Mobile web development, also known as responsive web design, is an approach to web design aimed at crafting sites to provide an optimal viewing and interaction experience—easy reading and navigation with a minimum of resizing, panning, and scrolling—across a wide range of devices (from desktop computer monitors to mobile phones). A site designed with RWD adapts the layout to the viewing environment by using fluid, proportion-based grids, flexible images, and CSS3 media queries.

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We have a remote consultant working for our company who has been setup with an O365 exchange email account.  When trying to connect to his mailbox using the wizard in Outlook 365 (click to run) it tries to connect to O365 but then fails to connect.  He’s not even getting the Outlook dialogue box to enter his password.   It just spins then returns the default Outlook is struggling to connect.  It’s difficult for me to get access his laptop to troubleshoot as he’s in a different time zone.  He can access his mailbox via his mobile phone and the O365 portal direct from the same laptop and the same internet connection.  
Any ideas?
I'm having trouble figuring out the correct css to remove the extra white space above and below the menu/logo in the header on this site in mobile view.
ScreenshotCould I get some help please?
If you take this page: and test it on Google's mobile tester:  You will see that the page isn't mobile friendly.

With the help of some experts here, I was able to narrow that down. By removing the classes  animated bounceInDown  from the orange circles under How it Works, the page becomes mobile friendly again.

Is it possibly just this css on bounceInDown? transform: translateX(400px);

I hope that is enough information, thanks.
SCSS issues. I'm working on a website for a small UK company (something I haven't done for a long while now) who are running this on WordPress and that uses SCSS for the style sheets. The way it was originally designed there's a huge drop down menu system that occupies most of the screen space but, if the browser size is reduced, converts to a mobile setting. The site owners have asked if the code can be changed to always be on the mobile setting. I'm happy with CSS, but have no (or very little) experience with SCSS. I hope someone will be able to help me with the code here. What do I have to strip out, leave or change.



HTML that's generated (from PHP) is
		<div class="inner">
			<ul class="cf cf menu--id-" id="main-navigation">
			<li class="menu-item-8menu-item-type-category">
			      <a href="">Printed Music</a>
				  <div class="mega-menu-container cf"> 
				      <li class="menu-item-18menu-item-type-category">
					  <a href="">Piano & Keyboard</a>
					    <div class="mega-menu-container cf"><ul><li class="menu-item-27menu-item-type-category">
						<a href="">Piano</a>
						[[and lots more like this]]
			<div class="wrapper mobile-menu">
				<div class="container">
					<ul class="shorts cf">

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I find that a Samsung Galaxy s10+ recently login the screen automatically while I'm using it. (whatapp, email, etc)  Any idea ?
0  Hi, the site has been mobile friendly for some years now, I see their screenshot shows the site sort of off to the side, but I don't see that in Chrome inspector.

Can anyone help me with that? thanks
Hello the experts,

This is my first post here, please let me know if I'm doing something wrong.

Explaning my problem is simple : I use shortcuts a lot, for various reasons, in various places. Each time my PC is changed or reinstalled (which happens quite often with our IT department, if the problem is not easily solved, let's just reinstall the machine !) it's a mess. Some shortcuts are lost. Some shortcuts don't work. Some shortcuts just vanish, pouf, empty file. Question : what could I do to avoid that as much as possible ?

I know the problem is much more complex than the question and it depends what shortcuts we're talking about, what I'm trying to do with them, and so on. But I don't need help on a very specific issue I need to solve. I would like to get global advise, internet references to "shortcut best practices", tricks & cheats, you see the idea.

Then I will study and apply all that next time they reinstall my PC (again...). Then I will probably come back and bother you with my unsolved issues. ;)

A few things that I should probably tell you :
- My machine is an pretty old mobile PC, dell intel core i5 blabla
- My files are ALL either on Onedrive perso, either on Sharepoint
- We use Chrome and are pretty much stuck with it
- My main habit with "local" (but on Onedrive) folders is right click on the file/folder I need on duplicate spots, create shortcut, move the shortcut whenever I need it
- My main habit with internet shortcuts is bring it from…
My site uses a manual carousel which must be swipped horizonally. It works, but the swipe action causes the whole page to move slightly in addition to the carousel.  Annoying right?

I found a line of code below that disables the whole page from moving...

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But this creates a new problem. There is some sort of bug or conflict with how this line of code interacts with my contact form field input.  On some mobile phones, the input is briefly invisible making it difficult to fill out the form.  When I disable this line of code, it fixes that problem.  I verified this through process of elimination.  

But I still need a way to scroll this carousel  without the whole page moving slightly.  This is mainly on mobile phones, because on larger screens the horizonal movement does not happen.  

Perhaps there is a Java script alternative to prevet the page from moving?  

Feel free to test site HERE.  Enter site>menu>Services  and try to scroll on a mobile phone to see what is happening.

I have a Synology NAS and router which both support lots of Vpn solutions.

I have a pretty safe home network (Pihole, Proxy, intrusion detection etc) so I d like all my mobile device to use my hole network all the time.

