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Multimedia Programming

Multimedia programming is the process of developing multimedia products, programs or services that combine text with sounds, pictures, graphics, video-clips, virtual reality, digital animation and other forms of media, and generally requires skill sets that include programming languages such as Java and C++, graphics, animation and video production.


Our boos car has a cam for when doing reverse, he can see whats in the back.  Is there a way to make that cam record while driving?
Saw a youtube link (which I've now misplaced) that Bluestack software could
replace VCE exam dumps player:

I've installed it on my Windows but doesn't seem to find any option that could play it.
Anyone knows?  Or any other freeware player to play VCE dumps on Windows (not
for Android)?
How to delay the shutter on a Canon SX720HS

I can not find the option to have a 5 or 10 second daly on the shutter.

Background:  I'm working with a small school who is interested in bringing live text into their athletic streams.  The most cost effective yet easily editable solution for students is to use a Google Sheet.  The solution is great, but now they've evolved to wanting the "white" in the cell background to become transparent.

Question:  I'm working with OBS studio (https://obsproject.com/).  
I use a local Chrome browser source going to a Google Sheet as one of my media layers.   Works great.

The next thing I need to do is make the white background of a cell(s) to be transparent rather than the classic "white".  I've attempted a ChromaKey filter within OBS on the browser source.  Unfortunately the ChromaKey filter fails on the browser source.

Someone mentioned to use CSS and change the "white" to "transparent".  Maybe simply inspect modify the CSS in the local Chrome browser and the data may update using the modifications.  It's a long shot from my experience.

Is this something easily attainable to someone starting from scratch on the subject?
Using a green screen as backdrop for a webinar

I am finding it difficult to find a low-cost location for a webinar, with a desk, good lighting, that's quiet, etc. Not to mention, you can't exactly bring in gear to the library.

So, I am looking more closely at my green screen at home. This is super easy to set up. I have great lighting equipment.

How do I do live webinar on a green screen?

Is it even possible?

If I instead made a 30-minute video of myself and released it as a YouTube video, can I call that a webinar? Or do people assume that a webinar includes other guests?

Curious to hear your suggestions...
I would like to record the incoming audio & video (I'm playing a Computer
Based Training) from a site which I would like to record for review/revision

With ATube catcher (on my patched Win 7 & IE11), it  hangs/freezes the

I have a very old version (maybe Ver 7) on my Win XP & it has an option
to "record a video of a screen" but after recording, it only saves 1 frame.
I use Chrome (as IE 11 can't support Win XP).

Ideally, I need a freeware which records at the Wifi (Internet) rather than
trying to capture the screen video which often doesn't work very well.
Something that I could press a key combination to start recording &
another key combination to stop recording.   Ideally in compressed mp4

Any freewares?
Video overlay of presenter onto webinar screen

I have seen this before, where the presenter on a live webinar showed himself on the bottom of the screen. He could move himself left and right, and probably up and down.

Hw was likely at his desk at home, but his background was not visible.

How is this done?

What is the name of this technology?

Using Premiere Pro (Mac) to isolate an audio sound

Using Audacity, I simply select the region about a sound wave and click Play. This tells me if I captured the entire sound. If it is an errant sound, the great thing about audio and no other sound is playing, you can usually delete that.

With video, it's a different story.

I have a dozen clicks to remove from my video. Each was made by my clicker as I advanced the PowerPoint I was using as a teleprompter.

So, I need to isolate the sound and over-write with white noise.

I can easily set a marker BEFORE the sound. I need to see how long the sound is and isolate the entire click.


Need a Movie recording program for Mac

I use iMovie sometime, but can not find how to set my microphone. My Shure microphone with a U-PHORIA UM2 shows up as CODEX on Audacity. Can I use this with Movie?

What alternate movie tools are there?

Can I use Premiere Pro? If so, how do I record? And can I set my Mic.?

What other tools are there to record my video, and use my CODEX? I have High Sierra

Some of the youtube videos downloaded (by ATube catcher or YTD) has English
subtitles in them (even if I did not choose in youtube to turn on the Eng subtitle)
but when I download "Wicked Tuna" videos, the Eng subtitles are not there in
the downloaded videos (with ATube or YTD) even if I specify in youtube to turn
on the subtitle.

