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MultiMedia Applications

Multimedia applications are those programs that integrate more than one media at a time; browsers are the most obvious. However, the term has come to include the use of programs that enable the use of any component that isn’t simple text and static graphics, such as audio, video, animation, virtual reality, conferencing and monitoring.

Good day Experts,

Need help with turn server and web rpc.. we are getting "ICE failed, add a TURN server and see about:webrtc for more details" and we trying to get our video chat application to work properly.  At moment it only works if i am on the same ISP with a user..if users are on different isps..the voice and video does not work.  We are running tests using this kink https://www.teledoctor.co.zm/livesmart/client.html

When it works we are on same service provider, but voice video stops on different..we are not experts on this and need help to get work across service providers for our application.  Is there a site where one can test a TURN/STUN server setup?

Kind regards
Sometimes I work from a different room and don't want to hold my Samsung S8 cell phone when talking to someone.

What under $100 external microphone and speakers do you recommend without VIDEO ?

I am OK with something like https://www.walmart.com/ip/Microphone-Mic-Perfect-Youtube-Interview-Video-Clip-Tie-Lavalier-Clip-on-Condenser-Omnidirectional-Recording-Conference-Podcast-Voice-Dictation-iPhone/581467735, but would like something better.
I am using Camtasia 2019 to capture a streamed video from a previously recorded GoToMeeting session. After the GTM meeting ends, the recording is sent to the presenter in the form of a link by email. This link opens the video in a browser. I am trying to capture the browser audio and video, but only the video will record. I do have the "system audio" option checked for recording. As a test, I was able to successfully record a youtube video and a video from my website using the same settings in Camtasia. Tech support had no idea what was the issue.

I would welcome any assistance please!
Is there any free Window 10 tool that can add voice narration to video ?

I'm having difficulty locating a video series. The Video Series covered all sorts of topics but didn't have your common "take" on the subject. It was kind of a either a YouTube, HULU or Netflix series. The series had one episode about common virus' that people have.
What are the differences between FFmpeg 32-bit vs FFmpeg 64-bit on Windows 10 Professional 1909 64-bit?
The client has some surveillance videos that they need to look at, which are .g64x  files.
They need to be viewed on a Macintosh computer
They can't be read by either Aimersoft or Leawo video converters.  AVG will list the file, but nothing plays on the screen.

They are supposed to be playable on Windows using an app called the Genetec Video Player

Can these .g64x videos be played on a Mac?

I am having an Audio/U-PHORIA Meltdown!

I recently upgraded my version of the Mac OS. Today, I found Audacity needed to be upgraded to a 64-bit version. I did so, then found my microphone did not work.

I see that Audacity recognizes my behringer U-PHORIA UMC202HD

Audacity 1
I check System Preferences and verified the mic works with this test...

System Preferences
So, what could be wrong with Audacity? When I click Record, no sound shows up even though I speak into the microphone...

I'm looking for a freeware that could record the sounds that came out from
various apps : can be youtube, zoom,  browser playing a website, a VLC player:
only the sound without the video/screen.

Best if the audio can be saved into various common formats.

Ideally the software is portable (ie just run without installation) but this
feature is optional.

sometimes a few apps are playing concurrently (eg: a few youtube
videos are playing): is there any way to audio-record only for a particular
youtube (the tab that I could select to record) or it'll just record the
jumbled sounds?  Purpose is to record a specific video's sound while
I'm playing another one
Need a Mac Desktop Sharing tool which also plays audio

I will give a friend a demo of using Audacity, but need to audio I hear on my system to play on my friend's system. My machine is a Mac and so is my friend's machine, a Mac.

Are there any such Desktop Sharing tools?

I have an X270 & an X240  thinkpads.

Where are their microphone jacks?

There's an earphone jack & I usually use
earphones that come with a mic (tiny hole):
can I speak thru this tiny mic on earphone?

Btw, I don't  know how to use Bluetooth
& my company's laptops disabled Blutooth
I think: guess Bluetooth headphone would
have covered both the mic+earphone
User can't view movies taken on iPhone and previously imported to Lightroom Classic Mac 6.3.1
They get a black screen, and there is no audio or video.

If they try and import a MOV or a MP4 into Lightroom, they get error message:
An unknown error has occurred while reading the video file.  Connection to Dynamic Link server failed (1)

They used to be able to view these same type of video files in previous versions of Lightroom Classic Mac.

They also have a lot of .AVI files - can these be viewed in Lightroom or do they need to be converted first?

Any known cause or solutions?  Thanks
I'm trying to use the latest release of Microsoft Visual Basic to play a WAV file.  I want to loop the audio.  Is there a way to do this without a noticeable gap?  Is there a library available that can do this?

