MultiMedia Applications

Multimedia applications are those programs that integrate more than one media at a time; browsers are the most obvious. However, the term has come to include the use of programs that enable the use of any component that isn’t simple text and static graphics, such as audio, video, animation, virtual reality, conferencing and monitoring.

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My camera is currently set at 1080i/59.94. I have the ability to change it to 720p and 50 fps. I understand the difference between 1080 and 720 is 1920x1080 vs. 1280x720. I suspect that using 720 instead of 1080 might allow my processor to be slightly less utilized because I currently am downscaling from 1080 to 720 to stream to Facebook. Is there any advantage in that situation to using 50 instead of. 59.94?
OWASP: Threats Fundamentals
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OWASP: Threats Fundamentals

Learn the top ten threats that are present in modern web-application development and how to protect your business from them.

My recorder is not working when I’m conference in GotoMeeting, Zoom, Skype, etc.  I have checked the sound configuration and there is a recording tab and the device is enabled and says working fine.  How can I troubleshoot to assure that my microphone is working fine for my next conference?
Folks at work handed me a DVD that’s scratched to try to get a small video file from.

I used unstoppable copier to supposedly get the file off from the DVD, but am not able to get the AVI file to play; well, it plays but see no video.

There’s a program on the DVD called VerintVideoSolutionsCodecs, and I am not able to play the file with VLC.

I’m not sure if there’s a way to tell if the video file is just corrupt considering it came from a somewhat scratched DVD, or is there some codec that I need to have to play the file.
I’ve attached the file>
I am running Windows 10.  I was sent a Google-Docs video that after downloading can't play on my computer.  It's 5.9 GB in *.MOV format.   I tried using Cyberlink Power Director to run and resave it as an MP4, but got the following error:

Cyberlink Error
I tried using NERO Recode, but it couldn't load it either.

When I tried to play it on my computer I got the following error:

Codec Error
When I try to copy it to a flash drive I get a message that the file is too large for the drive's format.

Any thoughts on what I can do to download a functional version of the video?


Currently I am using the built-in Windows 10 CAMERA
app to save 8+ hours of low resolution MP4 video

What software (VLC, etc) do you recommend so it can
fast forward to only the MOTION parts so I do NOT
have to manually watch all 8+ hours of the video ?
Can you recommend good software for a green screen that is free?
I need a program that can look at MP3 files, identify them and rename them by Artist and Title. Please don't just google and send me a list. I am looking for something someone has used and can confirm that it actually works and works well. Thanks.
I use Greenshot for basic screenshots

I have a 15 user license.

I might purchase another one for $2,625 since I need 30+ users to have screen recording functions.

What under $100/user "Windows 10 Pro screen recorder software" do you recommend so I don't have to spend all of the above ?

  5. etc ?
Deleting videos from YouTube?

Is there a way to delete videos from YouTube?

And is there a way to delete a YouTube channel?

If so, how?

Need help in converting MP4 clips to some format that my Insignia NS-19ED200NA14 TV can play with it's built-in DVD player. I burned the MP4 CLIPS on to a DVD-R disc and the TV can not play it.  Can someone recommend a format that would work as well as a converting program (preferably free)? Many thanks
Rowby Goren Makes an Impact on Screen and Online
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Rowby Goren Makes an Impact on Screen and Online

Learn about longtime user Rowby Goren and his great contributions to the site. We explore his method for posing questions that are likely to yield a solution, and take a look at how his career transformed from a Hollywood writer to a website entrepreneur.

User would like to watch Netflix while they are in Spain.

Do they need a VPN connection for that?   If so, what would be a good product for Mac OS?  They have Mojave.

I was asked to help setup some TVs for a small restaurant. I wouldn't be doing the actual install of the physical TVs but was asked to figure out the best way to control the TVs. There will be 6 TVs spread across the restaurant.

I was asked for a couple things: That each TV be able to play it's own "unique" media and that any number of the TVs could be set to view the same channel/input(ie Channel 200 on a Reciever, or a DVD on a DVD player).

What are the best solutions for something like this? I know that places like Applebees and Buffalo Wild Wings have "sophisticated" racks that they use to control all the channels on all the TVs from, but for something this scale I don't think it needs to be that "sophisticated". I know that some of the newer smart TVs can also receive signal by Ethernet, but we will most likely go with HDMI for this Application.

