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Multimedia Programming

Multimedia programming is the process of developing multimedia products, programs or services that combine text with sounds, pictures, graphics, video-clips, virtual reality, digital animation and other forms of media, and generally requires skill sets that include programming languages such as Java and C++, graphics, animation and video production.

i have just found a series of cassette tapes that has educational audio material that can really help me. Is there any way I can convert cassette tapes to MP3's?
Thank you,
I have an MP3, which needs to be put onto a website, to be used as a "podcast". Instead of a simple download link, the brief is that this file should play in a little audio player on the webpage, with a nice specturm analyser of the playing audio.

Now, the aduio player bit is fine, I'm using JW Player, which works well. However the problem is that I have no idea how to get the spectrum analsys.

I did do a video screen grab of the MP3 playing in Windows Media Player using one of its visualsations and then converting the video to flv, but the client wasn't happy with that as the actual visualsation wasn't what they wanted.

Does anyone know how I can do this?

P.S. I don't have any Adobe Suite, I use a free tool to convert between avi and flv

program to add entrance and scrolling credits to a video taken.  I recorded a video with a camcorder.  I've seen nice scrolling pictures and entrances and credits at the end of videos.  What is a good easy to use and inexpensive way to make this happen.  
I have tonnes of mp3 in my library called stuff like "unknown album," "unknown artists", "track 1", "track 2" etc.

Basically, there were CDs that got ripped but there was no Internet connection at the time to get the track information.

Is there some kind of online resource, even if I have to pay, that will analyze the songs, bit by bit, and figure out what song they are, and then update the tag information?


BTW: I'm on OSX Snow Leopard with iTunes and iPhone
with the camera Canon SX200IS I get QuickTime MOV files (avc1, H.264, 30 Frames/s, 1280x720px).
I'm looking for a simple TRANSCODING tool that is able to convert to MPEG-2 or other popular compressed formats?
Best regards
I have a program called SteamPlayer PLUS that shows all of the multicast video streams on our network.

You click on a stream and the click the play button then it opens Windows Media Player and plays the stream.

I am trying to find the address of the stream that it is playing so I can put that address in a web page I am building, but I can't find anything that will expose the exact address it is using.

I can find the IP (, I can find the ports (4444,4445,4644 and 4645) using TCPVIEW.

But I can't figure out how to stitch everything together to make a usable URL.

I thought maybe I could see the Media Player history or properties of the stream that is being played, but I can't.
I have created a project in premiere pro that has audio and video on track 1. I've added music to track 2. Everything plays fine in premiere pro. When I export to encore and create a DVD, the audio from track 2 does not play. Is there a way to mix the two tracks when exporting to encore?

One thing I've noticed when I use the "send to encore" option, there is only one audio track shown in the encore timeline. Seems that I should see the two tracks like they are in premiere.
Greetings - are there any cameras out there that record to WMV format?

We're going to implement streaming video for internal users at our government offices.  We standardize most of our server apps on Microsoft.  So Windows Media Services and WMV files will be a natural fit.  ***HOWEVER***, are there any pretty good cameras that record directly to WMV?  We've been mostly finding MPEG4.

THanks in advance.
When I created a Title Frame, using the 'Make Titles and Credit' function I had a problem.
I entered the text and clicked on 'Done'.
1. However when I viewed the frame on screen not only did the text which I entered appear, but also some unwanted text (I had used this text for another frame which I had deleted).

2. When I deleted this troublesome frame, I noticed that the Unwanted Text now attached itself to the Next frame. And it continued to move forward when I deleted offending frames.

That made me think the text was not attached to a particular frame, but had somehow got into other components of the Storyboard

(I am not sure I have sent this to the right Experts)
How do you burn more than 1 copy of a disc with roxio without having to keep copying the disc 12 times if u want to burn 12 dvds..... etc...
Ok, so a little background:
I am currently creating a home media center via a custom Windows shell that will run on a VM that is fullscreen on a second monitor (Which is connected to a TV).

Question 1:
Now this application is gathering media from a folder, making a thumbnail, and displaying in a ListView. I am using mplayer from the command line to grab a png image of a frame, saving it, then loading it into a ImageList.

You can imagine that when you open a folder with 300 video files this can turn into a lengthy process.

I see two options:

1. Find a much quicker way to get a video thumbnail.

2. Or cache the thumbnails in a database.

Now, with option 1 I'm at a complete loss. I found no (free) library that could do it, nor is using DirectShow myself going to work (I tried it and some HD movies failed to show). Any options here?

With option 2 I would create a database file with 10kb jpg's in BLOBS in each folder. Only problem is, how would I know if the file changed, like if I renamed it? CRC32?

I suck at thinking outside the box, so help me out here =)!
The kids want to capture their Wii Mario adventures to PC USB capture card while watching the action on TV.  The question is - is the Wii composit signal out strong enough to supply two devices - say the capture card and the TV?  Would the simple splitter in the URL below be adequate for this task?  Thanks.

I need to add subtitles to a DVD I'm authoring. I have Final Cuts' DVD Studio Pro and Adobe Encore to author my DVD. I'm on a Mac.

Which is better for adding subtitles and how do you do it?

