MultiMedia Applications

Multimedia applications are those programs that integrate more than one media at a time; browsers are the most obvious. However, the term has come to include the use of programs that enable the use of any component that isn’t simple text and static graphics, such as audio, video, animation, virtual reality, conferencing and monitoring.

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I am considering making training videos which at some point may have a price attached to them. So, I am not keen on hosting these on YouTube.

What options to do have for private hosting?

Is it logical to consider using my WordPress site, where I already have WuCommerce up and running?

What is involved in video posting? Are there various WordPress plugins I cans use that would make this easy?

This is hosted on AWS. How do you calculate the cost of this kind of service for bandwidth?

What if I have 10 views per day and the video is 30 minutes long?

What might that cost for the month?

Free Tool: IP Lookup
Free Tool: IP Lookup

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Hi, I'm not sure if this is the correct forum for my question, but I'll start here...

I am looking for a software application that will allow me to view the video being shot through my DSLR camera. I have been using an application called - digiCamContol. Although it is free and I don't want to complain about software that is free, I would like to see if there are other applications that work in a slightly different manner.  

I produce video training tutorials for the vertical market and would like to control my cameras (I use two cameras) via my laptop and not on the cameras themselves.

If anyone can offer any advice where I can find a good DSLR Camera control software, I would greatly appreciate it.

Thank you,
Hi, can anyone please suggest a tool for capturing web-based video (including audio)?
Many thanks in advance .
Looking for a Youtube professional of sorts. Not for uploads or downloads but the rules of the site and their accurate interpretation. Thanks.
I'm trying to set up a Win10 PC to automatically play YouTube playlists - controlled by Windows Scheduler - un-attended. I've made a playlist in YouTube. This plays ok in a web browser.
I start VLC (at a specified time) from Windows Scheduler with the following command

"C:\Program Files\VideoLAN\VLC\vlc.exe" ... pDcmwTO1el

VLC starts playing the first item in the YT playlist and then stops when it is finished. It never starts playing the next item in the list.
Haven't been able to figure out how to make VLC play the complete list. Any suggestions?

P.S.: Prefer setting up and maintain the playlist in YouTube interface because it is easier and more intuitive than creating a playlist in VLC.

how to download from awebn vod stream?
this is site url:

I can't download with Internet Download Manager becouse if the video have 30 min i must watch the entire video and only then i am able to downlaod with IDM....any other solution?
someone wants to try?i can give my acc. to try
thank you
Would it be possible to use an external webcam and headset for any type of ultraportable to use for Skype calls, providing it has Windows 10?:
What I've been working on a web portal that allows me to add and watch IPTV streams on JW Player. I have a database that has a name, url and country fields. The page would have a list of channels on the left and once clicked, the rstp stream would open on the right by grabbing the url from the url row on the database. However, I'm unable to get JW Player to load and it gives me a 404 error. Can you please help.

<?php include 'c.php';?> //connection to mysql db
//<script language="javascript" type="text/javascript">
//function jump(form) {
//if ([myindex].value != "0")
<link rel="stylesheet" href="../style/streamstyle.css">
<script type="text/javascript" src="player/jwplayer.js"></script>
<div id="container"></div>
                <div class="innertube2">
                <iframe name="navi" frameborder="0" width="100%" height="100%"> align="left"</iframe>


        <nav id="nav">
                <div class="innertube">
                <p><center><font face="verdana" size="3" color="white"><b><u>CHANNELS</u></b></font></center></p>
                $res = mysql_query("SELECT * FROM channels");

We use GoToMeeting, we'd like to get a web camera to connect to our TV (and hopefully somehow to a PC wirelessly). Any options here?
Hi, I uploaded video file to Azure Media Service. it plays but I don't want to go back to the play back.  We are trying to simulate the live streaming. is it possible with Azure Media Service?
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Learn how to optimize MySQL for your business need

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Want to edit video and trim the unwanted space in it, add animation to it. Please suggest if any open source tool is there.
Hello... just wondering if there is an easy-to-use (and ideally free!) module to display videos on a website... similar to VideoLightbox. Strangely enough, VideoLightbox worked fine for me for awhile and then all of a sudden just stopped working a few weeks ago and I had  never changed a thing. Anyhow, an alternative would be nice...

My hope is there are some Plex experts here to help. I tried (unsuccessfully) the Plex Forums.

I've been running the latest PMS (v1.4.3.3433) on my Synology DS1513+ for sometime now just fine and recently installed it on my Windows 10 Laptop, as well, with the ultimate goal of dropping it from the NAS. At the moment, however, it's running both places, linked to the media files on the NAS.

I did a clean install on my Laptop but there is one significant difference between what I see on my PC and what I see on my NAS I can't figure out and hoping someone here can help.

For every movie when using PMS on the NAS, there are multiple posters to choose from for display on the Main screen. At least six. For every movie when using PMS on my PC, there is only one, usually not one the one I want.

