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Edit Mobile Devices information on Exchange ECP console

I need to to Know how to Edit Mobile Devices information in Exchange ECP, I do not see a way to do that.

Thank you

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Expert Spotlight: Joe Anderson (DatabaseMX)

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Is there a way to import a CSV with either UPN or SMTP addresses into powershell then run a command to block those users OWA and EAS access on their mobile devices? Is it then possible to wipe only account data (which is an option in the Exchange Admin Center)? I'd rather not have to touch each user account to do this.

FYI, I set up Office 365 MDM and it was able to enroll and manage a few users. Problem is we also use Meraki MDM. As such, those with Meraki MDM (only for company wifi and maybe VPN - that is another group) received failures when trying to enroll. The devices did show up in Office 365 MDM as managed, but trying to wipe company data did not work (stuck on pending) and it is too much of a hassle for the user to have to download the company portal app, install the cert, then allow management. It was much simpler on my Samsung with Android.

Anyway... any help much appreciated as I need to have this sorted by Friday so I can enforce the new company policy.
This is what I am using to get a Mobile Device report from our Office 365 server. I get Identity in the report, but it looks like this and is not easy to work with.

SERVER.PROD.OUTLOOK.COM/Microsoft Exchange Hosted Organizations/ Name/ExchangeActiveSyncDevices/Android?androidc97397597
SERVER.PROD.OUTLOOK.COM/Microsoft Exchange Hosted Organizations/ Name/ExchangeActiveSyncDevices/iPhone?7YHLOI8DER5HCN01HYHY8UDEC

This is the power shell I am running:

$Mailboxes = Get-Mailbox -Identity $_.UserPrincipalName -RecipientTypeDetails UserMailbox -ResultSize Unlimited
$Devices = $Mailboxes | %{Get-ActiveSyncDeviceStatistics -Mailbox $_.Identity} | `?{$_.LastSuccessSync | export-csv PATH

I need to get the email address, UPN, or even the user's display name in a column.

Any help much appreciated.
After Migrating Exch2016 from SBS2011 (Exch2010) I have some issues.
1. Outlook 2016 continually asks for PW and is disconnected
2. mobile email on Android will not connect to server.

Prior to Migrating some mailboxes and setting up internet facing on Exch2016 all seemed to be working OK,
Outlook 2013 connecting to non Exch2016 mailboxes is OK (have not tried connecting to Exch2016 mailboxes)
OWA works on Edge on Exch2016 for the 2016 mailboxes

I have removed internet facing settings from Exch2016 and returned them to Exch2010
I recently acquired a D-Link DWR-932 mobile router 4G/LTE
I configured it and it works fine, I can when I need and am travelling connect my portable PC to the Internet via that small box.
But from time to time, the access to the Internet setting of the D-Link box is disabled without any intervention of me !
It happened already 4 times in the last 3 weeks.
How can I fix this ?
I have the following codes to locate our website visitor's location. and I think the code below is only reading to our server's location.
It works but I do not think this is something we can get web visitor's current location.

My question is:
1. Above statement. do you think it is right?
2. Do you know any ways I can find our website visitor's current location regardless it is on mobile or PC?  I understood there is some proxy or some router may not indicate the current location. That is something I can live with. But I do need some ways to get their location instead of just our server address.

  public static Domain.IpInfo GetCurrentPosition()
            Domain.IpInfo ipInfo = new Domain.IpInfo();
                string info = new WebClient().DownloadString("");
                ipInfo = JsonConvert.DeserializeObject<Domain.IpInfo>(info);

                RegionInfo myRI1 = new RegionInfo(ipInfo.Country);
                ipInfo.Country = myRI1.EnglishName;

                RegionInfo myCity = new RegionInfo(ipInfo.City);
                ipInfo.City = myCity.EnglishName;

                RegionInfo myState = new RegionInfo(ipInfo.Region);
                ipInfo.Region = myState.EnglishName;

                RegionInfo myZip = new RegionInfo(ipInfo.Postal);
                ipInfo.Postal = myZip.EnglishName;


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Greetings. I need to create a CSV containing mobile devices and their associated information. I ran a few different powershell commands and got decent info but one thing I noticed was that telephone numbers only showed for Androids and even those had **** for all but the last 4 digits.

The simplest I ran was:

get-mobiledevice | select deviceid,mobileoperator,id,deviceos,deviceimei,DeviceTelephoneNumber | export-csv mobiles.csv

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Is there a way for me to get the phone numbers of the mobiles?


I'm having a discrepancy between desktop and mobile views. When I view the page full size, it looks perfect. If I shrink the browser window down to col-xs mobile size, everything on the page is overlapping. I'm going mad trying to figure this one out. I'm hoping this has a simple solution that I am overlooking because I've been starting at it for too long.

I've tried removing entire sections and containers to try to see what is causing the problem, but it seems to be happening no matter what! I am not using any css that's unique to this page. It's all bootstrap and classes that apply to the entire site and this does not seem to be happening anywhere else on the site.

