live. To share a bit more, spoof detection can be classified as either “active”, requiring interaction with the subject, or “passive” analysis requiring no interaction.  

1b. Fingerprint spoofing attack can easily be fooled by fake fingerprints digitally composed of many common features found in human prints. Likewise another paper shares the details. What I think is concerning is the capture in the past has also been attempted on gummy fingers that is fake Fingers. Liveness test is still the added assurance check needed to have a robust check in the mobile device.

The challenge for a/m is not on the detection technology but how to more towards a more accurate match rate an d at the same time not in the expense of making the device bulky or more draining to the limited battery level.

2. Actually remote wipe is more of a mitigation as ultimately, if the data remain encrypted and the device has lock enabled, access is restricted and even data siphoned off the shutdown or locked device will not necessary have the plain data revealed. So with encryption and locked setting, the mitigation suffice as baseline.

Hope the above clarifies.
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by:Andrew Leniart
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Thanks for clarifying btan. Highly useful information!
We purchased a Kronos301 from Nexxt to be used as a repeater.  We follow the instructions but no internet.  We can see the kronos device in our mobile and even connect directly, but no internet.  We downloaded an apps that displays the wifi signal and also the kronos is read close to 190% mbps.

We have contacted Nexxt but it's a to/fro of emails with no solid answers.

  • When having a repeater configured to connect to the WiFi router, do the mobile devices also has to be configured to actual kronos301 device or the mobile just read in the amplify signal, no need to change the wifi setting on the mobile device?

  • also, when reaching the end of our wifi router signal range and supposedly entering the kronos301 range, there is no internet and the signal bars of the iphone/ipad stays the same or lower as to leaving the wifi router signal - how can we troubleshoot this?

Please advice
I need to center the language dropdown field in the footer over mobile on this site but it's not working. Any ideas?
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Which on is the best tool for mobile web applications/apps (Python or Java or
Hi ,

I have been experiencing a strange problem lately , all of my outlook users get disconnected and goes to "Trying to connect"status come back online after i restart cas servers. meanwhile owa & mobile users are able to use their emails without any disconnection. I have been searching for the logs but i haven't found any solution yet . Please help me to identify the issue. server address is pointing to Windows NLB interface CAS servers.
also i have checked port 443 is not blocked by Firewall.

PS:- I'm using Microsoft exchange 2013 Enterprise ,2 cas servers & 2 mbx servers on  windows server 2012
My Samsung S7 (T-Mobile) won't boot up. I've been trying all the recommendations here but can't get anything to work. It was working perfectly fine and at 60% battery, I put it back in my pocket and took it back out and it was just a black screen.

I have tried two different chargers and let it charge for at least one hour. When I try to recovery boot by holding down the Home key and Volume Up at the same time I see the blue "Recovery booting" text but then it still won't boot.

I'm on chat with T-Mobile trying to figure it out but nothing insightful yet. Has anyone else run into this or know how to get this darn thing to turn on?
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Our company's work mobile phone are iphones 7/8
We use office 365 for work collableration & email.
Serveral of our users reboot duplicate contacts occurring on there phones.
Looking to know if anyone has found a good way to handle this.

Ideally I would like master copy of all contacts on the phone to be on outlook and nowhere else.

My current draft plan of action is:
1. Backup Iphone
2. Export the contacts from icloud/Phone SIM  to csv file
3. import contacts from CSV into outlook.
4. remove outlook account from phone.
5. Delete all contacts on the phone (SIM & iCloud)
6. Add outlook account back to the phone
7. Hopefully success! - no more duplicates, End user maintains contacts themselves  using outlook.

Any thoughts/opinions are very welcome
Hi Guys,

Could you please suggest me any best Cross platform mobile app development tool, i started learning Xamarin but heard its not that mature with cross platform.
Any help is appreciated.

Please go to this page to see the CSS/Javascript/html problem (password temp1) and enter your birthday (legal stuff)

Look at the dropdown tabs in the middle of the product description

The problem is, especially on mobile, but also on desktop. The dropdown tabs are so long when opened up that when you press "Show Less" You get a jump and end up on the wrong part of the screen. It's only on the large dropdowns like "Great Pictures". I don't think these tabs were designed to be this big. What is the fix.

