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Mobile web development, also known as responsive web design, is an approach to web design aimed at crafting sites to provide an optimal viewing and interaction experience—easy reading and navigation with a minimum of resizing, panning, and scrolling—across a wide range of devices (from desktop computer monitors to mobile phones). A site designed with RWD adapts the layout to the viewing environment by using fluid, proportion-based grids, flexible images, and CSS3 media queries.

I am using google's Mobile-Friendly Test on my index page.  The results show the page is mobile friendly but there are some page load issues.  

The page I am testing is    https://www.glassdivider.com/index.php

Screen shot of load problems
I have attached a screen shot of the results.  

The first item indicates the this is


is blocked:

Googlebot blocked by robots.txt

Click on the robots .txt link and you get

URL   https://googleads.g.doubleclick.net/robots.txt

User-Agent: *
Allow: /ads/preferences/
Allow: /gpt/
Allow: /pagead/show_ads.js
Allow: /pagead/js/adsbygoogle.js
Allow: /pagead/js/*/show_ads_impl.js
Allow: /static/glade.js
Allow: /static/glade/
Disallow: /
Noindex: /

I need some help solving this issue, and any advice solving the other issues would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks in Advance
For my javascript mobile game, I'll need to have hundreds of various pro-looking icons for in-game-choice buttons on my Phaser pages.

iconfinder.com has exactly the sort of pics I need. -- Polished.

Are there any subtleties to this choice? Will I regret it, legally, to be specific?
If I buy one of their membership packages, is it that simple? Credit them on the site?

Look around!
This page has an example of elephant icons. Ignore the childish ones! I'll prefer black and white.  here

Mobile VPN to Cisco ASA 55xx-
I'm not as Cisco user until recently and I have a question that I think a Cisco admin can answer- Where do I configure the policies for accessing local LAN resources via mobile device connected to the ASA 55xx VPN ?  Any help would be greatly appreciated.  Thanks!
I created a 'brochure' website with Dreamweaver CS6 and PVII addons many years ago.
It looks fine on a desktop and laptop and is not too bad on a tablet.
It is however, it is very difficult to view on a mobile phone.

As a once-off project, I want to create a simplified mobile-only version
of the website (leaving the original www.site.ie as is.)
This mobile version would, I presume, be .... m.site.ie

I know a responsive/adaptive redesign of the entire site is the proper way to do the job,
but I am not prepared to do that near the end of my career for a single website.
(Besides .... the available budget is quite limited)

Do I need to insert a piece of  code in www.site.ie to redirect to m.site.ie?
Where is my m.site.ie stored on my hosting provider?
Any suggested tools & tips?

I use www.blacknight.com for my hosting.
I need to change the attribute mapping of the “mobile” attribute between AD and Azure AD.  Do you know where we can configure the mapping in Azure AD Connect?

At the end I’d like to have the AD mobile field as the “Private” mobile and it won’t be synced in Azure or Exchange.  And I’ll use another field for the “Public” mobile and that one would be synced in Azure and Exchange.
The following page: http://web.sonoma.edu/exed/excel/ displays fine on a computer and tablet but does not render well on a phone for some reason. I am not sure what is causing the problem. I am hoping that someone can help me fix the problem. index.html
Dear Team,

If i want block OWA from accessing over internet (outsied) and only accessible from inside the office. What are setup i have to do ?

I have people accessing emails through mobile app on apple and android.

Exchange 2016
I have an ms access application (SQL server backend) which I developed to support a number of departments in a small manufacturing organisation.
It is working well for almost 3 years. As is usual with something "homemade" like this it is always being developed / added to and now we are looking to extend it to production recording.
I am seeking advice on how best to deploy something on shop floor for operators.

A computer at each machine would be very straightforward but this is not really the most practical of solutions. We will need to use mobile devices.
At the moment our maintenance / engineering dept are using Android (Samsung tablet) for a web based plant master type system and the obvious choice seems to be to extend this hardware for the machine operators.

Should I develop a mobile app to be installed on the tablet and communicate with the SQL server? This would be my preffered option but how difficult is this?
Mostly until now I'm using VBA and a small amount of VB.net but familiar on a basic level with C++ and Java (from what feels like a long time ago now!)
from what I know now, and this could be an ignorant position, I feel I could handle the coding once I grasp a few key concepts. But what exactly is involved i.e. is it simply a client app and it connects directly to the server?

