MultiMedia Applications

Multimedia applications are those programs that integrate more than one media at a time; browsers are the most obvious. However, the term has come to include the use of programs that enable the use of any component that isn’t simple text and static graphics, such as audio, video, animation, virtual reality, conferencing and monitoring.

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Is there any software out there (preferrably free, maybe garage band)  that I could use to put together some acoustic guitar chords to go along with singning?  I am using a MAC
Starting with Angular 5
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Starting with Angular 5

Learn the essential features and functions of the popular JavaScript framework for building mobile, desktop and web applications.

User is trying to create a presentation using Las Vegas Movie maker"?" and music from Itunes on a PC.  The user drags the music from Itunes and the pictures or videos from Icloud for windows.   Everything is loaded into the Movie Maker, but Quicktime keeps saying it is not loaded or not loaded correctly.   I have uninstalled and reloaded it multiple times even under administrator, but it just keeps saying the same error message.   Any ideas?
I've opened my VLC player and increased the volume a few times to get it to maximum volume. When I open a video with VLC the volume is back where it was at 100%. The video starts playing while I have to adjust the volume to maximum. Why doesn't the new setting hold? Thanks.
how to mix songs in garage band
i am looking for a software that can automatically do what Shazam does.
i have a folder of unnamed mp3s and i want it to automatically rename them instead of me having to play each and Shazam it.

We have a YouTube channel which we use to upload videos of recent football matches for local team.

We would like to make it that people can't subscribe to this channel.

The reason for this is that we have a newsletter that goes out each week and the uploaded YouTube videos are part of the newsletter.

We don't want people seeing these videos until the newsletter comes out as only people who read the newsletter should have access to the videos.

1. Do subscribers of YouTube channels get notified when videos are put up, even videos categorised as "unlisted"?

2. How would we make it that our channel has no subscribers and does not allow for subscriptions?

To create screen capture videos I normally use this commercial software called Camtasia by Techsmith.

I love it, it works great.

Someone asked me if I know of any video screen capture software that's free.
But I didn't know any.

Anyone know any free video screen capture software?
I have a c# application that needs to play 10 videos. Each video will need to be started by the user pressing the next button. Once a video ends then I need to write to the database that user completed the video.   I have setup  a Ajax control with a timer for the length of each video.   Once the timer fires, then I want to stop  the video from looping, record to the database the user id  and the video id.  Then when the user presses the next button start the next video.

I am trying to add a video (MP4) to an existing 3D model in Blender (v2.79b). The 3D model is a TV screen and I want to auto play the video when the model is viewed.

The resulting output will be used in an AR experiment, so the user must be able to pan around the 3D model whilst the movie is playing.

Is this possible? I know how to edit videos in Blender and I know how to create/manipulate 3D models, but I don't know how to combine the two things.


let's take this situation : I have a subtitled movie equipped with the original speech. I would like to find a way for replacing the sentences pronounced by the actors with a new collection of sentences spoken by my friends. The new sentences should be placed in the same place (they should respect the same timings) of the old ones. At the same time I would like to add a background music that should overlaps with the new sentences. The correct timings that indicate when the new sentences should overlaps with the old ones are obviously contained in a subtitle file that sounds like this :

00:00:01,689 --> 00:00:05,689
<i>:=:== Subtitles ==:=:</i>

00:00:07,036 --> 00:00:14,939
{\an8}<i>'La realta' e' quella che, quando
smetti di crederci, non se ne va'.</i>

00:00:07,038 --> 00:00:14,915
<i>Philip K. Dick:
Spero di arrivare presto</i>

Taking for granted that I already have the list of sentences pronounced by my friends which last the same time as those that were there before,I want to build a workflow that do this job automatically. Please,give me some suggestions about how to do that.
CompTIA Network+
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CompTIA Network+

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Hello to everyone,

I'm looking for a tool (better if for Windows,but also for Linux or Mac) that can help me to vectorize a lot of (PNG) photos,giving to them the nice cartoon effect that you can see in the video below :

the tool should have the option of the batch processing because I have no time to edit manually something like 100.000 photos. OR,if you know any other way (that it is not the vectorizing) to reproduce that effect (with the batch processing),it's also ok for me.
How do you use Open Shot for the green screen? I have been trying to make a video using the green screen, but I can not get Open Shot to work. It will not let me use the video my group made. Open Shot will not let me put my video on the app. It will not let me use any special effects for the green screen either.  I can not find any resources to help me with my problem. It would also glitch and not let me use my video. My video was made on a Chromebook.
Hello to everyone,

I'm looking for some good alternatives to AKVIS and FotoSketcher tools. I'm looking for a tool that can convert a lot of pictures (usually extracted from old movies) into paintings. What I really need is to find is a particular graphic / effect / style to apply to the original photos that can hide / alter enough the the facial features of the actors because I don't want that they are recognizable. I don't want to apply tecniques like the masking or the tracking to isolate and change only the faces. It took too much time. And,since I need to elaborate a LOT of images,I need also that the tool can elaborate multiple pictures with a batch process.
Hello, we are create internal documentation, and recording the screen of how to setup say a firewall would be helpful. Is there a free software that does taht we can use to store for configurations?
Starting Sketchup 2017 on Microsoft Surface Pro produces a Google Bug Spat and the application closes just after loading the tools dock.  