Let me know if you need any more info.
Dear Experts,

I am looking for a simple web page where I have thousands of customers who send lot of documents and invoices; what I am looking for

Customer would have login id (based on his number)

all his details would be populated in the opening page like name, address, bank details etc (pre populated from old database; any changed to existing details needs permission)

and he should be able to attach file ( only pdfs and images) and click submit and it should get saved in a database

I should be able to download the invoices

the customer should be able to do it from any platform ( mobile pc etc.)

thank you for your help in advance!!!
Trying to find a way to have a public contact database that will sync to mobile phones, (Apple and Android). In the best case, we would keep something local here at the office or in the cloud that we would be able to assign permissions to a couple users to be able to change them while everyone else just has read access. The big catch is I want the users in the field with iPhones and Droids to be able to see this contact list easily but is sperate from they normal local contacts or their exchange contacts. I found something like CiraSync that will let us use public folder contacts and push to the phone but i have never used it before and was wondering how anyone else is doing this.
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Angular Fundamentals

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Dynamics 365 9.1.0000.2057, java script error

We have a mobile environment set up which works on  browsers, tablets but not on a phone.  We have checked a number of potential issues but cannot get rid of a javascript script error that appears when opening an opportunity.

We have tried the following:
1. Changed the onload event to False
2. Checked that Available on Phone is checked
3. Checked for CRM limitation of 75 fields, 10 tabs and 5 sections can be displayed on mobile form.

The error is attached and the details of the log file is below:


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Anyone have azure intune baseline policy to share for the mobile devices?  
Just need to break an ice with base simple policies for various platform mobile devices.  If anyone has a template to share that would be great.  
Like device type--restrictions, app, features, etc.  
I wish to enable Device Management, in our G-Suite, only for enrolled Chromebooks. They are in a single OU.

I do not wish Basic Mobile Management activated for personal devices that have a G-Suite account on them.

Is this possible?

Many thanks
I have 2 main InTune app policies for IOS and Android.  

Each policy I have targeting all of my mobile users for all of my approved apps with a 60 minute inactivity timeout through access requirements through group membership.

Is it possible to setup another policy with just one of the apps (Excel for example), to grab a lower timeout like 10 minutes?  More or less create another group assignment targeting a set of users to target at 10 minutes for excel as a timeout?

My goal is to get a set of users to be an exception to the main timeout for one app (excel), but still get the main policy for all of the other apps.

Thanks experts!
I use an ASUS Router RT66 in connection with a synology station, where webdav is running.
All is configured and if I connect from outside, over the internet, all works fine.
I use https with port 5006. If i try to connect with my mobile inside the own network, it does not work. I will be asked for a password, but this will  not be accept.
At home I use the the same configuration with the synology station. It works fine over internet and in the local network. The only difference is the router.  Could it be a DNS issue?
I've got a number of images (jpg) taken with a mobile phone camera.
When I look at the thumbnail picture (windows explorer) everything looks fine.
However when I open the picture in an image editor/viewer I find things like the image is rotated 90 or 180 degrees OR WORSE, the image is truncated.  By that I mean one might have a strip of grey covering half the image.
How can I 'repair' the jpg so the picture displays correctly ?
I am setting up an online payment system with evesis (BillMap). I have integrated their API and the customer gets to order. The API accepts the sending and the customer receives on his mobile a notification for payment. The customer pays and the transaction is validated.
Until then I have no problem.
Only, to confirm the BillMap, I have to send an IPN URLtest to BillMap and when I put: he refuses, he wants me to put parameters. Which brings me back to page 404:

BillMap asks me to send by JSON the answer so that I am validated. That's where I'm stuck.
i have more than 100 andriod devices and i have my owned application on it and it work on private network without internet via 3g connection
some time we reinstall our applixation becuse of updates
is there anyway to make that from free central application ?
Hi All,

I am using XTM 25/26 Watchguard firewall in the company and many of the remote users are connected through Mobile SSL VPN. Everything was working fine with no issues and last after internet connectivity break down and restoration no one can able to login using Mobile SSL VPN.

I have checked everything but couldn't understand the issue. Can anyone help me with this?

Few points :

1.  Firewall OS is not upgraded
2.  No new rules is created
3. Reinstall SSL Client software, Create new user with new password. Can login to Webpage of SSL  (https://Firewall IP/sslvpn.html) and able to download fresh software. De-activate and Re-activate Mobile SSL VPN.
4. Internal Network, Virtual address pool

Here is the diagnosis report.

