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Multimedia programming is the process of developing multimedia products, programs or services that combine text with sounds, pictures, graphics, vi...

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Multimedia Programming

Forward emails to external address in Exchange server.

This article will help you forward emails coming to a mailbox to an email address external to your organization in Exchange 2013, 2016 and 2019
Signing a PDF

Signing a PDF

This article discusses some different options for signing a PDF.
SharePoint - Delete List and Items Under Retention

SharePoint - Delete List and Items Under Retention

One of the results of enabling retention policies in SharePoint is that you cannot delete a container, such as a site, list of a folder, without deleting the containing content first. This script is my attempt to address the issue, without disabling retention policies.

Blank Page Screen In OWA/EAC Exchange 2013/2016/2019 Server

This article will help you fix blank screen when you try to login to EAC or OWA.

Office file dialogs

Provides a one size fits all solution for File Dialog calls for all MS office applications. Module contains function fncGetFilePathTRM() which does all the filter building for you. I've used a similar version of this for over 15 years, 1 module import, 1 line of code, all done... GLHFSS
How to use a custom language switcher with Transposh to build a multi-language Wordpress website

How to use a custom language switcher with Transposh to build a multi-language Wordpress website

How to build a multilingual website in Wordpress using the plugin Transposh and a custom language switcher. To do it, we'll have to use some plugins and learn how to load and use our custom javascript code.
Time Zones, and Microsoft Office - Part 2

Time Zones, Windows, and Microsoft Office - Part 2

Listing and selecting time zones in Microsoft Access and Excel is not straight forward. In the previous article was shown how to retrieve the time zones of Windows. Here will be demonstrated how to create tables to store these and how to display and select a time zone in Microsoft Access and Excel.
Time Zones, Windows, and VBA - Part 1

Time Zones, Windows, and VBA - Part 1

Obtaining and using time zones in Windows is not simple. It involves API calls and reading the Registry. Some information is localised, and some is not. Here you will find a complete set of functions that wraps the difficult steps, eases common tasks, and helps when designing user interfaces.

Migrate Hosted Exchange to Exchange Online (Office 365)

Migrating mailboxes from a Hosted Exchange server to Exchange Online (Office 365) can be a daunting task, and several offerings try to ease the task. Kernel Migrator for Exchange Express Edition is one, and - for once - it deserves the label "express".

Leveraging & Understanding IT Security

Taking steps to protect your company’s data, hardware, and IT investment is a key part of your duty as an IT professional. When it comes to security, it’s critical to think of the potential to shape your organization through opportunities rather than see security measures as hurdles to productivity.
Kofax PaperPort Professional

Free in-place upgrade of Nuance PaperPort Professional 14.5 to Kofax PaperPort Professional 14.7

Earlier this year, Kofax acquired Nuance's Document Imaging Division, which included PaperPort. Kofax recently released the first version of PaperPort under its stewardship — V14.7. This article explains Kofax's method for upgrading from PaperPort Professional 14.5 to Professional 14.7 at no cost.

Enable or disable Outlook Anywhere (RPC-HTTP/MAPI-HTTP) in Exchange Server.

This article will help to do the below tasks. 1. Disable Outlook Anywhere for single mailbox. 2. Disable Outlook Anywhere for all mailboxes in the organization. 3. Enable Outlook Anywhere for single mailbox. 4. Enable Outlook Anywhere for all mailboxes in the organization.
Outlook On the Web as a Progressive Web App

New Feature: Outlook On the Web as a progressive Web App

With this update, your users will be able to install Outlook on the web as a progressive web app in Chromium-based browsers.

Catch-All Account on O365

How to create a "CatchAll" mailbox account using a Shared O365 mailbox and a "Dynamic Distribution Lists" to exclude the internal results.

Drones With Eyes: Expressive Emotion In Human Drone Interaction

As technology becomes progressively present in our lives and begins to impact us both socially and professionally, more must be done to increase social acceptance and comfort. Even more so when you consider how robots are expected to replace 47% of US employment by automating jobs.
MAC Addresses

MAC addresses in Access and Excel

The block of six octets of a MAC address represents a lot of challenges when it comes to reading, formatting, parsing, validation, and lookup of vendor information. The functions presented here let you read, generate, format, store, list, and report MAC addresses and derived BSSIDs for most tasks.
spreadsheet with rules

Creating a legend for conditional formatting in Excel 2016 and a hyperlink to that legend

This article addresses the need, sometimes extreme, for a legend that may not be easy to create, depending on the features of conditional formatting you have used. Almost all spreadsheets need some sort of legend.

Ranking rows in Microsoft Access

To rank something isn't that difficult. Basically, it is just to sort on the values to rank - points, goals, sales, citizens, whatever - in descending order or (typically for time) ascending order. But how to rank dupes? Five methods exist, and they can all be implemented in pure SQL or using VBA.

How to overcome outdated or missing search results in outlook with exchange

When using online mode (non-cached) with Exchange, Outlook users might suddenly be unable to find up to date search results or the search even turns up no results. This is most probably due to a corrupted search index at the exchange server - I will tell you how to correct this.

How to randomize columns of imported data in Excel

Using a Vlookup with one of Excel's random number functions to create randomized columns of data from pre-defined lists.

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