Both devices are on the same network, connected to the same Router, running the same version on PMS with all the setting verified to be the same, yet my NAS PMS is finding and downloading multiple posters, and my PC only one in most cases.

Ideas, anyone?

I have requirement wherein i have to add video (Savevideo) to database and viewvideo- where we should be able to run video saved in database in my PB application.

I have successfully saved video as BLOB in oracle DB but facing issues while retrieving and playing blob as video.

Can anyone plz let me know how to do this?
I am a lady of a certain age (not very computer literate) who has bought a car with no CD player. I copied a couple of my CD's to a flash drive by using windows media player and "ripped" them as I thought was correct. However, when I plug in the flash drive in the car it doesn't show up the different folders(different artists) it just starts playing the first tune. This could make it difficult if I have to scroll down through all the tunes to find the artist I'm in the mood for. Can anyone please explain what I have done wrong.
I was able to transfer a short video from my moto z droid phone to my pc just now, by choosing 'transfer photos and videos to One Drive.
But when I tried to upload to youtube, it started doing it, but said it would take an hour and 4 minutes!
that didn't sound right at all, so I stopped. Something must be wrong.
How long can the battery hold its charge for the Microsoft Hololens? Is it wireless or does it connect to a wire?
When I make a movie in the MP4/MOV format and convert to HD (AVCHD format) the Time/Date stamp are not visible. Is there a way to make them visible on the HD movie?
Hi ,
i'm using windows media encoder on Win7 machine and VLC plugin for the player to stream local IPTV service , now when the network got bigger I'm thinking with following scenario  :

-4 or 8 HDMI to RTMP hardware encoder
- Wowza streaming engine as streaming server for cross platforms .
- JW player or what ever player or app for delivery .

Can any one suggest  another solution , and do anybody recommend a Hardware encoder that works with Wowza server  ?
Will your db performance match your db growth?
Will your db performance match your db growth?

In Percona’s white paper “Performance at Scale: Keeping Your Database on Its Toes,” we take a high-level approach to what you need to think about when planning for database scalability.

I have a user on Win10 Pro (upgraded from from Win7 Pro).  

The issue occurs regardless of the default mp3 player -- Groove, Windows Media Player, or VLC.

The mp3 files can be anywhere from 20kb to 500kb on average (voicemails).

If the user opens the file in previewer with Outlook, double-click on the file in Outlook, or saves the file and opens it directly from any location (like their Desktop folder), it takes approximately 20-30 seconds before the files begins to play.

If they open the file a second time, it plays right away.

Any thoughts or ideas?
I want to download entire galleries from like this one:

Ive downloaded several image downloaders but none seem to work with listal, is there any way to download hundreds of images from listal without having to go one by one?

Hey Guys -

I've got a simple question, please.  For the past couple of years, I've slowly but steadily been building a storage pool and ripping my peronsally owned media to digital copies.  The has resulted in what is currently a 30tb partition (comprised of 12 pooled SATA disks) which contains many movies, tv shows, misc videos, and music which is mostly in FLAC but some MP3.  

My Question
What I'm looking for is an application which would scan certain paths, identify this media, read metadata if it exists, then create a report of what my library contains including various statistics.  Examples of the current formatting of the media  is below:

Until now, I've used applications like Directory List & Print Pro or Karen's Directory Printer to list specific file types from certain paths, then copied the resulting data into an Excel spreadsheet.  While it resulted in close to what I'm looking for, it was a tedious process which obviously took more time depending on how much media I had and the numer of details I wanted.

So - any suggestions?  Thanks!

I have a requirement that need to be able to do video conferencing between local and remote office with PC, TV and microphones.

We need something that can be able to work/conference with Skype for Business and Webex.

Can anyone suggest a solution ? Can Polycom fit my requirement ? If not any other solution or better solution, can suggest ?


I need to export my Premiere movie sequences into the .m4v format. This eludes me. It's difficult to find any documentation on the internet.

I'm able to choose the H.264 Blu-ray which is the only setting that will provide the .m4v format.

But once the export is done Premiere Pro CC 2015 has produced 4 files:

This is not what I wanted, I wanted just one file which I can upload to my Wordpress website which requires .m4v movie files in order to be playable.
I have several video and audio files that I'm running through Plural Eyes to synchronize together. I'm using several WAV files as the audio source, and each file has different numbers of tracks. Some are 2-channel (stereo L/R) and others are multitrack 5 or 6 channels. In order for Plural Eyes to work properly, the number of tracks in each WAV file must be the same. For another project I converted these all to 6 channel WAV files, but I can't recall how I did it. I believe I did it in Adobe Media Encoder, but it will not allow me to convert the stereo files into 6 track files, only the files that have 3 or more tracks.

MultiMedia Applications

Multimedia applications are those programs that integrate more than one media at a time; browsers are the most obvious. However, the term has come to include the use of programs that enable the use of any component that isn’t simple text and static graphics, such as audio, video, animation, virtual reality, conferencing and monitoring.