Sample URL:

What did I miss?
Premiers Pro: Clearing the cut Lines.

I am not sure how so many of these lines made it into my clips. I need to remove them.


Cut Lines
Need to convert MP3 to text on a Mac

I can swear I did this on my Mac but I need to use an MP3 file as the source

Can anyone remind me what built-in Mac functionality there is?

I need MP3 as the source.

Using a clip-on Mike with my iPhone 7 video recorder?

I have a microphone that does well in the wind. So I want to use it for a video on my iPhone 7.

I have this connector adaptor that converts from a round plug to the flat one used by the iPhone 7.

What do I need to do to make this work?

Need a video hosting platform...

I will be selling my video online for $7-$9 each and want to ensure easy watching for the people who buy my videos.

I am new to the whole discussion and do not have an opinion of how to do this yet.

I hear Vimeo can do what we need. But does that require the user to have a password to log in?

I do not care of the file is downloaded to my customer's PC and would fear that a password would reduce the rate of viewership. I prefer to be more open so they can watch it with the click of a mouse.

Please describe some hosting platforms that could work for me.

I am told the cheap Vimeo could work for me, but I hope to hear some confirmation. And I have no idea what I would get versus what I wold be sacrificing.

Premiere Pro to adjust volumes on different audio tracks

I have a voice track and a music track and need to adjust the volume of each independently.

I see how to add a Constant Gain and an Exponential Fade, but these are transitions.

How do I set either or both differently for each audio track?

Premiere Pro: Export to MP4

in a prior post, I was advised to consider: MPEG-4

I tried this but find the video resolution is terrible.

How do I make Premiere Pro EXPORT to an MP4 file?

What am I missing??
Premiere Pro: What Video Export Format for Wide Usage

I plan to sell this video on ClickTunnels and need a file format that is appropriate.

The default is QuickTime, but there are dozens of options.


Premiere Pro: Cutting the last frame is a bear

I am getting handy with this Razor Tool, although I hate it.

For example, how do I clear all existing Razor tool markings?

And it is IMPOSSIBLE to click exactly on the final frame, so my video flashes an unsightly image of Mac Finder, since I can not delete that frame.

How can I do this with Premiere?

Premiere Pro: How do I read these units?

I see the units are a function of the distance between the two dots at the bottom of the video. Hats off to the programmers who needed to deal with this.

But, I have no idea how to use the following as a guid to later find this spot.

Also, Is there a way to bookmark this spot to make it easy to find next time?

Premiere Pro: Need to cut the leading audio from an MP4

I have created the project and see the exact spot where I want to delete the audio from that point, leftward to the start of the video.

How do I do this?

I assume it involves the Razor Tool and some option in the context menu. I see various audio options, but am not sure what clears the sound. Must I create a file that has silence?

Best settings for iMovie Export to MP4

I will use a video on Facebook as a sponsored advertisement but have no idea of the best resolution to use.

I have lots of exporting of various clips to make and editing yet to come. So, large file size will be painful. Especially is was for nothing.

Given the background is a distant harbor, I think the best resolution possible, is best. But what should be my target for Facebook ads?

Exporting an mp4 from iMovie 10.

Shall I get iMovie 11?
Video: Need more light on my face

I mad a video but did so with bad lighting. I suppose this means the video is useless.

Or, can It be lightened somehow?

What can I do with a .MOV file?

I recorded movie in iMove but I need MP4 files.

How do I convert it?

Need to use Premier Pro (Advanced) to Record Desktop

I am a beginner, but am downloading the Advanced version. Is that a bad idea?

I will need create a video of my desktop, with audio, then edit it.

What are my first steps to record the desktop and create an MP4?


Multimedia Programming

Multimedia programming is the process of developing multimedia products, programs or services that combine text with sounds, pictures, graphics, video-clips, virtual reality, digital animation and other forms of media, and generally requires skill sets that include programming languages such as Java and C++, graphics, animation and video production.

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