Now what would be the best technology (Vpn) and how do I prevent battery draining (each connection attempt) but make sure all traffic goed via Vpn (iis, Android, w10)


What are good alternatives for Google and Chrome these days, with focus on security and safety?
Brave Browser, using add Blockers (which ones)?

I am building a website.  I noticed that when entering text in the contact form from mobile phones there is this odd delay, anywhere from 1-10 seconds before the letters or words I typed appears.  On my computer and laptop it is fine, no lag.  On my iphones 10 and 7, I tried safari, chrome, and edge...they all do it.  

It's a fairly straight forward contact form, uses php on the back end.  The server resources are good. Internet connection is fast, just wondering what would possibly cause this lag only on mobile.

Not really sure where to start.  Should I be looking for in CSS config?
I need to allow mobile users, iPhone and iPad users the ability to reset their passwords in OWA. I have verified the OWA Virtual Directory has the password change setting enabled but I am still unable to change my password from OWA on a mobile device.
Ok, this didn't quite work
It was not sturdy enough to hold a small screen.

I needed an arm to hold a second screen for presentation purposes. I wanted it to be reasonably small so that I could transport it but now I am thinking that I just want to be able to carry it with the screen already attached so that setup is fast and sturdy.  Screen size is not as important because my second mobile monitor is way smaller than the two 32-inch screens that I have on my desk. However, if it would hold that size, then that might provide even more options.

Assistance in finding a sturdier, but also reasonably compact unit is greatly appreciated.

We are running Exchange 2013.  

Management would like to restrict several users from being able to access email outside the network.

I can prevent OWA and Mobile Devices by disabling:
- Exchange Active
- OWA for Devices
- Outlook Web App

However, how do I prevent specific users from being able to setup Outlook at home by connecting via Outlook Anywhere?

Thanks in advance.

I have a Synology router MR2200ac  which doesn't reach some places in the house (upstairs).
Don't have an UTP cable up there, otherwise I could buy an extra MR2200ac. How do I extend the network, WITHOUT needing to login again to another access point? The mobile phone should just switch over to strongest nework.

Please advise.
We have xamarin based mobile application and an API which is made in core hosted in windows azure.

Till last week we have been using an http url for calling the api in the mobile application. for example
Everything was working right.

This week we changed to
Since then when we build the android app on the actual device we getting this error.

"System.Net.Http.HttpRequestException: An error occurred while sending the request ---> System.Net.WebException: Error: TrustFailure (Authentication failed, see inner exception.) ---> System.Security.Authentication.AuthenticationException: Authentication failed, see inner android native xamarin"

Not sure what is causing this error but till now we did not find a solution
How can I make the form on the below page more mobile-responsive:

Thank you!
We have a SonicWall 2650 with Content Filtering enabled to restrict website activity for those on the physical network and those on VPN. We are having problems with folks using their company devices to go to non-authorized sites when they are not on VPN or on the physical network. They are using a company-issued wireless device or their home ISP to gain internet access. It would be great if we can somehow force all of their traffic to go to our SonicWall for filtering without having to create a VPN connection (tends to slow things down on these machines).  Perhaps a proxy server (but only for external users since our internal users are already protected by the SonicWall?  Would it be best to install a third party product to block site access (would have to work on all possible browsers)? Maybe something else? Looking forward to your suggestions.
I have an old mobile phone from a previous job. They do not want the phone back. The phone has Maas360 installed which prevents a factory re-set from both the front end and the back end boot menu.

How can I remove this protection from the phone and factory re-set?

I am looking for a right mobile app to be used for our flagship product. It has to work across android, windows and apple. Please suggest.
Need help with AWS project - a website to sell mobile insurance. Need help with AWS Lambda Function development.
If I am unable to receive new e-mails on a mobile phone, what should I do first?
Should I sign out of the Outlook app?
Should I sign out of Company portal (Microsoft InTune Company Portal)?
Should I verify the user has not exceed their company portal license?
Should I confirm that the user is enrolled in MFA (multi-factor authentication)?
What needs to be done on a mobile phone (cell phone) before it can be used as a hotspot?
Do I need to contact the carrier?
How is the best way to find out if your site is performing poorly on Mobile browsers.  I have a caching plugin and there response is to ignore Google Pagespeed even though my page is showing a 68.

Can this value be ignored or is it affecting my Google ranking?

If it is, what can I present to this caching s/w company they are wrong?
Good Day,

We have a multi domain 365 Tenant and the result is that many users end up with 3-4 email address on different domains.

It becomes quite messy in outlook when a user sits with 4 accounts and the same when trying to use mail on mobile devices.

Is there a way to combine the mailboxes to be seen as on and only use the "From" drop down to specify which email address you want to send from while still receiving all addresses into the one inbox and one .ost

So in short have only one account set up in Outlook but linked to send and receive mail from multiple email addresses assigned to the one user.

Hoping for a simple effective answer.

Many Thanks,






Mobile web development, also known as responsive web design, is an approach to web design aimed at crafting sites to provide an optimal viewing and interaction experience—easy reading and navigation with a minimum of resizing, panning, and scrolling—across a wide range of devices (from desktop computer monitors to mobile phones). A site designed with RWD adapts the layout to the viewing environment by using fluid, proportion-based grids, flexible images, and CSS3 media queries.