Other option is a web based system. Again I have some familiarity with HTML but I think I need a lot more than this? . I need at least a web server and to learn PHP?

I have an asp net page with separate VB code behind page.
The aspx page is about 2000 px long. There are is a top, middle, and lower sections.
I need to be able to jump to each section based on various events in my code behind.
I was thinking of putting a heading label for each section.  I would like a command that I could insert as needed in my code behind to jump to specific labels. It will need to work across desktop and mobile platforms.
I want to hide "all users" cloud group from all teams users in Office365 Fat client and mobile app.
Is there a way to disable the "Scroll to Top" feature which scrolls to the top of imessage window when you simply touch the right side "antenna/ear" on the iPhone
Dear Team,

  I have exchange 2019 setup and i have 2 email mailbox which i am not able to configure in Android or Apple mobile.
I can cofigure all the other mailboxes in Mobile.
The Mailboxes are working fine with Oultook in Laptop and even can be accessed via OWA.

But the emails are not coming in Mobile and it is showing empty.
A client was having a Samsung S8 mobile phone, and he used SD encryption to encrypt the photos and media he has. Accidentally the phone was broken and is no longer working, so he bought a Samsung S9 mobile. When he put the SD card, the media are encrypted. The old phone (S8) is not working so we can decrypt the SD on the phone.

Any ideas on how to decrypt the SD card to work in S9?
attached one of the photos that are encrypted.
One of my clients is using G Suite for their corporate email, docs, etc and they want to turn on MDM in G Suite.

I would like to know what users will see on their mobile devices when I turn it on?

Do they get a pop up?  Are their phones dead until we "do something" to authorize them?  

I have this fear that I'll turn it on and all of the phones will stop working until something happens so I'm looking for someone who has used MDM thru G Suite who can tell me what will happen to the phones.


PS: Android phones - all of them.
We need to disable txt message for users who are using MFA and use app

Is it a good idea
I'm configuring an Exchange 2019 server for a client and the business owner saw the permission request for mobile device wipe when setting up the email on his phone. He is now insisting that he doesn't want his phone to be able to be wiped from the server. I've emphasized to him that this has been a feature of Exchange since at least 2010, and that it's an important security feature but he is adamant.

As far as I'm aware there isn't anyway to actually prevent the server from being able to do this short of having him connect IMAP which I don't want to even bring up.

Am I correct in this or is there something I've overlooked?

I want to use ASP.net to build a web app for gathering simple data plus images on mobile phones. My client has stipulated that the system be available when offline. How would I do this? Can ASP.net even be used for this?

I have a panel that I am making draggable with the following code:
function dragElement(elmnt) {
    var pos1 = 0, pos2 = 0, pos3 = 0, pos4 = 0;
    var mouseClick = mousedown;
    if (document.getElementById(elmnt.id + "header")) {
        /* if present, the header is where you move the DIV from:*/
        document.getElementById(elmnt.id + "header").onmousedown = dragMouseDown;
        //For mobile devices
        document.getElementById(elmnt.id + "header").ontouchstart = dragMouseDown;
    } else {
        /* otherwise, move the DIV from anywhere inside the DIV:*/
        elmnt.onmousedown = dragMouseDown;
        //For mobile devices
        elmnt.ontouchstart = dragMouseDown;


    function dragMouseDown(e) {
        e = e || window.event;
        // get the mouse cursor position at startup:
        //pos3 = e.clientX;
        //pos4 = e.clientY;
        // get the mouse cursor position at startup:
        pos3 = e.clientX || e.touches[0].clientX;
        pos4 = e.clientY || e.touches[0].clientY;
        document.onmouseup = closeDragElement;
        //For mobile devices
        document.ontouchend = closeDragElement;
        // call a function whenever the cursor moves:
        document.onmousemove = elementDrag;
        //For mobile devices
        document.ontouchmove = elementDrag;

    function elementDrag(e) {
        e = e || window.event;
        // calculate the new cursor position:

Open in new window

As batteries are built into mobile phones nowadays & to replace them
requires it to be brought to the workshop who has the tools to change
them,  I'm thinking of getting battery casings so as to reduce the
number of charge+discharge (that is what typically reduce the lifespan
of batteries.