BTW....also experiencing an issue when launching KODI - <<ERROR: Unable to create GUI. Exiting>> Could these issues be graphic card related?

Device has a built-in HD540 Display Adaptor, with latest drivers installed.

Both Sketchup and KODI used to work perfectly well earlier this year.

Hope you can help. Thank you
SCREENSHOT Before and AfterI JUST upgraded VLC to version 3.0.4.  in the previous version, when streaming from a radio station, the title and artist would show in the title bar and in a Windows notification in the lower-right of the screen.  Now only the title of the mp3 (the part of the URL following the "/.com/" shows in the title bar.  Perhaps a setting was changed during the update, but it's not something I remember setting when I did the original setup.

On another computer, with Version 2.2.1, the titlebar shows the title and artist as shown in the screensnip, so I uninstalled Version 3.0.4 on the subject computer and installed 2.2.1, and it still only shows the URL, so I don't think it's a VERSION issue.  

When I click view, status bar, the status bar doesn't show the title and artist either - it DOES on the computer I'm comparing.
I would like to convert HTTP streaming HLS  to UDP or RTP, I  have tried VLC  and it works only in windows 10, does anyone  have any other software example that is validated  and is working properly?

I have a client who has a lot of old wmp files (windows media photo), which I need to convert to any modern file type.  I cannot find anything which will open them, let alone convert them.  Does anyone have any suggestions?

I've tried all the Adobe Apps and even gone back to an XP machine with Windows Photo Viewer and Windows media Player, but no go :(

I have a laptop and I want to record audio. I have 2 microphones (a budget one and a "real" one) But: recording audio with one of the two mics doesn't work: the internal mic of my laptop is used in stead. How can I fix this? Do I need to contact Lenovo?
Fundamentals of JavaScript
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Fundamentals of JavaScript

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Hi, my teams often bring new designs to me for Websites and Apps.

I have been looking for a way to markup my feedback on their designs digitally and send back to them quickly.

I have looked into Google Jamboard and other similar screens but they are not available in Ireland.

I have an iPad Pro and a Pencil and I was thinking of getting them to do the following, however the process is very cumbersome for the designers:

01 - email each design / screen to me
02 - I save them to Camera Roll
03 - import into a sketch program / app
04 - mark up
05 - save back to camera roll
06 - email marked up screenshots back to designers

Is anyone aware of an app or web app that reduces the amount of steps above or provides a more productive way?

Thanks in advance for your help.

We am looking for a camera to buy for our conference/ meeting room which will be used with Skype for business.

The conference room includes a conference table which seats 4-6 people (2 on right of table and 2 on left) and a 55 inch display mounted on a TV stand beside the wall about 4 foot from the table.

We may also need a microphone on the meeting room table for the Skype calls.

1. What would you recommend as the best camera to buy for this room?

2. Is there any other products you would recommend to use with the camera you recommended?

I would like to recognize sounds within an audio stream.  For instance, a doorbell.
Basically it would be the equivalent to using OpenCV to identify a face within a video stream.
So I am looking for the equivalent of an OpenCV library for audio (rather than images/video).  Or perhaps some cloud-based solution -- although I have not see anything on AWS or Azure.
This is my command: vlc --width=1920 --height=1375 --video-x=0 --video-y=1175 video.mp4 --no-video-deco --no-embedded-video

No matter what I change the --width= setting to, it doesn't make any difference. The video window is always the same (very large. Am I missing something? I'm using version VLC 3.0.2 for Windows.
I am working on this program from last 4 days. But still I can't find any solution.
I want to create a organizer program. Which will be move images from one folder to another.
So here is my Code.
    import os , shutil
    path = open(r"/home/ironman/Desktop/lists.txt","r+")
    save_name = open("/home/ironman/Desktop/files.txt","w+")
    insp = ['inspiration', 'motivational']
    names =['girls','fitness','women','girl','Kids','friend','life','gym','exam','daily','religious','swami']
    for file in path:
        for Folder , SubFolder , Files in os.walk(file.strip()):
            for files in Files:
                ff = os.path.join(file, files)
                x = os.path.abspath(files)

                for sr in insp:
                    if files.endswith(".jpg") and sr in files:

                        global full_path
                        if not os.path.isdir('/home/ironman/Pictures/'+sr):
                            os.mkdir('/home/ironman/Pictures/'+ sr)
                    for filename in names:
                        full_path = ("/home/ironman/Pictures/%s" % sr)
                        if filename in files:
                            src = os.path.join(full_path,files)
                            srt = os.path.join(full_path,filename)
                            if not os.path.isdir(srt):

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I have a lot of photo and movie files in our company. I would like to setup a server where our employees can login to, and find & download media files.
These should be cataloged in groups and contain metadata.
Does such a webserver exist which I can setup upon a Ubuntu server (or Windows server) ?
I prefer open source, but if we need to buy one, this should be no problem is it is affordable. No monthly subscription.

MultiMedia Applications

Multimedia applications are those programs that integrate more than one media at a time; browsers are the most obvious. However, the term has come to include the use of programs that enable the use of any component that isn’t simple text and static graphics, such as audio, video, animation, virtual reality, conferencing and monitoring.