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MultiMedia Applications

Multimedia applications are those programs that integrate more than one media at a time; browsers are the most obvious. However, the term has come ...

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I never give up and my passion in life is to simply help others with technology. I’m also a self-taught artist.


Latin American Broadcasting Company Builds State-of-the-art Newsroom Using ATEN Solutions

This article will show how Aten was able to supply easy management and control for Artear's video walls and wide range display configurations of their newsroom.

Applications of Virtual Reality

The advancements in today's technology are unparalleled. Much of the technology that we
PowerPoint Still Works

PowerPoint Still Works for Businesses. Here’s Why.

Technology opened people to different means of presenting information, but PowerPoint remains to be above competition. Know why PPT still works today.
Measuring Skill Over Technology

Measuring Skill Over Technology: Why PowerPoint Replacements Aren’t Working

Many programs have tried to outwit PowerPoint in terms of technology and skill. These programs, however, still lack several characteristics that PowerPoint has possessed from the start. Here's why PowerPoint replacements won't entirely work for designers and businesses alike.

How Do I Fix Slow Streaming and Buffering Problems?

Tired of waiting for your show or movie to load?  Are buffering issues a constant problem with your internet connection?  Check this article out to see if these simple adjustments are the solution for you.

Adding a Plex media server to a Redhat (Centos) 7 based NAS

In this article, I'll explain how to setup a Plex Media Server on a …

Kodi (XBMC) - Advanced Configuration The Easy Way

You may or may not be familiar with Kodi the open source software

5 Tips to Making a Great Prezi Presentation

Keep your audience engaged and get the most out of your next presentation with these quick Prezi tips.

How to Embed Screenshots and Other Files with My Personal Knowledgebase

During the review/publication process for one of my previous articles,

Copying your iTunes Playlists to a Synology NAS box

I have a Synology DS212+ NAS.  These are not only great for backup and normal NAS stuff, but also …

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