Mobile web development, also known as responsive web design, is an approach to web design aimed at crafting sites to provide an optimal viewing and interaction experience—easy reading and navigation with a minimum of resizing, panning, and scrolling—across a wide range of devices (from desktop computer monitors to mobile phones). A site designed with RWD adapts the layout to the viewing environment by using fluid, proportion-based grids, flexible images, and CSS3 media queries.

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Samsung Galaxy J5 2016

Using default Samsung Contacts app with Outlook.

Syncs well.

However, does not show any alternate numbers.  For example, a single Outlook Contact can have 19 different numbers: Assistant, Business, Business 2, Business Fax, and so on.

Within the default Contacts app with the Samsung Galaxy J5 2016, it only uses two number fields: mobile & work Fax.

How can I set the app to show all the numbers that have values?

Need help on this.  Put me in a real bind last night when my boss was abroad.  Had his number listed as Business 2 was no where to be found!



I'm trying to make a decision about which development environments to learn in order to extend the functionality of my MS Access app that has a MySQL database backend that usually sits on premise at my client locations.  I've been looking at Rapid Application Development platforms, but most are kind of pricy.   While these would allow mobile app development, I could also just connect my MySQL database to a responsive web design page via Apache and PHP for a decent desktop or mobile presentation as users will be company specific and accessing via VPN on a company network... usually.    What are the typical options/recommendations to interact with a MySQL database that would give an old MS Access/VBA developer a quick path to building web based data entry form solutions for an exiting database?  Are there any recommended tools out there I should be considering that are open source or low cost that would make the learning curve less steep?
How can i restore my files using backup. ? I just lost all the photos, videos and music in my phone.  I don't know whats the reason, I just open my mobile data and boom after that all files was lost.
android version 6.0.1
work for boost mobile
hi there,

I'm considering to setup a simple wifi controlled door entry system. Currently i have a door which can be opened with a key, or you can be buzzed in via the intercom.

I'd like to include a switch to release the latch that's activated by pressing a button on a mobile app.

It could get more sophisticated, but that would be a start to cover the hardware side.

I'd need to install a wifi-connected unit that can trigger a 12V switch.

Any suggestions / ideas how to start?

Maybe something from here:

I set out trying to find an android app that would allow me to add a previously called number to sales prospects from my phone easily. I downloaded the Base app here but it doesn't seem to do this.

I know Base has a large following and I think it has free features. Do I need a different product or can Base do this?

Assistance is greatly appreciated.
Hello, I have an older contact form that was written using html table elements that I'm looking to re-code using CSS (specifically with the grid elements) so that it is responsive and mobile friendly.   Could someone help me out with the basic CSS / HTML frame work to accomplish the following?  I'd like the layout to be two columns in a larger display and one column in a mobile/smaller display, as follows:

Larger Display:
Field1 label   Field1 input      Field2 label  Field2 input
Field3 label   Field3 input      Field4 label  Field4 input
Field5 lable   Field5 input      Field6 label  Field6 input

                                 Submit (centered)

Medium Display:
Field1 label        Field2 label
Field1 input       Field2 input
Field3 label        Field4 label
Field3 input       Field4 input
Field5 label        Field6 label
Field5 input       Field6 input

         Submit (centered)

Small/Mobile Display
Field1 label Field1 input
Field2 label Field2 input
Field3 label Field3 input
Field4 label Field4 input
Field5 label Field5 input
Field6 label Field6 input

Submit (centered)
I have an Image with 3 logo's which is in a widget in my header.  I want the image to stay to the right of the header, whichever screen size.  At the moment it keeps moving to the left and keeps moving when you reduce the size of the browser.  

I want it to stay to the right, above the menu, and then not show on mobile.

My website is here ---
can some body explain regarding hybrid deployments with exchange 2013 and exchange 2007/2010

and fundamentals of mobile access to exchange 2007

what is the difference in client access role in exchange 2007 vs exchange 2010
environment sp 2010 workflows on 2013 - no farm admin support, full control only 2013 workflows not available. JS within a page is ok.

I have a workflow which emails out certain list record information.
In this email, I need to put a link which will start another workflow (set to manual) without displaying the initiation screen. This second one can't be set to new/modified triggers. On a private LAN - assume user who reads the email is also authenticated to the list and have permissions to the list. Mobile access etc not needed.  The link can include whatever information needs to be passed (ID, list guid, ... )

I've seen several posts about this but none seem to skip the initiation screen. I don't mind them linking to a page with parameters which tend runs JS and then afterwards directs to the home page of site if necessary. I know how to do the JS to update the record appropriately but was hoping for a workflow based solution entirely. After the JS finishes I don't want to leave the user in the editform - they should never see the editform - just click on the link in outlook and it does the rest without users being involved.

I do not want to put links in the view of the list - only in Outlook
android7. i want to use my phone and not a computer
contacts are saved under an email address but i have multiple email addresses. i can edit name and phone number fields but can not edit email address. If i saved contact under wrong email address I need to start over. delete and resave contact
Hi, does anyone know if it is possible to download YouTube clips to an iOS device (without connecting to a computer).

YouTube did release this feature in their app, but removed it a few weeks later.

Is anyone aware of any other apps that do this?