Specifically I'm looking at Galaxy note 9 ie batteries like those below:

Am I right or mistaken?  With above battery cases, will the phone  charge
directly from the casings' batteries rather than charging from the built-in

Or it'll shorten the built-in battery's lifespan instead as the casings will
charge the built-in battery whenever the built-in battery goes down by
1-2%, thus maximizing the number of charge+discharge cycles?

Any other ways to increase life span of built-in batteries?  Understand
we should let it discharge till almost 1-2% before charging it up again
& we should always charge it to the max of 100%: this is a known
good practice but often this is rather inconvenient & risk discharging
completely, resulting in phone being powered off, missing crucial

What I do know is if laptops are frequently being left connected to
AC or even an external powerbank (Hyperjuice, Vinsic…
Hi Experts,

How can I use Viewport sizing in WP, so there's only one design for desktop, mobile and tablet?

I know that this is an outdated method, but "the customer is always right."

My favorite theme is Appointment Pro that I use at www.aces-project.com, but how would I approach it with this or any other theme? The site will be similar to http://www.povardarska-eparhija.org.mk/pe/

Thank you
Hi all,

I have wifi at work which and it is for guest users. it works fine with laptops and other devices. The only App on the mobile phone that is very slow is Whatsup.

I tested with our new App for Microsoft Teams and it works fine. So the issue here is only Whatsup App. My question is:

How can I make this Whatsup App work faster?

Can you help?
Hello and Good Evening Everyone,

       I am needing to find online a USB flash drive which will allow interfacing to a laptop, desktop, etc. on one end and on the opposite end an interface for a mobile telephone.  If it can be located, I am interested in using it to backup pictures on mobile devices, especially iPhones, and transferring to the laptop.  

       Thanks in advance for any attention given to this question.  I look forward to hearing back from everyone.

Not sure this question should be here, anywhere here goes,
I am trying to transfer a mobile phone number from one provider to another.. The provider in question is Lycamobile and I want to transfer my number from Tesco/48Months. I have to fill in a form online to do this. I am asked to seek a verification code which I successfully secure (numbers which are sent by a text) . I write the numbers in the space indicated on the form. I fill in all other details and click on ‘submit’. I get a message in red telling me to validate the verification code. I cannot see how  I am supposed to do this. I’ve checked the ‘frequently asked questions’ but cannot find an answer. Can anyone help me on this.
I have used Java before, so I'm not a beginner, but I am a beginner in JavaFX. My goal is to set up Netbeans with JavaFX so I can start learning on my own. Ever since Oracle no longer included JavaFX with the SDK, it has become confusing to me as to what Netbeans version to use with which JavaFX version, and I haven't been able to make an installation of both that works perfectly and seamlessly, so I really need advice and help on this.

Can someone guide me on this, please? Perhaps we can start off with which Java SDK, Netbeans, and JavaFX versions I should download, and perhaps a referral to a set of instructions on how to install JavaFX so all will work together. (I already know how to install JavaSDK and Netbeans, I just need to know the version numbers.)

I signed up only for one month with Experts Exchange because I'm not sure how well I will be helped. I say this not because I don't think there is anyone smart enough, but because I know this technology is in a state of constant change, and I'm not sure if anyone is truly current and an expert with this already. I hope I am dead wrong. :) I just want to get this working so I can start learning JavaFX, and then I will change my subscription type to annual, and I will most likely be posting a lot of JavaFX questions moving forward.
Appreciate your help.

I have a question about websites which are in mobile version. My experience in this aspect is quite less.
Please confirm whether we can fix the position of the HTML text line on the top of the web page, and still keep that line running from the right to the left side (using <marquee> tag) at the same time.
Please let me know if we have another way (some JS for example) to do this task without using the <marquee> tag.

Thanks in advanced.

I am available from 08:30 to 22:00, GMT +7.






Mobile web development, also known as responsive web design, is an approach to web design aimed at crafting sites to provide an optimal viewing and interaction experience—easy reading and navigation with a minimum of resizing, panning, and scrolling—across a wide range of devices (from desktop computer monitors to mobile phones). A site designed with RWD adapts the layout to the viewing environment by using fluid, proportion-based grids, flexible images, and CSS3 media queries.