I shot some video in the US and need to convert it to NTSC.
I'm trying to use dvdshrink to generate a clip from a dvd. I only want a one minute subsection of the overall DVD. Is this possible with dvdshrink or is there another app I should be using?
I'm using a video capture program to make a video and I want to block from view a small portion of the screen area being captured. There are no features within the software to accomplish this so I thought that if I placed a small image over the area I want to block, when I capture the mouse movements,  my goal would be accomplished.

I could not find any image viewer which had an option to only display the image, as opposed to the image + elements of the image viewer (see attached file for what I mean - the area outlined in blue is just the image).

Does anyone know of a way to EITHER have ONLY the image displayed when it is opened, or another way to accomplish my ultimate goal of blocking a part of the screen capture video?

Thank you for your help.
Hi. When I export my swf file the movie and skin are broken up into two seperate .swf files. Is there a way to combine these into a single .swf file?
I have a .swf video and I would like to add a player controls to it (play, pause, stop, rewind, volume, and a position slider if possible). I have done things similar to this in flash using action script, but run into problems with the volume, slider bar areas. Does anyone know of a simple way to embed these controls into the .swf file? Possibly a program or a flash template that I can plug into the existing video?

Hi all. I have a text box that fills dynamically with quiz questions from an array. However the text doesn't automatically go down to the next line when it reaches the edge of the box it just continues off the edge of the stage. what i need to know how to do is to get the text to jump down onto the next line when with width dimension of the text box is filled. my as3 code is bellow here for the text box

 //create and position the textfield (question):
            questionField = new TextField();
            questionField.text = question;
            questionField.width = 476.05;
                  questionField.height = 50.00;
                  questionField.x = questionX;
            questionField.y = questionY;
I have a Compaq SR1710NX computer running Windows XP Pro.  There is no custom sound card installed -- it's just a generic sound output that comes with the motherboard.

I currently have a powered set of speakers -- two small speakers that sit on my desk, and a sub-woofer on the floor under the desk.  The speakers have their own power supply.  I'm not at home right now, and I can't remember the specific model -- but I think they're Altec Lansings.  I really like the way they sound, though they weren't very expensive.

What I'd like to do is attach two more sets of identical speakers -- one set for my kitchen, and one set for my living room.  I would run long cords back to the computer, and I suppose I'd have to buy some kind of three-way splitter for the audio output jack.  My kitchen and living room are both really small rooms, and I never play the music loud (the cats don't like it), so the computer speakers should be fine in terms of the volume.

My question is this:  would having three sets of speakers put too much of a load on the computer motherboard?  Or wouldn't it matter, because all the speakers draw their own power and include their own amplifiers?  Would this plan work?  I don't want to buy two additional sets of speakers, only to find out that it won't work.
I use a program called "My MP3 My Mp3" to record computer sounds. I have a 1/8" stereo audio cable that runs from the headphone jack to the microphone jack.

I am able to record all sounds that my computer makes without any problems.

However, when I play these .mp3 files back (that have the sound recordings), the sound in slightly distorted with static.

This occurs even though I am recording at bit rate of either 356 or 320.

What can I do to improve the audio quality of these .mp3 files (and remove the static)?
I understand why dpi is important when printing pictures, but I am told this is a non factor when creating a slideshows.  I am told for a slideshows only the ratio aspect matters and total pixels: 1024x768 and a 4:3 ratio...why does dpi not matter ?  Isn't this the same thing where a certain amount of pixels are available for display
This is a cross post, the original is in programming misc
Posting in C++ zone since I've repro'd this in MFC as well as .NET so it is not a .NET windows forms symptom, it is something to do with the windows desktop composition component.

The following code fails to render a dib on the secondary monitor when the app is dragged on to it. It works fine with the Windows 7 Basic theme, but not with any of the aero themes.
Has anyone seen this before? It also worked fine with Win2k, XP, Vista

        protected override void OnPaint(PaintEventArgs e)
            IntPtr hdc = e.Graphics.GetHdc();

                CallPaint(hdc, e.ClipRectangle);

        private void CallPaint(IntPtr hdc, Rectangle rc)
            RECT rect = new RECT(rc);

            EnumDisplayMonitors(hdc, IntPtr.Zero, EnumDisplayMonitorsCallback, this);

        private bool EnumDisplayMonitorsCallback(IntPtr hMonitor, IntPtr hdcMonitor, IntPtr rcMonitor, object lParam)
            bool success = BitBlt(hdcMonitor, 0, 0, 500, 100, _srcdc, 0, 0, TernaryRasterOperations.SRCCOPY);

            return true;

How can i braodcast live video, let's say i have an event and i would like to show it online live.
What tools do i need?
I need to write an application which will read, modify, and write RAW camera images (for example, Nikon: NEF). Does anyone know where I can find a linkable library which can be told to read and write such images and allow them to be tinkered with?

Preferred programming language is:
C# first
C++ second

Thank you

Multimedia Programming

Multimedia programming is the process of developing multimedia products, programs or services that combine text with sounds, pictures, graphics, video-clips, virtual reality, digital animation and other forms of media, and generally requires skill sets that include programming languages such as Java and C++, graphics, animation and video production.

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