Thanks in advance for your help.
I have been asked to provide  a report of all ActiveSync mobile devices that have been taken out of quarantine, along with the name of the account that took each device out of quarantine.  Any ideas how this can be done?  

Running Exchange 2013.

We have one PHP (Cake Framework) page with no. of records with Paging. We are showing paging 1,2,3 in web page.
Now requirement is that
1) Web page should show as showing
2) Mobile version should use lazy loading means if customer uses thumb to up the page then then next set of records will pull and show.

Please suggest the best way to do so.
Dear all,

We have four shared mailbox configured on outlook client and mobiles. 
As we know if I open an email from shared mailbox will appears as read on other colleagues who is using the same shared mailbox.Is there a possible way to keep the email as unread on the other devices if someone open the same email on his mobile or laptop.

Thank you for any help you can provide.
Can someone tell me why, when viewed landscape on a mobile device (iPhone in particular), this page has the ads over the top of part of the results but when viewed portrait (or on a pc) it does not?

Thank you!
Hi Experts,

         A strange problem here with outlook (but then outlook is a bit strange).

Anyway firstly I should set the picture, outlook (2016 365 subscription) has been reinstalled completely two times without success.

Email provider has been contacted and setting verified.

The email account works correctly on out mobile phones (ios).

Right here's the problem ..

Defining the IMAP account is not difficult (as I run a server I've probably done so or explained the procedure at least 100 times), so I define the IMAP account in Outlook.

After definition the account sychronises as it should and all of the synchronized folders and content appear as they should; Except not the INBOX, nothing shows in the INBOX.

Well not usually but here's the exception; If I use the searchbar and type in a search  (I normally use the letter 'a' because the letter a will appear in most emails) then the inbox contents appear as part of the search results, I firstly assumed that it is finding these results in a different folder but its not, there are no outlook automatic 'move to folder' rules active.

The default view on the mailbox is ALL.

I've had a session with a Microsoft Techy and he messed around with a few things but came up with the same result ?  

Thank You ..
I had this question after viewing Issues with signature.

28977073 was a question need to capture the signature as well as using js on a mobile device.
The answer does not permit entering a signature on an iPhone nor an Ipad
I have an Apple iPhone 3G model A1241,  and I wish to attach an image to a sms.   I have seen a youtube tutorial, but on my screen there is no icon in the messsage screen to the left of the field to enter the message.  Thus I am at  a  lost.  There is only a "send" button on the right.  thank u for your advise. regards
I have an Apple iPhone, model BG7022LL and the serial number is 87005LKHY7H.  This is legacy phone and it works as my prev LG phone dropped dead.  I want to find what model this apple iPhone is, is it 3 or 4 .  So that I can see if there are any tutorials on how to use it.  My carrier is Ultra Mobile. Thank u and regards.
What processes could be used to identify either unused smartphone or tablet devices which have not communicated or synched with corporate systems and what tools can be used to enforce security controls on such devices.

We have a process for identifying stale laptpps which have no recent login in Ad but want sinilar from smartphones / tablets to ensure they havent been lost or stolen or that when an employee leaves the company they return devices and they are added to the stock room and redistributed as possible.

Also - what security controls do you enforce on mobile devices such as smartphone or tablet and how do you prevent users amending the security controls.
If you look at the image, there are shared web pages between the 3 applications, Web, Mobile and Touch Browser. I need to report the web pages uniquely per application. So if web page A is loaded, it will need to load different JS libraries for each type of application. Currently a JS bootstrap loader file handles the logic to load the proper JS libraries but that is a 1-to-1 relationship. I now need a way to determine which application is loading the web page and load the appropriate libraries (DTM libraries but irrelevant). The solution would have to reside in the JS bootstrap loader file logic. I’m looking into using the navigator object to sniff out which type of application is requesting the web page but not sure how feasible that is? Maybe feature detection is another way but not sure how/if this would work with the applications? Any ideas?

Web Page/Application Distribution
I have a mobile phone which is a LG Optimus L70 (LGMS323) and the carrier is Ultra Mobile.  I have now a gifted Apple iPhone5.  My question is if I can transfer the SIM card from the LG to my apple iPhone5, and the phone number will function as the old LG.  Thank u and regards
I am trying to test Microsoft Two-Factor Authentication, we are currently in a Hybrid Office 365 environment with 99.9% of our mailboxes in the cloud.
Personally, after enabling 2FA on my account in Azure... I get prompted for my credentials, then it calls my mobile phone as expected. Works great.

The only issue I seem to be having is that my mobile device is prompting me for my Exchange mailbox profile password, and it wont except my current network password, come to find that I need to generate an APP Password, which is going to make it so painful to mass deploy to end users.

Is there any way to NOT use the app password and allow the current network password to be accepted when prompted?
Are pervasive computing and mobile computing different?






Mobile web development, also known as responsive web design, is an approach to web design aimed at crafting sites to provide an optimal viewing and interaction experience—easy reading and navigation with a minimum of resizing, panning, and scrolling—across a wide range of devices (from desktop computer monitors to mobile phones). A site designed with RWD adapts the layout to the viewing environment by using fluid, proportion-based grids, flexible images, and CSS3 media queries.