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MultiMedia Applications

Multimedia applications are those programs that integrate more than one media at a time; browsers are the most obvious. However, the term has come to include the use of programs that enable the use of any component that isn’t simple text and static graphics, such as audio, video, animation, virtual reality, conferencing and monitoring.

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Recently I got this installed & it worked ( one day). Tried it today, can't get it to work. I change tv input ( on the cable remote)  to HDMI. DOESN't stick. Remote from firestick doesn't respond,

What do I have to do to make this work?

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I have a trouble with Dolby Voice from BT , the below error appears and couldn't  do the meeting :
can't conntect to meeting there are issues with the network connection to avoid missing your meeting, please join by phone BT Meetme Dolby
I have a Vizio TV, about 43 inch HD. Wonderful TV. Bought in Feb 2016.

Yesterday I hooked it up with Amazon FireTVstick & connected with Netflix.

When I turned TV off & went to bed, it came back on after maybe 45 min, turned it off again, came back on again, 3 times. I pulled the plug.

How do I prevent that, must have caused it with something I did in setup.

What are the best methods for recording content showing within Kodi 17.6 and saving it in a universal video format such as .AVI or .MPEG that can be watched later on a Windows, Mac, or Android device?

I will only be doing this with non copyrighted and non restricted content.

Are there any Kodi plug ins that will do this?

I was wondering if they is a media player that support multi instances which I can open each instance with a different settings.
What I am trying to do is to open for example VLC player over and over but each time with a different audio playback device - but it  always opens it with the last saved settings...Tried some more players and they work the same

Is there a player that support this? or is there a parameter to define maybe via command line to open each instance with a different audio setting?


I’m looking to either buy or make a very simple screen that can be controlled over the internet.

The screen will serve one simple purpose... show whether an office is VACANT or ENGAGED (i won’t go into the reason we need this :-)

Unfortunately a simple paper flip sign will not suffice.

I’m not even sure what to search for on the internet. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
Google has Search by Image (https://www.google.de/imghp?hl=en&tab=wi ) and another online service is TinEye (https://www.tineye.com/ )
Do you know any good software for desktop PC Windows that’s I able to do similar search?
I found some small applications, but are so slow:

Here is my situation.
I have an external HDD 1TB with almost 100K photos taken along the years.
Some of these photos were uploaded also on some social networks as Facebook for example.
Recently I decided for a long slideshow with about 2K photos. I saw some of the photos on my Facebook account and I downloaded from there. But they are low resolution compared with original photos, for example 200K size instead of 2.3MB and besides that the name given by FB at download is not meaningful for me to find original photo. The original photo has also the date stamp (EXIF) in it and will help me a lot for slideshow. The idea is I want the original photos and I have them somewhere on the external HDD, but searching among 100K photos is not easy. I identified some photos visual, just looking, browsing them on the external HDD, under 100, but is hard.
Then I was thinking that if I do a kind of reverse image search starting from downloaded FB photos and find the original, then I am saved. Right now I have a mix of original photos and low resolution FB download photos.
What are your …
Hi all.

We have a third party bit of software which generates reports in PDF format and automatically opens the generated report in Adobe Acrobat via SQL. For some reason around 2 weeks ago, instead of opening reports in Adobe Acrobat, it now generates an Adobe Acrobat fatal error, "Acrobat failed to send a DDE command".

We have tried completely removing Adobe Acrobat as per their usual guidance on this error using their removal / cleanup tool but we're still getting the same problem.

Any assistance would be appreciated.

Richie Knight.
Hi everybody,

I working to implement CD burning capabilty with IMAPI on D2007/XE/Berlin.
I don't want components or DLL.

I have try to write in Delphi this code:
with also the "Monitoring Progress With Events"
Has anyone already done it and can help me?
We currently have a student led live feed that runs in the morning and then at the close of school.  We are using a sony camcorder on a tripod that takes the input from a mic that the kids use and then a logitech webcam that captures the video.  We send these to a laptop running VNC and stream the production to the classrooms via vnc over the LAN.  I know this is a crappy setup, but it works.  We are looking for something more reliable and user friendly.  Possibly even having it streamed over the internet so parents can watch.  Does anyone have any experience or suggestions to accomplish something like this?
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Is there any recommended /trusted software to manage contacts/ photos/ files for Oppo handphone?

I need to transfer those files from a PC to a Oppo handphone.

Thank you.
Hello, I am looking for some type of software that would be able to help me sort video files I have saved on my computer. Most of the video files were ones that I saved from youtube or from my digital camera, but I have literally thousands of movie files that I have accumulated over the past few years. I want to delete probably 75% of the movie files, but I have to go through them one by one.

For example I have to double click a single video file, wait for VLC player to load, then after a few seconds the video plays. I use the mouse to quickly fast forward and scan through the video to determine if it is a keeper or not. If it’s a keeper I have to close out VLC player and drag and drop the file into a “videos to save” folder. If I determine I no longer need it I have to close out VLC player and send that media file to the recycle bin.

I have to do that task over and over for each video and I have about 7000 total files. Also VLC media player has to be closed out each time I  move or delete a video file, because if the file as active it will not let you change the destination of the file.  

It would go much faster if I could load the files into VLC play list, and after I scan through the video to determine if I want to save it or not, if a program let me give that video a rating such as  5 stars (meaning it’s a keep file) or rate it one star (meaning that one can be deleted). Then once I rate it I could just hit the “load next file” button for VLC player and I can …
We use a Sony Handycam camcorder to record amateur sports team matches.

We have been using the software that has come with this camcorder called PlayMemories Home to merge these videos together.

This was done on a Windows 10 PC.