What I would like to see happen is the dropdowns open and close slower and for there to be a page anchor to take you back up to the dropdown top when you click "Show less"

Can you help?


CSS for the Great Pictures dropdown on that page:

.read-more-state7-e {
  display: none;

.read-more-target7-e {
  max-height: 1px;
  overflow: hidden;
  -webkit-transition: max-height 0.7s; /* Safari */
  transition: max-height 0.7s;

.read-more-state7-e:checked ~ .read-more-target7-e {
  max-height: 250em;

.read-more-state7-e ~ .read-more-trigger7-e:before {
  content: 'Read more';

.read-more-state7-e:checked ~ .read-more-trigger7-e:before {
  content: 'Show less';

.read-more-trigger7-e {
  cursor: pointer;
  display: inline-block;
  padding: 0px 0px 0px -1.5em;
  color: #fff;
  font-size: 1.1em;
  line-height: 2;

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How can I format a youtube link in a web page so that, if it is clicked on mobile browser, it opens by browser instead of the youtube app?
I need to find out why my images are so small in the mobile view on this particular page.

I have an inline style in the img tag set for them with a width: 100%

Can someone tell me what I am missing?

Thank you.

how is the mobility solution for Oracle , any idea?

how is the mobility solution for MySQL , any idea? seems never heard about that.
What could affect access_token behaviour? The question rises from a programming problem that an URL gives access to login information and functions in a site when opened in a mobile device browser, but works properly with no security leaks on PC?
Maintaining an effective business website is a complex task, seeing as how efficiency might be interpreted in different ways. Here are top five techniques and methods to maintain an effective business website.
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Hello Experts,

I received the email below, and I was wondering if I should be worried? As you can see, the suggestion is that all my data will be erased. Please let me know you think this is just a hoax?

Hello! WannaCry is back! All your devices were cracked with our program deployed on them. We have perfected operation of our program, so you will not be able to regain the data after the attack.
All the information will be encrypted and then erased. Antivirus software will not be able to detect our program, while firewalls will be strengthless against our unique code.
Should your files be encrypted, you will lose them forever.
Our program also expands through the local network, erasing data on all computers connected to the network and remote servers, all cloud-stored data, and freezing website operation. We have already deployed our program on your devices.
Deletion of your data will commence on June 22, 2018, at 5:00 - 10:00 PM. All data stored on your computers, servers, and mobile devices will be destroyed. Devices working on any version of Windows, iOS, macOS, Android, and Linux are subject to data erasion.
So as to prevent data demolition, you can pay 0.1 BTC (~$650) to the bitcoin wallet:1JNA8bedQbSEikZMF7FQFA1r9K1qA2RUtW
You must pay timely and notify us about the payment via email until 5:00 PM on June 22, 2018. After payment confirmation, we will send you instructions on how to avoid data erasion and such situations from now forth. Should you
My problem For get mac address of desktop or mobile device.. how to get unique id for desktop or mobile device????
How to open an encrypted memo file for an android mobile?
Usually I keep recording personal related data on the default application of my Android Mobil (Model: A7 Manufactured data 2015). Unfortunately My phone dropped in to water and shut off. After repairing and restoring my data from an old archive, I am not able to open the backup of that MEMO file. Seems it has been encrypted with having the extension of (NMemo.enmm). I need your technical support to help me open this file and retrieve my records.

Your usual support and cooperation is highly appreciated.

Best Regards
Jawid Ahmad
HI Everyone,

Can I have solution on below.

I want restrict users to configure email box to only 1 mobile.
They should not be able to configure their mail box to more than on device.

I have exchange server 2013 on windows server 2012 R2.

Is there any way to do this ?
Exchange 2016

Can't get mobile device to auto configure the active sync server.

Manual Configuration working fine.
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Mobile web development, also known as responsive web design, is an approach to web design aimed at crafting sites to provide an optimal viewing and interaction experience—easy reading and navigation with a minimum of resizing, panning, and scrolling—across a wide range of devices (from desktop computer monitors to mobile phones). A site designed with RWD adapts the layout to the viewing environment by using fluid, proportion-based grids, flexible images, and CSS3 media queries.