My friend asked me to create a YouTube channel so she can post & share "how-to" stuff.  I have created a YouTube channel before and the person just start using it.  This friend wants to have the channel created, post her stuff and have like a bulk of videos, see it if they ok and it looks to her delight in YouTube, then when she's good and ready, let others see her channel.  So how can  I setup the newly created channel not to display or permit her videos to be seen until she want to?

We have a Windows 10 PC which has audio and video playing problems.

1. There is an external speaker that is connected to this PC and worked until recently but now audio does not play when playing videos or playing songs.

I have tried the following:

- Used audio troubleshooter which said that audio service was fixed but audio services not responding.
- Connected this external speaker directly into my phone and sound played fine to the speaker.
- Tried updating the sound driver software but was up to date
- Restarted the PC
- Tested the external speaker in different sound ports on PC

Sound still not playing on PC.

2. If playing videos through website such as YouTube, Netflix, RTE Player, etc. the video loads fine but the video will stop and look like it is buffering even if the video has buffered already.

After a while a message says that there are no playback devices available.

Sometimes the video plays fine but still no audio.

What should we do to get audio and videos playing as normal?

iPhone 11 does not take High Resolution videos?

I have an iPhone 11 and take a video of myself with the back side of the phone, with 3+ cameras on it.

Record Rate: 4K at 60 fps
Record Slo-mo: 1080p at 240 fps
Camera Capture: High Efficiency

I take the video, then use Adobe Premiere to Export Frame.

The PNG I create looks blurry.

What am I doing wrong?

View video frame-by-frame

I do not have an active Adobe Premier license

What tools enable me to step through a video at a frame level? I have a video of myself and want to find a single picture to use in a brochure. So, I know Adobe Premier does this. What free tools also can do this?

Hi Experts,

I listen to a lot of Live webinars, both paid and free, out of which recordings for a lot of webinars is NOT available.
Also it happens that I have to indulge in some important work and so I am not able to attend the Live webinar. So
I need to record such webinar. But If I try to record the screen, it also tends to record all the working going on in the

Is there any method / way / application / utility to record ONLY the Live webinar in BACKGROUND, while I can continue
to do my normal working on the PC.

I use ShareX app from here
Kindly note that I don't have any extra PC at my disposal, so recording of the LIVE webinar using second PC is not possible for me.

Can guide me step by step how to set up zoom (or any other free video
conferencing facility) that I can connect my Win10 laptop (it's Chrome &
IE has a proxy setting which only permits me to browse Intranets only)
with external party (auditor actually)?    Heard that zoom will time out
(I don't mind reconnecting) after 40mins but my video conf session is
2 hrs.

I do have portable browsers (eg: Maxthon & Falkon) that enables me
to browse Internet though so this one can be used for zoom or any
other free facility if needed.

Meeting room & my laptop use HDMI.
How do you record the presenter's audio and video in GOTOMEETING software?
I am setting up a video stream of our company meeting using gotomeeting and I have purchased a logitech BCC950 conference cam for the event.  I have tested this camera for sound and video and it seems adequate.  I am not familiar with video conferencing quality and want to know the opinion of the Experts on this camera for the event.  The setup for the event is this:  There will be 3 speakers presenting at a podium, 1 hour each.  They will be standing in the same position for the most part and the Logitech cam will be on a table in front of them about 10 feet away. (I want to use speakerphone and not a lapel mic)   Like I said, I have tested this and it is acceptable.  Are there any other cameras out there (between 300 and 700 in price) that would be a significant upgrade from the Logitech device?

I'd need a really easy, simple & free tool to record (simple edit) an instruction video.
I'm not a video expert, so would need to be plain & easy.


I  am trying to the get VLC apps to run from command prompt (or with arguments) and open a specific audio file, in a specific time -  how can I do this?

I have the above HDMI HD video recorder which just broke (the power is intermittent):
a typical 1 hr 50 mins movie from my Set-Top box will record into about 7.5-8GB of
mp4 videos.

As the above broke & the cost has increased, I got the cheaper recorder below instead:
For exactly the same movie of same duration, the recorded videos take 15-16GB of

Thought both of them are HD (1080p), so what's the difference?  In terms of
fps (frames per sec) or just simply the latter's video compression is poor?

Is there any way or free tool to compress the mp4 without loss of the video
quality including the fps??  

I've come across a tool (can't recall) that could convert/compress jpg images
but not for mp4 or webm or mkv videos
Say, I'm used to using the Audicity program in Windows https://www.audacityteam.org/ . I use very few of the features, just basic audio editing. Kindly recommend an app for Android that is similar in nature and perhaps, compatible. Thanks, Shaun

MultiMedia Applications

Multimedia applications are those programs that integrate more than one media at a time; browsers are the most obvious. However, the term has come to include the use of programs that enable the use of any component that isn’t simple text and static graphics, such as audio, video, animation, virtual reality, conferencing and monitoring.