The problem is that we have experienced a lot of problems trying to merge videos together using the PlayMemories Home software.

This software does not seem to work with merging videos if the formats of videos are different.

What would you recommend as a better product than the Sony PlayMemories Home software for merging videos.

hi techs,
I am trying to play videos and pictures from my Note 5 to my Apple TV and suddenly it's not working in the last one year or so. The last time at work successfully was about a year ago and I was using allcast.  this week I've been trying to connect my phone again and no matter what I try my Note 5 will not detect the Apple TV and if some of the apps do list it it will not connect. I also tried my work Android phone which is I think an S7 and it wouldn't connect either. I have reset the network connections several times on both units and tried repeatedly with no success. I'm starting to wonder if Apple has made a change that everybody but me knows about. at this point what I think I'm going to do is buy the Chromecast and plug that in right alongside the Apple TV to see if I can use that to interface with my phone since all of the apps I've downloaded aren't working at all. My Note 5 is up-to-date with the most recent software and the Apple TV is also up-to-date with the most recent software and it is only about one year old. Any assistance with this issue is appreciated.
 thank you
There are webinars which are so useful that saving them for further reference is a must .May I know how to save such webinars ?
there are good webinars and videos that i need to save to come back to them again . Ineed you to show me how
What I've been working on a web portal that allows me to add and watch IPTV streams on JW Player. I have a database that has a name, url and country fields. The page would have a list of channels on the left and once clicked, the rstp stream would open on the right by grabbing the url from the url row on the database. However, I'm unable to get JW Player to load and it gives me a 404 error. Can you please help.

<?php include 'c.php';?> //connection to mysql db
//<script language="javascript" type="text/javascript">
//function jump(form) {
//var myindex=form.menu.selectedIndex
//if (form.menu.options[myindex].value != "0")
<link rel="stylesheet" href="../style/streamstyle.css">
<script type="text/javascript" src="player/jwplayer.js"></script>
<div id="container"></div>
                <div class="innertube2">
                <iframe name="navi" frameborder="0" width="100%" height="100%"> align="left"</iframe>


        <nav id="nav">
                <div class="innertube">
                <p><center><font face="verdana" size="3" color="white"><b><u>CHANNELS</u></b></font></center></p>
                $res = mysql_query("SELECT * FROM channels");
Want to edit video and trim the unwanted space in it, add animation to it. Please suggest if any open source tool is there.
My hope is there are some Plex experts here to help. I tried (unsuccessfully) the Plex Forums.

I've been running the latest PMS (v1.4.3.3433) on my Synology DS1513+ for sometime now just fine and recently installed it on my Windows 10 Laptop, as well, with the ultimate goal of dropping it from the NAS. At the moment, however, it's running both places, linked to the media files on the NAS.

I did a clean install on my Laptop but there is one significant difference between what I see on my PC and what I see on my NAS I can't figure out and hoping someone here can help.

For every movie when using PMS on the NAS, there are multiple posters to choose from for display on the Main screen. At least six. For every movie when using PMS on my PC, there is only one, usually not one the one I want.

Both devices are on the same network, connected to the same Router, running the same version on PMS with all the setting verified to be the same, yet my NAS PMS is finding and downloading multiple posters, and my PC only one in most cases.

Ideas, anyone?
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I have requirement wherein i have to add video (Savevideo) to database and viewvideo- where we should be able to run video saved in database in my PB application.

I have successfully saved video as BLOB in oracle DB but facing issues while retrieving and playing blob as video.

Can anyone plz let me know how to do this?
I am a lady of a certain age (not very computer literate) who has bought a car with no CD player. I copied a couple of my CD's to a flash drive by using windows media player and "ripped" them as I thought was correct. However, when I plug in the flash drive in the car it doesn't show up the different folders(different artists) it just starts playing the first tune. This could make it difficult if I have to scroll down through all the tunes to find the artist I'm in the mood for. Can anyone please explain what I have done wrong.
How long can the battery hold its charge for the Microsoft Hololens? Is it wireless or does it connect to a wire?
Hi ,
i'm using windows media encoder on Win7 machine and VLC plugin for the player to stream local IPTV service , now when the network got bigger I'm thinking with following scenario  :

-4 or 8 HDMI to RTMP hardware encoder
- Wowza streaming engine as streaming server for cross platforms .
- JW player or what ever player or app for delivery .

Can any one suggest  another solution , and do anybody recommend a Hardware encoder that works with Wowza server  ?
I want to download entire galleries from listal.com like this one:


Ive downloaded several image downloaders but none seem to work with listal, is there any way to download hundreds of images from listal without having to go one by one?

Hey Guys -

I've got a simple question, please.  For the past couple of years, I've slowly but steadily been building a storage pool and ripping my peronsally owned media to digital copies.  The has resulted in what is currently a 30tb partition (comprised of 12 pooled SATA disks) which contains many movies, tv shows, misc videos, and music which is mostly in FLAC but some MP3.  

My Question
What I'm looking for is an application which would scan certain paths, identify this media, read metadata if it exists, then create a report of what my library contains including various statistics.  Examples of the current formatting of the media  is below:

Until now, I've used applications like Directory List & Print Pro or Karen's Directory Printer to list specific file types from certain paths, then copied the resulting data into an Excel spreadsheet.  While it resulted in close to what I'm looking for, it was a tedious process which obviously took more time depending on how much media I had and the numer of details I wanted.

So - any suggestions?  Thanks!

MultiMedia Applications

Multimedia applications are those programs that integrate more than one media at a time; browsers are the most obvious. However, the term has come to include the use of programs that enable the use of any component that isn’t simple text and static graphics, such as audio, video, animation, virtual reality, conferencing and monitoring.