2019-01-23 10:43:32 sslvpn sslvpn_event, add entry, entry->virtual_ip=, entry->real_ip=, dropin_mode=0
2019-01-23 10:43:32 sslvpn Mobile VPN with SSL user Mitul logged in. Virtual IP address is Real IP address is
2019-01-23 10:43:35 sslvpn Entered in sslvpn_takeaddr
2019-01-23 10:43:35 sslvpn Arguments which needs to be sent:openvpn_add 0 1548200615 0
2019-01-23 10:43:35 sslvpn Going to open wgipc:
2019-01-23 10:43:35 sslvpn assign ip address, rip=c0a86f02, lip=0, common_name=0
2019-01-23 10:43:35 sslvpn Sending Data by wgipc to sslvpn_takeaddr is Success,Buffer:
2019-01-23 10:43:35 sslvpn Success,Sending Data to …
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Learn SQL Server Core 2016

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The slide anchor works well in full screen, however, it does in mobile.  In the mobile if I click on "Announcements" on the top expandable menu it works.  If I click on "Coverage" it slides down, but the menu disappears.  I thought that perhaps the main picture image was getting in the way so I moved the anchor down, but the menu lines didn't show up.  In other words, the menu bar is there for "Announcements".  It is not there for Coverage.  For some reason the menu disappears on coverage.!/GCI2/index.html

I'm looking to add swipe left/right function on a mobile webpage. The following demo works on a single <p> tag. But I want the effect to apply when swiping anywhere on the page. I imagine there might be an edit that allows me to refer to an ID of say a div tag, so i can tag the whole page or a section of it. But if i change the "p" to "div" then it alerts for all "div"


In  my web app I am using the following Javascript code to redirect users on mobile devices to another page.
On a different page I want to hide a Menu bar called "Menu1" and show a hyperlink called "Link1"

How would I do that?

<head runat="server">

    <script type="text/javascript">
    if (screen.width <= 699) {
    document.location = "";


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Hello and Good Evening Everyone,

            My fiancee wishes to back up her pictures stored on an iPhone 5s to a new Alcatel idealEXTRA Android Version 8.1.0 which brings me to this upcoming question of interest.  Is it possible to hook up a small USB storage device about the size of a flash drive to the iPhone 5s, back up the pictures to it, disconnect it, plug it into the Alcatel idealEXTRA and transfer or copy the pics to it?  If there is such an external storage device for backing up and transferring pictures between phones, could someone provide an online purchase link?

             Thank you

We just switched to office 365.  We currently use an external program to publish a group calendar and contacts.  I want to be able to see these on mobile devices but I don't think public folders will show on mobile devices or I would set up public folders.  I could probably do it through sharepoint but I don't know how to use it either.  I've watched videos and know how to create the sharepoint calendar but can anyone tell me how to connect others in the company through their outlook?
wifi is dropping on some of my clients, i have a Cisco 2504 COntroller and 1852 AP's

looking through the Syslogs this is the erros showing up
please help

*Dot1x_NW_MsgTask_2: 1x_ptsm.c:544 Max EAPOL-key M1 retransmissions exceeded for client e8:p1:e7:o0:7a:d6

*apfReceiveTask: apf_ms.c:7398 Could not find the mobile e8:p1:e7:o0:7a:d6 in internal database

-cap-controller    Error    NY-WC-2504-01: *Dot1x_NW_MsgTask_6: 1x_ptsm.c:730 Client e8:p1:e7:o0:7a:d6 may be using an incorrect PSK

The syslogs show:
*Dot1x_NW_MsgTask_2: 1x_ptsm.c:544 Max EAPOL-key M1 retransmissions exceeded for client e8:c1:d7:00:7a:2a (Ipad 1)
    NY-WC-2504-01: *Dot1x_NW_MsgTask_2: 1x_ptsm.c:730 Client e8:c1:d7:00:7a:2a may be using an incorrect PSK
    1/8/2019 2:17:45 PM    cisco-capwap-controller    Warning    NY-WC-2504-01: *Dot1x_NW_MsgTask_2: 1x_ptsm.c:544 Max EAPOL-key M1 retransmissions exceeded for client e8:c1:d7:00:7a:2a (ipad 1)
    1/8/2019 2:17:41 PM    cisco-capwap-controller    Warning    NY-WC-2504-01: *Dot1x_NW_MsgTask_2: 1x_ptsm.c:544 Max EAPOL-key M1 retransmissions exceeded for client e8:c1:d7:00:7a:2a (ipad 2)
    1/8/2019 2:17:34 PM    cisco-capwap-controller    Warning   NY-WC-2504-01: *Dot1x_NW_MsgTask_6: 1x_ptsm.c:544 Max EAPOL-key M1 retransmissions exceeded for client e8:c1:d7:00:7a:b6 (ipad 3)
    1/8/2019 2:17:31 PM    cisco-capwap-controller    Warning  NY-WC-2504-01: *Dot1x_NW_MsgTask_2: 1x_ptsm.c:544 Max EAPOL-key M1 retransmissions exceeded for …






Mobile web development, also known as responsive web design, is an approach to web design aimed at crafting sites to provide an optimal viewing and interaction experience—easy reading and navigation with a minimum of resizing, panning, and scrolling—across a wide range of devices (from desktop computer monitors to mobile phones). A site designed with RWD adapts the layout to the viewing environment by using fluid, proportion-based grids, flexible images, and CSS3 media queries.