Thank you for the help!
User would like to become a 'cable cutter'
They have some 'smart TVs' (I dislike the interface these have) and 2 Apple TV (If they are not recent, they will replace)

Big requirement - Watching all the major sports events.

Are there paid apps/services for the Apple TV that will allow live sports?

Can I use CREATIVE BLUETOOTH speakers to help adit Mac.Audacity audio files?

My MacBook has little speakers and I need a louder set. Can I use CREATIVE BLUETOOTH speakers as output for my Audacity?

I connected the speakers to my Mac via BT but when I open Audacity, I do not see CREATIVE as an option on the speaker drop down.

Is this a connect that should work?

How to create a YouTube channel?

I created the GMail account but need to create a new channel for videos and podcasts

Can anyone find my podcast on Google Play?

It's called "EagleEye Outlook"

it was approved on 12/7/18 around 1:00 PM EST

it said it'd take 24 hours.

I looked here:

I find it here...

Audacity: How to mute all silent periods?

I have pauses between my speech, but sometimes I hear breathing and other small sounds which forces me to edit each one. Or, even a jet overhead which could not be heard as I spoke.

Is there a way to fix all these silent periods at once? Is there a feature (like Amplify) where I could reduce them all by about 10 Db?

Is there a freeware screen capture that is very similar to SnagIT
that could
1. capture a scrolling region
2. turn on/off the cursor when capturing screen
3. change the pixel density (ppi) when saving the file (as sometimes I want a smaller file)
4. when editing image, can rotate at a specified angle (sometimes screen captured is slanted)
5. could adjust the shades (darker or lighter) of a font as well as the background (that I'm
    erasing so that a section of the background erased has the same shade as the sections
    around it)
6. supports various font types & allows a  range of the font size of the text added into image
7. adjust dimness/brightness & sharpness of the image (MS Photo editor in Win XP does this).

Windows snipping tool lacks the above & MSPaint can't select a section of the screen.

SnagIT used to release a 'free' licence key for an old version but I'll need it for Win 10.

Something that costs less than USD10 is fine as well.
any android app that plays .mpg video files which is free
please advise
mx player i tried which did not work
Starting with Angular 5
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Starting with Angular 5

Learn the essential features and functions of the popular JavaScript framework for building mobile, desktop and web applications.

We have Excel & Desktop objects embedded into a Word doc
which by clicking on the objects' icons, will launch Excel/objects
but when the Word doc is printed/converted to PDF (using
Adobe PDF printer or CutePdf writer), these objects became
images in the converted PDF.

Is there a way to embed these Excel objects in the PDF such
that we can still open/launch the Excel from within the PDF?

Free tools will be appreiciated.

I've seen some scrolling ebooks like one in above URL but somehow when I tried to print to PDF or
'Select All' & paste into MSWord, it's only partially printed/pasted.

Any tools/method to extract them out?
hi i have 13 hour .mpg video file which i am trying to play in my phone which is not working

how to conver tthat to say mp4 which easily play in my anroid phone.
i am using mx player to play videos on phone

any free good tool for this conversion

please advise
How many people can access podcasts on iTunes and Google Play?

I have a podcast coming up hosted on podbean and distributed through iTunes and Google Play.

How many people could potentially access it?

Using iOS - Ipod.

Found some interesting podcasts with big libraries - hundreds of episodes.

So far, only way to download them all would be each one and select download.

Need top find an iOS podcast app that allows me to bulk download all podcasts.

I know Podbean allows this.  But, it is super buggy and crashes all the time.

Any others?


Got a lecture on MP3.  About an hour long.

Want to cut bits of it into a loop.

Looking for super simple drag & drop audio cutting and splicing.

Audacity seems too complicated.  Need something simpler.  Only requirement is to select blocks of audio and splice them together.  No need for processing or enhancing.

What looks like an easy piece of software to do this?

MultiMedia Applications

Multimedia applications are those programs that integrate more than one media at a time; browsers are the most obvious. However, the term has come to include the use of programs that enable the use of any component that isn’t simple text and static graphics, such as audio, video, animation, virtual reality, conferencing and monitoring.